Guild List: Bands


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
2733036 PAWCR Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. Evil Quantity, not Quality W4st 2+15
1514146 BOOM Terrorists Inc. Good Allahu Akbar Pangpootata 3+16
1459512 ESF Evil Sinful Floppycocks Evil All hail and praise GRUMDRIG! We're not worthy! Sil3nce 12
1164816 DROPtables DROP tables Evil Fire in the Hole! Shaedrux 15
1086606 Teh Winnarz Teh Winnarz (OOSIK!) Evil Best MMORPG Gamers Evar Tycho 1+9+5
1022694 PASS PASS Good To know what's "PASS" first join us! YePhIcK 13
1010418 DatS Doug and the Slug Clan Good Go slug something DougTheSlug 2+9+4
1000829 Eset Eset Good Eset Yodprep 6
873341 A.T. Apparently Trying Neutral What's a motto with us? xBLAHMASTERx 4
823073 SWP Sweep The Leg Evil Do you have a problem with that? ruxer 10+1
812886 R.E.C.T.U.M. Royal Eternal Cavalry of the Tegmental Uncus Mages Good Damn near killed 'em Pink Tower 1+6
803198 Bashers Biguggys Bashers Good Bash them, bash them all Big Uggy 4+6
720219 Secupt Secupt Good To boldly phone where noone has phoned before... ducktype 6
711546 Balihoo Devs Balihoo Developers Good We automate stuff. mrog 12
710536 Zotec Zotec Good Get more, do less Rabidmuskrat 12+1
701996 HBL Die Höbbilanthen : friends of the microwave Neutral microwave numquam retro! theWauz 1+14
695864 Finnwarriors The noble warrios of Finland Good We will die before losing our independence! Bommi 10+6
686951 FOP Fellowship of the Progress Bar Good Cast Progress into the fires of Mt. Recession! Hobnobbin 1+5+2
686391 Berzerkers Crazy Einhorn's Berzerkers Good If it moves, kill it. Volksen 5
678391 NoHelmet Wearers of the Invisible Helmet Neutral What you can't see you can't hit. xaos 15
674620 ORIG Official Random Insanity Guildplace Good We like to do stuff and then do more stuff Tomba 2+1+1
674276 GLAVIOT Les buveurs de crachats, glaires et glaviots Evil Rigolons, rigolons mais n'enculons pas le dindon. BURNEMOLLE 15
669986 Stynks The United Stynks Neutral Anything for the sake of Progress. Stynks 3+7+7
651299 HIIC Hell If I Care Evil Piss off Anfy 17
649806 SWD Sex With Dogs Evil Come over here, Fido.. I've got a "treat" for you! eviltone 2+7
647956 Azz Alrezez Evil :;shrug:: I dunno leachlife4 11
643978 DICE Slicers DICE Slicers Evil To dice is to slice twice Zaphod_Beeblebrox 18
639049 asd asdasdasd Neutral 3V1L 15 G00D! ]:] ilfir 1+11
613497 WOLNRIC Warriors of Letting Nature Run Its Course Neutral You will die! Not by our hand, but eventually.... Mental Bastille 8+9
608204 fresse klump uffs_maul Evil hast du probleme, gibs auf die fresse leachlife4 10+3
608159 MoJOT Minions of JOT Neutral GIR, that's bad! Myrvek 11+1
603320 RSE Lords of Red Storm Neutral more and more huntress, then win Clint R 3+5+7
587399 pants Steve Vader Good Pants? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Pants! Sandman 10+4+5
579797 Meedley Spinning Flames Neutral MEEDLEY MEEDLEY MEEDLEY ME!!!!! Head en Fuego 10
579554 KotN Knights of the Nine Good lollercaust fortune82 2+10
574623 EPR Ebola Paste on Rye Neutral How was your sandwich? Gruenk Squidrunner 5
572272 the double e Evil Evilness Evil Go forth and do thine own evil zinnate 19
544651 Puff Magic Puffs Good Doku! ^_^ DokuPuffs 1+11
544589 MJS MJ Slayers Neutral leachlife4 6
531110 h2 HelpHelp Good We need help wizVoz 9
530060 LTU Blue Devils Neutral Is this a good way to meet chicks? Ant 6+1
524660 Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Clan of d00m! Evil We're Hella Evil Aeois 1+13+2
523257 TWI That witch is Neutral Role the clover and pass it around Lord of Clovers 2+3
519933 LAN The Lannisters Good A Lannister always pays his debts mehrjn 4
519028 Otter Guild for what Otter be Done Evil Otter evil and bad puns. Tarquol 3+6
510434 TV-Koal Koalicija Good Osvojit cemo svijeta C'Tebo 6+7+1
509245 Growing Old Growing Old Disgracefully Good We will use our powers for Good and not for Evil!! Ross the Pendulous 1+4
504939 WIP Wizards in Pants Evil More magic power? Cotton against your buttcheeks! Melldorain 7+2
492296 ¥QFT¥ La Three Amigos Good All for one and one for all! EldryLars 4
491645 FTIT @ HHS Techniker auf Abwegen Evil Wir können alles außer EiTi oxygenice 10
490906 ZFOD iZombie'sFishOfDoom Evil Don't be smart. Be questing... iZombie 14
488503 eProduction eProduction Good Strangeness may ensue. ™ Arby 4+1
483881 TDHG The Drunkin Horde Gods Evil NO! earthbornsky 5
483015 TFL The Fancy Lads Good leachlife4 4
481133 Dawntt Dawntreaders Good MOG! Don't Suck. Skurge 10+1+1
480058 SW Inc. Stoneway Inc. Neutral Your idle is mine! Brodbar 13
477157 Captura Captura Neutral OGC mheard 11+1
470602 EO Ewing Oil Good Muffin gpq 15+1
463006 TPM The Progressive Movement Neutral Progress is Fulfillment. Ryoga 13
457679 OTB-seekers They who search for the One True Brooch Evil Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur Neherath 14
456777 BoAH Brigade of Ancient Heathens Evil leachlife4 6
452558 The Ninjas The Ninjas Neutral Ninjas are totally awesome and that\'s a fact! leachlife4 11+2
452043 Shoop Rooster Illusion Neutral SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER Blarp 4+1
449895 Strategos Strategos Evil Take that Good Guys! apt142 7
448754 MoH Mountain of Heroism Good I stand alone to oppose the darkness Zeplin 9+4+1
445069 Hell Raiders Hell Raiders From Texas Tech Neutral SOYLENT GREEN IS... JStrider 10+6
420032 ]LoL[ Legion of Lions Good spyder913 8+2
418221 TMCS Corporate Slackers Neutral We don't make things worse. Juan Kenobi 19
417297 D'Zen D'Zen Good mikedo 11
412046 SQ SandwichQuest Good Oh man! I'm sorry sandwich! Brak the Dodge Omni 4+1
411442 Zlippers Champions of Zlippers Neutral Who needs a motto?! Grobber 3+9
407664 DEOO Dark Elves of Orange Evil Who needs a fucking motto? Sandiria 13
406925 RF1859 Realistforeningen Neutral Frydenlund er gull igrunn. fabel 4
404350 DuhForum DuhForumClan Good From the ashes of DRLFF we rise. Duh102 9+4
402940 AME! Ame no ruroushi Good Be quick or be dead! SHANNARO 14
396923 RH Retard Haters Neutral Elite Progress Only Zoson 11+4+2
395248 NNs NumbNuts Good Long live the inter-web! Axillion 5
395182 Sliders The Sliders Order Neutral Thou shalt not vända mi 10+3
390731 unolux unolux Neutral One lux, and no more RockGrumbler 3+1
390546 Deathkings Deathkings of the Dark Citadel Evil Frag Life Itself the hellridden Baron 13
390425 BSoD Blue Screens of Death Evil Kill this System ! Asclepios 10
389312 Zoolander Ridiculously, ridiculously good looking coders. Evil BigNTasty shouldn't be used as an artificial heart Dr. Sidewinder 6+2+2
388735 Cubeland Cubeland Good Ship it Cubeland 1+10
387754 Gobblination Gobblination Evil Gobblinating The Countryside Big Bad 7+1
386050 oui ca va Raging Wenises of Oja Evil wenises wenises he he he leachlife4 4
383940 SSJin Super Saiya-jin Evil Power Leveling with yellow hair Vegeta 15
383448 Kiss Kiss of Deaf Good d-_-b Udzim 10
381700 YLP Osaka Yakuza Love Kesatsu Neutral churitsu no tame ni korosu "Kill for neutrality" Humanoid Typhoon 9+3
379562 WOMBAT The Wombat of Wanton Destruction Neutral Followers of the Blue Marsupial JPD 4
374115 OCReMix OverClocked ReMix Good It's in the mix! Fusion2004 1+9
372306 KiAnon Killers Anonymous Good Tremble in fear mortal scum! PsychoKiller 8
370981 De_Ad Delusions of Adequacy Good Keeping the bar low to maximize success. OMG Im Me 4
370607 Keane Keane Neutral We should be working right now! Dewie 15
368943 na'vi meoauniaea Good Ziva'u niprrte, ayoel ngati kameie. dmitriy 7+2
367834 BGBBS Battlestar Galactica BBS Good 300/1200 baud, 24 hours, 5 meg hard drive. Pentomino 4+1
366388 VCPpro Vegetable cook pot Good Eating what no other players will eat fish potato 2+12+1
365529 LZB Lazy Bastards Neutral Et Tu, Lay-Z? leachlife4 1+5+1
363522 BRJ Mets Rock Neutral Puk air nair na Puk air nair na kade2910 5
358414 Fin Finland Good With the power of Sauna, we march onwards! Rithiur 2+1+2
357099 FPD Festering Pit of Despair Neutral I Said Good Day Sir! Beeker the III 15
356422 RuefulRabbit Roger Rabbit Good Woe is luck Roger_Rabbit 4
354860 AUR #aurora Evil #aurora of Yay for us! lizaoreo 4
354783 MPC Club Atomic Evil All hail Lord Slappybag! Cabbage 19
353389 UTF United Front Neutral We are One! Cyberpsychosis 15
352589 whnfrweo we have no formal relationship with each other Good folding is for pussies. pg ftw! darin schlark 9
347170 Dorks Scuba Dorks Evil We Slay Allin Oobag! Kamendol 14
345891 [A27] Alpha27 Evil None in the pink, five in the stink! Raymond Luxury-Yacht 5
345019 zard z-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa Neutral Wir sind hart, aber zard! schoppekloppe 13+2
344833 Evocati Evocati Good We slack IRL Eyn 15
343229 :butt: Butter Evil Butter in each pocket Plastic Butter 7
343109 CRUZLA Cruzlee's lesser guild of guilt Neutral There is no fork cruzlee 4
341169 FinchSquad Finch Squad Neutral Fear the massive onslaught of the finches! korroz 4
338441 BWEYFWYS Bears Will Eat Your Face While You Sleep Neutral Keep the caffeine handy. Kodiak 1+3
337248 [OdS] Orden des Sturms Evil Power through friendship osim 11
334577 TW! Time Wasters Neutral We am teh l33t! leachlife4 5
333264 3FF-833 Fortuous Bevvy Good Cover up that happy with some ASS KICK Mighty Bump 18
330120 MVK Maardvark Neutral Grunthos is lord disghd 8
327190 FurredLizard Followers of the Great Furred Lizard Neutral Though fierce, none can resist his cuddly belly! Thapa 4+1
326970 TS/E The Seraphim Neutral Raidur 1+5+3
326191 crajsux craj sucks Evil craj sucks ianthe 7
324972 Mrow Felis Malice Neutral Needs more Cats Chezne Wildyon 7
323686 S-Cartesians Selenites Cartesians Good ivan xi 12
321990 The Fritzls The Fritzls Union Of Basement Dwellers Evil Do you like your eyebrows? Drakoer 9
321072 RMChampions Rolemaster Champions Good Get Real, Get Rolemaster Epanema 5+10
315972 CoCth ++Cult of Cthulhu++ Evil Fight against religion!!! Liege of Inveracity 14
315755 NTC NTC Neutral miep 6
315468 [ss_prog] SSProgrammers Neutral Bright Light, Bright Light arwab 15+1
315398 hoodkidz [D$M]hoodKidzen Neutral We live in da hood... we ARE the real hoodkidzen [D$M]CDB 7
314499 LODM2 Lords of Dark Mastercraft II Evil While crafting, make evil pose. leachlife4 10
314419 CuloSem Cult of Sempai Good Notice us! Duh102 8
311283 S.P.O.O.N. Superlative People of Oobag Nations Good 'Pounding Two Fisted Justice' leachlife4 14
309740 FPF Evil FranK Pilo 7
309547 Sendist The Bure Sendist Neutral Coming from ↓, Going to ↑ ILikeFlowers 1+3
305493 Torment+ The Order of Ravaging Mentals Evil If it moves, kill it. If it doesn't kill it anyway Metabolized+ 4+5
305206 LDL Lame Danes on LSD Evil Man maa ikke bedrive hor for laante penge Svenne 14+1
303517 Tunguus Evil leachlife4 7
303184 INF+ Ad Infinitum Good Mantissa = 11111111; Sign,Fraction = 0 Aerinon 11
299847 /\ŏ/\ Dancing Spiders Good Preacher 1+3
299555 fnord1138 fnord1138 Neutral fnord1138 gev1138 6
299224 D3TM Test Monkeys Good Test Monkey like Fritos,Test Monkey like Tab/MtnDw Arislan 12
298927 ELDON Eldon Neutral Citron 4
297953 ohcrap Oh, Crap Neutral You said that, when you saw us comming your way... cmelgarejo 19
297001 Tuscans Counts of Tuscany Good TomatoJim 1+6
294847 RoLT Raiders of the Lost Tavern Neutral Esse quam videri Miehas 4+12
292999 MiECz MiECz Good For the King, for the Land, for the Mountains... leachlife4 5
291241 4H The Four Horsemen Neutral Bös to the Bös! berglin 4
289523 PtyR Panty Raiders Good We take pantyhose too! Phoser 15+3
288993 hashcats HashCats Evil The good, the bad, and the sexy. Drarok 13+4
288598 FrozenNorth The Frozen North Good Gunslinger 3+14
286775 HOBOFH Honorable Order of Bastard Operators from Hell Evil More voltage is good for you. n3tmnky 9
285858 MBCoV Meathelix's Burning Crusaders of Vengeance Neutral We burningly avenge the crusade against evil. Meathelix 15
283180 Xenu Church of Scientology Evil Unleash the lawyers! Let no one go unserved. Ednar 7+2
282409 Torontreal Torontreal Evil You kill'em, We bag'em! Nephillim 1+16
277502 Core Core Fighters Evil Gore! Mika 5+3
277381 Kali Raving Kali Fanatics Neutral Play Harder! RedOmen 14+2
276055 CaB Choke a Bitch Evil Is this guild gonna have to...? (BadLuck smells) MooseyMayhem 4+1
273868 Awesomers The Awesomers Evil HA HA! WE'RE USING THE INTERWEB! DeathByBagels 11+4
273811 MKGJ Monkey Knights of Great Justice Good LAUNCH ALL ZIG! FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Skippy the Justice Monkey 3+10
270267 VdNT VoidNET Clan Neutral For all members and friends of the VoidNET server! Fuguman 11
268884 Fishmen A fishman stole my cookie Good No arms, no cookies Nikkoz 6+1
267092 TwasBrillig TwasBrillig&theSlithyToves did gire and gimble! Good All mimsey were the borogroves! FrumiousBandersnatch 1+8+1
265978 Blood Horde Blood Horde Neutral One Blood, One Horde, All are Equal! Eckdrax 4
264886 Collective The Collective Evil We've got more idle CPU cycles than you!! Silchar 5
264613 Feynman Physicists R Us Neutral We will eigenvector your Hamiltonian LeoDaVinci 9
264550 KSers Kill Stealers Evil we dont care who attacked first, this kill is ours robaato 1+4
264193 BW Black Widows Neutral The Web is our Net... or whatever... biltilie 5
262411 SuperFriends The Super Friends Society of Continental America Good And Stabity Death for All! leachlife4 11
261933 SH ER Sabbat Hospital Evil Flavor taste sensation. Dr Sabbat 14
261566 Al Bearda Al Bearda Evil Tremble before the power of our beards Captain Oldbeard 4
260273 Pr0k Godly Knights of the Pr0kForce Good May The Pr0k Be With You leachlife4 11
260021 Nollapiste Progress Nollapiste Evil zangor 13+1
258939 NoFart Thou Shalt Not Fart In Thy Presence Evil I tried to fart and a little shit came out! Wolfman88 5+1
257607 ZomboLine ZomboLine Fine Jewelry Good Pnin 9
257477 LGPP LAZERS GO PEW PEW Neutral |==' ---- ---- ----- ----- * PEW * PEW * eqlso 8
255889 cca c0n3cti0ds Good still here, still doin' nuthin' Ipeehelldesk 1+11
254062 lray Good To trace rays where no man has traced rays before MultiMediaMats the Conqueror 3+1
253417 thepirates The pirate guild Good Yarr! incidence 7
252750 -ff- FragFactory Evil hi!! we do games! Becoming 2+12
252263 MaTSE Mathematisch-Teschniche Software-Entwickler Evil Goerster 5
252019 TDAMNC Those Damn Cats Neutral I swear, if I see that cat one more time... Ivan Idea 5+5
251434 PACFest PACFest Evil PTFOB Daargoth 5
251100 IISoF Evil Equilan 5+1
250553 NISB Netops_Is_Serious_Business Evil TITS or GTFO Kaylermora 9
249032 don't I don't know! Evil I told you, I don't know!!! MrX 15
249025 GEBI The Guild of Engaging & Boisterous Intent Evil Murder hobos unite! Thadeus Buttons 11
248114 One One Guild Good To be One!!! Ronsonol the Beast 12
248039 t1 Team 1 Evil omnes canis exprimanmus vernando 10
246453 BST Beast Stompers Good Kill em all BobfromIT 5
245916 FS1 Fluffy Saber 1337s Neutral Kill it! Kill it! It's Squeeking! Kill it! Gatiel 4
244838 BVG-X Knights of Hasselhoff Evil Don't hassle the Hoff. Zuryn 10+3
244539 Baatezu Baatezu Evil Kill em All!!! Virik 11
244384 UCPMR Ur-Crusaders of Pastday Modern Romance Good Crusading for the promised hand since 1981. Valann 7+1
244333 WORLD Whimsical Order of Really Likable Demigods Good We are GOOD demigods Chaos Lunatic 18+1
244043 MAStupid Mutually Assured Stupidity Good We Believe in the Right to be Stupid Alaracon 2+2
243527 MTK Matrikon Evil Specialized in Progress for Process Control SyrusCan 4+14+1
243461 GT_Guild GT Guild Neutral May The Progress Be With You! Thoronso 1+8
243166 sydgoons Sydney Rapists and Pillagers Anonymous Neutral more goons than ausgooncon Unit92 12
241938 NOW National Organization of War-badgers Good There's no time like tomorrow. psyhofreak 1+7+1
241759 H.O.R.H. House Of the Radioactivated Heads Evil There is no better home than the belly of Cthulhu! Hobe 1+6+6
241559 Um..Yea. The Slightly Inconvienced Apathetic. Neutral I Supose so. leachlife4 5+1
241287 Beeches Beeches Barmy Boinkers Good we delacrate the jellies then eat the spoon! Mookie 3+1
241212 Altar Altar Neutral Join Altar or be sacrificed on altar! Medart 6
240348 Blindmen The Blindmen Neutral 'Tis better to be seen than to see Amro 11
240112 CDragons Chaos Dragons Good The Brave Do Not Fear the Grave ChaosKnight127 10+3
240075 SpoonCult The Upright But Mischievous Cult of the Spoon Neutral I have seen God. He's a Spoon. Xaios 5
239825 B of L Border of Life Neutral Bloom nobly! Sherkel 9+4
239480 VVIJ Vi Vill Inte Jobba Evil Vi Vill Inte Jobba Wezz 9
238521 Pyromancers Pyromancers Good Thank you, thank you, and good night. Achernar 1+9
238199 -stidog- stinky dogs Good luke, i am ur father jib 2+2
236354 NJP No Jeff Parks Evil Site up is NOT our #1 priority Barbra Streisand 7
235773 TBB Tiik Boys Blue Evil Tere hommikust, Lits metsast! cdg 8
234728 Alucination Alucination Neutral He who moves not forward, goes backward. Alucinor 6
234510 Telperion Knights of the Order of Telperion Good Silver flowers of the moon.. Sir Derrick Lyndon Pallas 9
234184 EFOFF EFOFF Evil F OFF!!! DO NOT JOIN!!! surreal1942 6
233876 T.K. Torture Killers Evil We have room of Gays Erno 7+5+1
233659 H.O.T.A. Horsemen of the Apocalypse Evil Dodgyfred 17
233098 Kukmen Kukmen Research Labs Neutral Du kan dricka! koitsu 5+2
232023 We Lack Lackers of Confidence Neutral I don't think he can handle that! MrGallbladder 16
230427 LAWL Strawberry SnowBubble Evil Yay_doom 5
230105 Rebiatos Rebiatos Evil Smaugiu ir zhudau... Senis 13
229556 CAE Ctrl Alt Elites Neutral You're not leet enough for Molten Core! AltRhombus 16
229208 TheSkye Hand of The Skye Good Praise the Panda Movement! ChillySkye 5+1
229094 DTS Dead Testers Society Evil Ship it! Union Carbide 17
228898 Firesign Friends of Nick Danger! Good He walks again by night! Doctechnical 1+3
226462 Do it up Destructive Force Evil Assimilation is inevitable Demonized 6
225671 G.L.O.P. Neutral Gouzi ? Kettch 3+5
225620 HOMO Honorable Order of Magnificient Owners Neutral banale 2+3
224799 LStMH Lobster Sticks to Magnet Haroo Evil Left Claw North, Right Claw South Gaiwan 8
224443 divxmonkey DivX Monkey Guild Neutral Be neutral. Robert Bogdon 12
224058 For dooming otterdoom Good We like fish. doomotter 9+3+1
223268 Guild GuildyGuild Evil Woo...? Megaa 4+9
223205 ACMF Arcane Center of Misinformation Solutions Neutral Divide by zero, conquer and eat the rest Diskis 4
222735 CBBits Canadian Bacon Bits Good Babe Tasted good!! Norin Oakenmirth 9
222279 .LS. Lost Souls Evil Kill 'em all. Zuriel 14+1
221961 UI-TEAM Les rassembleurs des Feedback Fantômes Neutral Design or Design not, but there is no provisional Phiphoux 10+5
221122 The Void The Void of Gods! Neutral We rise above the clouds! Tux 2+7
220750 ROOMB The Royal Order of Magnificent Bastards Good Herp Derp! Hereticked 12
220572 Whackers Rodent Smashers Evil If it can fit in a sack give it a whack Swanny 3+5
219970 [K4E] Kamikaze 4 Ever Neutral we'D LikE 2 try uR pRn ElemntAl sTyle =oP Sti9nsky 13
219139 xTTTx Terrible Terry Tate Good Welcome to Terry\'s Pantomime box of PAIN! Kryten 4
219104 theguild The Knights of Good Good We do what we must, because we can. Zerkest 4
218718 GT Golden Tornadoes Good This is my motto ramblinwreck 4
218285 Aluehallinto Aluehallintovirasto Evil Hyperbulimist 11
218007 Hyperborea Hyperborea Neutral Hyperborea Hyperborea 6
217180 Immunity Immunity Neutral Over-specialize and you breed in weakness. Kashae 13
216292 Navigators Navigator Dragons Good Navigator Dragons flying high! DrGrizz 6
216094 Vodoo Sex Voodoo Sex Children Neutral Livin the good life with a little black magic fun! Kamuih8 11+2
216016 t-fuct totallyfuct Neutral It's all in the name Token ENtry 3+1
214850 LIZARD Legion Incurring Zeal And Ruthless Destruction Evil kill!! and kill more!!! leachlife4 14
214826 Godless Godless Evil Kill god, at all costs satsui 1+5
213621 BMMS Boobies Make Me Smile Good You know they do RhinoDump 2+8
212372 =A= Alliance Good Fight With Honour, Die With Valour. Synapsed 9+2
212203 BtoD BornToDie Good Only in Hardcore you can die like a real thingie Pimpifax 4
211573 TEAM BOB Bob's Merry Men of Valour Neutral In Bob We Trust SivO 1+8
211163 ISD Indempotent Sardonic Demigods Good If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt. Aalny 9
211068 3W The Maps of Hawaii Neutral Nyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa Sasso 13
210434 Ara Ara Agrippina Evil unten ist oben Keng 7
209088 fgi FGI Warlords Evil r0x0r arrowed 12
207757 AoSG Agents of Self-Gratification Evil No I wasn't, I was cleaning it and it went off Karajabola 7
207649 =]ULS[= UofL-Speed Good We SUCK! (no, we don't) Machtyn 13
207506 TLL The Lazy Lads Neutral Who goes there?? Dysken 6
206390 Bzzzt OMGLAZERGUNSPEWPEWPEW Evil Rollin with my Gnomies Azariah 12
206380 ☼HT☼ Hypnotoad Neutral Dooooom! Chimerael 10
206376 Madrigan's Madrigan's Team Evil Why this damn Alignment could not be set as Mad ? Dooble Booble The Big 1+7
206267 SAMfo Stoned Ass Mofos Neutral its fo twenny! leachlife4 2+1+1
206215 The Cottage The Cottage Good I'd rather have a beer at The Cottage. leachlife4 7
206181 CCP Crazed Cavemen Pirates Evil We love lace. Cucinator 3+1
205668 NSFT Neversoft Evil Hardcore! Rein Rache 1+13
205449 WE rock Thunderdragons Good The best is yet to come, come join now! Demonzbreed 5
205210 vTSg A Very Top Secret Guild Neutral Kill, Rape, Mutilate, Decapitate Morgurth 15
204549 oilpTG Obscure Irrelevant Latin Phrase, THE GUILD! Good Quod Subigo Farinam Yoockjod 4
203924 E-E Ewoks for the Empire Evil Yub Yub! Admiral Kettch 1+3
203810 Uplink The Most Silly Guild of Veterans Good Meh MegaDeth 1+18
203786 BSBW Battle Slayers of Bathwater West Neutral Where's the Any Key? Uncle Vinny 4
203303 Toms Temple of Microsoft Evil In Bill We Trust Gudrun 13+4
202897 Nott Voror Nott Voror Evil Can we hurry?! wlm2048 5
202599 CGF Catgofire Evil OMG CAT! Catgofire 16
202494 CignaleBianc Compagnia del Cignale bianco Evil Vai col girarrosto, e dacci di ghiotta! IgGory 3+1
202079 Medius Knights of Medius Good Always caught in the middle. Calras 4
202061 JagAll Jagged Alliance: Assoc. of Int'l Mercenaries Neutral River burials free. Ask about other benefits. GusTarballs 1+3
201926 Average Guys Average Guys Neutral Be just kind of, well, um, average! Bob the Average 10+6
201645 MMCafe MMCafe Good Fresh! Igniz 7
199980 Cold Fire Reborn From The Ashes Of The Fallen Phoenix Neutral The Hammer Strikes With The Fury Of Its Wielder jhon 14+1
199664 X X Evil We Are X. Simply X. FaBiAn 2+4+1
199641 AIDumbo Artificial Stupidity Neutral h(x) = 1 / (goal - x); Burnsidious 17
199297 zRites Ziblerites Neutral A horse is a horse of course of course. Bryce MacDonald 4
198488 TWR420 White Russians Neutral Serefan 7+1
198003 P-OFF Purveyors of Freedom Good Free to Free Freedom schizosid 11
197705 TTEWDCFINIT The Truly Evil WorldDomination CORP, Formerly INIT Evil Power of SCIENCE destroy you! Sebbeleu 4
197142 RMG Repetitive Mindless Grinders Neutral Submission! Okkita 1+4
196920 IMOFOC Illuminated Masonic Odd Fellows Of Cthulhu Neutral Huh? SquidPuppy 1+9
195756 Lemminghood Brotherhood of the Lemming Good They're just over that rise! charge!!!! leachlife4 3+3+1
194805 KART Knights of the alt.roundtable Neutral alt.roundtable The Corch 8+5
194078 Foogs Inc Foogs Inc. Good Foogs'll snog ya! Dyliess 1+4
193334 WRRAM Whatman Reel-Riders of the Ancient Mana Good Wipe thy runk Hempo 3+4
192936 +CGM+ Clan of the Gorilla Mask Neutral 0 Fucks given! Xieziz 2+7
192711 1337IT Team 1337 IT Evil r0xx0rs ur b0xx0rs Silberkralle 1+7
192642 zc's CoupDeGrace Neutral go exp! Bdij! 6
192607 gibberish Epis of Gibberish Neutral What's a motto with you? Luneward 16
192300 right The Order of Self-righteousness Good We're not hypocrites, we're just better than you. Mos_Gerila 9
192205 PAL PorkAngels Lair Evil Porky Pork Angels. Join the collective! Bysse 7
192066 Sona RheingoldRiver's Guild Good Sona <3 Rheingold 5+5
191727 DSDC Survivors of Data Sharing with Daughter Companies! Neutral Return of the DSDC! Orkish Horde 1+5
191635 CB-PQ Chicken Bucket Good Lawn party at Road's! Ze Blob 9
191238 qc_crew quetzalcoatl Evil Stop submitting! DangerMouse128 7
191024 IGEWS Ich glaub es wirkt schon Evil Naanaanaaaanaaaa Huhnbeauftragter 7
190315 TAO The Azashian Order Neutral All Hail Azash, Our Lord and Creator Azash 11
189784 Ropers Ropers Neutral We like cheese sqeeble 4
189006 b1z4rR3 b1z4rR3 Evil Pain is temporary! Glory is eternal! UrbaN 15
187617 Runes Runeseeker Good To seek out the runes of the world. Cherokee Kid 2+3
186846 GOTAPEX The Got | Apex? Deal Finders Good Shop smart... Shop S-Mart. Sir Leon 8+3
186353 G-C Grammaton Clerics Good Not without incident Cleric Preston 4+2
186207 darkwalk The Walkers of Darkness Neutral Those who walk in darkness are destined to be gods ShdwWalkr 3+4
185815 OGG Order of the Grunting Groundhog Good Grolsch Grolsch Grolsch Hoxy 10
185759 Qord The Questionable Order of Ravishing Donkies Evil Unicorns touch us.... A lot. Boopie 15
185346 Rayonnegz Rayonnegz Evil semki est?a 5 rebley? a meloch? V kepke - welcome! Nischebrod 4
185095 :hat :hat Neutral Fuck it dry. Kyleactus 10
184702 OGC Odfrin Gnome Choppers Evil Gnome Chopping Odfrin 1+6
184432 JHEIK Jag har en inbyggd kompass! Evil I came, I saw, I came. Falcula 9
184312 [KK] Knark Evil in the start everyone is n00b Rotten_Onion 11
184216 -KotR- Knights of the Raven Good We clearly are awesome. Cymsdale 14
184090 LP Lard Pirates Neutral Grog Me Captain! Vinic 14
183934 Pioutes! Pioutes United Of The World. Evil Auxerre est une charmante bourgade médiévale. Planetary 11
183902 23x Zandalar Expedition Neutral Stay away from the hoodoo, mon. jkab 5
183443 KWSN The Knights Who Say, "Ni!" Neutral Bring me a shrubbery! Serious Man 4+2
182588 BD Black Dragons Evil You die serving multiple papercuts. waNdrer 6+12
182300 mfkrs mtrfkrs Evil hohu srg 4
182119 Glade The Glade Neutral ... leachlife4 7
181850 CzH Czech Heroes Good Stormer 8+2
181230 Peanut Army Peanut Army Evil Defeat is not an option! Vroom Vroom! Deliriousfish 7
180698 [ATM] Anime Tenticle Monsters Evil Hey little girl, nice school uniform.... Death Mage v3 2+6+1
180679 Roar Roar of the Lion Good Making more progress than Jim and Toon combined Grendalf 1+10
180268 ID10T's! Traumatized Programmers Evil It's turltes, all the way down! Mylak 6
180251 OPS Warriors Of the OPS Way Neutral You make it, we don't break it. Melkir 7
179560 DV.Uppsala DV.Uppsala Neutral Computer Science at Uppsala University Sedrik 1+6
178780 sot4all sudoku allstars Good don't panic! lordyoda 7
178693 ZNC Zjednoczeni na Cygnusie Neutral Zawsze Na pomoC Asalm 12
178494 FatM Fatmedia Good The default ofr cheese is "Cheddar" tonyenkiducx 4
177831 S-S-S Soul Sworn Seven Evil When we don't progress, we farm Gogeta 4
177656 Jul's guild Ultra Jul Evil Good is dumb. [ ] Xkeeper 5+2
176681 KJGPLS Kovien Jätkien GPL Sarja Evil Kuka lopettaa ensin? Tiku 5
176608 TMS Teh Munkey Spankerz Evil We spank the monkeys! Profett 5+1+1
176385 FRAG F.R.A.G. Evil We aim low. Shoklar 3+3+1
176283 Boobs!!! Navigator Bastards Evil Kill Krush'n'Destroy Sinist0r 1+17
175676 Blorgrar The Second Coming of Blorgrar Evil BLORGRAR GRRRAWWWRR Bain 7+2
175288 CPC-PQ Comfy Pranks Committee PQ Guild Good Xlegna 2+3
175282 GalahTech Good We like dirt! Thej Ew 6+6
174690 P.P.F. Paragon Pie Fighters Good Genocide or Pie! Denamic 1+4
174610 InfToast Infinite Toast Evil If killing wasn't illegal I'd do it every day Daemon X 11
173068 DRB Dragon Blades Evil Cut like a Dragon's Fang Sabram 1+4
172468 MourningTeam MourningTeam Evil Scam and conquer! MourningTeam 1+3
172043 AET Aeterni Evil Zaaaaaaap! Fanatik 11
172019 SVVS SAVVIS Evil Mordimer 1+14
171894 Good Death by Booga Fragpuppy 3+4
171528 Slay UltraMaimDeathKillSlaughter Evil Kill Pockets 11
171285 pwnerers pwner of the whole world Evil burn burn bur !!! miollu 5+6
171163 BoB..... Band of Botchers Neutral I think you heard me just fine, punchy. knunkel 8
170924 Transclude Transclude Neutral We transcend and include both good and evil. Elenia 13+1
170057 TAP Tappa Neutral TappaTappaTappa BrickRoadDX 5+1
169816 Bo! West Staines Massive Neutral Ride De Punani BineJ 14+1
169126 le Zerg le Zerg Evil Vincere est totum Leimus 8
168612 P4L PALS FOR LIFE Evil MEN. ctide 17
168468 YOUR MOM Divine Practitioners of SEX WITH YOUR MOM Evil Oh, man, your mom is hot. karmaflux 4+13+2
167897 Neutral Suomipelit kunniaan! Toni 4+5
167831 TPVP The Peoples valley pwnerers Neutral respect voor de ik factor Kabang 15
167795 M-O Mighty officiers Evil Patch everything until the end! Megres Von Alberik 3+5
167794 BFME2_360 BFME2_360 Neutral NEVER A SUNDAY!!! Janky 13
167285 MtG Magic the Gathering Evil Magic ROXXX Adam Weishaupt 2+2
167267 Ghrae Ghrae Wolves Neutral Chakarine Nagasaki Ghrae 4
165559 D W Divine Wrath Evil What was that ? ... No matter, it's no more. Kazanabo 3+1
164066 CEMS CEMS system peeps Good Something is wrong... Have a nice day! Senor Gomez 13+1
163215 3.14159 Pi Studios Good Use more skill. Salvos 7
163214 .Q Q Continuum Neutral karashishi 1+5
162847 roms.trusted roms.trusted Good Muh Muhkuh 9
162190 TC The Crusaders Good I don't need no stinkin motto! Hellbender 2+9+1
162073 Squid-C Squid Council Neutral Flippity, Flippity, Floppity! httpdotcom 1+1+2
161876 ShakingFist The Shaking Fist Evil The Fist what Shakes! Lemon Curry 4+10
161515 TheGame TheGame Good We have little hats. miotatsu 5+6
161335 Guinness Guinness Neutral Brilliant!!! JackDeth 1+3+1
161310 [chu^2] ChuChuRockets Evil BAD IS GOOD, BABY! BAD IS GOOD! Serbinator 6
160346 RMBLPCK RumblePack Neutral Are you ready to rumble? Yozcrot 2+5
160345 BFOI Backflip over item clan Good Backflip over item to avoid collection Dekethedog 14
160250 AKD Akashatian Dreamers Neutral A shared dream or is it real... blujoker 5+5
159679 HPZ Hit Points Zero Neutral Let's hope the other guy hits zero HP first. Heinous 12+2
159601 WWFSMD Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Good WWFSMD? Asemoknyo 7+1+3
159587 Gold Farmers International Gold Farmers INC Evil Farming gold for fun and profit! Well... profit. Ron_Jomero 2+8
159492 Jupefr Judean People's Front Good All your base are belong to us! Vorga 3+1
159257 Keksdose Keksdose Neutral herrmueller 9
158927 getAIDS getAIDS Evil get AIDS and DIE snex 5
158826 NFC NO FAT CHICKS! Good Absolutely no fat chicks! Qpopper 11
158749 ToE Tentacles of Eeeevil Evil We slaughter, so you don't have to. Chewdy Fu