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Progress Quest is an antic and fantastical computer role-playing game, well worth the time you'll spend playing it. And it won't cost you a farthing! By all means, download the client or play it right in your browser.


New Windows Version
The Twentieth Anniversary Platinum Edition of Progress Quest (version 6.4) is now available for download! This is the first new Windows version in over seventeen years! What's new? What have we been working on for decades? Not much, but you can read about the specifics here.
[Jan 5, 2022]

It's 20PQ!
Today marks twenty years since Progress Quest was first released. The amount of levelling-up we have achieved in that time is staggering. We've got eleven players in the Hall of Fame that have risen to level 99, and even our first and only* level 100 character. These people have been running the game for a long time. Thank you to everyone who's enjoyed PQ over the years!
*There may have been others who made it to level 100 and were branded as cheaters, due to a smaaall bug, which has since been fixed...sorry about that...
[Jan 3, 2022]

Multiplayer in the Web Edition
The browser edition of Progress Quest now has the option for online play. Go head-to-head with Hob-Hobbits from Baden-Baden to Bora-Bora. Keep a close eye on the leaderboards in the new realm as characters vie for top honors.
[Dec 13, 2021]

Progress Quest Discord
These days the most vibrant home for discussion of Progress Quest and related technologies (outside of instance raids, PvP, and other in-game interactions) is probably the Progess Quest Discord. (Tip of the helm to TuxMan!)
[Nov 9, 2021]

News archive...

"F*** those f***in' alien bitchasses!"
I used to run that stupid SETI program in the background hoping to find aliens or someshit and then I found Progress Quest. Why should I allow hysterically theoretical science to unnecessarily consume my ample memory and bandwidth when I've got a Battle-Finch Shiv Knight rocking his feathered body all over the killing fields and yanking monstrous appendages off for profit?

Is the compilation of meaningless data what I truly crave? Hell no! It's the *generation* of meaningless data that I find so viscerally satisfying!

Sayonara, space nerds!
-Pahl, via email

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