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Guild List: Factions


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
56094209 QoD Quintessence of Debauchery Good Sex does not thrive on monotony. Meow - Mix 356+683+714+7
36245673 ²³ Illuminati's Evil Roofed ! want come in? ²³ Adam Weishaupt 202+407+183+2
20683758 ML Dead Bull Slayers Neutral Sometimes the bull wins - JOIN US! Active JUL 2015 Tintagel Empath 41+40+211+2
20458333 PTT The Power of PTT Neutral The honor of TAIWAN!!! Creed Shaya 55+4864+959+3
19293312   Elitist DOS-Coders Evil If can enter our Short Designation, join! W'Graaaaaaaaahk 53+2023+557
11746153 Wave Team Wave Good If you make games, come and join us! EnigmaWave 139+90+38+17
11200989 Ars Ars Technica Team Lutefisk Neutral Donating your CPU cycles to nothing! amishjosh 527+358+215+1
9844897 NightMasks The Night Masks Evil Now with more pie! Made of 100% unpasteurized evil Dasha the Blade 281+524+136+1
9541078 FCoP First Church of Progress Good We're Profitable Good Twigler the Mad Twirler 264+254+273
8790939 [SA] SomethingAwful Goons Neutral The Internet Makes You Stupid! RandyF 156+595+192
7626507 Drunk Canada Drunken Canadians Neutral More Beer for Everyone Amyug 108+5+177
7373600 Sex & Drugs Sex, Drugs, and Violence Lovers Incorporated. Evil If it moves, fuck it ! If it doesn't, smoke it ! BitchFucker 100+769+183+3
6488621 Tiny Fusion Door's Model-Railroad Fusion Good Where every night is farm night, foreverafter Doorface 63
6205710 Um, yeah Chemists Unearthing Natures Treasures Good Who needs a Motto? Let's kill stuff! Kroodcrox 19+53+108+2
5774002 Cthulhu! Holy R'lyehan Fish-Mongers of Cthulhu Rising Evil In Cthulhu we trust. HPL, yo, we miss you, blud. Nemthenga 154+165+193
5725186 gamrchat gamrchat Good I'm in ur puter, progressin ur quest AdamBomb 22+189
5035513 157-a Tapiri 157-a Brinjska "Tapiri" Good GAME ROOFED! Thnx Jigglypuff! Miro 256+53+4
4839833 Kitten-X Kitten Stranglers Evil Good kitten equals dead kitten. Grumdrig 308+159+73+2
4802542 106 No Limit Roofing Good Game roofed. Senor Beef says, "Touch it." Gouda 396+193+9
4722331 BGaE Beyond Good and Evil Neutral All your progress are belong to us. Nihilus 51+4+42
3842262 GG Guild of Guildiness +5 Neutral Chicks dig GGs Mar 153+142+75+1
3722927 AB The Amazon Basin Good Yo Foo Foo! Deadroot 49+183+64
3460713 R-Rats River Rats Neutral Spreading Plague, Pestilence and Candy since 2009! Maarack 4+51
3422737 Yellofin Hawk-Eyed-Dolphins Good That which does not kill us, really, really HURTS! Cade 2+4+108
3357752 KTOP King Tony Omega Patrol Good For the honor and glory of our king King Tony 80+468+13
3266165 Anandtech Team Anandtech Good Join the TeAm! onebadv6 18+115+16
3258603 M.A.G. Masked Avengers Guild Good Tough love for the wicked! Grumdrig 221+55+7+2
3142157 RIP Rest In Peace Good We are the world, we are the children Zejan 11+60+40
3095292 3VIL L337 3VIL L337 Evil |\/|Y |34|\|D\/\/1D7|-| 1S |31663R T|-|3|\| J00RZ Azistal 52+73+27
2836588 Miskatonic Miskatonic University Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Henry Armitage 12+12+98
2812460 ARC-PQ Community Guild Neutral eMule for the anime, PQ for the l00t. Eleon Windflame 1+93
2692824 Yahooligans Yahooligans Neutral WORLD DOMINATION 2.0 BETA roflsaurus rex 2+80
2630789 KKF Kiwi Kung Fu Good Kia Kaha!! Greggo! 23+180+12
2388809 CZECH Heroes borned in Czech country Good Radi Vas privitame v nasi gilde! ( Japato 106+39
2365099 You Fail It You Fail it Evil Your Guild Is Not Enough since March 17th, 2003 Hyena the Stunned 7+196+16
2288669 /v/ Vidya Evil Bros united Wrathi 219+3+185+1
2232063 Obey Obey/Giant Neutral Manufacturing Quality Dissent Since 1989 Spoo 45+57+2
2215201 GLEG Graped Legion Good Roofing the Clan List, One Cred at a Time. Zheff 50+3
2170748 PCT ProgressQuest@Posse Good Strength and Honor Gragt Whiteraven 31+208+13
2113691 LoOG League of Ordinary Gentlemen Neutral Destroy NYSE: WMT. Destroy! Plover 6+255+16
2061850 skullfukrz Clan Skullfukr Neutral Is that a Tear in your Eye? HenryCabotLodge 1+56+4
2022220 TKEP The Kill Everyone Project Evil We're evil because we like the color scheme. Torbjørn 19+54+47+2
2019437 Trogdor! Harbingers of World Burnination! Evil Burninating the countryside..... Human Paraquat 16+55+37
1985669 AHBP A HAM BCE PABHO Neutral BCTynAEM! etc 38+54+41
1976942 Ni Knights who say Ni Good Niiiiii!!! Druid 40+76+61
1951353 Bored. Blatantly Overfed Raucous Enraged Deadbeats Neutral This\'s the land-loving mother pigeon of all guild Tantor the Unclean 4+55+19
1898445 KoP Knights of Progress Good In Progress We Trust Happy Hank, the mule who loved 53+74+55+3
1882588 4chan 4chan Evil How do I shot web? Phinal 19+128+165
1788256 Codfish The Codfish Army Neutral To Tuna And Beyond! Admiral Codfish 1+46+17
1779122 ACF AC Friends Evil VN Boards owns you SykoSoul 9+315+5
1710803 TOGOWF TheOpportunistic Guild of Wondering Fanarbulaxians Good Where am I? Karplusan 89+35+11
1672446 Catena Catena Evil UYFI is the Word and the Word shalt be UYFI Nevele 40+22+2
1668061 -SM- Shit Masters Evil We just love it. Paskala 31+37
1640246 Shadows The Shadows of Elsewhere Neutral Perceive the adversaries' intentions Shadow Master of Elsewhere 36+18+14
1627054 thmobl The Holy and Mighty Order of the Baby Leopards Good meeeeeeeeeeeow? Availle 5+50
1608164 NpFfo Brotherhood of Steal Evil Hiki Hiki Peteng SeLfKiLlEr 56+2
1602415 [RR] Rezo-Reims Good Allez les R.R. SuperGrouik 35+18
1584319 TheMeatball TheMeatball Evil If it moves, acquire it jch0449 7+47
1540428 Squareheads Rectilinear Society Good A right angle is the right angle. T-Square the Circumspect 15+19+25
1540113 GFAQ Frequently Asked Game Questions Evil MASS KOBOLD PENISES = INSTANT WIN Inside the Asylum 20+155+4
1533128 Freezer Ice Cool Good Don't slip where you don't belong Xanthus 1+100+7
1525670 Minions Minions of the forces of evil Evil Why do they blame us it was their plan. Zuul - Minion of Gozer 54+45+7
1506305 Tantania TantaniaPalinka Good Palinka makes progress, Interaction is for loosers TantaniaPalinka 53+7+10
1474664 L402 LUElinks Evil y halo thar... Shifter 5+1+408
1359778 Rechenkraft Team Rechenkraft Good Join Mythar 10+105+12
1356462 FightClub Fight Club Evil The first rule of Fight Club is... Small_Garlic 37+55+31
1354254 EoTW Eye of the World Evil Taken over one rank at a time. nat77 9+241+25
1338540 SimulQuest The Endarkening Cabal of SimulQuest Evil Keep your soul; just want to corrupt it. Jhyrryl 9+56
1257856 The Apes The Apes Neutral The only thing that separates man from ape. Grumdrig 106+27+3
1249954 IMDAE Daepiso Neutral Enjoy surplus lives. Motoo 7+462
1225318 HapFunBal Happy Fun Ball\'s Guild Neutral Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball Happy Fun Ball 1+62+4
1196347 OWP Order of Tasty Dick Neutral Tastyness to all dicks SquadLt 3+21+29
1189642 InsertCredit InsertCredit Good InsertCredit - - Game stuff! Lokiam 13+106+2+1
1164878 Toasters Toaster Oven Good Professor Hubert Farnsworth 6+142+14
1124990 *ISC* International Spy Commanders Good Spy or die... Anzerion 26+21+3
1088118 SweC Sweclockers Good We eat nubs. Swedish_Phoenix 90+34
1085854 BYOB BYOB Good For the glory of Sir Fluffington Pedro-sama 2+2+487
1083503 Pony Mafia The Pony Mafia Evil Join us or sleep with the fishes Al Capony 32+24+43
1067414 NYSE: WMT Franchised Wal-Mart Rollback Discount Allegiance Evil We're this evil: [<—————————————————————————————>] Rush22385 34+116+8
1053036 [MH] Maverick Hunters Good Protecting the world from Maverick attacks! Auric Reiff 42+42
1002941 OUTSIDE! Developers Gone Awry! AWRY! Neutral Let nothing go untouched by Slime Finger! Terminator Tink 2+64+3
989368 PKnights Knights of the Cerulean Progress Bar Good Progress is good. Progress is blue. We make it. Daigohji 46+77+17
988582 PTS People That Suck Good We suck People That Suck 9+202+12
986639 NIE Die Ritter die immer NIE sagen Neutral We like BUKAKE leachlife4 5+133+7
967808 #ang #angband Good #angband on Cookie3 16+49+8
966467 LVL UP INC Level Up Incorporated Evil We level you long time! MadAlice 10+119
954200 yogira yogira Neutral Happy! The guild's membership are from PTT( yogira 72
927319 Dilligaf Dilligaf Evil Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck? Iwantout 81
918972 farting pony ponies can fart too Good Too many ponies have exploded. leekwen 29+18+11
793419 C.o.F. Call of Fate Good Repeating Ourselves Since 1999. Vi Baka 1+88+3
781042 Gold Teefus Don Hertzfeldt's Minions Good Palegloom the Gyrognome 46+5+5+1
776820 PARKOZ PARKOZ Good Parkozen parkoz 2+96
775636 LUE Life, the Universe, and Everything Neutral Pics now of your only strangely erotic option... SheepEgg 22+46+66
771650 23 Illuminate Evil Adam Weishaupt 33+129+6
761661 BFPC Best Foot Plundering Company Neutral We apologise for the inconvenience. tsoick 90+79
739367 ? Hunters Good We will win over evil Ryn 12+32+77
739285 JH JudgeHype Neutral Team des membres des forums Judgehype Seregmegilmor 125+87+10
737982 CoAz Circle of Azudore Evil Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades. Malinor 12+7+61
722665 Soul Ebola The Putrified Remains of the Soul Ebolans Evil Whether tis nobler, we don't give a shit. Messeya 31+55+5
720305 Dens Dens Good Monkeys rule denbar68 52
718195 Assslackers The People's International Anus Enlarging Republic Evil Die by where thou hast sinned. ( \¤/ ) Oncle Boris 6+328+6
714972 illusion Made in Tir-na Nog'th Neutral Daydream is intellectual's Romance madhatter 3+177
706162 ['A'oG] Ärzte ohne Genehmigung Good How do I create guild lol Sickurity 47+3
693360 KoRn Children of the KoRn Neutral im hiding from the things they say Jonathon Davis 59+8
686710 S&V Suchen & Vernichten Evil we n00b us Timmy!!!11112211 4+111+1
656358 TWf TaleWorlds Good For Calradia! Lost-Lamb 4+88+22
643127 InkTankArmy InkTank Army Good Let Fly The Canned Cheese Of Destruction! InkTank 2+71+1
641785 Toadsuckers The Mystic Toadsuckers of Pwanglemeer Good Crushing the Weak Beneath a Fist of Iron! Sir Razzberry 20+119
634953 P-90 Order of High Output Single Coil Punch Good Plug it in and crank it! - open to all! bleqvaard 16+55+3
634138 SOLCLAIM ACSOLCLAIM Evil insert motto here Droz_SC 6+142
633624 atitd A Tale In The Desert Neutral Kn1ghtmare 51+20
629083 drrrrnnnnnn Motorcycles Association Neutral Motorcycles of all lands, unite!!! ycbl 55+8+4+1
620741 EOTF Empire of the Fog Neutral Workers of All Countries, Unite! Real Needed 69+36
603882 TSUR TGA's Soviet Union Reborn Neutral There's a little Commie inside all of us. TGARex 46+42+12
602901 GSPB Gilde des Gamestar-Pinboard Good :ugly: Manfroub 2+139
601672 A.M.G.R.O.T. Angry Mob Getting Rid of Twats Good Ridding the world of fools one by one. Dark Paladin 23+48+5
600750 #oldwarez #oldwarez Neutral If it isn't EFNet, it isn't #oldwarez (Moo!) Knighted 85+20+1
571595 MMMM Metal Munching Moon Motorcycles Neutral Flesh is Weak, Wheel is Real DP 37+49+7
565962 CSW CSWorld Evil og @ Quakenet BDP 2+44+4
558006 Liero The Eternal Guild of Liero Neutral Play Liero, you ignorant clods! AbyssalSquid 90+8+6
541223 MEU Cow: Master of the Universe Good Cows WILL rule the universe! likuidlightning 17+68+48
521493 -GTH- The Hellbringers Evil Beafraid the Doombringers are in town ! BladeRunner 82+14+5
515434 OFN Tribalwar Neutral STFU, this si libary daerid 3+149+2
495467 Bad Girls Bad Girls Evil Do you want it bad? Gulfish 5+60+7
486372 g12-Squad g12-Squad Guild Neutral g12 in our hearts <3 LoWeLy 50
470295 Apt. F Apartment F Evil "For good measure!" leachlife4 60+5
466887 Mojang Mojang Campers Good Join if you play Wurm Online! Ronsson 67+4
434735 Jiggoo Distorted View Neutral spread the distortion technotroll 65
433921 Bridge Bridgeburners Good First in, Last Out Whemnav 82+3
433735 SOG Seepers of Goo Evil Respect da Goo, foo!! Musta Jaana 76+8+4
431983 Tri-C Clarksonian Car-Bomb Chuggers Good One is never enough! thedoe 62+3+1
430138 DMOC Death Merchants, Oobag Chapter Neutral We Deal in Lead... and other stuff leachlife4 1+66+1
428554 HOI Hand full Of Idiots Good Lucky Kills White Monk 2+53+6
426261 DZa Deti Zakata Neutral Prinimaem vsex Djaalam 3+75
422840 RET Guild Of RET Neutral We are a guild Tacctc 5+80+111
422583 Neocron NC Power Overwhelming Evil Das Forum hält zusammen :) Bongholee 45+34+1
405292 BCZIT WSACGUILD Evil Break Requests? Thrasmion 104
404398 Xen Xenimites Neutral <Insert witty motto here> ShaneKorte 1+112+12+1
397744 Big Pimpin' Big Pimpin' Neutral +200 CHA isn't easy. Kropdrop 1+63+8+1
384215 etics ETICS Good Tits or GTFO gab 73+6
377371 TTi Torrents The Internationals Good TehMoff 1+148
372777 Clone Mob Clone Mob Evil Multithreading is essential. Bolt Action Cricket 51
368699 T.C.H. The Cleaver House Neutral Chop Chop! Cleaver House! mrcleaver 61+2
363475 Bulldrek Bulldrek Neutral Ice cream has no bones. 3278 65+7+2
359030 JProgressBar JProgressBar Minor Evil JProgressBars suck krayne 89
358402 DYD Da YZZERDD's Neutral The Wizard's CryptKeeper 3+91+1
357195 WoWSzene WoW Szene Armee Good weils sonst keiner Spielt! Glorix 3+247
340247 Pwnage Malus Imperium Neutral Fas est et ab hoste doceri Masterthief30 82+2
303963 UMA UMA Seeker Neutral Moo mo moo moo! (time to die!) AkiraTokina 1+68
302134 Abe's Abe's House of Freshness Neutral If you like fresh, come to Abe's! Strawbelbadude 2+83+7

150 Factions

The Neverending Battle

Good: 322716654 (36%) Neutral: 282472952 (32%) Evil: 282206624 (32%)

Concerning Guilds

Only players in particular realms may join a guild (just hit Ctrl-G from within the game). More about guilds...

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