Guild List: Trivialities


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
671700 Frax Eryfrax Evil Serporgg Frax! Fraxlumd 3
497892 Ilumina Aurora Defenders Neutral The Sparkle Ignitus 3
443648 Neutral Hire team BattleAxe for all your mercenarial needs Geko 2
385453 Sexy Dynamit Sexy Dynamite! Good Sexy Dynamite! cutler 3
364212 HAYT #arrakis Evil You have arrived at the wrong location. xn1ckn4m3x 3
309344 AfAQ Amigans for AutoQuest Good AutoQuest FTW Peldimogh 2+1
295314 Nice People Were-Tacos Evil Beware of the full moon (or meat in our case) SlimeMasterA9Z 1+1
291516 +SoH+ Slogs of Hatred Neutral Equal Opportunity Haters. We hate everyone equally Netsurge 3
266841 ResuldMagger Resuld Magger Reborn Good Make Resuld's HamsterMan 2+1
252881 PDL PAARDELUL Good Blaaaaaaaaap Yaemjed 3
238392 TheseGuys TheseGuys Good These Guys! Dragula 3
232661 Grammaton Tetragrammaton Cleric Neutral Salvation is reserved for those who pass the tests CandleJakk 3
220384 PGNC Pulse Gate Networks Crew Good Panix-The Blackest Incarnation 1+1
204015 ZA Zielke Associates Good Zielke is a State of Mind! JackZ 2
199677 MIPT FRTK MIPT FRTK guild (invites only) Neutral Nobody is Perfect. FRTK is nobody. Xi-Tauw 2
197756 UDNM u dont no me Neutral tskiller 3
196985 MPCAS Complex Adaptive Systems Neutral Jobe 3
192421 Varlitha The Inner Fire of Varlitha Neutral Tempered unto Crysteel Axiluvia 3
191482 LS Landslide Evil TimeZone Abusers! Varulv 3
191027 AccuGuild AccuGuild Evil You're Dumb!!! Syntax of the Holy Keyboard 1+2
179038 CBs Coffin Bangers Good We're having a bangin' good time! Drewser 3
169956 Smarts Wirld Ordre Uf Mispelt wirlds Good Chaos Minor 1+2
166643 Cybergoon Cybergoon Good We Need Special Heat Conducting Glue leachlife4 3
165969 Eman Eman Lamrof Neutral Kill Stuff Ixoud 3
156301 bluergh bluergh Evil spit eero 2
156301 PWN ur FACE Golden Gods Evil We go where eagles dare. Golden God 2
156301 OCIBTYC Philatelists of Omicron Persei VIII Evil We're Not Malefactors, We're Lagomorphs Shiny McShine 2
154264 DSB2 Disgaea Social Board/2 Evil Welcome to our Insanity Banarenth 2
154264 Sam Hell Sam Hell Neutral Showin a Baddy, Who's yer Daddy ! OldElfin 2
153180 Browncoats Browncoats Good "Mercy is the mark of a great man." Captain Mal Reynolds 1+1+1
150984 GPC Guild Politically Correct Neutral headrift 2
149150 [BWF] Barrysworld Forumites Evil ph33r! Limper 2+1
149145 Ruoniai Ruoniai, bliat Evil Vidutis 2
147632 Picmoshs Picmoshs Good We don't care anything else than box moving. ;o) Crusty 2
144327 Ultimalia Guardians of Ultimalia Good For destiny! SightSpirit 2
144318 Buttermen The Buttermen Good If it doesn't melt, it ain't Butter. qodfathr 2
143502 :ASD Association of Socially Denied Evil Onward! tmaq 2
134311 ZUO Jotta Ivul Evil We're swallow your soul!!!!!11111oneoneleven SeSim 2
134143 TRUE TRUE Neutral TRUE slickeal 2
132403 BZN Bozemourn Neutral Big skies and bigger mountains Zhynn 3
130697 Dragon Pants Dragon Pants! Evil There's a dragon in our pants! :O Laz 3
127960 (Htaalo)POTA (Hell, that are a lot of) Ponies Of The Apocalypse Evil Vincere aut mori. wurm0r 3
127289 DATACRATIC Datacratic Evil RPG-ing datacratically ZeBlob 3
125950 RCS RandomChaosStrike Neutral Random Chaos is on Strike RandomChaosStrikeHappyFunTime 3
125923 MHD Minihelvetti Drunkards Evil A bunch of drunken losers with nothing else to do. Hortonomi 3
125494 SHT Shadows in twilight Neutral Not the light, not the darkness n506 2
125417 MJP Moose Jaw Party Good We will kick your butt, or bore you to death. Billy-Bobby 3
124784 ExeZ ExecutionerZ Neutral Prepare for your Execution! Glord 2
119532 PPPO People Playing PQ in the Office Evil PQ = Work hyp_kitsune 3
118187 PDAD Pimp Squad Good Fetching and Delivering the finest Hos! Redbeard the butt pirate 1+1
117981 PQU PansyQuest Neutral Show me the lvls! JunzoJnr 3
115429 Aha00a Aha00a Evil Aha00a Aha00a 3
112936 BRNS Burning Sensation Evil A Burning Sensation is bad news! sjhwood 2
111746 4W5E 4ss Wh1pp1ng 5hit E4ters Neutral WE KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tinkula 3
110313 Naga, please Naga Gave Me Harpies Evil Can't trust those nagas... t0ast 2
110156 iiGuild iiGuild Evil Science be praised! goatburger 3
109608 TLV The Last Vikings Good Huh? o.0 DeathRowX 3
109592 AGS Anally Gifted Students Evil GIMME DA BOOTY TheNomBomb 1+1
109190 McNewbington Family McNewbington Neutral The wise rabbit doesn't change the code... N00b McNewbington III 2
108729 Refactor Re-fric-frac-tor Evil We'll rip out your legacy code! leachlife4 3
108509 MaFo7 Mag Force 7 Neutral How much does it pay? GusTarballs 1+2
108316 sufloi Sun Flower Oilers Neutral Add vegetable oil, some water&noodles. Then boil. cyberix 3
106298 Kokosy Good! thezor 1+2
103708 B m S Blackmoon Shield Good Gandalia 2
103416 ZANG the Zany Alliance of Non-elitest Gamers Neutral We appologise for the inconvenience... Reborne 1+1
103195 Berserkers Berserkers of Dayton Neutral My love for you is like a truck! AnimalMother 3
102558 [VIOC] La guilde des Papys Neutral Galathorn 2
102287 Greatest The Greatest Guild Evar Evil We're Great Pariochial 3
101431 DEM Da Evil Mofobeefians Evil Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good Is Dumb Gumbified Foolies 2
100904 LOLB LOLBureau Neutral thenewfake 3
100266 Undead sword UnDead Swords Feasting on Burning Goats Evil Separating Your Rotting Flesh From Hateful Bone! Gauder 3
100249 TeaR Team Radical Good The Most Radical Men in the Radical Land King Radical 2
99667 nrd idletastic Evil mouahahaha! soma 3
98434 tendrils Flag'nch nog t-thwong Evil Tentacular! jonnay 3
97713 Tepes The Family Tepes Evil Arkady Tepes 3
97713 .sns super negation superguys Good everything is super Motion Sickness [.sns] 3
95604 ... Seto Evil "You stab em we slab em" Seto 1+1
95510 ^ö^ BATS Evil Hunt you down all nightmare long. Luck. Runs. Out. R2-G2 2
95282 FARE Feral Alliance, RE: etc. Evil Each toe is a whole hitpoint. BentSea 3
95044 Majz Majz Evil ... or die trying unrea 2
94923 Unf Unf Good Unfing for you! loop 2
94893 [gr] GravyRobbers Evil In yer gravy, stealin yer robbers. Nado 3
94175 FanBro The Fandango Brothers Neutral I didn't do it Osmosis 5.0 2
94175 OGHH Order of the Golden HooHoo Good So good, it's gotta be Golden! Vaeryan 2
91368 Salad Neutral Zicon 3
91331 ast asssphixiated Neutral Nothing like not caring toma42 2
90894 UbNoobs UberNoobers Good Never been touched... leachlife4 2+1
90181 molestpoodle molested poodles Evil mumbasa grugligan 2
89366 #syre people on #syre Good ( ) Tzan 2
88044 HEHESHIT The Knights Who Say Hehe Shit Good Hehe Shit HOLD 3
87555 ~NR~ Nights Reign Evil Is That You John Wayne? Is This Me? WoftN 2
87555 SCP Sam's Club Posse Evil We represent G'ville. *Whoop Whoop* Psyon 2
87200 TFX Terminal Fury Neutral Don't mess with Terminal Fury Wahato 3
86432 WDF Clan of the Waist Down Fist Evil Power below the belt Subotai 3
85848 A.L.A Assaulted Lunatic Asylum Neutral Wheep, wheep, boing, Kablooye R3zn00r 2
85828 NITK Now Is The KISH Evil NOW IS THE KISH DarkXao 2
85495 KNM Khanomaan Neutral Let's Give It a Try! Morehm 3
85162 Defias The Defias Brotherhood Evil Kenerek 2
85030 CMS Ciccio's Mighty Squad Neutral Tirare a tutto quello che si move ! leachlife4 1+2
85022 Etoyik The elite guild of Etoyik Neutral tceles B hsup ... terces a roF Kiyote 1+2
84877 Anon Fox News Los Angeles Evil My name is Legion: for we are many. tj9991 3
84428 JDL Jesus Died LOL Evil You will be terminated. Mel Gibson 3
83947 [BBW] Big-boned Whales Good Bwerf 2
83597 [N-S] Nirvana-strike Neutral Must.....progress.....MORE!!!!! Pupusa!!! 2
83333 UUO Ununoctium Neutral We're temporary Sylos 2
83294 SWA State War Academy Neutral zzwyrmslayer 3
83052 Mattrix Sekihoutai Neutral \"You Think I\'d Miss This Party?\" - Mattrix Yohko 2
82850 MCC&HF My Cat Circe and Her Friends Neutral The set of all cat friends contains us as members! ebyronnelson 2
82751 Bontot Pertubuhan Hentam Bontot Evil May the best bontot prevail! Bontot 3
82716 KKai Kobra Kai Evil Kobra Kai, Never Die! silv3rs 2
82667 QF QuickFox Good leachlife4 2
82520 BDP Black Dragon Pirates Evil leachlife4 3
82048 HLWOHL The "how long will our heroes last" order Neutral For the king! wolfmah 2
82048 2COOL4U The Guild For Cool Dudes Neutral Be cool. IAmCool 1+1
81891 FBC Fire Breathing Cockroaches Evil leachlife4 2
81449 DCake Delicious Cake Good It is delicious cake. You must eat it. Seikishi 3
80984 BFOP Borked followers of Pekko Evil All hail the satanic Ahti-borg! Ernolzki 3
80569 Muddy! Mud Slingers Neutral Lets throw some MUD! BelgarathTAO 2
78219 TheOfficials The Officials Good We dont do anything.. Fake4d 3
78197 Seal The Lonely Seal Clubbers Good Keep on clubbin'! VeliNalle 2
76899 Acc_H Accidental Heroes Good I want to be a Librarian, but keep Killing People! orion3 3
76727 T!!! Thwuppage !!! Good bringing the Thwuppage , one execution at a time Tolome 2+1
76697 visto Visto Neutral 'The Internets makes you stubid!' Sraak 2
76146 GTX Gontrix Neutral Gorden 2+1
76141 BLFTEOE Bastard Lunatics for the empowering of evil! Evil The Frogurt is bad! Vry 1+1+1
76135 BM90-95 Imperial Devastation Evil Blackmetal 90-95! harakka 2
75665 criteo Change Rate in the Exchange Operation Evil go go go Criteo kamaradclimber 3
74639 PornDogs Porn Dogs Neutral Dogs have it easy. Cadagon 3
74261 PcFP Polecats For Peace Good What's that aroma? Brodfrit 3
74054 GHFCC Garoon's Happy Funtime Chip Club Good Garoon like chips! Kluber 2
73399 Flower Power Advent Children Neutral Truga 2
73390 Critical Critical Instinct Neutral NetworxSniper 3
73002 Zigza Zigza Evil BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD Ranzear 3
72846 LuzNegra Luz Negra Good Rebirth without death Kah 2+1
72512 BBD Black Birds of Death Evil Regurgitators Unit!! Turdbreath 2+1
72236 FMAJ7 Force Majeur Evil Where there's fire, there's Force Majeur Björn 3
72044 -H- Hash's Stash Neutral need more weed...... Hash 2
72044 UP Unstoppable Popsicles Good We are the Popsicles that can take a licking Daryoon 2
72044 GayPride Gay Pride Good Gays r us Slither 2
72023 HGM l337 d00dz Neutral SmokeyDaBear 2+1
72020 noes Brian Peppers Neutral I've got hold of my Yiddish Cup. Prozen 3
71757 VVVV Vyv's Valiant Victorious Vermin Good ha Ha HA! Dragula 2
71346 Jesus Stella & the SuperChristy Neutral I take u 4 the ears & I discard u like a candy leachlife4 2
71346 Rat Mat Rat Mat Neutral Rat Mat's do it better Highlander XXXV 1+1
71346 ;o Idle Evil Aween` Doppleganger 2
70633 Denis Denis Gelda Evil Denis on mansikka. Denis is an strawberry. Aaponator 2
70366 MDPD MangeursDePatatesDouces Good Rape po la peau c'est po bon !!! Tat 3
70016 BUGGY Buggy SUX / M347 Evil Dartanion 3
69679 MitU Mithras United Good Meow! Kotomo 3
69060 Dopefish Guardians of The Well of Wishes Neutral Swim, swim hungry Dopefish 2
68748 Mola Mola Mola Mola Good Hasselhoff 4 life subacca 3
66693 QualityA [QA] Neutral Always! Vorchun 1+1
66693 [T][D][R] The Devil's Rejects Evil there's no fuckin' icecream in your fuckin' future pqmodul 2
65275 AUL Alf Ulf Leifs Evil We are the Alf Ulf Leifs mettan 2
65106 P~M Project Mayhem Evil Youre Not Your Fucking Khakis Pride 2+1
64616 Forrest The Forrest Protectors Good BR3NT0N 3
64546 TheWalls TheWalls Good All your base are belong to us! MindT 3
64395 CoBoxors Collectors of Boxes Neutral A box uncollected, is one that demands love. Sinister JT 2+1
63804 KoA Knights of Automata Neutral Better than Daleks Penn 2+1
63638 G Grumdrig Evil girdmurG SleepingEye 2
63570 SCB Sexy Commando Bu Good Clean Up Princess! OguNinja 1+2
63476 SpcPtl Spaceportal Evil March or Die! leachlife4 2
63334 [ATOT] ATOT Guild Evil FAT DONGS LOLOL leachlife4 2
62865 mrglarglagrm Zomgcaeks Evil The murlocs are always watching. Lucktar 3
62861 dreadbeard DreadBeard Society Evil TO BEARD. AND BEYOND. Dangerbeard 2
62647 RITF Right in the Face Evil Quick, get a towel. Angry Homeless Person 2
62647 Lubb The Landlubbers Evil Avast! Tzar 2
62600 TimeWasters The Time Wasters Good Klyph 2
62573 AUS PQ Australian Progress Quest Evil Kangaroos are from mars, Koalas are from The Moon Freek 1+2
62572 Uddermen Chocolate Frog Trading Cards Neutral Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titallandus HolyRoman 3
62394 Covenant The Covenant Evil Merfle! Mr. Stone 2
62394 _H_ _Heroes_ Good Save the Cheerleader. Save the World. Heir 2
62040 Squirrel Children of the Squirrel Couch Neutral "C.O.P.S. is on." Chris Esoteric 2
61827 OC RuL3Z The O.C RuL3Z Evil leachlife4 3
61700 Pirates o PQ The Pirates of PQ Neutral Nothin' but Pirates allowed here me matey'! ARR! ARR_IMaPirate 1+2
61439 Babehunters The Babehunters Neutral 'The Nigger Child Rapist Guild.' Reject Jesus! Babester32 2+1
61309 SIGHT Endless Abyss Evil Walk away from the light Jeremyl 2+1
61188 NoPensPaper! Couldn't Time To Play Pen & Paper! Neutral I wish I could create more time! leachlife4 1+2
61188 Dayman Dayman Good Figher of the Nightman sheer 3
61188 HotHT House of the Hammer Neutral Timent Malleus Mythago 3
60734 Banjo Noise Banjoistic Cacophony Neutral Annoying The Masses Wild Jimbo 3
60655 E4Q4 It's a Trap Evil Don't Pick up the Soap! cninja 3
60588 LEBAGOWST LEBAGOWST Neutral Someone's gotta do it... Lollypop 2
60095 cheesypeas Cheesypeas Neutral Cheese and peas, its cheesypeas Ikhtus 3
59128 TeamRetro TeamRetro Neutral #rareroms @ Newnet Ragowit 2
59128 [OH] Outer Heaven Good Tap Tap Tap Tap Tracer0 2
59128 TNG True Neutral Guild Good oh shi...wrong alignment ._. Mystyco 2
58839 DISC Dealer Information Systems Corp Good Sup Tho K-Burkz 2
58528 Le Camp Flat The Camp Flat Good Long live the duck! Alan the oxy-Moron 3
58147 FinSyn Irrational Exuberance Good 1+2+3+4.... = -1/12 UnlimitedAccess 2+1
57790 -S-n-R- Sensei no Ragnarök Good Kein Mitleid für die Mehrheit Naldan 3
57643 3KR Trekroner Fraction Evil Got man juice? McByte 3
57137 Schpam Lunda Spam Evil Spam! Sir Mixalot 1+1
56985 Baum Baumwolle Good Fluffy... shiny... Prigbroob 3
56464 mbm Mega Blocks Man Neutral Mega Blocks Man Leviathan Mist 3
56450 narf dratkcuf Good sure beats breaking up with me. rodbeard 1+2
56215 TCA {TCA} Neutral {QQQQQQQQQQQQQ} Shoop 3
55639 SOC Sock Seekers Neutral Never put a sock in the toaster JacobNZ 3
55506 ELMA The Elastomania Players Good - besterest game Antz 3
55500 AK47 Automated Knights At The office Neutral What did we say? Krouzroug 2
55196 RhySaMo RSM's Surplus Member Good Surplus TryK 2
55073 RFL Rail Freelancer Good We rule thus we are! Jabol 2
54845 RoC Rapscallions of Conan Good Your guild is so awesome...for me to poop on. MetalMan 2
54475 MRX_Official MRX DSS Good Your success is our success. Andy The Great 2
54475 laagi laagien kiltta. hv Good aina ei voi voittaa laagixor 1+1
54262 RFURY Reckless Fury Evil Mors Tua Vita Mea, Mox Nox In Rem RaspenJho 3
54259 PANTSU! Shitagi Dorobou Gumi Evil The night is our friend a mallet our natural enemy Ecchi-kun 2
54257 [D] DOOM Evil Prepare to meet DOOM!!! Cached 3
53981 TP Tye Panners Evil Beat it into submission!!! rudedog89 3
53845 KePa Kelvin Echo Prime Alpha Good Helping the elderly cross the street since 1969. Pat Dude 2
53845 F.B.P. Fluffy Bunny Pirates Evil Stuff em and Fluff em! Magnus Nielsen 2
53744 [EXP] Expendables Good It's ok, we're expendable! Mael'Fesh 3
53207 Moonguard Moonlight Guardians Good We only come out at night Luneward 3
51579 ZSR Good Smoke eyeball frog every day RingRush 3
51416 G.O.D. Great Omnivorous Dwarves Neutral Frode shine his moldy countenance upon thee Damsel 2
51343 MotherKillaz Mother Killers HoltenBronx (MKHBX) Evil We are one! The_Percival 2+1
51164 ZahMF Zenki and his Merry Friends Neutral We're all so happy! And neutral. TheMajinZenki 1+1
51095 H-T-S Neutral Training the hacker underground. leachlife4 2
50492 [LT] CTHULHU Cthulhu Lietuva Evil Lietuva - kalačiūnams! bala nemate 1+1
49877 #Geeks Ye Olde Clan of IRC Geeks Good We're geeks! leachlife4 1+2
49084 WDC WDC Evil Donde esta Boyscouts? Boyscouts esta doooown! NAMstyle 2
48758 KPAllstars Karate Porn Allstars Good mankyd 1+2
48756 DiaC Doom in a Can Neutral DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Kamakazie 2
48691 Lakshmi Gods FFXI-Server Evil Screw you all! Xstatic 2
48424 GOJUSTIGO "Friends of Justicar" Neutral I just think Revenge isn't very good! Haddion 2
48305 ORO Origin Neutral Don\'t bug me! Kilragh 3
47716 PASOK PASOK Evil Pasok re mounia Meldokios 2
47716 Shai-hulud Penguin Dynasty Anarchy Evil We follow the penguin who is god Cogito 2
47585 VDotNCN Valiant Defenders of the Nineteen Creeds of Neep Neutral Hail, Neep! Losian 2
47326 MwDT Made with Duct Tape Evil If it's broke, Duct Tape it. leachlife4 2+1
47186 Mayhem Mayhem Evil splarff 2
47185 <3 Pwn Sticks Evil Nice Dude, There It Is! M5 K177j 1+1
47179 <G> Guardians Good Torak One-Eye 2
47179 KEF Knights of the Eternal Flame Good Death before dishonor, and then more death Dafyd 2
46987 SOBs Sons of Brogan Evil Long Live Rick Brogan the Divine Greenspan 3
46911 Wrooom Wrooom The Bad Ass Motorcycle Neutral Why I never drink water; Fish fuck in it ! Bisp 2
46911 E-WoW Exile from World of Warcraft Neutral The Chinese Farmers Have Finally Driven Me Insane sorry 2
46911 Flash kill sc1,kill sc2. Neutral killall stanley 2
46778 RanSan Random Sanity Neutral Sometimes normal happens on accident... Running with Scissors 2+1
46500 Earthdawn Earthdawn Society Good NameGivers Forever! Horrors Never! Saria 1+2
46442 CatRday lolCatz r00lin U Evil Development of the dark side NoLifeKing 2
46442 ROFLOL ROFLOL Neutral WTF? d0t 2
46267 Evil Sorbet 3
46199 Soderhamn Soderhamn Neutral Beat the shit out of the others Argan Ischmael 3
45793 IPU I'LL PEE on YOU Good Drink, pee, drink and pee again! Insert name here 1+2
45117 GEA#1 Guild of Eternal Awesome #1 Evil Use your powers for Awesome! Damion_K 3
44845 /jp/ Touhou and autism Neutral Take it easy~ Bwaah 2+1
44841 ARRR the pirate syndicate Evil In Soviet Russia, music pirates you! Xolidus 1+1+1
44507 BNB Bleach Good Kurosaki 3
44493 954RR Fireblade for fuck sake! =P Good Live fast, die young - Honda Fireblade cokeman 2+1
44431 Cylanteers The Cylanteers Neutral All for one, and one for dinner! Schnauser 2
43486 TAF TABLE ACCESS FULL Evil Markoff Chaney 3
43342 B Slap Bummm Snot Neutral You could get a good look at a bummm Awsome Sauce 3
42972 hosmei Home of Smei Good Close at Ten! Turpentine 3
42396 SovMor Soviet Mordor Evil In soviet Mordor, Boromir simply walks into you! Pompoli 2
42270 -AoD Angels of Darkness Neutral Quality Laming (tm) since 2000 Tactics 2
42244 slopcrew The Slopcrew Neutral custom motto! slopmaster 3
41798 NATHAN Northern Alliance (of) The Hidden Arch Nemesis Evil Do unto others what they fear to do Boganslaw 3
41643 QT3 Quarter to Three Evil Hurp. UnionCarbide 2
41492 tKwsJMF the Knight who say Jawuhl Mein Furher Good we like flowers, and rosies, and blood, and gore SteponiT 2
41438 OADL Oil Anti-Defamation League Neutral The oil is clean, it's the men who dirty it Ampdy 3
41292 LPQ Loners of Progress Quest Neutral "We are the loners, not one of the 'populars'. Timewalker 2
41200 The Crips Disabled Beggers Good We Conquer All Dr_Bill 1+1
41200 N|D Napalm-Death Evil nobody is perfect but a team can be zoatie 2
41143 Woot. Clan de la Suck Evil We.... well..... read the name, ok?! Poe 3
41082 FFXI Vana'diel Good Welcoming all players, specially FFXI players!!! Unondel 1+1
40915 IDOL The idlemasters Neutral Following idols to the ends of the earth InsaneLampshade 3
40792 *SF* The Shining Force Good The Legacy Lives On MK 2
40792 RHftw YouJustLostTheGame Evil Roll with Robert H! Xekshouck 1+1
40792 FOSR Formal Nickname Good For old school rpg's !!! username 2
40792 BsB2 Bob Spelled Backward : The Sequal! Good The Sequal to the guild that never was... IM0001 2
40714 DMB Da Mad BarStewards Evil All for one and one more for the road! Gabriele McBifter 2
40386 Sauce Sultans of Sloth Good I wanna be a bard! Aeil 3
40232 C_B Chef_Blended Good Spread liberaly on Halflings, sear, then eat! Olingaard 3
40057 HNC Hentai Ninja Clan Neutral Rest in Slorch leachlife4 1+1
39133 plasticine plasticine Good vade mecum Velfr 3
39104 Evilminds Paha Kilta Evil Pahuus on POP leachlife4 3
38889 TNSEBMETYPN The Not So Evil But More Evil Than You Pant Ninjas Evil Drop them pants biotch! DaDemon 3
38878 Mantalos Heros of the Mantalos Good Tarel Toknahrr 2
38878 LOtRD Legend of the Red Dragon Good For those that remember!! Corbeau 2
38745 P.o.O Philanderers of Oobag Evil When worse comes to worse... find a new woman!!! Keb The Philanderer 3
38483 SnR Swords and Roses Neutral Anyone at the AH? Poekiepoek 3
38483 Samsung Renault Samsung Motors Good Renault Samsung Motors MinJJang 3
38179 Lots o Wang Monastery of the Wangs Good We will beat you with our all our Wangs Lo Wang 2
38179 LoDSF The Legion of Drunken Snow Folks Neutral A day that ends in 'y' is a good day to drink!! Phrozt 2
37940 Furries PQ Furries Good Artie 1+2
37854 LoC Lords of Chaos Evil Kill everything that bothers you! Malhovic 1+1+1
37114 Wipe Der letzte macht das Licht aus Evil Whine, Wipe und Gesang slashy 2
36919 psujp PSUJP Evil We are... from the future! essen 2
36866 D U Destructors United Good Destroy all who oppose us Lemkinator 2
36734 A--T Almost Trivial Neutral Flirting with mediocrity, one level at a time. Adinias 3
36681 SS7 Significant Seven Good Friends Forever. Kiloran 3
36647 DoC Dancers of Curses Evil Death is a melody... We are here to sing... Lackland 3
36600 Lumi Luminescence Neutral Shine Brightly and Progress! JazzySama 3
36400 LoW The Lords of Wook Good Everything you need is in my pants Doomwookie 2+1
36061 12R Twelve Realms Good Down With Evil Youko 2
35920 Kitten-Z KittenZ Return Evil These katz are fighting back Hell_Fire 2+1
35876 #SPB Spooky Progress Bar Evil The Prograss Bar Of Doom !!!1!11oneeleven RUN!!!! Rawr0r 2+1
35826 PoSt Pornstorms Evil ...ride t3h winds of change... manko 2
35818 UUDD UUDDLRLRBA Good Pro verum quod lucror AbsintheChris 2
35725 ETS Embrace the Suc Good Where the suck goes to die! TheyCallMeTim 3
35717 DBLAB Dibilabore Good We're running PQ on Lab Server! Wasted! kimkkiruk 2+1
35674 -=CF=- Clickfest Evil "Same shit, different day" deangelis 2
35674 -RiP- Ripped Warriors Evil trampolines are really fun Slippur 2
35674 TSx TheSyntax Good TSx Lee32201 2
35471 COP Crusaders of Plilo Evil RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA msew 2
35471 Uh! Uah! Neutral Oo__ Brunkrik 2
34985 BullS.. Bobstop Neutral How did we get here? Jason Grunow 3
34985 ACM Association of Computing Machinery Neutral There's a lan party this Thursday! Soren 3
34985 WNW WNW Good Wet n Wild is the best bluepeer 3
34667 AToD Agrо-Ticklers of Doom Neutral Warm beer? Give two! Filer 3
34489 Prog Knights Progress Knights Good Progressing against progress Sir Exe 1+2
33807 Flametards The Order of the Flametards Evil Punk Asses Unite! The_Catman_Kak 2
33692 Third House Third House of Land and Sky Neutral Coeli et terrae 3scen 3
33641 Tears4Fears Tears for Fears Tribute Band Good Everybody Loves a Happy Ending SLaYToN 2
33641 11SDD 11SDD Evil Lets burn it! Hawks 2
33641 MLAP My Little Adventuring Party Neutral Friendship is Tragic! My little Shiv-Knight 2
33596 LotD Lords of the Destruction Evil Destroy everything that moves! Thantalas 2
33596 @(^_^)@ Flying monkeys Evil BEWARE for we are many allyourbase 2
33526 Evil We r win Krajzing 2
33526 [CC] Clam Clan Neutral Bananas FTW abcbat 2
33526 ADMaR Armia Demonicznych Masonskich Resztek Evil Duzo krew. Spszenguo 2
33489 KAD KingArneGuild Neutral We search for something but we don't know what. KingArneMackan 3
33426 b.u.r.g.l.e. bandits use ray guns like ewoks Evil it's burgle time Knigitz 3
33217 Rustle The Jimmies Rustle Softly Evil Now is the time to be upset AJ Snipes 3
33160 Woofoo Woofoo Wumpus Good Woofoo Good! Woofoo 3
33158 EDead The Emperor is Dead Evil \"The emperor is dead! Come on! Come on!\" BHBS 2
33158 ZF ZEONIC FORCE Good PH33R leachlife4 1+1
33158 CotS Creatures of the Sea Neutral Taking back the land! unnownrelic 2
32986 TGirls Sweet Trans-sexuals Evil Beauty is power, and I've got the power. Fragon 1+2
32915 2Wai Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In! Evil For QuakeNet glory Toumaz 2
32740 GaoGaiGar Gutsy Galaxy Guard Good The brave men and women who fight for justice! Akagi Shigeru 3
32668 Dox Paradox Good Woop - There it is! Wickel 2
32668 NCPNC Nancy Pantsy Evil To seek out the elderly and lick their bus passes. Petrov85 2
32274 S.G Soul Guardians Good Visit CaldoR 3
32211 AKC Ass Kickin Chickens Good Giant Blue Cocks are Deadly! Kusand 1+2
32141 techguys The TechGuys Neutral We can fix it. Even if we have to break it first! DavidG 1+2
32125 Demon Knight Demon Knights Evil Doom! Tettsuro 3
32058 PJNL Project Nolife Neutral Play long and never give up :3 Bolique 2
31746 TSS The Satyrical Sadists Evil Ambition is a poor excuse not to be lazy. Taine 2+1
31732 [RMS] R0xx0r Mi S0xx0r! Neutral Smell my cheese, you mother! Kryptykfysh 2
31685 W/T/H Wine'n'Tobacco Haulers Evil kräp C.Cele 3
31468 korv i kyl Korvkyl Good ställ in korven =D Hallon 3
31359 My guild Auar`s Guild Good It`s my guild and I`ll quest if I want to Auar 1+2
31149 FOUL Fraggles Of Undying Light Neutral This knife has a plus five against flower vases. Johnny Twopacks 3
31123 TheShield The Shield Good A rogue cop that plays by his own set of rules IceCubeXXX 2
31023 F.U.K. Friggin Uber Knights Evil Pull my finger! Fehren 3
31022 MaCR Maud and Claire Good According to reason, you can defend neither of the Rohmer 2+1
31021 <WTF> Warriors of the Phoenix Neutral "It's morphin' time" JNi 1+1
31021 Knight Watch Knight Watchers Good Doing stuff and stuff Brebbrob 2
31021 Evil official PQ team adamsinger77 2
30845 PugsRUs PugsRUs Neutral If it's below eye level, it's mine. Woofoo 2
30845 Transfarmers Transfarmers Good Robots in da stys Woofoo 2
30845 PlankSquad Pernicious Plankton with Rubber Shunts Evil Follow the chum trail, it is your destiny! Lexicon 2
30845 Steve Steve Neutral Can't be arsed stiak 2
30845 Minkey Minkey Neutral We are the minkeys!! maxneverdie 2
30845 masseffect Mass Effect Evil Destroying your galaxy, with a smile! cmelgarejo 2
30844 TTNM Time Traveling Ninja Monkies Good FUBAR Grod 1+1
30844 DINGUS The Forthright Pursuers of Dingus Neutral An article whose name is unknown or forgotten. John Krah 1+1
30844 Hapsteria Hapsteria Neutral sakoooooooooooooooooooooooooon mahol hapster 1+1
30728 ROFLMAO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off Evil Better to Kill and run away, then Die tc3driver 3
30696 PEW Posivitely Energized Warriors Good There is no fear but fear itself mildmildwest 3
30537 CoChaos Champions of Chaos Evil If it's not us, we should kill it. Rromagar 2
30537 Pot&Bong Hairy Pot and the Bong of Water Neutral I've become one with the sofa. Baragon 2
30421 Bananaland The realm of the 4ft furry stuffed bananas Evil You will be Bananafied. Bertie 3
30421 AdeiltRetire Adeilt's Retirement Home Good Where All Old Adeilts go to die Adeilt 3
30237 PNP Procrastination-Nihilism-Ponies Neutral Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted! ghormoon 3
30123 BridgeKnight Bridge Knights of the Reuter Good It's not supposed to do that. 0xbadfood 2
30114 SHH Snippeldink's House of Humiliation Neutral You be mean, we do Damage! Knorrtz der Hauer 3
29966 SURG The Insurgents Evil Beanhunter 3
29406 SBR Stellari's Bucket Racers Neutral Going downhill fast! Stellari 3
29277 TeamProgress Super Progress Team Hunger Club Neutral We're sooooo much better than you. PandaManMagnifique 3
29253 A? Anonymous Neutral Exclusive bitch! Jabo 2
28877 waz Wastoids Neutral Spoon! bertcom2 1+1+1
28833 GFG Freeman Neutral Gordon Freeman shall dominate! Npgamer 1+1
28408 CSI Circle of circles with Squares Inside Neutral Crime Scenes are full of circles. Kloa-kish' 3
28407 Nack The Guys That have the nack for progress guild Good We've got the Nack! super guy 2
28407 [TCH] To Coming Honor Evil Come Honor Face Exidence 2
28287 GOO Guild of One Evil feckoff twonk 1+1+1
28220 Jopez Jopez Evil One penis for all, all penises for one. Liandrian 1+1
28147 T.G The Guardians Good Slaying the Dreamers Templar of Steel 2+1
28132 UCPF Natural Failures Neutral Yep, messed that up. Enigmal 3
28095 AGWNN A Guild With No Name. Evil We will wipe out world hunger! (After killing you) Kabiku Darkheart 2+1
28066 F U Facultas Ultrimque Evil Join the empire fight the zerg! llamah 2+1
27857 Come get som Ethernalys Evil luinsilver 3
27839 ./\. Time Sink Good gnoppo 2
27686 The Legend The Legend Good Be true to thyself Taito 2
27513 EGoN Endless Game of Nothing Evil Nania 2
27309 DnT Death and Taxes Good Don't suck Vidarc 1+1+1
27268 172 172 Good Joey172 2
27176 Lazy Slacker Lazy Slacker Good Do No Harm, Do No Good Blorgo 2
27107 YEETdabYEET MLG420BlazeItYEET Evil TippOfficial 2
27084 Wammy Wammy's House Neutral Justice, at any cost. Ryuuzaki Rue 2
27064 Turkey Turkey Sandwich Neutral It takes a turkey to make a Turkey Sandwich leachlife4 2
27064 KWES KWE Sadness Good Help I'm Stuck Here! Korowa 2
26988 PoL Purveyors of Love Good Shannyn Sossamon is the best EVER! Weapon of Love 1+1
26982 Kamina ftw Gurren Lagann Good ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!!! HyperSonicX2 1+1
26975 19 Ka-Tet of 19 Good Ka Ka WarLocke 2
26975 Scrotum! Tag and frag those bunch of fags. Evil We lick the sperm off ur face leachlife4 2
26975 Supreme Supreme Good Powerful guild of World of Warcraft lives in PQ! Furak 2
26975 OrlaM Orla's minions Evil Muuuhahahaha Orla 2
26975 ZOMG!! Panic Flee Good RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! Noah K 17 2
26822 OoBrgxs Order of Bllllrgzxfus Evil Ckdoku leicithi break sl blllrgxkrjcfusz. Bllllrgzxfus 2
26822 Chimaera Chimaera Neutral tuberkulos 2
26822 CoADO Coalition of aesthetically displeasing ogres. Evil RobotUnicornVomitsRainbows 2
26554 1234 GIMP\'S INC. Neutral /SPAM DOUBLEFROST4TEHWIN!!!1111!1!!one1!1 Creech 2
26454 Euclid The Euclideans Good a^2 + b^2 = c^2 Nsider 2+1
26453 Mreoww Defenders of the Holy Litterbox Evil For Beer and Litterbox! Purrrball 3
26388 Michels MichelForever Good Michel will dominate the world ! MichelVictor 3
26338 Discworld Discworld MUD Neutral To Womble Mightily! Aznyin 1+1
26338 #ep Eternal Pitchfork Evil All your walrus are belong us. Ungo 2
26194 Vidder Vidder Neutral tim95030 2
25962 [CU] Camelot Unchained Neutral - Forge your Fate - StriKejk 2
25891 CCCC Crusading Crusaders of the Crusadulous Crusade Good Crusade, the secret of women. Ktron 3
25785 GMC Game Maker Good Morons are bady, m\'kay. Yourself 3
25438 Team Awesome FOAAC Good Where turning on the style is automatic Awesomeica 1+1
25438 [DM] DongMasters Neutral Avast ye dongs! cetaka 2
25409 #ns Natural Selection and Stuff Neutral I guess unicycles are people too briktal 1+2
25358 Arthurian Arthurian Good We Rule! Daxtron 3
25303 }|{ Number of the Beast Neutral Crawly Little Beasty faentur 3
25217 Live Free Live Free Good Live free th3th0rn 3
25180 [BBJ] Bobby Jo Good We're gonna look for Bobby Jo! hogWilde 2+1
25076 Crys. Dreams Crystalline Dreams Good We're just here...doing a lot of nothing...right? Ranko 3
25072 AoDH Adorers of David Hampel Good VIVA David Hampel!!! Luth Malekith 2
25072 Please Wait Please Wait . . . Evil Loading . . . Buzzkill 2
25072 FableStudios Fable Studios Good Don't forget about the Yeenoghus! Darkzaelus 2
25032 Bobosled Ye Old Guilde of Wildseede Limitede Good "Dit dah" Dan the Dauntless 3
24694 SToilet Satan's Toilet Evil The stinkiest place in hell. smacaskill 2+1
24648 K-K-K KuKluxKlan Evil WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU -.- cartholic 3
24539 Tugs Tugboats and Arson Good That's all I ever get from you guys. Selke 2
24425 CNT Comendo Ninja Tigers Evil We are the evil Ninja Tigers who says Hooters rilova 3
24403 CHILD The Children's Guild Evil People Helping People Etusro 2
24291 Pi3 Pi is 3 Good Why is Pi 3? Because I can't eat 4 pi3s. Duke523 3
24208 DoD Dragoons of Death Evil Its my way or the highway. Xizor 2
24075 Xanadu The Guild of the Xanadu Neutral Cherish all villainy, thine bravery else be nought Croblev 2
23909 TKO The Killing Ones Good Kill For Fame Samiq 3
23810 GLBBLG Gloubyboulga Neutral Snix 2
23767 Herpaderp Herp-a-Derp Evil One must herp before one can derp. Free Tibet! Herpicus 3
23764 LULU Les PAXcificateurs de Lulu Evil LULU HAVE FREE CANDIES ! Danalieth 2
23727 SSCS Superhuman Samuri Cyber Squad Good Whooooa! Mo-Fo 3
23711 RPFBF Evil BAGLARGH! rcanka 2
23554 TEG-X DarkDragons of TEG-X ( Neutral We are Gray Staying twice Light and Shadow! OverMind 3
23551 litewarriors The New Light Warriors Good Revive the power of the orbs! Krylon 2
23551 COCH Flaccid Coch Evil Swinging D since 2012 Caladium 2
23540 Cam Camarilla Good It's hop, it's top - with useful drop Kristallseele 3
23534 T-Naps The Napierdalators Evil Napierdzielamy z lewa i z prawa marioosh 1+1
23499 Pantzu Pantsu Neutral Duragizer 3
23466 SPH Sparrow's Honor Good Heroes soar among the clouds of truth. saint sparrow 2
23463 Iki Ikirouta Good Nari 2
23458 -=[TxM]=- TxM, Official Bauman Moscow State University Guild Good Study math! Say no to time consuming gaming! leachlife4 3
23458 TAOTPOD The Alliance of the Prince of Darkness Evil Join Us!!!!!!!!..... we have cookies... Jonzey 3
23457 Minion Minion Neutral The pants command me; do not ignore my veins! Logxen 1+1
23457 [ApR] ApR r0x0r j00 Evil we eat korvz0rz korvz0r 1+1
23457 WMEDGE Wicked Maleficent Evil Doers of Great Evil Evil We are evil. I think. Probably. mik123mik 1+1
23456 robots Robot Attack force Neutral while !dead: shoot yizfrieb 1+1
23456 Sheep Bah, Bah Black Sheep Evil Once you go black, you never go back skysooner 1+1
23342 the Russian RUS Postnuclear Adventurers Neutral Vladivostok Telecom Network PostNuclear Gnome 3
23342 Grogs Mordenvale Good Ragnar is my Captain. Ragnar told me to. ratimir 3
23324 Troop 54 Troop 54 where are you? Good Mah spoon is too big! goofy 1+1
23323 Later... Procrastinators Anonymous Neutral Meetings are the third Wednesday from today. Mongo the Malodorous 2
23323 fayg0t Man what a fayg0t Good Oh Man, what a faygot! Rotley 2
23323 Darian Ka The followers of the Eye of Twlight Evil make our power tears of night killerblade4598 2
23191 WYH Woo Yay Houpla! Neutral Spit or swallow, that's the question Randolf Pincet 3
23048 Midgets Guild Of Midgets Neutral It is ok to be short. Tall Midget 2+1
22974 For Pony For Pony Evil StrangeWill 3
22903 AT Army of Tolur Evil Fear the power of the drunkards. Torak 2
22777 ACROSS ACROSS Evil Global Domination Eventually Aneres 2
22659 A-o-D Angels Of Death Evil Live For Pain, Die For Lust Devils Minion 3
22576 anowart goatsegoatse Good stretch and pull leachlife4 2
22291 DeathGuild DeathGuild Evil Live and die by my sword Jacob Green 2
22230 ZR Zerg Rush Evil Dead in 3 seconds Critdead 3
22120 Cthulhu'sLot Cthulhu's Bastard Children Evil If we told you our motto, you'd go mad... Oobagthulhu The Dim 2
22120 JayEss Jaded Souls Neutral Mmm kay? leachlife4 2
22090 L.A. Lazy Arsehorses Neutral What you can do today, you can just forget. Sullage 2
22052 Rivetheads Nutz and B0ltz Inc. Good If it ain't steel, it ain't worth wearing! Static_Neurotoxin 1+2
22044 Neuts Neutral Guild Neutral Live Free or Don't. Fyzzle 2
21829 Ootet Order Of The Epileptic Tree Evil Sexual identity is fundamentally impossible The Temporal Suspensor 2
21802 LM Lords of Midgard Good Leading the Midtards Swmmrman 2
21802 Shiny Things Shiny Things Evil Ooooo...shiny! Swart 2
21802 Datamachine Datamachine Neutral The best in web services, 3 months out of the year Surye 2
21802 Fios FTW Teleperformance Evil Kights who say Fios omegadraconis 2
21802 NorthernB Northern Brewer Evil All for Brew, Brew for All mrgrosser 2
21642 CSSS SFU Computing Science Good 1 + 1 = 10 alphabirth 2
21564 EvO Evolution Evil Evolution is a mystery... Attila 2+1
21548 Icefire Icefire Evil Welcome aboard the pink pearl! Norellicus 3
21483 TsQ Terror sQuad Evil Eat shit and die! smoku 3
21448 GDD Grand Duchy of Decidousness Good We may lose our leaves, but we still got wood, duke of decidousness 3
21345 :D_|_b__| PeenorLiiga Good AnalForcer 3
21220 o||o Mrdele Good Mrdat prdel Kovlad 2
21138 Bat-Whores Evil Bat-Whores of Satansville Evil Screw you, Chuckey! Corwin, Lord of Amber 3
21071 PFJ People's Front of Judea Good We really hate the Romans. Airhawk 3
21051 13th Luck Thirteenth Luck Neutral The chance depends fortune, your destiny Lenas Laster 2
21016 Benders The Benders Neutral Bend over! Ben Dover 2
20968 CW CroW Good Yiiihaaa CroW 3
20805 PigRape PigRapists Evil Your mom vexd 2+1
20750 MoF Master Of Flame Evil Come and join for freee lets own ! XzaR 2
20629 ghoti Ghoti Good bitch, PO-lice! teh nick 2
20622 The bore The bore of Terraplay Evil Arbete ger frihet Igel 3
20575 SBP Sandbox Pirates Neutral Yar, maties! Avalanche 3
20572 Pharao Pharao Evil Pharaoandi 2
20572 PieRats The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Neutral GAR! Tanzin 2
20572 [CGK] Campers Get Knifed Neutral Campers Get Knifed! [CGK]Kernel 2
20549 PANZER Panzerwind Evil Don't look back Naraka 2
20549 AURA Adventure Aura Good makes your life hard iGorash 1+1
20464 Kerplunk Ha Ha Kerplunk! Good And down it goes Lyfe 1+1
20418 Schwartz Schwartz Power Good May the Schwartz be with you! leachlife4 3
20400 FAG Famous Auspicians Guild Good In Luck We Trust Taanyth 2
20399 Lightning Lightning Good Like a bolt from the blue Xantet 3
20397 Dixien Dixie Wanderers Good The South that never was, shall be. SvZurich 3
20397 Carepolice Carepolice Evil Because We Care. Rednax88 2
20377 DoLs Lilies of Death Evil A good lily is a dead lily! Black Lily 3
20344 TheCuteOnes The Cute Ones Good We are too cute for you TheShinWire 3
20286 QQ^ QQ Some More Bitch Evil Take your pants off Rarthax 2+1
20284 =|:-{(|) Dem Nigguz Evil We're winning novocaine 3
20282 GoFists Golden Fists Good get 'em good Poke 2+1
20281 LostKing Lost Kingdom Good Become enthralled in this Nexus Mithrim 2
20281 MCoC Monkey Cult Of Cthulhu Evil Tasty Humans to make insane. Oop Oop! leachlife4 2
20243 Ciceron Guild of the Ciceron Wildsomes Evil We shall tortue your spenache garpen 1+1
20242 zomgwtf zomgwtf Neutral Stabbity peen-arm! Elysian 2
20133 OGD OGD Good cruzlee 3
20028 Best Guild Undergroundz Good Undergroundz is the best BlackMouchos 3
20003 wLd warlords Evil kill 'em ... now neelix 3
20003 RTJ Reloose The Juice Good Phateus 3
19928 p3p PeppinCult Neutral Faster, Stronger, Better Korryn 3
19858 Latin Lover Latin Lover Evil Carpe Noctem Lazorbeemz 3
19808 AltAnon Altaholics Anonymous Neutral I'll never be (insert max level) ... :( Quay 3
19806 LobsterParty LobsterParty Evil +fun PlusTwo 1+1
19576 Titanic Titanic Studios Neutral We Can't Be Arsed! A1 3
19388 GFP Guild Fudge Pants Good Urinal cakes are not dessert. leachlife4 3
19384 GofW Glory of War Evil Thundercats can kick the shit out of the Jedi. Axe Murderer 2
19377 Farkin Fictitiousness augments real knowledge Evil Good is good. But evil is better. Kithira 3
19330 CFS CoffinFillers Evil 321 Khamsin 1+1
19330 ResAx Restless Axes Neutral The order rules. Asterix Xavier 1+1
19329 totd Tunten ohne tuffige Dessous Evil The sooner you die, the longer you're dead! leachlife4 2
19329 BaDaDeTaco Baleeted... Delteeted... Del Taco? Neutral It's dot com! Morjax 2
19266 TKN TriKnights Good We try CrazyLikeAFox 3
19210 Game Junkies Game Junkies Anonymous Good If there\'s a game to be playes, sign me up. maarz 3
19209 AION Aion: The Tower of Eternity Neutral zeeZ 2
19133 Whobu Who is dis? Good Get out there and MOW! Valdo 3
19133 MWU My Wookie In You Good IT'S RUDE O'Clock bunting again 3
18984 KFC Knights of Fight Club Good Pow! Wam! Mmmm, finger lickin' good. Nalin 1+2
18982 TWW? Teh Waht War? Good Rule # 1. Shut the hell up. NecroFire 2
18958 ABUB The Anointed Band of Useless Bastards Neutral Run and Live... to Run Another Day! Lungrid the Fetid 1+1
18958 -=EBUS=- Everybody But Us Sucks Neutral It's in the title, chief. Narbbat 2
18958 TeamL Team L. Neutral Girls just have more fun! leachlife4 2
18958 DNFHN Der Name Fehlt Halt Noch Evil leachlife4 2
18958 Dire-Wolf House Stark Good Winter is coming Gotie 2
18825 TheWolfPack The Wolf Pack Good Wolves are like cool and... stuff. WinterSolstice 2+1
18819 >=( Onx Riders Good Speaking is for the weak iggdawg 2
18737 TPB Trailer Park Boys Evil "If there's grass in the field, play ball." Ulibuds 2
18737 OMGZ OGMZ Neutral Alls well that ends well Assabe 2
18453 S.O.S. Slaves of the Shogun Good We will do everything to Rule anything. Golden Samurai 1+1
18452 LOLKK LOLkitten Killers Evil Guess what the cheezburger is made from... icanhasprogress 2
18452 Republic FC Republic FC Neutral Urbs Indomita Transient29A 2
18368 Softies Softchoice Evil die in a fire nixpayn 3
18356 IWG Intellectual Whores Guild Evil Don't be played! Be the playah! blarney 3
18329 b33r Pandaren Brewmasters Evil beer for all, all for beer :D 2
18329 )V-s Vatten-skidor Good vatten skidor e roligt korgar_ar_soeta 2
18263 S.P.E.T. Society for Preventing and Erradicating Thong-Wear Good Thongs are evil! Killlll them!!! Uglug the gweat and tewwible 3
18263 YABB Ye Olde Yabitt Guild Evil Pyrepenol 3
18090 KMORE Kendermore Good Kendermore is the guild for you! Paladin 2
18088 Google Knights of Google Good I will use google before asking stupid questions. Zormite 3
17969 IU Insane-Union Good Beeing good is insane Kelvak 2
17938 -SWE- -SWE- Good Sweden is the shit.. Majk666 2
17929 Solaris Solaris Evil EVIL! Blizz 2
17919 IOAG It's Only A Game! Neutral It's Only A Game! ghek 3
17913 TAFG The Amazing Flying Gophers Good Comes with free snack cakes Animosity 2+1
17899 CM Centarians Good anyone can weild a sword, it takes skill to cast Lukio 3
17890 TCS The Coate Swamps Evil Eat Swamps suckers! Peter Pop 3
17852 CMNJA Ninjotron collective Good Communist ninjas unite Snowball 2
17836 S-B Shadow-Blade Evil Kill 'em all !!! reezer 2
17830 CORRUPT Coalition of Really Really Useful People Together Neutral For the betterment of us. Lanigironu 3
17809 APDT Association of Professional Dwarf Throwers Neutral Nil desperandum illegitimus carborundum Mystic Frog 3
17808 + plus Evil >_< profff 2
17808 Jondel Pirates of Dark Jondel Neutral Oh no, it's the evil Kablob! Pontifus 2
17795 D-Jedi Dark Jedi Evil Und dann werden wir ihn haben.. den Frieden keinhit 2
17795 InvotIrEm Invader of the Irken Empire Evil You Are All Doomed Torg 2
17748 MGoG Murksi's Guild of Glory Good We're better then good! Murksi 3
17741 U*S* Unusual Suspects Neutral Oh sure...blame us! leachlife4 2
17738 TWOW The Winds Of Wrath Neutral you see. we come. you no longer see. CyCl0n3 3
17738 Icewolf House Icewolf Neutral Enter Ragnarok XWheelie 3
17737 PSU Penn State Good WE ARE... Phantasm_PSU 2
17737 TRguild ToksinRussia Good TOK51N 2
17637 Aphasians Aphasians Neutral Jolly jacuzzi? Meringues! Wernicke 2+1
17636 Carrots R us The land of carrots and dreams Evil Splendid orange goodness Eeyore 2
17636 Morders Morders Evil Fuck You! leachlife4 1+1
17636 BOKS Blackguards o' Kittensquishers Evil *squish* cjwprostar 2
17636 M o E Made of Elephant Neutral chewtoy 1+1
17602 =[SMoG]= Evil Mentath 2
17586 Gusten The Seaguls Evil Take 2 in one throw if you can.. Morgue- 3
17575 Hip Hipsters of the Coming Storm Neutral Das hippen, ja. Go Write a Song 3
17460 MGF The Mad Gang Fuckers Evil It's all fun and games until someone's been suced Arnold Strong 1+1
17459 arg all round good Good join me leachlife4 2
17427 RBC RoBo Club Evil We don't like robots. They're stupid. Dil'moor 1+2
17394 BDS Boondock Saints Good People in Glass Houses Sink Ships El Cid 3
17394 SGK La Sous-Guilde du Kumitee Evil On sue mais on s'en fout! Persifal 3
17324 CTxD CaspTrolls Good Never trust a troll. arblahblah 3
17307 ReDev Retail Deviants Neutral We do stuff. Elusive Muse 3
17224 UPB Union of Pastafarian Buccaneers Good Yeearg, that's a holy sauce! The ELf 2+1
17223 IHB Alkesz Guild Evil leachlife4 2
17011 DAMACIA DAMACIA!!! Evil forest -> DAMACIA!! Revinator 3
16913 FIRMAN <3 .[Firman] Evil Bunny? KILL IIIT! Myggan 3
16856 GameKast Gamekast Radio DJs Evil - Get into the game! Kathlean 2
16855 expzzz Experiance while you sleep Evil its nap time sk1ny 1+1
16855 Fall City Fall City Evil Beau Gunderson 1+1
16849 Abladaba Orbenthrug Good If its not dead, kill it more! gwinbee 3
16808 KaB Kill All Bicycle Good Well show those fat cat bicycles MrLoyd 2
16808 ISILDRU InaneSubbums-IneptLowlifes-Dumbdorx-UnableRiffraff Neutral AfterGuildnameSpellfailNowTrying2FindKillingFields SchmockDude590-4FR 2
16712 WhiteTower Defenders of the White Tower Good Walking in the Light Shia 3
16703 WWB Watching the World Burn Neutral Some people just want to watch the world burn. Azzul 2
16669 Idler Awaits Sons of the Idler Neutral Those who sit in time. Allcars 2
16651 Mighty Swashbucklers of Good walo: på min och hokkes manliga duschtid Biceps 2+1
16650 -LWL- Lamos with Languor Good Semper vigilans! Mr Lamo2k1 3
16637 Gotei 13 Gotei 13 Good DeejayByte 2+1
16562 AR,MA Arkham, MA Neutral Hail Cthulhu! H.P. Lovecraft 3
16498 Immortals Immortals Good Poison potions are yummy! Iluvatar 3
16486 FluPe Fluid People Neutral be squishy not fishy!! LiquidStranger 1+1
16486 Suk Suck it! Evil Suck It! leachlife4 1+1
16485 Stad1ga Stad1ga Evil 24/7 SpirraN 2
16442 Heretics Heretics Neutral Deicide is a major offence...God cannot hide truth Wyatt 3
16436 GPW Good Power to the People at the Pump!! 2+1
16416 BlueSun Blue Sun Evil cow_helmet 3
16365 SDU Slacking Scientists of SDU Good One more level up and I will start on my assigment Traubon Balderk 2
16298 SexyRobots The drunken sexy robot sex machines... of sex town Evil You look lonely and mechanical, let's bone! Unsane 2+1
16264 The Cake The Cake Neutral The cake is a lie. ShadowDrake 3
16242 HONOR guild of honor Good reserve the peace.destroy evil eeeziebeee 2
16085 DoWoNoCo Double Wookie Nookie Consortium Good Double the Wookie, Double the Nookie! BoulYaBase 2+1
16047 BCS Big caca suckers Evil We suck caca Atomi 1+2
16046 SuperDupers Super Dupers Good Just Dup it! Christopher Infante 2
16042 Choc Chocobos Evil All golden! Andvik 2
15980 XP+++ Experiencia Maxima Good If you're hot, let's grind!! Toretzu 3
15972 Pwnz0rz The Mega Pwnz0rz Evil Panda power! WRL 2+1
15961 holy-palis Holy Paladins Good "all evil must be vanquished tazeran 2+1
15938 T O G The Old Grudge Neutral Older Slower Worse Badass Merlinda 2
15938 AMAZING!1one WE'RE AMAZING!!11ONEoneone!!1 Neutral "Are you a worthy knight?" "No, I server Sithis." Mr. eX 2
15917 The DoG Delusions of Grandeur Neutral \"Law is mind without reason.\" -Aristotle Maus 2
15881 Moon Pirates Moon Pirates Neutral Sailing all the high seas of the Moon! ...Wait. Laurie Moon 3
15814 GUniverse GamingUniverse Good It\'s for all your game (re)making needs! Bites 3
15793 K.C. Kiwi Coalition Evil Serving Kiwis since 1998 Firefox 3
15690 UR ARM U. of Rochester Aramark Resistance Movement Good Comraderie, Companionship, and Cuisine! Mental Bastille 1+1
15625 Woot Kings of the Woot Evil WE WIN Aaidin Sauceking 2+1
15603 Goose A Picture of a Goose Evil Goose Pictures wallstop 3
15576 PROGOOBBO Adoratori del Divino Procione Gobbo Neutral Rozzo 2
15556 CIF Customized Impressive FRIC Guild Good FIC poweeeeeeeeeeeerrghhhh... infacc00 2
15507 <[LuX]> LuX gUiLd Good Sex, drugs and progress! Convinto 3
15487 IEOU Interrealm Elevator Operators' Union Evil push the buttons Crorem 1+2
15486 PUN Punikkila Evil Liimes 1+1
15485 !DoM! Destroyers of Mu Evil B00BIES!! SquidMeister 2
15485 DO4TW Disembowling Orgasm Evil If there was no loss of limbs, it wasn't good! Eibon 2
15474 [NLS] Neles Corporation Neutral We make the decisions.. For you.. leachlife4 2
15474 [npc] Naznaczeni Przez Chaos Evil Imposible is nothing... leachlife4 2
15474 PackoLies Pack of Lies Evil We always tell the truth. johnaslorika 2
15437 AaR Aardwolf Rangers Good Tugbottom 2
15431 BlessedT Blessed Tongues of Earthanon Neutral The Language of Location Stakesauce 2
15424 snail of snail fame Evil Take cover cneal 2
15351 Monkey Monkey Monkey Evil Monkey eat brain TreeMonkey 3
15335 JsM Jaelania's Minions Evil I want you to die for me! Jaelania 2
15335 Sakurasou Sakurasou Good Believe in panties Kanzooki 2
15306 STA Soldiers of The Alliance Good "If you don\'t shoot it now some other guy will." OcocTaga 2
15230 wiccans wiccans Neutral ---= Wiccans Are Taking Over! =--- rathel 3
15223 Captain Scouts of Muldoor Neutral Kick 'em when they're about to kick you Balrock 3
15184 DGs Dangerous Gimps Good Danger in its finest form Jacina 3
15182 C.A.K.E. mmm...cake... Evil OMNOMNOMNOMNOM 0MGWTFBBQ 2
15125 USDA Safe Food Good Oosa! Grommit 3
15125 PSYCHOMOG Psychotic Moogles Inc. Neutral Time to die, kupo! PhoenixFlare 3
15125 Burn Steel The Order of Burning Steel Neutral Mottos? We don't need no stinkin' mottos! Burnsteel 3
15059 Foo-bar The Lords of The Bars Evil Get drunk and evilly agress good followers leachlife4 2
15015 FUBAR0 Faction Unite Brotherhood Against Retards Neutral You can pick your friends, and pick your nose... Sgt. Slaughteroos 3
14976 tNotRotK The Night of the Rampage of the Killbots Evil Murder! Death! Kill! Lazor! Coober Skeeber 2
14976 Shitsocks Poopsockers Evil When the poop hardens it can be used as a weapon. Girthshaker 2
14965 Lago Nosotros te Ahogamos en el Neutral Drown SinfulLily 3
14847 Fetchers The Item Fetchers Neutral Professionally completing fetch-quests since 1920. Shinichi 3
14727 vanguardia vanguardia Neutral we wack ass gnapp 2+1
14657 ThatOneGuild That One Guild Neutral Whatever Machonerd15 1+1
14616 nog unguilded Neutral CheeseManD 2
14616 GGD Ghosts of the Green Dragon Neutral I love to actively participate in this game. Aexius 2
14616 LiquorBarn Liquor Barn Good If you can't get drunk from it, why drink it? SiliconJesus 2
14572 Cheese Inc Cheese Inc Neutral Cheese Cheese Cheeeeeese Myothas 3
14566 TMBTMB ThEMopLaB Evil Motto Motto mop22 2+1
14544 HUG Treehuggers Good Marmots - Tiny but Mighty Argeleb 2
14543 Dubna Dubna Evil Homo homini lupus est! HolyKirka 2+1
14524 jeesus #nörtit Neutral Grim Gurnarok 2
14524 MdR MudeR Good Mikus Raķis 2
14398 UNI SAL Unicron Salami Good Sometimes the smallest people accomplish most Travis Fu 3
14366 Trup Trupadin Evil Don't talk to me cause I'm an a$$ DOGMAI 3
14361 S.O. Silent Outlanders Neutral To kill is to not be kilt Ryusik 3
14358 KTRAK Kick The Really Annoying Kiddos Evil BOO!!! abhayan 1+2
14353 SCS Stupid Computing Services Evil We screw you, so you don't have to! Ballsin 2
14339 TGMPG The Glorious Microwave Pizza Guild Evil I haven't a clue guyincognito 3
14336 Space Cat The Church of the Space Cat Evil Almighty is The Space Cat, Ruler of the universe Kahn 3
14335 Volldicht Volldicht Evil Never Stop Drinking!! leachlife4 2
14335 ars#distrib Ars Technica #Distributed Good Darkness Productions 2
14335 AMR AMR Neutral We are AMR [a]rnado 2
14310 tyg the .. you know .. guild. Evil no! silvanspirit 3
14249 Cry Cry Evil We need your tears! Godfather 3
14107 S2S Slaves to Shackles Neutral Well, that's certainly something. Valrik 3
14103 DNDR Dunduru Evil Out to get ya Playnot 3
14080 DVDA DVDA Good It's an industry term HoodieNinja 2+1
14030 RED DEATH Red Knights of the Yellow Star Good Slap the wicked,smite the evil,wash the dishes Mos_Gerila 2
13953 WfB Warriors from Beyond Evil You can't kill what is already dead jlycke 2
13953 Vetus Vetus Schola Evil BIG TITS HIGH CRITZ AETERNAL 2
13950 Llamas The Fighting Llamas Good "We spit in your face" jerthecount 2
13914 Soupcans Soup in cans Neutral Like cans, Like soup? morganishere123 3
13895 LesHomo Les Homosaxuelles Good Les Homosaxuelles en Sexitos! leachlife4 3
13810 Treparellis The Flying Treparelli Circus Evil We do it with models. ranieri 1+2
13679 [ROTH] The Rosethorns Neutral Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so. Twoport 2
13609 FoxPack Lost Fox Souls Neutral Us Foxes Collect Souls to Find Ours... SoulFoxie 3
13572 MSA Mad Scientists of America Neutral Backloaded Complexity Air_run 2+1
13566 TLRDEK-Meow The Legion of Rubber-Ducky-Eating Kittens Neutral May ye not forget to put salt on yer ducky. Xer 3
13527 Grape Apes The Grape Apes Evil The only thing that separates ape from grape. Jawyr 3
13498 da_pius Non scholae, sed vitae discimus Good Variatio delectat! Soeren 2
13468 EKT El Kobold Tuerto Good Muere, criatura del mal! Bungo Cervezarrubia 2
13466 SFV_BB SFV BlueBlooders Evil Rule them all in the name of the BigBlue! _zso2 1+1
13465 AVG The Most Average Guild Ever Neutral "I say lets make the most average guild ever" NoobMaster 2
13465 Aiyah Aiyah! screwed over again.... Good Whatever is least possible becomes most probable aiyah4la 2
13461 runkkaus Runkkaus Evil WUBELLA O MULKKU PEPUSSA XD ScreamuS 2
13456 #sd Silence Is Defeat Evil Come idle with us on's #sd! falk 1+2
13455 BFoG Blinding Flesh of Genius Good joe'ii 1+2
13455 #1498 Original Guild #1498 Neutral Gadget 2
13454 Project ROKK Panthersteam ROKKS Evil LONG LIVE THE L33TS!!! Anthon3wb 2
13439 KoOo Knights of Oonloock Neutral Out stick is sharper than yours! Umnop 2
13427 Domination NexuS Evil Fuck\'em all , no mercy leachlife4 1+1
13412 OPEC OPEC Good :p Yalmaha 2
13412 Despair Despair Neutral Give up all hope and expectations. Kashae 1+1
13342 CN49 CosaNostra49 Evil Er moet meer gezopen worden! Grolsch 3
13336 French La Guilde Française Evil Baguettes et Croissants guryushika 1+1
13336 The Trolls. GoHa.RU Good For da GoHa! Omgwar 1+1
13335 DoGmA Damnation of Guild-made Anthems Evil We don't like your anthem Seyloren 2
13335 Canuckle Stealthy Canuckle-heads Good Brave the elements to fetch the elusive toothpick Molson 2
13310 macrofurry macrofurry Neutral welcome big, small, and even bigger! ravagefox` 2
13262 to stink stinkers Evil we stink you to the death xcore 3
13202 The Sith Rise of the Sith Evil Hatred is a living thing. Feed it and it will grow Vannidar 2
13152 ♥IAU♥ imaunicorn Good Farting rainbows and pooping candy♥ Greydead 3
13152 Goobers Reluctant Heroes Good Stink Like a Weasel Vinnie the Biscuit 3
13064 PFGC Pink Flamingo Gangstaz Neutral No Knives... Gianormus 3
13019 Ale Donkeys The Swedish Rabid Ale Donkeys Evil We are the donkeys. We drink ale. Buzz off! JOIN!! leachlife4 3
12984 Cripple The Cripplers Evil Cripple-Hypocritic-Critics Raizor 3
12966 XLII XLII Neutral vroomfondel 1+2
12910 E404 Error 404 Neutral The page you are looking for cannot be found Talyian 3
12908 Cookie Thiefs Evil DAnser ikke med drenge (måske) wondersquirrel 2
12908 TheGuild VTY vty Neutral une équipe des marques FuretFou 2
12778 + US + Unlimited Skillz Neutral Got Skillz? - Seven Faces 3
12746 LK Powa ! Les Korrigans Good On pille, on brulle, la routine habituelle quoi Gottferdom 1+1
12745 Bad Asses Bad Asses Evil The name says it all. KillerFreak 2
12745 Ro Ling Ro Ling Evil I dunno, fuck tdues 2
12709 HinchMasters Hinchey Disciples Evil Rock over London, Rock on Hinchey Wesley Willis 2
12709 HH88 GookChildren Good HH88 khunerino 2
12698 Zerg Iseult Neutral Daoc Iseult players~~ QQ Mirus 1+2
12681 RaFwaves Random Acts of Funk Neutral Watch out for da funk leachlife4 3
12647 LUBE Lubrication Evil lube ya good and proper larky 2
12635 ASB Airsoft Belgium Neutral Shoot to kill! JoachimV 1+2
12630 CEPIK CEPIK Good Just do CEPiK with DP and Oracle k4mm 2
12630 DDS Dr. Dase's Snasbarn Evil Brute force is key. Kellendil 2
12509 Geek Squad Geek Squad Evil Stealing porn since 1897 Maturz 3
12503 MSM Mountain Stream Madmen Evil Forest Glade teh suxX0r TD 3
12465 N -n- B Love The Guild of Nicky and Birdy Lovers Neutral All Nickys love Birdy and all Birdys love Nicky... Birdy 2
12465 MDIYM Ridernuss Good balls on chin means MDIYM Meeffas 2
12465 The SOBS S.O.B. Superstars Evil jut 2
12465 #EhrenKomet #EhrenKomet Neutral Welcome! Selimtronik 2
12428 NGRs Naggerly Naggers Neutral Mercy?! You want Mercy?! I'M CHAOTIC NEUTRAL!!!! RabidRabbit 3
12320 JIM JIMbuktu Good Vulture 1+1
12281 DernierR Dernier Rempart Good Nous protégeons la veuve mais pas l'orphelin. mrFish 2
12134 EgP Eggets pojkar Evil Kill Kill Kill !!! Eragar 1+2
12134 T-G-D The Great Danes Good The Great Danes Atroxes 3
12133 imwithstupid <- I'm with Stupid -> Evil We Strive for Mediocrity Zirg of the Hill People 2
12083 Wisions Wisions Evil Just1188 3
12052 Roof-Spleen Roof-Spleen Good Spleen! Roof-Spleen! Double Roof-Spleen! TLMP 2
12036 U of A The University of Arizona Evil ASU Sucks Sycraft 2
12035 Exhort us. Exhort Good ballen. MrZigara 1+1
12027 HoGs Hags of gorging sacks Evil Xetear 3
12017 Rapa Random Pandas Evil Mohahahaha looly 3
12016 HBU Hellboozer Union Neutral Vomit bursting out at sunday morning Rankasija 1+1
12008 lix cookies Evil faye 2+1
12003 BloodCult BloodCult Evil Fetch me a Gnome Cyrodor 3
11970 aaaargh the ones that kill all Neutral To kill all or..... not? dark_white 2
11929 -[HBL]- HELL'S BREAK LOOSE Evil Seitan 2
11913 YOLO The #YOLO# Lads Good Our choices show us who we truly are. Dsnyde4883 3
11904 Thwack'em Mushroom Tattoo Neutral Choppin it up & pecker slappin breezies GreyReaver 3
11864 Jerrycurl The Company of the Disfunctional Jerrycurl Evil -2 Holey Motheaten Pleathers, Batman... bitch shinari 2
11864 War_Kittens United War Kitten Army of the Higher Cats Neutral Meow! King_Smitty 2
11839 We Kill Cats Meow Kats Evil Normal is for the Weak Hordolur 3
11817 E.I. Entropy Inc. Neutral Righting lefts and wronging rights flagninja 3
11789 BROx4 BroBroBroBro Neutral Bro Bro Bro Bro!!! CRaMz0r 2
11749 #S.F.L Signed For Life Good Signed For Life for life h0ney! 2
11748 FLQ Front de libération du Québec Neutral Vive le Québec libre! DarkJS 3
11721 L0D Lords of Destruction Good voodue 2+1
11713 ToBT Torchers of the Burnable Thing Good If its made of wood... Verdna 2+1
11709 SPAM? I Like Spam? Neutral We have eggs, bacon, spam, eggs and spam... Da Foxx 2
11709 PantsOfGold Pants of gold Good Pants are optional unless they are golden d0nk 2
11708 DTOID Destructoid Good Also, cocks! tsunamikitsune 3
11701 Uru Myst Good Draenix 1+1
11700 EsDaMo Evil Sons of the Dark Moon Evil We brake for nobody - We kill every one Ertai 2
11681 God is Dead Snatas Cinatas Evil All will burn in chaos! Independent 3
11670 T.M.B The Monolith Brothers Neutral Join us and we will rise! Crawd 2
11664 GoGoL guild of legend of gogol Good gogol the recruits GoGoL 3
11664 CWr Choco's Warriors Good (Chocobo\'s theme song) Creyline 1+2
11664 CCECV Coadunated Champions of Exemplary Cardinal Virtue Good Imago Candidus! SkipSandwich 3
11663 SHIT Staff of Heavy Intricate Things Evil D'aw hell... Granny's on the doorknob again... BullitNutz 1+1
11663 Yagyu Clan Yagyu Evil Raharu 2
11653 T.T. The Tribe Neutral ...We shall all be one with the flames, from above soulsmith 3
11651 TKoB The Knights of Berenike Good We Shall Not Stagger Black Iron Tarkus 3
11596 Buddhism The Four Noble Truths & The Eight-Fold Path Good The Buddha's Quest leading to Enlightenment leachlife4 2
11596 VSMMF Vagabonds of Somewhat Moderate Moral Fiber Neutral "Maaaaaaybe....." flashdim 2
11596 WPYITN We'll Punch You In The Neck Neutral The sweet spot's between the head and the torso! The Andy Man 2
11596 Land.of.Boob Land of Boobies Evil Garkar 2
11596 2girls1dog Good Jean Claude Van Damme 2
11596 !DD! Data Destroyers Good For all your data destruction needs ckillmore 2
11596 BL_SC BluScreen Neutral We have committed an illegal operation SkyeFyre 2
11511 Zyth Zyth Neutral Keepin' it tight cp 1+2
11511 HW Hugh Wankas Evil Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka HughJazz 1+2
11480 blaj burnt like a jew Neutral arbeit macht frei atamus 2
11437 The RPG The Roleplayer's Guild Neutral Don't break character! The Raspberry 3
11387 Neutralus The Guild of the Infamous Neutrality Neutral Feel the misleading powers of Neutrality.. TheMajinZenki 2
11292 C-("Q) Friday Night Boxing Club Evil Eat 1337! Crayon 3
11275 Tri The Tri-council Good Justice delayed, is justice denied TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
11258 NsBE Nightslayer Blood Elves Evil o'rly? TurtleBoy 3
11229 Kokam Knights of Ka Good DocJones 3
11224 Oitens The Oitens Evil The Dark Ones Destructis 2
11082 n/a Unaffiliated Good If you've done six paradoxical things today, join! tRRRombone 1+1
11056 Einficker. Einficka Evil Einficken - Irgendwer muss es ja tun.. crazzel 2+1
11052 arfenhouse Teh Arfenhouse Good Ultisnecious! Tsunim 2
11014 GAYLORD Gathering of All Ye Lads for Oobag Royal Defense Neutral Move Zig for Our Oppressive Manliness Glade The Weak 3
11014 SDI Saint Dragon Inquisition Neutral The Truth is the best benefit! Ron di Amartho 3
10997 Weez WeaselBandits Neutral We Take No Sides CltcPrd 2
10986 SLSK Soulseek Neutral sexy looking synth kids humbleice 3
10983 SCL SoCal Locos Evil JTShadow 2
10960 Thundercats Thundercats Evil Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! WHOOO! Hermity 2
10959 The Group Billy Mays Here! Neutral "Simulating years of wear and tear damage!" KyleB 1+1
10959 Runequest L Runequestian League Good For Fans of Runequest Shuenli 1+1
10939 TCoDS The Circle of Divine Swordsman Good A sword in the right hands = Total Pawnage Ultima Strike 2+1
10861 Muckcrafters The Muckcrafter's Guild Good Where would you be without muck? tekHedd 3
10859 ~m&m's~ Memento Mori Neutral Google the name. HVxHershey 3
10839 Bloody Flux Bloody Flux Good The blood must flow GROZ 2
10839 V.D-P.A.G Good My skies are leathal! ON-Satan 2
10839 [PZA156] The PZA156 Evil We'll do a little jig on your front porch The-Zen 2
10839 iPwn We Pwn Good Yes we do. Demoninja 2
10807 things the_thingkillers Neutral "Kill them all!" TurTle, the thingkiller 3
10761 Sl's Seers The frantic crowd of Woody's slaves Neutral If you can't eat it or f*ck it, kill it. grayFalcon 3
10760 coffee Coffee Drinkers Guild Good Caffinus Maximus CoffeeMan 2
10760 SIL SIL Warriors Neutral stuffilike, danwinkler 2
10717 ABS Absolution Good Be Good to Each Other, seek Absolution Lelle 3
10713 Garden The Garden Of Delights Neutral If you are gonna play... Inanna 2
10695 WotN Wizards of the North Neutral Where there's a whip, there's away! leachlife4 2+1
10679 Skin Trade The Daughters of the American Skin Trade Good We get blisters on our nipples. leachlife4 2
10615 PantsMAX Party Pants to the MAX!!!! Neutral We party without the MAX! Aaron Burr 3
10610 Poptart Greater Mage Clan of Sylvan Majik and Lorecraft Neutral Wilder than Ladies Night at the Slippery Fist Fly Honey Fen the Greater 1+2
10605 [Q] QUANT Neutral vax 3
10589 TCR The Chaos Rift Good Awesome since the dawn of time MarauderIIC 3
10581 Grisu Giovani Rivoltanti Inutili Sciupatempo Universali Good "May the Lard Be With You!" HeikePsicoPanda 3
10581 SWCN Screwdriver Warrior Computer Nerds Good If it wont fit, screw it. Bague 3
10552 ACLU Knights of the ACLU Good Liberty and death for all who oppose us! Gormongous 3
10552 [DB] Drunken_Bastards Evil * hic * Riisen 3
10551 DSQ Deli Shop Quartet Evil Life by the Rotating Triad. Celery 1+1
10550 Carrot Stew Carrot Stew Neutral We should buy some carrots Jagaimo 2
10550 i30TS Brotherhood of the Shultz Neutral Burp, Shultz! Ouch! Sinspawn56 2
10550 BLB Blood Lotus Brotherhood Evil For the Brotherhood ReiX 2
10537 S.T.E. Soldiers of the Topsid Empire Neutral Bring glory to the Topsid Empire ! Despot of Topsid 2+1
10536 ZOFA Zealots of False Accomplishment Evil We empty your bars to fill ours! Sincendiary 3
10519 Gnutopia Gnutopia Evil Dagge 3
10480 SCY Scyll's Gang Neutral Scyll 1+1
10480 OverDosed Master Sword Evil Join our quest for the Master Sword! TravisTheRapist 2
10466 KD Killerz Domain Neutral Is that Gasoline i Smell? KD-KDOG 1+1
10466 Ice-rigs Neutral java sucks Anaxagoras 2
10466 The *uNity* *uNity* Good We are the best *uNity* on earth ;) SteRioN^ 2
10466 AotW annihilation of the wicked Evil Die! vutem 2
10442 Aardwolf Aardwolf Good Why am I here instead of playing Aardwolf?!?! severkill 3
10418 Fuck off Fuck off Evil Suck my left nut Clownage 3
10374 MGTD My God.....................The Demise Evil "Fuck" Troll Bloom the Wicked 3
10373 Emancipators Emancipators of doom +2 Good Please leave this alianeted sphere! Vass 2
10373 GWAIN Gwainbwead Evil DERP TsiAileron 2
10317 >BB< Bible Black Neutral :3 Rob128 2
10287 gplant Plants and Goldfish Good What did we have for dinner? nodrama 3
10287 DAD ENT Dad Enterprises Neutral Our fingers are in everything. Slipdaddy 3
10286 Adler Adler Evil Fjujitsu kam1989 3
10258 B<:|:>G BLaDGuRu! Evil When trying to hit the hole, dont sharpen the pole Outbreak! 1+1+1
10251 The Bebop The Bebop Neutral 3-2-1 Lets Jam maxwell moran 1+1
10216 SeeX The Seekers of Extreme Ecstasy Neutral Even the Good Can be Bad (hehehe) Fergus the Bold 1+1
10206 BAW Bored at Work Evil Quick, tab out. Keiya 1+1
10201 H.o.G House of Gobblins Good Gobble gobble [Swe]Klurax 3
10198 Genei Ryodan Genei Ryodan Evil to rob everything to kill everyone vindichy 2
10182 Pandemic Panedmic Evil Kill the peck short half cow pigs!111!! pixelgrass 2
10182 Infinite InfiniteDevotion Neutral One can never be too Devoted! Progressquest Junkie 2
10174 Reap The Reapers Evil Kill Everything that moves Mr.Grim 2
10162 ILL illuminaty Good We are here to control the world. CookieOrc 1+1
10147 Anus Leaking Anus Neutral If it leaks, uh..... Fiztbane 1+2
10145 Tony Tony Good Tony 1+1+1
10143 Hentai Hentai-Otakus Neutral Hentai ... daisuki! Skeith 3
10143 Shoe Lace o Order of the Sacred Lace Evil Tyied shoes stay put Ty Mishu 3
10142 De Utrolige De Utrolige Evil Amazing Society, with more Amazing ways to pwn Zahgurim Xul 2
10142 bCothM Evil best Creatures of the high Mountain Nullnullsix 2
10136 BnG BobandGeorge Good leachlife4 3
10135 SilvrCrusade The Silver Crusade Good To purge this land. Zaric 3
10087 tEPoDDG The Elder Party of Dreaming Dead Gods Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Melchior 3
10084 Jedok Jedok Good Jedok Jedok 1+1
10084 SwissPF Swiss Peace Fighters Good The force is quiet ... SwissPFs are strong. Joggi-Jogga 1+1
10083 WIZ The Wiz-bangs Good Spellcasting...W...I...Z...B...A...N...G! Ludo 2
10083 EIS Excellent Indigo Slayers Good Indigoes Must Die!!! Iamtas 2
10083 NSRRC National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Good Advanced photon source! wuda 2
10083 Blue Cheese Blue Cheese Neutral Blueberry bandersnatches busily barked brown bears Manelael 2
10064 Inn Burners Inn Burners Neutral LazareXIII 2
10010 Baconation Baconation Good For Deliciousness! baconator 3
9984 BAWR Yodeling Telepathic Bearded Lumberjacks Evil "Fred is a ra ra." Melissa 2+1
9982 cn cosa nostra Neutral leachlife4 2
9982 BSU Black Sun Underworld Evil Ownage in your face, just the way you like it. MrTsunami 2
9982 D&N Days & Nights Evil Nothin' to it but to do it. Pinadil 2
9901 Eat! Lemons of Destruction Evil We will destroy all lesser lemons! Lemon 2
9901 BGFM Biker Guys From Mars Good Let's progress and quest! Aikai 2
9894 C.O.W.S C.O.W.S Good MooMooMoo Stelari 1+2
9878 Viscera Viscera Evil Never on the losing side. Nexnix 3
9849 DIG Soil Diggers Good If it in the ground we'll find it and kill it. Groundhog 2+1
9847 grief The Empire of Grief Evil qq noobs TrashGUY 2
9847 α > 1.00 We Have Large P-Values! Evil We are insignificant and dont care who knows it! NMarvel1 2
9831 LiveJournal LiveJournal Neutral For Frank and country! leachlife4 3
9760 OeN Oder eher Nicht Evil We are sooooo bad, and why u ask? cus we can! Keencom 2
9738 Dawn Vermilion Dawn Good Nitrogen 3
9710 ROARR ProgressROARR Good tege 3
9666 NULL NULL Neutral We're not really here Toxy 2+1
9640 Fchan Fchan Neutral all things furry and furry fans go here!!! GayPride89 1+2
9637 RL Rustic Lunatics Evil Taste so good make you want to slap yo' mamma. leachlife4 2
9610 This House The He Who Live Here! Good Kill some, eat some, sleep some... ADiaz 2
9610 DOTA Defenders of The Alamo Neutral Remember the Alamo!!! Tipsy and The Magic Gyrocopter 1+1
9572 -fgt- Faggots Good Pedobear <3 assmonkeyjohnny 3
9563 Buij Team Buijee Good (0) . (o) Otisseus 2
9563 Hokuto Hokuto Shin Ken no Kenshiro no Gundan Good Omae ha mou shindeiru!! Xabungle 2
9563 DHOM Dank Homies Neutral For the dankest of homies. Zerrvr 1+1
9563 wkb die wurstklauerbande Evil august 2
9563 tMBxxx Ten Percent Morale Boost Good Damn those Zaishen! Gian The Great 2
9562 NITF Not in the Face! Neutral Not in the Face! Not in the Face Zammo 3
9551 TBX Tinderbox Evil Come to the dark side... We gots scooters! Gwanko 3
9550 POW POW The Power Of Wait Good I'm busy, talk to my cat melikamp 2
9550 Internet! Internet! Neutral Teh best Gild! Kudoren 2
9550 LetsGetRI The Getters Good We Get Stuff. mcalchera 2
9531 PORN The Porn Shop Good +++Porn, magic dildos, live shows+++ Gnakkk 1+1
9512 God Like Guild Of Really Evil Stuff Evil Where evil has a chance. asmoday 1+2
9512 Pro Progresso Dwarf Insurance Evil Something wierd.... yet catchy. Xairu 3
9505 FZN Finite Horizon Evil Your End is Our Beginning Levin 3
9467 UDP Ultimate Dance Party Neutral Pants optional LODE 3
9437 CFM Children of the Fallen Moon Evil Ryokushin 2
9437 AWA Arne Weise's Angels Evil Inga julklappar på julen! Miwkz 2
9426 GRRRR the underfuckers Evil fuck them all leachlife4 2
9426 S*T*A*R S*T*A*R Evil Dont have one ZapperFish 2
9426 TheSwarm The Unending Swarm Neutral For the Swarm! OvermindDL1 2
9426 ButchCops The Mighty Butchcops Good If it ain't butch it ain't no cop. Rambo Butchcop 2
9421 PYRATIES!!1 WE R TEH PYRATIES!!!!!!!!1111 Neutral They pillage. They plunder. They take tasty ass. 67356979786 3
9357 ArcGuard Arcane Guardians Good Guard teh magiks! Onezero 2
9357 Nbz Noobzzz Evil WTF!? EarlBlack 1+1
9334 GIT Halp GIT Help Good is it plugged in?... then restart it! Smurfxor 3
9316 Snows pets Snow's Kennel Neutral I don't abuse my pets.......much. valek879 2
9280 [BE] Blood Eagle Neutral He who thinks like others is not thinking... Evita 2+1
9207 ReTeSq Redundancy Team Squad Good BY MOONLIGHT WE RIDE AT NIGHT AFTER DARK Phelan 3
9174 D.O.T.R.S. Disciples Of The Raped Sheep Evil United we stand in shared perversion leachlife4 2
9159 Dev Deviance Good Eno 3
9138 OneEyeGuys The One Eyed Wonder Weasels, and His Two Balls Evil Say the whole thing, you gotta say the whole thing aryu 3
9126 Spoorloos Spoorloos Neutral Spoorloos FTW Illvith 2
9113 Sex~ Sex Offenders Evil Why is it so wrong if it feels so right? Please 2
9113 Capitalist Capitalist Ninjas Neutral We're immortal and made of stone! Chaos Kitsune 2
9113 Keytar Tactics Force Keytar Neutral Operation Hampster Saddle is a go!!! krptkaiser 2
9104 R.H.K. Roshia Hikikomori Kyokai Neutral Motto?~ YATTA! Baz Idle 3
9101 imm302 Imm302 Good M to the u s i c Minkooo.K 2
9080 Ocarina The Guild of Legend of Zelda Good No Ocarina, No life TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
9080 A_b_x Angry Bastards Good Fight is life, to live, to die Tampooh 3
9080 LNI Late Night Idling Neutral 'scuse me ... coming through ... ThatOneTeknoKid 3
9052 KotS Keepers of the Steel Neutral We were not born stupid. Keepsteel 3
9051 KCK KC Krew Neutral Hello, Motto. Haanz 2
9036 -GoW- Gods of War Good IonFONE 1+2
9017 Oonga Oonga Me Toonga Evil You took my chocolate 1337slade 2+1
8998 Death2Emos Death to Emos Evil Death to Emos! Mykul743 1+2
8981 no pants no pants Evil we don't like pants trixuv 3
8951 HRLFG Highskiller raid, level und farm Gilde Good `^^^\*|*/^^^´ Wir leveln bis das Keyboard glüht Lord Steel 2
8935 Rabatees Rabid Manatees Good I always lie. I'm stuck in a ping pong ball 3
8934 GWJ Gamers with Jobs Good We stand for awesomeness mudbunny 1+1
8924 sami&leksa Good Mmm.. :-) Saijan lepakkokeitto Eekush 3
8920 D: yamum Evil last night Blanc37 1+2
8917 The Horde Hordes of Raving Lunatics Good We're nucking futz! Rat Testicle 1+2
8914 D-E Disgruntled Elves Neutral Santa got taken over by a Panda Man Panda Claws 2
8914 DFSP Doopy Face Stoopy Poop Good HeeeEEEeeey, we wear running shorts... Dan Smells 2
8914 Hetki Lyo Hetki Lyo Good Hetki Lyo! Bere 2
8878 Totally Evil Het Pannenkoekenhuis Evil Plunder the village, rape the women Ivelios 3
8856 We blaze it. Blaze it faggot Good Quazaka 2
8847 SISE Smejdi z ISE Evil kill da vasak!!! reykoo 2
8847 TBL The Bucky Lastards Neutral Romper Bomper Stomper Bu Holden McGroin 2
8839 Z.E.V.I.L muhaha Evil the next best thing to power Zenieth 2
8829 DiMih TarAnii Evil TequilaJazzz leachlife4 2
8821 UB Uber Burninators Evil "Burninating the peasents..." Burninator 1+1
8820 ChAv Chaotic Avengers Good Do good... our own way Darcalus 3
8819 DDDddd.. Delusional Dystopia Neutral I'ts Real i Swear!!!! Anumari 1+1
8819 hgos haqrboi\'s guild of stuff Neutral we like stuff leachlife4 1+1
8819 Heartbreaker Heart Breakers Neutral leachlife4 2
8819 Osmosis Osmosis Evil Now 33% more progressy. TristanWolf 2
8819 Poodlite Putrescent Plurality of Poodlers Evil Wonk a poodler today, for Justic! Zarkon 2
8810 Gino's Crack The Crack Gino Vannelli Assassination Squad Evil Making the world safe from Canadians with perms. Bob Unlikely 2+1
8809 TJONW The Journeymen of not waiting Good We aren't waiting leachlife4 3
8770 thrash Taintless Evil Cast off thy taint and become Taintless Golgothan 3
8769 LeoLo League of Loading Good Hold on a second, I'm almost done... cloud08540 3
8768 Superior Superior Specialty Supply Good If it's cheese, it's yours Oktiwk 2
8768 cheGLE cheechaGLEESHA Neutral Space-time discontinuum is the limit! (maybe) cheechaIGI 2
8751 NGE National Gaming Elite Good Gaming is a art! 2s2p Xeon 2
8743 For Honer Knight`s of the temple Good For the people KingValve 3
8718 Blazed The Blazed Evil Mission First, Blazed Always! Mercer 1+2
8648 the 1 == The One == Neutral we are the one Kiff 3
8635 DORK Deliverers of Ransom and Kegs Good You need it, We bring it. bluntwolf 3
8563 Black Claw Black Claw Neutral The Claw Will Rule Citale Amler 2
8481 g33kz teh 3v1l g33kz Evil echeese 3
8469 TIDDS The IT's of the DeDevils Evil We must assimilate all Queen Xana 3
8380 Da BaD GuYs Da Bad Guys Evil Kill everything. Take their goods, like cookies. Ehhh the Crazy Demicanadian 2
8357 ~E~ Eternium Evil Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em. Deceit 1+1
8338 Pink Ladymen Munakkaat Evil ´O.o) Hezzu 3
8328 OPO Only Pay Once Neutral Only pay once for a game not every month!!! Xepzig 3
8316 SAH! Sports and Hobbits Good Beware of people. Jinton 2
8297 KaP Kick a Poodle Evil Kick a poodle daily! Fishstick 3
8287 Cheezburga Acolytes of the Cheezburga Evil We haz. You can nevah haz. Savant 2
8287 PNOY Mga Walang Magawa Neutral Nakakabagnot PublicNameMe 2
8278 MSoN Mighty Sword of Neutrality Neutral Do no good, do no evil! slaad 3
8272 PS* Party Stars Neutral It's coming right for us! risq 3
8272 MalMel Malodorous Melodies Neutral Scented sounds stream southwards shiverczar 3
8272 OTB Order of The Bit Good Giovanni Acciai 3
8214 V.A.G.I.N.A. Very Aggresive Guild In North Area Neutral Join us in V.A.G.I.N.A. Calado 3
8207 ScrewU Screw You, I Didn't Want to Join Your Guild Anyway Neutral Git! Out! Go! We don't want you! Guild is extinct. The Ur-Grue 1+1
8206 NHD Nameless Horde of Destruction Evil The Future is Dark darkguard 2
8206 ~DM Dangerous Minorities Evil Guns dont kill people... Zalakaf 2
8196 ?2 OHMS Good micr0monkey 2
8196 CTF Crwn Thy Frnicatr Evil Anaesthetic[for the public] Noitek 2
8157 The TM Clan The Twisted Monkey Clan Evil Ben Blevins 3
8155 Anti Antithesis Neutral two and two make five Quandaryus 2+1
8040 P3|\| March of the Penguins Good 4 Tux and Friends Penguisher 3
8022 COLD Winterholm Evil Burrrrrrr SouConWarlin 2
8017 Ouglee Ouglee's Uglies Neutral Split personalities unified... Ouglee 3
7934 Dirtsharks Dirtsharks Neutral FOR THE QUEEN! Doctor Furious 3
7925 CHT Church of Hate the Telepaths Neutral "Takes one to know one." Popcorn 1+1
7924 SGX Storm Genesis Neutral Why the heck not! shalalith 2
7896 Bwee :3 Tanclaw Clan Good "If a man does his best, what else is there?" leachlife4 3
7896 HSTYC Hasty Choice Good "Err...umm...That one! No, that one!" Skulltacula 3
7876 Wauw Whorde Evil A demicanadian is better than no canadian Minkrouk 3
7850 raven r-a V e-n Neutral BL00dASp[AG-RU] is ready to reset 05.12.2008 BL00dASp[AG-RU] 2+1
7821 Zaba Zabaddos Evil Morbid Chef 2
7810 WAGH! WAAAAAGH! Evil Me kill Humies! Me like kill Humies! krongdong 2+1
7801 RelUni Relatively Uninterested Neutral Nothing in particular. Rove 2
7777 T!B Team Blitzkrieg Neutral Surf nazis must die! Sylvain 1+2
7768 TeePee Teh Pwnerers Good WE WILL WE WILL PWN YOU! TheGrim 2
7752 alicuu ALICUU&SCWU Neutral ALICUU貼圖&討論&留言BBS專用 dbfox 1+1
7751 Cossacks Cossacks Neutral We can rule the world, but we don't need It Defiant 2
7751 BF/WF Blanka Flago (White Flag) Good Let the universal dialogue begin! Towel Matyfu 2
7711 Blogshares Cult of the Blogsharians Evil We are all evil J.T.Sage 2
7699 ruin RuinCommunity Evil NeonLightning 2
7693 BBS Blubbed Bogs of Shlapas Evil Initiative comes to them as wait. Warmoth 2
7693 PQ Progress Quest Neutral A quest for those who are questing? perhaps! Fesoferbex 1+1
7693 TFG Toolfan's guild Good Toolfan!!!! Toolfan 1+1
7687 DooP Democratic Order Of Planets Good In chess, never let your opponent see your pieces Captain Yesterday 1+1
7684 OP Onion Power Evil We eat stuff leachlife4 1+1
7672 Kom0 Kommune 0 Neutral Batallamos hasta la victoria siempre! Rayek 1+1
7671 Godfather The Corleone Family Evil Don't disrespect the Godfather Amatsu 2
7670 Forest Kids Forest Kids's Hideout Good Helping the Forests from fires est. Kili 3
7670 Flings Flings Neutral It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that fling crazyhorse 3
7670 HotL Heroes Of The Larynx Good 'Til the Epiglottis and further on! Thorion Stummelfiep 2
7669 O$I O$I Sucks Evil Down with O$I and we liek milk. Todd 1+1
7669 a lap Almighty Lords of the Awesome Parallelogram Neutral The parallelogram rocks Misterdrgn 2
7669 KSC Keepers of the Sacred Chao Neutral Hail Eris! Xarvous 2
7669 Lawyer Lawyers United Good Why does a Lawyer Progress in Quest? Nequissime 2
7669 unHelpers Rulers of the Photoshop Good Rule em all! vetal_l 2
7669 TIMMAH!1!!!1 The TIMs Good Nothing to see here... inTIMidator 2
7669 GoodEvil No Good No Evil Paladins Neutral These are good paladins, These are Evil paladins. Twenty Seven 2
7632 Homies The Homiez Evil If it's good we kill it... then PEE ON IT! Drelly 3
7625 D21 District 21 Neutral ... Case K 3
7624 [VS] Valhallan Sentinels Neutral D: True Selenis 2
7624 IDKmBffJ Idk my Bff Jill? Evil Idk my Bff Jill? Omniblade 1+1
7624 mz2k mz2k Good Cant Kill It, Blow It Up. Erz 2
7624 P.t.f PATTER til folket Neutral Store PATTER betyder undskyld Fede 2
7624 THDD The Heralded Dragoons of Dementia Neutral Shakin' that badonkadonk! Noexit 2
7624 Maggot Brain The Placebo Syndrome Evil Who Says A Funk Band Can\'t Play RocK?! leachlife4 2
7624 1CW 1CruelWorld Neutral If it doesn't happen to us, it'll never happen. Akcin 1+1
7624 LZ LZCrew Evil Loot! Kio 2
7611 SS WOW! Super Sandwich Evil Sandwicho delight! Kiba Wolf 3
7610 BldyMnky Bloody Monkey Evil aaaargh, give me your booty Psycotwerp 2
7548 AUP The American Universe of Pie Neutral Watch out for that guard elemental! Bingbing 2
7548 B-S Brain-Splash Evil Spash all brains Fru.Katt 2
7520 Stringent Stringent Criteria Evil linspatz 3
7520 RPers Rasta Pasta Good Jamaican spaghetti, mon Leroy Scooter 3
7487 HiHo HiHo Clan Good Sorry only dwarfs Jakson 2
7446 ShCi Shame City Neutral Shame City population: 2 Swine 2
7446 Riiight Assassins of Evil Good Evil shalt not wake up in the morning Macho 2
7446 HTBLuVA HTL Salzburg Good HTL4LIVE Herbert Langaschek 2
7409 [BNP] The British Nunnery Partnership Good Keep Britain black and white Ouroboros212 3
7395 400BB PowerProgress! Evil 400 Babies! Zorngov 2+1
7390 Evil clowns Evil clowns Neutral Evil clowns from around the land.... come join us splify 3
7381 Lupo's Guild Lupo's Guild Good Lupo 1+1
7380 InMo Inmortalis Evil Pimmel mich nicht an! grimmi 2
7267 OSP Order of the Shiny Pants Evil Shiny pants bring shiny glory! RuffinGuy 2
7267 GOI Gilthonwe o Imladris Good A Elbereth Gilthoniel ! Gweryan the Fair 2
7249 WRAB Wreckless Abandonment Neutral Set it and forget it! Poopur 3
7238 Coffee! The League of Caffeinated Divinity Good We sure do likes us some coffee. divinecoffeebinge 1+2
7233 Gartogs 69th Heavy Mandingo Regimental Support Battalion Evil If you've got an ass, we'll kick it! mammal 3
7231 EW Elite Warrior Evil Blut und Ehre Xell 1+1
7231 The D C C DCC Evil Drugs.. DRUGS.. Zigara 2
7222 NEP Nerdy Programmers Evil Oh yes. Pinto 3
7221 DRT DragonTrance Neutral ZzzzZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZzZzzzZZzzzz korvan 2
7221 1 @M 1337 1 @M 1337 Evil w3 4rE tH3 Be5+, PhuX0R tH3 Re5+ Havegrillen 2
7221 BluGar The Order of the Blurple Gartr Neutral Champions of Progress Quest Endgame Activities Sir Chubbums 2
7208 /. Slashdotters Neutral News for Land Squids, Stuff that Splatters. Jaysyn 3
7193 Veggies The Veganeers Good We kill to save! Sir Vegan 3
7138 Walkers The Walkers Good The PQ version of The Walkers! krzy 3
7137 LJers Livejournalers with too much time on their hands Neutral We're too bored for our own good inaneDirk 3
7136 BMST Bomberspastis Evil Knock Knock. Who is there? Yes Dr. Who is there! Muuudl 2
7127 CoLGV Conglomerate of lawful good vehicles Good Red goes faaaaastah! Kirill 'Sco' Bogdanov 2
7127 TAB The Assassin Brotherhood Good Nothing is true, everything is permitted. GMKF 2
7127 PDOCQ The Plastered Ducks of Cunning Quivering Neutral We suck less! daMoose 2
7127 Spooge Abundunce of Spunk Good Behave or I'll shoot you in the eye Spooge 1+1
7127 Oobleck Ooblecks of the Modogoozy Good Ryokokon that Bedublebat! Ziphou! Vengance 2
7127 D.U.M.B Lemurts Black Lair Of Jehelzebul Of Oldendire Evil wrap it in foil before you check her oil...condoms jhon 2
7127 Ktulkhu Sunrise-White-Knight Ktulkhu The Immortal Prayers Evil Blah-Blah Sunrise 2
7105 PA Prancers Anonymous Good You like to prance, don't you?! Snirpfel 1+1+1
7075 White Story A White Story Good Stay White Qwald 2
7068 We are Groot We are Groot Neutral We are Groot My Infinite 3
7044 PPaPP PixelPushersAndPolyPinchers Neutral Days Neva Finis, Massah Gotme Werkin.......... KaderaTheSmelly 2
7044 Dragon Cult Cult of the Dragons of Yesteryear Neutral Avas Enrod - "The Arm of Decision" IndigoDragon 2
7044 D.O.N.G.S Democratic Order of Neutral Guy Space Neutral Live free, or don't. bagers 2
7022 mtz Mystikal Rainbow Good Mystikal Rainbow Miles Teg 2
7002 KotC Knights of the Coconut Evil We take pride in the fact that you suck. AlmightyTim 3
6981 DeWi DeathWishers Good Come and enjoy Hybi 3
6976 TSC The Shadow Council Evil We'll get you downtown! Scourge 2
6937 Flaming Cox The Flaming Cox Good Believe it. Feel it. Taste the explosion! midgetloompa 2
6937 DivineRogue Rogue Neutral Motto This! Divine 1+1
6937 WBY We Butter You! Evil We Butter You, but only with fat-reduced butter! deathcab 2
6893 Lolclub UAB Anime Good Tentacles are good, right? Zenith 3
6891 B.o.M. Brothers of Metal Good Standing together with hands in the air. Nils Ivanson 2
6891 RDP Random Places Neutral O_O Bluebrisingr 2
6883 Moongarm Moongarm Evil In the east dwells the old Hag ... ASPePeX 1+2
6882 Neutral oi nehpetsca 1+1
6881 IZ Irken Invasion Neutral I'm dancing like a monkey!! Gir84 2
6871 omgwtf T3h Cr3w Evil y4ruh8? ANTRat 3
6870 WTVR Whatever Neutral Whatever Vibilo 2
6870 FrBo Fruit Booters Evil Do you want the boot?!? Eveock 2
6869 {GoL} Gathering of Lightbringers Good We guard the world against the forces of darkness. Canth 3
6798 urmom urmom Evil i m gonna kill u gigs 1+2
6768 DWM Dead Wet Monkies Evil Flying monkies make my brain dance. Sostenida 2
6768 ADF The Anonymous Dilettante Filmakers Neutral Should our movies be seen, we will deny everything EDS 2
6715 N2 Numtoo Evil Who does number two work for?!?!? Sean088 3
6700 V.D. Vermillions Dread Evil Baggards Skurvey 2
6696 WsyP We stole your Pie! Evil pheW pheW LaZ0R gunZ Blackdeathxx 3
6695 Pax Torq Pax Torquemada Neutral Better living through shutting your cake holes. leachlife4 2
6695 HVHL Hella Vodka, Hella Love Good There\'s no absolutes in life - only vodka Fidget 2
6695 NbK Nioubgress Knights Neutral Piou Piou Piou ... Zznab 2
6692 McC McClures Evil McClure Madness Tanek 3
6687 DOOMRABBIT The ever revolving never evolving bunnies of doom Evil di to liv 4 lyfe Haylel 3
6673 ::ADG:: The Anti-Demicanadian Group Evil Canadians? Blast 'em! Ryoniyk 3
6673 ThKB The Kobold Brigade Good If it exist, we can blow it up Lord_Ajrarn 2+1
6671 Lumumba! Lumumbatruppe Evil noch'n Lllummmummmbaaa! User3 2
6670 Free Wandering Free across the lands Evil Blood and Souls for my Dark Lord Wandering Free 2
6670 PhO Phantom Order Neutral Don't Eat That Emanuel 3
6669 Miroku Miroku Clan Evil Lesbian hentai <3 Kaio-sama 2
6669 PixiPala Plucky Pixie Paladins, Ltd. Good Now You See Us, Now You Don't R. B. 2
6669 Ridin Dirty Ridin Dirty Evil We be Ridin Dirty Vexmir 1+1
6641 CGM Computernerds Gone Mad Neutral Hey, you got a piece of liver in your hair!! Bronco 3
6631 NoSoCo NorthSouth Connection Neutral We don't need no stinking motto! Castor 3
6630 L.O.M.P. League Of Maleficent Purpose Evil Get Bent, Nerds! Gimpert 2
6630 BGBH Basugasubakuhatsu Evil Kala 2
6630 mikotachi &#27515;&#31070;&#12398;&#24043;&#22899; Good aiyokudorei 2
6630 druid Cabal of Druids Neutral What use is power to the Keeps of Balance? Coren 2
6630 iwtbg i want to be guildless Neutral knastest 2
6630 OpBat Oppium Batavorum Neutral Today is a good day to die! Noviomagus 2
6626 Moo The Cows Go MOO!! Neutral To Kick Anyone's Ass Who Piss US OFF! HolyCow 1+2
6617 Fubar'd Ballzak Nation Good if it moves, fuck it Nyxx 2
6611 ..::[D|P]::. The Dark Project Evil GildeshIX 1+2
6564 GOFWYWIAR Guild of forgetting why you walked into a room Neutral Why am i here? Namic 2
6564 Exiles Exile Wanderers Good Gyrfalcon 1+1
6564 Vampiria Vampiria Evil Spawn more overlords! Diablous 2
6551 SNUCSE16 SNUCSE16 Good Let's waste time LiverselleR 3
6550 Luu5 Luu5 - Finnish Multiplayer Club Good knowledge speaks, wisdom listens ^Beldin 2+1
6544 .:OPC:. OPC Drinks for FREE!! Neutral Yes, we really do drink for free. Commander Pork 3
6539 The Coin Golden Coin Good Eeeerrr....... rotofade 3
6539 SotEP Society of the Emerald Peons Good Deventeale 1+2
6510 Spunkers The Mighty Spunkers of Spunkania Neutral "If it ain't Spunkers, don't Spunkers." Xbob42 2
6477 Alterna Alternative Guild Of Free Spirits Neutral Be Free! Kill Free! Level Free! Dimonte 3
6475 VGCG Video Game Characters Guild Good Video Game Characters of the World, Unite! TStolz 2
6470 chemfus chemical fusion Evil lazyness pays off now Cameron 3
6449 TitDeity Worship the Breast Goddess Good Bra makers weep in despair thunderbreasts 2+1
6437 MBoL The Mighty Band of Logproock Neutral Long live Logproock! Logproock 3
6435 TPPQC Teamplay PQ Challenge Neutral who dares wins! crimson dinner 3
6418 BlDw Blue Dwarfs [Groinbutters Dept.] Neutral The lesser dwarfs, the sooner the apocalypse Hanz 1+1
6417 boekel123 Boekelcity Neutral I NEED AN EXIT, FAST! JiZ 2
6385 CiB Covered In Bees Evil Our raids are run by girls Sarai 3
6351 Irn IronMen Evil Gather money! Women! and Arms! IronMan 3
6351 T_L True Love Good Pr0n Magic_Bob 3
6337 PS Porkchop Sandwiches Evil Who wants a body massage? billthecow 2
6337 Juggalos The Gathering of Juggalos Good Track 17. Nuff Sed, MUTHA FACKU! Blamerooney! 2
6337 the Pals Prudgreds Pals Good Be a Friend! Come join Prudgred in his Holy Quest! leachlife4 2
6337 KERM Kermen Evil Harr Harr Laivindil 2
6332 -[AfK]- AfK Faction Good Away From Keyboards Since 2003 leachlife4 2+1
6321 BatlOr Battlefield Orphans Evil Kill or be Killed Oulegulas 3
6319 V3 Vini Vidi Veci Good We Came, We Saw, We Conquered leachlife4 1+1
6319 DarkTech Darkling Technologies Good RAWR! Mekesss 1+1
6319 TVPS Teen Voodoo Princess Squad Neutral get ready to look soooo gooood!!!!! Monster Char 2
6319 KTC Karaambar Truckers Community Good Eat some beans Recep Ivedik 2
6297 [0815] 0815 Good Hallo erstmal, hier bin ich. Mfg und thx 08/15 3
6290 123 hawkins guild Good hawk02 2+1
6290 MMP Mustat Miehet Puutarhassa Evil Singular 3
6288 Ins <Insert Guild Name Here> Good <Insert Guild Motto Here> SargePepper 2
6286 REFACTS Refactornators Good Prepare to be refactored Frey 3
6279 GuH guacamoleanhorde Good Inverno 2
6269 WAMK The Absentminded (a.k.a. Where Are My Keys?) Good Where did I leave my keys? Master_Bratac 1+2
6268 R.A.B.I.D. Recalcitrant Anti-Bug Intolerable Deviants Neutral This is a rather unspectacular motto... leachlife4 3
6229 -=]SWX[=- -=]SWX[=- Evil To pillage and steal is human Haggather! 3
6205 ufail Generation ufail Neutral ufail, srsly Acias 2
6198 Tilt Guild Tiltir Gildur Neutral Fetchez la Vache! Ovur Tiltir 2+1
6197 Sciurus Lore Squirrel Lore Good Wise men chatter, about trivial things. Nightshade 2
6197 PEEL Planet Express Employee Lounge Neutral Life sucks, deal with it. leachlife4 2
6197 Guildy Guild Guildy Guild Neutral Guildy Guild is the best guild. Hobologist 2
6197 JooC Fawkin Joocy Neutral We fawkin joocy cuzz Nodrogx 2
6197 NSC NastySalubriousCharacters Evil Let's get progressing! WarBear 2
6179 T.H. The Twilight Hunters Neutral Krang 3
6146 BANGARANG! Lost Boys Neutral Whatever! TwiztedTD 3
6127 wha? The Quotas Neutral a QUOTA! Skalix 3
6125 M.R.P. Mobius Roleplay Neutral Debt cannot die. Namgara 2
6107 Follow Stray Followers of Strayliight Neutral There he is!!! Let's follow!!! Strayliight 2+1
6107 icander icander Evil biif 3
6102 CresFresh Crescent Fresh Champions Good Sword! Where's my sword! I nee-ARGH! Bartleby 3
6073 Snatch The Snatch Evil Anything to declare? Yeah, don't go to England. medievil 3
6071 -=|BM|=- BattleMaster Good If the enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in. Cancelot 3
6066 Meff MeffDivers Evil Mewmew 2
6050 TCOR The Necromongers Good You keep what you kill TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
6032 Haibane Haibane Neutral Never pet a burning dog. leachlife4 2
6031 Cheddar The Cheese Cavalry Evil Do not underestimate the power of the gouda leachlife4 2
6007 Viking The Viking Horde Neutral PILLAGE!!!!! Erik The Red 3
6007 EvNox Evorsor Nox Good Latin is a cool language, and so is eating pizza Ingsoc 3
6003 Murky Murky Good Fun Fun Fun & slow slow slow murky 3
5992 Cotton Club The Cotton Club Evil Arose from the cotton, a new generation of heroes LegalizeProstitution 2
5984 NI4NI An Eye For An Eye Neutral Mavol 2
5984 G.D. Guild of Dungeoneering Good carury 2
5970 roflcopter the Alliance of Guild and Clans, ROFLCOPTER!!11one Neutral do what you want, just don't get us involved tehwalrus 3
5970 RLTS Rainbow Llama Taxi Service Neutral You want it, we might get off our bums to get it. Malikane 3
5970 SO! Spoltog Ortemts Neutral ARRRR!!!! Elshar 3
5970 NX Noxe Evil We will harvest your corpses. Edenia 3
5955 mechs >> all Mechanical Forces Neutral motorcycles pwnz Evi 3
5952 CoCV The Company of Crazed Venturers Good We'll mess up a left leg. Yolarg the Gral 2+1
5951 Kipina Good "Learn the basics of making and woving of cloths." LemonjuiceX 2
5951 S.o.A Security Of Angels Good SoA 4 Life! ovenroastedmike 1+1
5930 BlknRng Black Guy n the Rangers Good HES GOT A GUN!! Slowdown 3
5919 CalCl Calcium Club Good Drink your milk! TheCakesASpy 3
5914 Evil Lords Evil Lords Evil We will conquer middle earth! Veggie 2
5861 TUNAK The Uber Neurotic Action Killaz Neutral Tunak Tunak TUN! Rickdroz 1+1
5855 KoS Kinslayers of Sweden Evil We love the smell of slayed kin in the morning Darus 2
5848 NAPN National Association of Pirate Ninjas Neutral Super happy pirate ninja guild time yay! Darnin 2
5835 FOTA Forge Of The Arbalest Neutral Forging Time..... But we aren't sure into what Silver Raven 3
5831 Ginko Ginko Technologies Neutral We build things. Things that do stuff. Hinoserm 3
5826 UWA05 Team United Wrestling Alliance Neutral We're here to do somethin. I can't remember what. ThePredSpecies 3
5821 GLwB Guntoting Lunatics with Badges Neutral We tote guns and we haven't a clue how to use them residieu 2
5821 ferr's guild ferr's guild Neutral doot doot doot ferrx 2
5820 NightB Nightblades Evil A Dagger In The Dark Rabek 1+1
5818 BEASTING FierceBeast Neutral RAWRRRRR Wolfrisger 2+1
5817 Breadcat Breadcat Evil Breadcat 2
5817 BLE Burning Legion of Elgoog Evil Elgoog shall burn your soul! Charon 2
5817 MMOA MMO Anonymous Neutral No Pain, No Gain e-sun 2
5809 KillS killingspree Evil you'r death shall be gruesom! bwaha \o/ carna 2
5807 RM Russian Maniac Neutral Why? Snowblin 1+1+1
5806 JUSTICE!!!!! Knights of cydonia Good Don't waste your time or time will waste you... Milmaune 2
5805 OH SHI- Powarzne Paszczaki Evil EPPSI EPPSI Seriously Serious Pashchaque 3
5804 ICEFTW Icecream for President Evil Fat kids are harder to kidnap Ethirty 3
5803 e$G Elite Soilder Germany Evil Just do it! PsY.Saar 3
5800 Hackers! Hackers! Evil Hack this loser game! leachlife4 3
5800 jipjip Jipnips jipnap Good Nap a jip or jip the nap Jipnip 2
5800 RHPS Rocky Horrow Penguin Show Evil When in rome tannnnerrr 1+2
5799 What?What? NewChirasi Good Chirasi 2
5799 FUCD Frisco Union of Civil Defenders Good Whatever we do, we're FUCD leachlife4 1+1
5770 Koskus Koskus Neutral Koskus Forever SBYman 3
5769 S.P.O.O.N the Society of People Of Other Names Evil Long Live Those With Other Names! Jon (ofDeath) 3
5766 FiFMU Finnish flying mushroom Neutral Taste before eating Upulitar 3
5766 Team Ramrod Team Ramrod Good I'm Rodney and you're Ramathorn! Team Ramrod! Stillhart 1+1
5765 A - I Anime - Insanity Good Love it, watch it, absorb it. w/anime life is good Menchii 2
5765 OdrF OrdenDerReinigendenFinsterniss Evil what moves could be killed Raider 2
5765 Wazaaa Tourbillon de Wazaaa Good If you want to tuch the sky fuck a duck and try to Albrokzar 2
5765 TwDe Twilight Descends Good Alea jacta est Slavakion 2
5765 PUGT Pitchfork Palmtree Good We know work. SpaceMouse 2
5765 Apple Corps Apple Corps Good Hail Eris! Maltrich 2
5765 NDR NDR Good NDR 2
5765 Reiki Reiki Good Carpe diem! Neftis 2
5765 DFTBA Nerdfighteria Good Don't forget to be awesome Covert_Nerdfighter 2
5762 ModZer0 The cheese eating crew of Evil ModZer0 and Cheese. Where can you go wrong? Voodoo Bishop 3
5754 [HARTY] Harty Boys Neutral Screw the rules I have progress bars! Jeffey 2
5723 .:TN:. TehNoobz Evil For the better of mankind, you must die. Lu5t 1+2
5720 TC-P TC-Productions Evil sell +78 Ring of Sudden Death with pk /8 23ui + pt Timuuh 3
5716 PPQC Professional Progress Quest Consultants Good We do what we must because we can. Lulidine 3
5707 STROTR Seeckt The Remains Of The Reason Evil Nothing it occurs, without the interference of wil Hi_Death 1+1
5707 [ABR] Anonymous Raider Brigade Neutral For Whatever! Tetradex 2
5707 Draconians The Draconians of Justice Good Onwards we stride, To justice and peace. BeowulfDragon 2
5697 SPNKNT SpankNet Neutral We Spank it so you dont have to Wissape 3
5686 Double G Galactic's Guild Neutral ^_-; Galactic 3
5686 POSERS Persons Of Skill Enterprisingly Ransacking Stuff Neutral No dungeon left unlooted! gbuchold 3
5676 gomi Guild of Malcontent Individuals Neutral ゴミ: trash, garbage; litter Juiceman 3
5664 [SeEn] Senthetic Entropy Neutral Natso 3
5662 -=SD=- Speed Demons Evil Speed is the key Devilslore 1+1
5661 GSM2k GodSlayerMen2k Evil heiehieei klet 2
5622 SLPH Selphith Good Unlimited Play in Company Works Aliene Spiegel 3
5597 radP radPolar Neutral Scrollbuttons leachlife4 3
5595 BBQB BBQ Bashers Evil We kill it, AND grill it. Nindaru 3
5580 The Sheep The Remarkably Noble Quadrupeds of the genus Ovis Good Sheep will rule the world pixelsheep 2
5522 -PR- Panty-Raiders Neutral Rading Panties 24/7 Nikral 3
5519 69T The Six 9 Triads Neutral Successor to the Three 6 Mafia Pearmelon 3
5510 Arga Argan Empire Neutral If at first you don't succeed, too bad. Arceliar 2
5506 GLN Guildlessness Neutral Spoooooooooon! Davealiciousness 3
5505 Muppet We will survive Evil He who dies lives forever leachlife4 3
5495 JUT Just the two of us! Neutral There are two of us! AbbathorX 2
5495 TrailofDead ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Evil FaapOaid 2
5470 C&H Cyanide & Happiness Evil Un-Official cyanide and happiness greatucker 3
5462 AFSH Aftershave Good If ya can't play in the grass, play in the mud. Gedier 3
5460 DBIP The bananas in pyama's Evil Be a banana jacknikols 2
5460 The Worst Worst Guild on the Server Neutral Might not be the best, but you can be the WORST Smarg 2
5439 ROTN Rangers of the North Good We fight for a free and united North autoexec 3
5401 T.F. The Franchise Good 'Witness The Power' Jedi 3
5390 cmtcbnf Commandomechatechnocharlesbronsonninjaforce Evil Huh???? Peter-san 2000 turbo wow 1+1
5390 NoF Noobs of Fury Evil We are Noobs and we are Furious Smugcloud 3
5389 Buffet The Great Buffet Collective Neutral All your food are belong to us. SmorgasBorg 2
5389 5226 Futt Buckers Neutral kill people burn shit fuck school Delta Walrus 2
5389 Kids n' SIDS Kids_with_Sids Evil It's a disease. secret cutter 2
5389 DAoPQ Dark Age of Progress Quest Good Aye, you will now feel more powerful then ever! Pagman 2
5389 Sot6thP Slaves of the 6th Planet Good Trent{TS} 2
5386 Feather Feather Good Birds of a Feather flock together! Aepoch 3
5364 LotUSDEI Legion of the Unborn Sick Dead Engels Incazzati Evil We are the gruesome engels that come from Valhalla Marutan 3
5328 WUH Woolungering Unfight Hamper +3 Neutral Better Woolunger through Understandable Lunt! Plonteras 3
5326 KTTBRGNDS Kitte's Brigands Evil Slay the hobbits! Kitf0x 3
5326 Abaddon Abaddon Neutral Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll. Caudric 2
5321 BrBr Brownie Brigade Evil Steep prices and trees! leachlife4 3
5275 WINNER Captain Terribles Band of Nymphomaniacal Lobsters Evil Once you go lobster Moridim 2
5258 SovietPQ SovietPQ Neutral In Soviet PQ, game levels YOU! Kyoshiku 3
5254 Minsanity Mild Insanity Evil Let there be dimness! And discomfort! leachlife4 3
5245 Tiny Buggers Coalition of tiny Buggers Neutral boggizzle 1+1
5245 OOG10.9.3 Out of Game Evil Begin Combat! jomomma 2
5245 IJW It Just Works Good Duh, "It Just Works"... Ship it! Buodonnn 2
5244 KOG Keepers of the Gate Good Booga Hooga Fooga Asherom 2
5218 CH3353 mongers of the cheese Neutral ian0x 3
5218 bslt Obsolete Evil Angin 2
5212 NKVD The KoRT Soviet Good All power to the Soviet! dutchman6 3
5210 O RLY Manumitter o' Dragon Good :D Dragonsaver 2
5210 synermosity synermosity Neutral Malolas 2
5203 BCP Bloodninja Cyber Pirates Evil Cyber Kills Ehrnam 2
5203 CDNEH Crazed Canadians Neutral We will show them, eh Sheld 2
5203 THMMD The Honourable Men of Daring Do Neutral We do what we do when we do it Coalpaw 2
5195 K.I.F Knights of Infinite Flatulence Good Better Out Than In Cromulus 2
5192 Cata MassDestructiveForce Evil Death to the weak and long live the wicked! mdfAscendant 3
5179 90s The Nineties Evil dot dot dot Rekcals 3
5175 believe! believers Good believe in me, and you shall be rewarded! believer 1+1
5157 Blingularity Blingularity Evil Train, Steamroll and spitt at people! rar! Chavsis 2
5106 Blackfire Blackfire Clan Good True Masters Of Bullshitting Digital Viruz 3
5099 KotiR Knights of the Ice Rink Good Full Plated Body Check Nitblade 2
5099 DerA Defenders of the Ancients Good Ellianshia 2
5097 APoS Assholish Pieces of Shit Evil We're shit, and we've come to kick your ass! Baron Von Talon 2
5097 [BBaNanA-X] [Green] Evil come on! -SunDaY- 2
5086 CET CETech Players Neutral Uchua 3
5075 BAB Beyond all Betrayal Good Abomb 2
5066 ~{II}~ Invictus Imperium Evil In Nomine Seth! SethBlades 3
5064 GO Giant Oisters Evil Tremudant 3
5062 ZINC Zhoul Inc Evil It's time to slay the dragon... Zhoul 2
5060 TO?? The Others Neutral Huh? Waring 3
5058 NINJA HIT NINJA Hitmen Neutral Who you want me kill? hollow1 2
5058 XoR RoXoRz XoR Neutral kekekekekke ^_^ GhostXz 2
5049 -HoD- Hearts of Darkness Evil Don't eat yellow snow Darquehart 3
5048 Joelbitar Joelbitar Evil Smell my underwear hurk 3
5047 MMash Midget Mashers Good Twice the mashing, in half the time/// Zz.Xx.333 2+1
5046 dood prinny Penguins Neutral Penguins slide on their bellys hahshaashahhahashsh SadRobot 1+2
5044 RAC Regulus Assault Corps Good LOVE & PEACE !!! leachlife4 2
5043 JTL JTL Evil HIT THAT BABY!!! e1337gamer 2
5043 Flowers Flowers of Happiness Good were the good guys we always win Twiztid Juggalo 1+1
5043 losax The loyal order of Saxonia Neutral Why not? 1saxon262 2
5029 FTW!!1 Prickly Bastards Evil RAWR~! Avie 3
5014 IronPearl The Guild Of The Iron And The Pearl Neutral Don't Fear The Unknown... Be The Unknown Demono 1+1
5014 Demon-power! Chou Mashin - The Super Devil-Gods Evil Ew-ay eaksp-ay igp-ay Atin-lay! GulzPast 1+1
5013 Too Good I'm too good for you Club Neutral HAHA Yashira 2
5013 AV AmiciVini Neutral bibendum est! bpj 2
5013 D95 Durango95 Neutral purred away real horrorshow Hopium 2
5013 -PoD- Prophets of Doom Good Muh.... CpKnoppers 2
5013 -HG- Heroshi Guild Neutral There is Heroshi somewhere near you... Temoto 2
5013 XGen The XGenians of PQ Neutral 1111111111ballsacks1111111111 Wyzniak 2
5013 SCIENCE Doomgineer's Workshop Evil For progress! Doomgineer 2
4977 SDWKS Super Double Wookies Good SquidMaster 3
4963 TUMs The Unethical Mercenaries Neutral What needs to be done, no questions asked grimmier 2
4963 R.S.A Rulebreakers Superiority Association Evil YAAAAR PHOOEE TO THE RULES Da SkoolBwoy 2
4963 MX m00 Evil m00 MooX 1+1
4963 ChaoUn ChaoticUnity Neutral Too bad FFXI Online isnt this easy... ^^ Kodatsuku 2
4935 Beannies! Beanblossoms Neutral Sweet and Simple! Fishnose 3
4923 Sav2 Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Neutral Ophelia is my leader. The Red Omen of Disaster 2
4898 UPS-Brown United Parcel Service Good Fighting the Evil of Fed-Ex Quests Solid KZ 3
4897 SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! Good SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! shinobu37 3
4896 SoM Sons Of Misery Evil You live, you die. Now you die! demondog 2
4882 CAD CTRL ALT DEL Neutral Just do it Jeroneth 3
4874 PR PepsiRocks Evil Pepsi Rocks and Coke Sucks!!! Black Wulf 2+1
4852 Cemetery Cemetery of Death Good Camel, Dromedary, Lame Spennet 2
4798 Rats The Rat's Backpack Evil Only say things that can be heard! Hrazmit 3
4791 yeah! rubberduckies Evil hell no! Needless 2
4791 Illy Illegalization Evil "Illegalized...." leachlife4 1+1
4791 MIEU MI Europe Evil -.- tristix 2
4778 Radiator White Radiator Evil We will radiate you in the face! Milaha 2
4778 Bul Bulgaria Good Bulgaria above all! Kompira 2
4761 EHJ Einherjar-Eternal Neutral We are the pinnacle of eternal warriors. Stick35 1+2
4756 F@J Final Justice Good veskeyw 3
4754 GTA Guild of Temporal Adventurers Neutral Time waits for no man Azchar111 2
4753 Brownies Brownies Neutral If you can bake it, you can eat it Shamayne 1+2
4748 OotT Order of the Tentacles Neutral For Tentacular Justice! Kamenwati 2
4748 nst-adminz nst-adminz Evil Yeeeeah! Kill them all! deatwisedog 3
4739 HKK Hokuten Knights Good Fighting the Good Fight Masume 2+1
4738 GC Galactor Collective Neutral Join us... or don't Zigelbaum 2
4729 PB&J Peanut Butter and Jelly Good Eat me! Fiverooni 2+1
4710 PandasRule Pandas of Fortune Neutral Damn all of us leachlife4 3
4700 TS2WO Toy Story 2 Was Okay Evil 8==D Areth 3
4696 <| |> HTX Geeks! Evil PV-duer! Det er noget der holder! Pennywice The Evil One 3
4692 BrainDead BrainDead Evil Who needs brain to play online games? Azimus 1+1
4692 Jolly Roger Jolly Roger Neutral Webtkl 2
4690 ZPer ZeroPagers Neutral All your memories are belong to us! Ardie Fox 2+1
4688 MDco Mainstream Decadence Neutral Y'arr and stuff. Dakkon 2+1
4687 KF Kupo Flux Evil Kupo Kupo! [UofO]Bean 3
4686 Sharp Team Sharp Good Owari Da! Clouded 2
4633 XGF Xenogears Fanatics Neutral Crazy... everyone is CRAZY! Elhaym 2+1
4632 SDLGotDEL Shadow Dread Lord Gods of the Dark Evil Legion Evil Hurion 2
4632 SFFF Senile Felines Good Always Surrender First! mirmite 2
4561 The Follower The Union of the Followers of Casey's Gophur Good He be in cahoots with the seal. LastOneStanding 1+1
4561 OverThere Those Guys. Yeah. Them over there. Neutral Yup. That's us! RedCeoghan 2
4537 WrBR Warriors From Brasil Good Brasileiros - Juntem-se a nós!!! Biano 2
4532 COTA Children of the Apocalypse Evil "We live to End." Claven 1+2
4531 Ilfirin Ilfirin Evil Nope. Meruun 2
4531 Oath Oathbreakers Neutral Swear no oaths, owe no fealty ferofax 2
4531 RoDe Rogue Delicacy Evil Only the dead can be properly cooked. Grand Master Submarine 1+1
4526 bouh Evil keep your ass far far away from us ^^ leachlife4 3
4525 HarHar Harwind Haven Good Wha??? Hoopyding 3
4508 CoUP Cabal of Ultimate Power Evil The Reckoning is upon thee, insects. All must die! Haarken 3
4472 CUS CUS Good We will slay all of you! Mouhahaha 2
4453 RHSB The Right Honorable Society of Barbers Evil We Heal with Steel leachlife4 2+1
4435 BOYBB BOYBB Good Thread's too long craisin 3
4432 PCD Planet China Denizens Neutral We're here for the beer. Brande77 2
4432 Y's H.Q. Y-DOC's H.Q. : the bunker of the bot' Good "Domo arigato, mr. Roboto" leachlife4 2
4423 TKTM-BL Ticketbastard Lunatics Evil This hurts you more then it hurts me. There are those that call me T 3
4414 MUG MugWarriors Good Bring it on. ubrux 3
4411 SBC Super Best Clan Evil Only the time watch which a strong person win. leachlife4 3
4402 DOOOM! Silly Kawaii Fangirl Guild of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Evil Let the cuteness overcome your soul! KILL UNCUTE! dastafarin 1+2
4402 BUS Riders of the Short Bus Neutral We're Retarded. Endorfinn 1+1
4402 Woot! Nosegay Evil Woot! Darakir 2
4402 CUPCAKES The Cupcakes Clan Neutral Phase 1: Collect Cupcakes Phase 2: ???? Phase 3: $ Phinny Cupcakes 3
4402 madleg MADLEG Neutral beerramensnowramenbeer bunky 2
4399 Ugh Muttonminder's Plague-ridden Beetle Riders Good Tree-folk are not to be trusted. stilyagi 2
4389 nWo new world Order Evil When your nWo, your nWo 4 Life! Drmgiver 1+1
4389 NAT NAT Games Evil this is our future. MagnaDea 3
4388 GiantRobot International House of Giant Robots Neutral クシャクシャ Mecha Godzilla 2
4386 SoRF Sect of ReactOS Fanatics Evil more code! ScoTTie 2
4385 TECoH The Evil Cult of Hendrich Evil German Chicks Don't Give Head leachlife4 2
4385 VeggieClan The Guild of the Bastard Vegetables Evil We make small children sick! Broccolli 2
4380 TL#49 Thieves' Local #49 Neutral Take Or Be Taken!!! Ferrick 3
4360 N:N:N:N Neutered Neutral Neutron Newbies Neutral Schland! Schland! Phursenbrand! Blowster-a-hurs! Blartenpfonk 1+1
4359 [DG] Dark Goddess Cult Neutral Come to me and see that can not be seen Nergal 2
4359 War Ensemble War Ensemble Evil The Sport is War, Total War DaiTengu 2
4359 bitchin' The Bitchin' Camaros Evil skate or die Ikantski 2
4359 NSNC Nomadic Spacesuit Ninja Clan Good Nice Hat. Kyrian 2
4359 GEGN Geekempire Good Doin it up Diaper-Style since 1999 Army Chimp 2
4359 TNT TNT Neutral Let Dytand 2
4359 17CC 17th Coffee cup Neutral More bitter than hell itself.. That is coffee. Sadrack 2
4359 T~B Twilight Brigade Evil Reapers of the Twilight Gekkomon 2
4359 unix unix Evil kill unixchaos 2
4359 Mushrooms!!! Hobbit Destroyers Evil We eat mushrooms!!! kairakuda 3
4359 BDGM Bad Dudes, Good Move Evil Wearing Rad 80s Shades SodiumBromley 2
4351 aHoBWP A herd of beautiful wild ponies Good save the kittens! Fedary 2
4351 DMS-PQ Death Marked Spaulders Evil Funshine 2
4327 dodol Dodol Good Dodol Duren eldz 3
4327 Eveningstar Eveningstar Evil wart 3
4316 -BB- Ball Bustas Neutral Don't act like you don't like the ball buster! Binks 2
4316 -ChAOTiC- Castle Age Off-Topic Crew Good -zergy- 2
4303 +Cucumbers+ ++++ Divide by cucumber error +++ Neutral Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot marco polo 3
4299 tN27 TheNumber 27 Neutral MC.Iglo 3
4281 L8C Late Night Crew Evil Pillage, Loot, Eat Kobold Penis. Mysticloss 2
4280 BloodMonk BloodMonkians Neutral Here to conquer all on behalf of all BloodMonks. IDivideByZero 1+1
4270 AF Anvil Fetchers Evil No work is to heavy for us! Maxi - Mighty Pirate 2+1
4260 SWAG Innuendo Casino Neutral Liquor in the Front. Poker in the Rear. leachlife4 2+1
4257 l09 l09 h0r1z0n Neutral No one stands in our way! Maitland 2
4206 PUBE Pubies United Evil Why not? Jill 3
4205 Gay Ken Ken Stallings Is Gay Good Ken Stallings is SOOO Gay! Evil Bobby 2+1
4172 Hamjob Hamjob Evil Who wants a hamjob? GoatTuber 3
4162 CheeseWheel The Wheel Of Cheese Series Good Like A Good Neighbor, Cheese Wheel Is There. Cheddarmar 3
4155 DARC Dwarven Alliance and Rotary Club Good They profit most who stand shortest. Schizandroid 2
4145 G1 Gildawunn Neutral New member, same dumb objective. DKW 1+2
4140 WYD Who's Your Daddy?!?! Evil Have no fear, daddy's here. Baldin 1+2
4131 MUFF Evil Skogstrollen kommer!! Celindra 3
4129 purplemonkey purplemonkeydishwasher Evil If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! -ian- 2
4129 ASSmongers Worshippers of the Sacred ASS Good All Hail the Sacred ASS! MundyWoof 1+1
4129 TFA TheFallenAngels Neutral Our World ... Our Rules ! Luken 2
4129 Nihilum Nihilum Neutral Best guild ever! W4rk 2
4102 The Narmless Armless Ninjas Evil No arms no cookies mj0lnir 3
4084 [ME] Good leachlife4 3
4080 MoB MastersofBlood Neutral Moo!~~ Trogvam 2
4075 Vitae Guild of Vitae Neutral VitaeG 2
4075 2EA Twin-Earth Alliance Good Magic comes from John, who killed God. Too bad. Formedras 2
4075 L2TG Lab2TrollGuild Evil Chusme! TrollDusso 2
4075 GULO Guild Lol Evil FUCK YOU MarioAlfaroG 2
4027 DefoS Defenders of Souls Good One step at a time. Finis Kalan 2
4015 first First Evil MAX_INT NH DOWN! amer 2
3988 FoF Fortress of Fury Neutral We who rages against the system. Eroing 1+1
3988 WTFOVER Knights of the Fire Roasted Dill Jelly Babies Neutral We Slay for Pay... or sexual favors. R.Andom 2
3988 ASMO Ass Monkeys Good Hello People World Krumpet 2
3966 Galbuk Galvanized Bucket Good Next comes ice and beer. Brassman 2
3965 hhu Informatiker Evil Motto Moldten 2
3961 schbring Schicksalsbringer Good Preian 3
3945 EWG Elite Warriors of Gradius Good Destroy the Core! Aenadel 2
3943 Smoo The Villiage of Smoo Neutral Fusion - can't live in it, can't live without it. Dr. Vonn Jerry XLII 1+2
3943 kobold penis Kobold Penis Evil UNDERAGE KOBOLD PENIS! Lady Ihaveabigdick 1+2
3940 MRM Morbidity Remission Neutral If your going to die, atleast have a way back! Morbidity 2
3940 Slh Satans little helpers Evil To own or not to own thats the question !? Duze 2
3937 Freeballers The Limp Noodles Evil Die Mother Fucker! DrEvilio 3
3935 YoteYote Super Geniuses and Other Yotes Neutral Become one with Yote - Order Acme Today leachlife4 2
3929 justRU banDA! Neutral homosexualiZm will save the world from human kind! sxl 3
3928 RagingPonies The raging ponies Evil Nom Nom Nom wird^ 2
3923 purge purgatory Neutral Hello World\n flawed 1+2
3900 TcL The Chaos Legion Evil RAWWR Teh Chaos Legion is AzN PoopInMyMOuf 2
3879 0o>G 0_o - - - - - > the Guild Evil 0_o - - - - - > Obey the Face Little Bear 3
3875 norinco The Sweatshop Boys Neutral Ron Mexico 3
3867 NbAk Natural born Alien Killers Evil Eike! Temu 3
3863 ESSSGOC The Guild of the Egg Salad Sandwich Neutral "The Saga Continues!" Sam the Enchanter 3
3862 QAP QA Pain and Suffering Good We test therefore we are Khestral 2
3862 Viggies The Vigil Ones Neutral We are the Vigil Ones, and we are forever. Warian 2
3857 Dominion Dominion Evil Chao Ab Ordo leachlife4 2+1
3837 HTXAATG HTX Students of Aalborg Neutral KILL EVERYTHING! Sjums 2
3836 C_o_S Circle of Shadows Evil Our bars are faster than your bars Ozack 3
3834 Mutsen Mutsen Evil To Muts Or Not To Muts Yali 2
3829 IBBOGU Industrial Bag Balm Ointment Guildies Union Neutral You need the Balm.. why not use OUR palm? Bonebear 3
3829 StrudleTribe A tribe of strugglings. Evil Grekshag! Grekshag 2
3828 Red Shirts The Red Shirts Good Aye, aye, sir! Duse of the Opera 2
3828 M0D Masters Of Disaster Neutral Apherian 2
3828 L.O.U.L. Loyal Order of Undead Llamas Evil Carpe Dementia Dunny 2
3828 K7 Killer 7 Good In the name of Harman! Faltru 2
3825 JEDI [JEDI] Neutral [JEDI]MaitreYoda 2
3825 REDRUM Redrum Good It's all good MessUup 2
3825 D_G DaGuild Neutral Motto? We don't need a motto. Yazston 2
3819 HEG Heroes Guild Good Awesomeness! Alpher 2
3817 V*C Veit-Cong Evil To keep you is no benifit, to destroy you, no loss Ho Chi Minh 2
3816 gschmeido G'schmeidig FC Neutral Alles cremig und so. thedex 2
3816 SaTfB Spankinmom And The For Bads Evil Spank Moms! Hamocho 3
3814 AnonMouses Anonymouses Evil We Are Legion! DarkTanis 2
3814 GloryCrusade The Glorious Crusade Good I swear it's for a good cause. Thaylen 3
3814 Riot (WoW) Riot Neutral Riot from WOW Chase 2
3813 Qtm Qtm Good qtm 1+1
3813 KPOD Killer Penguins of Doom Good Don't eat the Yellow Snow Sherlockrp 2
3813 RCSS Ronny Cordova Sockbaby Superstars Good Tell your alien brothers, RC says they're GAY! aerune 2
3813 F.A.R.T. Federation of Analy Released Travellers Neutral Non Urinus Unto Thee Windus PsychoFox 2
3813 . . Neutral ... Warlock Vulchen 2
3813 C-S-A Call Shit Animal Evil CSA Me More Cool 2
3793 FP12 The Bringers Of Fear And Paranoia Evil Scared? NO??? will haunt you till you are Paranoid Paralust 3
3791 ACL Awesome Canadian Lovers Good Make love, then decide if you wanna kill 'em! MrAnt 2
3791 ABTongue Assault By Tongue Neutral i'm shite mate. Wazburz 2
3791 TheOwnBest TheOwn! Good OwnThatShitBiatch! WesleyPii. 2
3791 smoD Snow-men of DOOM Evil death to all until we melt?!?!?!?!? saferain3 2
3791 HotBLP Hordes of the Black Leather Pants Evil CRACK IS WACK! Magical-Buff 2
3791 T R The Resistance Good Fight for freedom! Kill for fear! bomber boy 2
3791 SGW Stargate Worlds Good We are 1337 and visit Kayshin 2
3790 BlargHunters The Hunters of Blargness Neutral Protect the people from the powers of Blarg. Horrific Monkeyface 1+1
3783 TTP The TTP Project Neutral Rule #1: You do NOT talk about The TTP Project! ded_guy 1+1
3783 Scimitar The Great Scimitar Good You fight with a sword, you die by the sword CoffeeBoy 1+1
3756 linkybook Knights of the Linkybook Evil Huzzah! Qalthos 3
3746 Sprout The Robotsprouting Heroes Good Sprouting a robot from your head is pretty messy. Bozar 3
3739 [[pOwNzEd]] [[pOwNzEd]] Neutral w3 b3 p0wnz3d bLaM 3
3723 Tidusian Final Fantasy Good Zanarkand Abes Forever Zanarkand 3
3686 KaliHuck Wart-hamsters of the Kalevala Huckleberry Fields Good KaliHuck shall rule the world Raveller Huck 3
3635 Sodas Sodas Rule Good Now...more than ever...SODAS RULE!!! Diet Mr Pibb 3
3622 UM Unruly Misfits Neutral I Like Traffic Lights renothebla 3
3620 PFWD Penguins for World Domination Evil "Where do you keep your dead?" sayuri 3
3613 LK Louis's Kingdom Good If we dont kick ur butt, we dont know u King Louis 1+1
3613 Lockmap The Order of the Lockmap Evil Del Lockmap and USERMAP FOR JUSTICE!!! janderson 2
3613 Superoxide Superoxide Good Je te plumerai MasterBuilder 2
3603 ESt Ein Stockwerk tiefer Evil Schlimmer gehts nicht... Frekon 3
3595 Canadain Canadain Rulers Good Freeze, eat seal, pick maple leaf. Naenor 2
3591 1337H The 1337 WOW Haxxorz Good WOW is a game, we play this one too RJGamer 1+1
3590 PEH Porn Elemental Hunters Good You aim, You Shoot, He dies. 2
3590 SSLOVERS Star Sonata Good We <3 SS TrevorTheGreat 2
3583 ForgMa Forgetful Madness Good Where did that crab go? Bennyfisher 2
3576 Edventuria Edventuria Evil A place for Evil Talking Ponies Syntic 3
3576 CPUC Central-Processing-Unit-Cycle Neutral Fetch, Decode, Execute and Writeback. Magrex 3
3550 DoongTat The Doong Tat Neutral Guahad Doong-Tat ! Heap 3
3543 MBFOS Monkey Boys From Outer Space Evil Kill all the kittens in the world! OnePoison 2
3543 triibula triibula, the great ancient kingdom Good fetch me a fork!? triip 1+1
3543 K15F Knights of the 15th Floor Good Good Knight & Good Riddance, Evil-Doer! Refi 2
3543 <BOFH> Berserking Operators from Hell Evil we will not fix your computer! viliri 2
3543 Samf Neutral Marxxx 2
3543 BARN The Barn Crew Good suck my diiiick Trope 2
3543 Freaks Crazy Leveling Freaks Good Kick the bunnies! Kadiya 2
3543 Flappeh! Non-caring Half orc birdriders Neutral is it dead yet? can i has teh loots? Olaffer 2
3543 MND Monads Good Sergey Shamov 2
3534 MEW CatWorld Good Cat get all world CommunyanCat 3
3533 GBE Glory Boyz Evil bang bang skudda oblock #3hunna Petyr 3
3520 idlers The Great Idlers Neutral Idling until we can idle no more. YardGnome 2+1
3518 ]dr[ Darks Retinue Evil Come up Sal ! -LicktorR- 1+1
3514 EB Evil Bastards Evil Granaldo 3
3514 TheTrio The Trio Evil We're evil!!! Tekias 3
3502 n1nj4 l33t n1nj4s Good l33t and svv33t Caijhan 2
3483 LDI Land Dolphin Initiative Good Too good to be bad. Sigh71 3
3449 Leshiy Dreadful Clowns Good laugh can kill Leshiy 2
3449 F.F. Frontier Farmers Good NOU! spiffwalker 2
3435 omnitech omnitech Neutral Goats love us! xaminmo 2+1
3427 Irkan Elite The Irkan Elite Evil LEAVE NO EVIDENCE! shofixti 2+1
3426 UWs Uber Wohvelit Evil Yberit leachlife4 2
3421 EVS Eviscerators Neutral Placate this Pessimism 2
3418 TheZ The Zero's Neutral Obviously we may be Zero's, but were still badass. Zushi 3
3413 FNX The Befuddled Evil We don't get it. alp245 3
3400 berryberry Fresh Berry Neutral Yarouze! crowa 3
3391 #Dominion Dominion PQ Guild Neutral Where power prevails. Drekinn 2
3391 PatSquad Patraulea Squad Evil We are za best Ravl 2
3373 RPQ Rus Progress Questers Neutral Hi Friedns , Kill Steal ,Fuck Ducks! Coolerbox 2
3344 BAMF Badass motherfuckers Evil Fuck them all!!! SnakZilla 1+1
3329 T|-|3 R4p15T The Rapists Of Undealeranamiliche Evil We put the spurs to bitches. Kloud 2
3328 Kawaii House The Kawaii House of Hats Neutral "We don't want no trabble" Foxxy 2
3328 Esek Esek Evil DaemonBarber 2
3328 EG 4 lyfe Egyptian Gods Good If it aint jewish, it ain't worth insulting Irenicus 2
3327 MiB You're not cleared for that. Neutral See the world!.....differently. IlluminatiPawn 2
3327 SHC Silly Hat Club Good Silly hats only! fergdude33 3
3322 404R 404 Radio Good Http:// HexDSL 2
3316 a_guild_01 a_guild_01 Neutral You're in our world now! Sandoso 2
3316 Harvest United Potato Farmers of North America Neutral Fak it's a tensor Granas 2
3316 Blibble The Clan of The High Blibble Neutral I Liek Caek Frostbear 2
3316 Meep? Meep? Evil Meep? Meeper 1+1
3316 OMFGeh Ontario Mega Financial Group Evil You won't believe it, eh! LordBafford 2
3316 mybaanrit Neutral weirdos steve2 2
3306 90928gt 928gt Neutral No Airline Food Zerrath 3
3296 DnT. Death and Taxes ... Evil Kill That Mother Fucker MdnghtRmblr 2
3296 Pzz World Of Pizza Evil Everyone wants pizza PizzaManOnly 2
3296 KAWSD The Keiser Anti-World Society of Domination Evil If it ain't dead, you didn't hit it hard enough. Keiser 2
3296 Gamers The League of Gaming Gods Neutral WE ARE, G-A-M-E-R-S, GAMERS!!!!! Charkan 2
3296 VGL VGL Good godats 2
3296 BlCa BlackCastle Neutral From which Portal shall I go Grudog 1+1
3296 LMR La Main Rouge Evil Tu sais pas Jhcrof 2
3296 [{FG}] Funny Guys Evil Rock Out With Your Cock Out JesterJoe2002 2
3296 DA FTW! Drunken Alliance PQ Good DA FTW! Yanissa 2
3296 M O M MachineOfMorningthaw Good No one pwns harder than M O M! MachineOfMorningthaw 2
3284 AKG Asskickers Guild Evil Reginald Subaru 1+2
3265 Aus Luke-kun Good I have swept the very bravest of their feet Rukuu 2+1
3264 Divinity Divinity Good ummm ya Grahf 1+1
3237 GoCC Girls of The Chaos Chambers Neutral WE LIKE BISHI, RAWR >:O Senko Takagi 2
3235 CC-LM Legion of Myth Neutral Who would you become? MaxLiao 2+1
3232 THoE The Hand of Evil Evil dafoe 3
3222 TLOTMDFPTR Teh Lawrds of teh moors dragaon frodo pwn teh ring Evil i have bettar itam, please! eliteskillz 3
3219 BHBS BorkenHorkenBashemSmashem Evil RapePillageBurn OhMyGosh! 2
3218 Evil Rulers Evil Rulers! Evil Join the Evil side and rule the virtual world! TheMage 3
3202 Pandas Unite U-N-I-T-Y Neutral Panda-Men starting rebellions for their rights! mind_of_1623 3
3177 revenge-689 Neutral revenge is the sweetis joy next 2 getting pussy aka_dre 1+2
3149 1337Mage 1337 Mages Guild Neutral We are the most powerful 1337 legend - ultimate 1+2
3149 Vice Vice Neutral leachlife4 3
3142 Increvible Increvible Guild of Doom Neutral You got owned like a hydra! IFBIT! w00t! denied Petros 2
3142 D-G Dysart Geneseo Good DG 4 Life! Tarain 2
3134 TPBL Talking Pony Bastard Lunatics Evil (ɔıs) ʇdoʇs ǝq ʇou llıʍ lqdʇ crapulus 3
3132 Obld Circle of the Blood Moon Good Blessed be motherfuckers mrjigglenuts 3
3125 C.O.N.E. Cult of Fred Evil drink, arse, feck, CONE!!! Yagrum 3
3122 Black Dawn Black Dawn Evil My world, my soul, my sanity, in the darkness. Aramil Nailo 2
3122 Grundlers Grundle Mania Good Lick my Grundle! Relkin 2
3117 P.M.S. The People's Mighty Strike Good It's not us who have to change, it's the world. athanatos 2+1
3115 4SotA Four Squirrels of the Apocalypse Neutral Squeek Wobly 2
3115 DBD Death Before Dishonor Good Our name says it all. evolve 2
3110 The Fan When the Sith Hits the Fan Good I drank what? Katullus 3
3105 ARR Space Pirates Evil I has an sock! Septu 3
3086 Bittersweet The Bittersweet Legion Neutral Amithraldur 3
3085 Egtmen Rogue Coders of Eg Mont Neutral We are the Egtmen, goo goo ga joob! Crown King Muffin 3
3085 CUP Much More Than A Soup Evil We're delicious Panther2103 2
3082 Stumpy's Stumpy's Hall of Ultimate Doom Neutral Welcome to your Doom. SlackerBoy 3
3081 The Gaming World Network Good Foget! Mekesss 1+1
3081 PIM PenIsMightier Neutral ~~ leachlife4 2
3081 4D Dancers of Doom, Death and Destruction Neutral Memento Mori LeginStyleX 2
3081 N.I.Forever. NothingIsForever. Evil Ever. Altair 2
3069 BARF UP Bonded Allies of Real Friends and United Peoples Good Spewing World Peace Githerax 3
3056 R.O.T.D.U. Ronins Of The Digital Underworld Neutral The Sword Cuts Both Ways. LouSiffer 3
3048 AK2020 Atomkraft 2020! Wir helfen mit! Evil Ökostrom ist Scheiße! Wir verbrauchen für die A Meepiriator 1+2
3036 Section XIII Section XIII Evil Kathan Mortea 2
3024 MYGUT Men Your Guild of Unwomanly Things Neutral No Woman Is Allowed Ixionus 3
3008 yeahwhatever My United States of Whatever Good 'Cause This is My United States of Whatever! Dipthawag 2+1
3003 TEAAODV2 The Evil Apocalyptic Army Of Doom. Vol. 2 Evil It just doesn't get any evily apocalyptical doomy. dasutin 3
2999 ITS ITS Good Im invincible! ....your a looney Fruvroox 2
2999 Chuckles Chucklehead Quintet Neutral That's future mes problem! Fannish 2
2979 EZ Equipo-Z Neutral Aqui le damos a todo Guion 2
2975 B.S. =[Banana_Splicers]= Neutral Which ever way the banana tilts, it will fall !!!! Meestayenkins 2
2968 bollox Bollox of Dogs Evil They're dangly Fnerk the Smelly 3
2968 Skilled Those That Are Most Skilled Neutral We are better than you in every way. Daylan Hammer 1+2
2960 LumNor Lumieres Nordiques Evil We love Lyndsay Canardwc 3
2958 BRO Fraternaughty Lumini Mortum Evil FISTUS FRATERNUS Franken Martyr 3
2916 Bound Boundless Evil Be the Evil Beavers! Dritz 3
2915 BKDS The Boolean Knights of Double-Swordery Good Cape Gladius, Carpe Gladius Corrash 2
2915 GiG Gigorgeous Evil So big... and so gorgeous Karedis 2
2914 Pax Pax Imperius Evil Peace through Fear, Domination, Whips & Chains! leachlife4 2
2914 FPH The Fellowship of Pious Hosers Good CingKrab 2
2913 TDU Goon Squad Neutral Flame Wreath, Don't Move! Therelia 3
2902 AGN Armageddon Games Evil The End is Here Widge 1+2
2901 TCoTELGN The Circle of The Extremely Long Guild Name Neutral The name says it all. Karteler 2
2897 @_@ Emoticon nation Good We express with symbols~ <(^^)> Sn0w 2
2897 TGC Homiez The Grey Company Good "Be excellent to each other" Famous X Mortimer 3
2894 ±0 Neutrum Neutral Der Mittelpunkt steht allen gleichermaßen im Weg! Tenraiken 2
2894 konohagakure Konohagakure Neutral Never take back your word. Vivian James 2
2894 Derpes Herp Derp Hurr Durr Good Hurr durr herp derp Nikolaibroxz 2
2893 I Love Jews I Fucking Love Jews Neutral I Just Fucking Love Jews genuwine21 1+1
2890 trulz Blackwatch Neutral blackwatch, most renoned gild on sever Aeranlaes 3
2890 Shadow Hand The Shadow Hand Evil Peace Through Power Jcdx 2
2889 N.B. Ninja Biscuits Good Ex Vento Glacies! BobTheCornCob 2
2885 ISz Internet Soldierz Evil boys are they really worth it ¿? HEAK YA Nidshiv 2
2885 WotW White of the White Good Painting the town white Serenya 2
2885 DCX Dark Century X Guild Good Zeruel 3
2885 -CV- Chaotic Vengence Evil dur dur durrrrrrr Steph 2+1
2884 guild-a A Guild Neutral duhhh Aviancer 2
2884 Stronghold Orc Stronghold Good gotta kick any other scum like orcs Tithulta 2
2884 Seyan The ArchSeyan'Du Good Althalus28 2
2884 POX The Prosophilic Order of Xiphians Neutral Nikolai 2
2884 Greg Greg Evil Die Picalo 2
2884 KoCR Knights of the Crimson Rose Good Feel the fury of the prickly thorn dabeion 2
2884 Barrel Monkey Barrel Good So much fun. Happy Monkey 2
2884 ONOZ I can't quit a guild! Neutral WUT2DOLULZ zephyris 1+1
2875 SPX Sawesome Paradox Neutral I sent wave after wave of my own men... Birken 3
2872 Niejadlik Kn Niejadlik Knights Good Jack stinks and 215 for lyfe Wesley V 3
2872 Les Enfants The Terrible Guild of the Giant Terrible Babies Evil Waaaaaaaah! Cone of Paste! archivis 2+1
2869 604 604 gaming Neutral Grindan and lootan NC 3
2866 UDIC Ultima Dragons Neutral To eat princesses, knights, cinnabons and trolls. Wtcher 2
2866 The Gloffers The uncomprehenseble Gloffers of northern Oobag Neutral Thou shalt not kill. Or.. wait.. hmmm.. Gloffo 2
2866 B.I.T.C.H. Bold Idolized Tempting Charismatic Hotties Good It's our Choice and you know it Samilia 1+1
2866 PQ Adventure Progress Adventurers Good To defeat the hardest monster on PQ NakedDwarf 2
2866 TofT tunkers of tanks Evil we tunk tanks tanktunker 2
2866 Like WTH What the hell? Good ZoZo- 2
2861 Rhinos Charging Rhinos Neutral Rhinos don't play games They f*ing charge your ass pdag 2
2861 ILMNTY Illuminaughty Neutral all for some obnoxious 2
2845 House Me House Me Evil All for one: one being me. Tierus 3
2838 JM Jack Monkeys Evil Bukow!!! Der Wolf 1+2
2837 yes godwolfpak Good Trying is the first step to failure godwolfpak 1+1
2829 PoopyPants Poopy Pants {Ultimate Fece} Neutral I crapped all over. leachlife4 3
2827 PNcA Panacea Evil do you want to be a problem? join in dark ally Tabolin 1+2
2815 ASCK Alter Sack Neutral Easy living Terz 2
2799 FG_BTs FG_Inside Good Be a bt, and enjoy your day. rimno 2
2759 0080 0080 Neutral Music is life PLZKLLME0080 3
2749 Heresy Heresy Evil Cause chaos amongst the masses crysist 2+1
2739 spaceball 1 The Spaceballs Evil I knew it im surrounded by assholes leachlife4 2
2732 AMA Amabrian Dragons Good Progress for knowledge Breyyne 2
2732 [ZG] Zergernas Gille Evil War isn't about who's Right,War is about whos Left lakritz 2
2724 SEES The SkaiaNet Employee Empowerment Squad Neutral We Love Being Strong BluntTheKing 3
2722 SYSTRUCT the structure system Good concentrate on building the tallest concrete wall 3
2720 JEHoP Jimmy's Evil House of Pancakes Evil Anyone can make pancakes... but EVIL pancakes? Terminus 3
2715 Cybele Legacy of Cybele Neutral Fight your destiny! Devyus 2
2709 LightWarrior The Light Warriors Good Your orbs arn't even lukwarm with destiny ThomasMatrim 2
2704 ORL OMG ROFL LOL Evil Evil dur MrMeikel 3
2685 CGG Collapse of Good Governance Neutral Of the Labyrinth dranyam_1970 3
2683 GGNeenjar The Grinning Goblin: Neenjar Faction Good A Neenjar is Me! Tsouga 2
2679 DOID Designs of Inarticulate Death Good Our name is totally cromulent! leachlife4 2
2679 tFUG The Frivolous Unguild of Guildesteron Good Crouching Tiger, Hidden Death Azariel Zephyrus 2
2679 ---,---`--(@ nine inch of PvPness Good Peace can't be kept by force,only by understanding Ni3tski 2
2679 Oink The Animal Farm Neutral Its just one big sty Dragon2fly 1+1
2671 XT eXciTe Neutral KiSs oUr AsSes! R4Zi3l 3
2661 LasNoches Lasnoches Evil Buxajem! Jubik 2+1
2660 CotDRPENIS Consort of the Dark Rose Evil WE PVP ALWAYS Ardaedhel 1+1
2660 UJ Unicorn Jelly Neutral Wai! mashuren 2
2660 O-Ring Totally Sweet Neutral UvulaBob 2
2655 El-Ereb El-Ereb Neutral B jour Diluf 3
2649 BRM Black Rose Mystic Neutral PH33r us Vlin 1+1+1
2648 PSnL Pirate Savings and Loan Neutral Customer Care. Committment. Trustworthy Pirates. leachlife4 2
2648 BINC Bondage Inc. Evil Fungusen 2
2637 Toverit Toverit Neutral Dumdi dum. Black_Cherry 3
2625 ZeroC Zero Concept Evil Http:// Woofcat 3
2622 Eggman The Eggman Empire Evil hohohohoho...., I will rule the world Shadow The Hedgehog 2+1
2622 U C Unconscious Collective Good sklug 2
2616 Bo-Ho Followers of the Bonkers Horse Good Don't step in the horseshit. Shiriken 3
2609 BigBlue The Big Blue Evil No money, No soul, we're working for the Big Blue Shoudtrog 3
2608 LI Legendary Incompetence Neutral Better Lucky Than Good! Deathmachine 1+1
2607 ANB Awesome Ninja Bunnies Good Dont take us lightly cuz we're fuzzy ANBsaint 2
2604 Bloodlust Bloodlust, Royal Guard of the Darkforest Evil The Rivers shall run red with Blood Keneth 3
2598 Oorgle I Mean... YARR, MANLY THINGS! Evil FOR THE SWARM... err... type thing. Blaarginslahopovich 1+2
2594 Wen.C. The Wennies Evil Squeak MarlKitty 2
2590 TQ TandemQuest Evil Tellian 2
2588 Shortbus Team Shortbus Evil Destroying Forums Since '05 AntiAntiAntiChrist 3
2571 RSPD Team Respond Good Team? RESPOND! Seetaucher 3
2538 ron! ron! Neutral Ron! Ron! 3
2528 BWHGaming Good Community Guild xD ShadowE989 2
2523 TBatB The Brave and the Bold Good Crime never rests, and neither do we! TKRKS 2
2519 conies team connan Evil Barbarism is a full time job leachlife4 2
2517 cAi Clan Asylum Inc Good We Went in Mad.. We Came Out INSANE!! Lunatic 2
2517 ZirconGaming Zircon Gaming Neutral Erik Drakken 2
2516 Darka The Fighters of Darka Neutral Life is a box of chocolate-Until you eat it all moges 2
2515 DBK Donnerbalken Evil Evil Shit taki 2
2513 MNoSR Good A Moonlit Night on the Spring River Roar 3
2513 Gate Masters Masters of the Gate Neutral We were chosen by the gate. We will rule the gate. Maddyn 2
2513 Ylem The Primordial Cosmic Slop Neutral You lookin' at me? doonyakka 2
2512 Self-evident Anime Sounding Characters Good All anime, all the time! Keep that Good feeling! Dudethunder 1+1
2511 Hawks The Band of the Hawk Neutral "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate" The Black Swordsman 3
2511 Ze Germans Ze Germans Neutral Schiftsmpfanzn Krompfenhuber! Horst der böse Fighter 2
2510 Panda Power Panda Masters of the Holy Squiggoth Evil All hail Cth... ooh, bamboo shoots! Magister Mundi 2
2510 Memphis Heroes of Memphis Neutral We're neat wvlf_prower 1+2
2510 tsja Tsja... Evil Tsja... RubBA 2
2509 Other Guild The Other Guild Good We are a guild! Imadonkey 1+2
2509 777 Psychopathy Neutral Shut up. Autonecrophiliac 3
2509 fishfishfish Fishsticks Good Fish and Banana Go Together devilsevilhair 1+1
2508 Land Squids Land Squids Evil We might not have bones, but we'll break yours! Vilioximon 2
2508 TTAHPL The Truly Amazing Homeless Persons League Neutral "Please sir, Can i 'ave some more sir?" Senki the Genious 2
2508 E-Olords Evil_Overlords Good Killing is my business and business is good. slashor 2
2508 Val Riders of the Valderain Plains Neutral Too cocky for a motto Lady Kismernai of Valderain 2
2508 TF- Tribal Fury- Good Mess with the best die like the rest RedOX 2+1
2508 AntiPQ Guild Anti-PQ Guild Evil Loomyep 2
2508 Moon Tree Moon Tree Good Hunt for power without killing other heroes Zelkova 2
2508 poingo poingo Evil yowas 2
2508 Ragol Stardust Soldier Good Legend from another world RobDeLaMorte 2
2501 TUNA The Fishmongers Neutral Our tuna goes good with sausage! Sturgeon Surgeon 3
2495  BR Birthright Neutral Die for the experience! Dunsel 3
2492 Stuffners The Great Stuffners Good If it ain't stuffed, it ain't Stuffners. Sir Stuffleton 1+1
2492 MagooLair Svatyně Magoo Evil Kill what you can't see Ballzie 2
2492 S7M Seven Months Neutral What? Awain 2
2492 Golden Spoon Order of the Golden Soup Spoon Good Drink meat, be happy! SouperJim 2
2492 B.E.N.T. The Better Enclave of Neutral Trivalities Neutral Get BENT, nerds! Gimpert 2
2492 Sojourn Midnight Sojourn Neutral Death before disgrace pure1337 1+1
2492 Sores Ye Olde Canker Sores Neutral I've got a grumbly in my tumbly GrumblyTumbly 2
2492 LoQ Legion of Qui Good SirPablo 2
2492 FoI Ghosts of FoI Good InnerMasonOwyn 2
2492 TMD TEAM MUCHO-DESTRUCTO!! Good We bring the destruction to you leachlife4 2
2492 CLITORIS League Against Salivating Monsters Neutral To bring misery to where there once was none Smoo 2
2488 ace acedudes Good we are the ace ones acedudeuok 2
2488 (-_(-_-)_-) Paliza Gitana Evil ¡Como llame ar papa te vah a cagah! Jonsy 2
2479 K&K Krump & Kasterwitz, Attorneys at Law Evil Organs accepted in lieu of cash Rumply 3
2475 RUHi Are You High? Evil We spend all hours of the day/night playing PQ! Quarterpounded 3
2469 r0x0r Cc r0x0r Cowboy Clan Evil "Have a Smashing Time" Rahting 3
2468 1021 Wex's Class Evil Room 1021 Wex in Da HOUSE!!! Sargeras 2
2468 e v i l extreme vile illegal league Evil Dead girls don't say no. Lord of vile Darkness 2
2468 SoRo Sovereignty of Rodents Neutral Le Squeak? Dervius 2
2467 Raider Shadow Raider Good Just On ur progress quest :-) leachlife4 1+1
2458 RHCC Rocky Hill Computer Club Evil Death from Above! Narwinger 3
2458 MFS MegaFazerS Good Dr.Livsey 2+1
2448 hWo Hondo World Order Good Hoooooooooooooo (ndo) Dave Hilm 1+1
2440 PMMD Poly Molger Morphing Duwdel Neutral Peace is created with violence Mir 3
2435 lc lancamp Neutral tenjin 3
2435 PS3FTW PS3 FTW Good PS3 FTW Cydewinder 3
2434 RNG Robotic Networked Guardian Evil They say that "DaAaAaA! I'm a trendy totebag!" West Side Lester 2
2434 HPV Hintertupfinger Perchtenverein Neutral grotti 2
2425 xHCx XhcX 4 life Good Hardcore is our god... birdhouse 2+1
2414 Anna Tiger City Good Alan Lin 3
2384 Badass Dudes Macho Half Hobdwarfs with sick businessideas Evil "Go out of my way, fucking tree cuddler!" Stonerth 3
2375 Zig All your quest are belong to us Neutral Exterminate the lootuns and placate their siblings Riccola 2
2375 RTLM The Love Muscles Neutral flex RTLM 2
2375 Fartypants Fartypants Good We fart and fart. Jessrond 2
2365 IgnitoBoys The Menno Evil Shh. Only dreams Hallation 3
2364 FRN Forgotten Realm of Neglect Neutral I don't remember ... Glaxx 2
2364 bft binford toolz krew Good yo we be str8 ballin from detr0yt t00l m3n yo Loki Ambrodious von Esling 2
2364 PLATY Placate The Yeenoghus Good Yeenoghu Want To DVC 2
2364 HANd I like my hand Good Jetjr139 2
2362 Globi-Gloubi Here dwelves the family of Globi the Lesser Dwarf Good Fear not. We shall release you from all pain. Globi 3
2361 SC-WF Solclaim Wildfire Evil n 3 1 g0t pr0t4l t0 t3th? Frax 2
2361 QBytes Quantum Bytes Neutral It's all about the Spin! quantum_csc 2
2351 ABLUR Afterblur Evil DIE. Eckels 3
2330 NATO North American Tribe of Oompa-loompas Good We're little, but we're loud! Thorsten Nightwolf 2
2330 -{WeN}- We're not erudite narwhals! Evil Get the point! Bigolass 2
2330 TRP ~The Red Pentagram~ Evil Nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure SargonAzoloth 2
2324 t5 Track 5! Good t54l ctide! 3
2324 R&R Lazy Guild Good being lazy Last_Man 3
2323 TTY Glass Teletype Neutral DTE seeking DTC for RS-232 action aaronwcampbell 3
2322 TeaFaggs Tea Party Good Get ur facts Negroku Rance 3
2316 ptZm Pintazmo Evil Touched by Uncle Dirtypants Artemis Frog 3
2313 Black Gnomes The Black Gnome Suicide Squad Neutral Hey, Where's the fire? Horatio Wildcat Hornblower 3
2311 Kaamelott Kaamelott Good C'est pas faux! Ascarel 3
2295 MDonk Moist Donkey Neutral Slippery When Wet ThorRoss 2
2293 Wacko Wacko Evil woot! Shibo 3
2269 BJs&Hoes Black Jack and Hookers Evil Fuck Hookers jacko117 1+2
2269 1HJ One-Handed Justice Neutral Order Will Overcome Jason 3
2268 Wu-Clang Automatic Temple of the Wu-Clang Neutral Robot Monks Unite!!!!!!!!!! Ninja Penguin 2
2268 NF! No Fear !!! Good No Fear Forewer !!! Shoroh 2
2268 We die last DeadLast Good AppsByAaron 1+1
2268 Evil pigliketeammate 2
2267 UNKOEH United Nigger Killers Of East-Helsinki Evil LAPPIIN, LAPPIIN!!!!! Pasi Rautiainen 2
2260 hEaT HEAT Good Heat it up Drofzz 1+2
2253 LSHR Lashari Good Nadir 3
2253 HSq Hot Squids Evil You know it, brother. Ouckvuv 2
2252 GOB Guild of Bodaciousness Good The Elders are so Crescent Fresh Mukkachuk 1+1
2250 PWHPP The People Who Hate People Party Evil Fuck you....Thats what I'm talking about! leachlife4 2
2250 BLP Bacon, Lettuce, and PAIN! Evil Delicious sandwiches followed up by torture! Barstool 2
2250 Ominous Ominous Latin Noun Evil Ominous Nouns are Ominous Ukrap 2
2250 TeMoBe Team Moon Bees Evil Bzz bz bzz bzzz bz bz bzzz bzzz bz! Perlith 2
2249 Drax The Legion of the Drax Empire Neutral Twisted, yes, but strangely fluffy. Moltare 1+1
2246 Progress The Progressers Evil We Progressively progress at a progressive rate. Finality1233 1+1
2230 A.N.T. Apparently Not Trying Neutral What's a motto with you? xBLAHMASTERx 2
2223 #lazy Knights of Lazytown Evil Oderint dum Metuant StewTheGreat 2
2217 KoZ The Nights of Zxegot Good hoi oligoi Danger408 3
2203 DoJ Duo of Justice Neutral For Great Justice! Adokul Wolfsbane 2
2191 TKTSN RABID BADGERS Good Smarties ROCK!!!! Proopoon 1+2
2189 AccoBan Accordion Bandits Evil Moracnoy 2
2189 DVP Divine Providence Good Honestly I don\'t know why we bother... leachlife4 2
2189 ConWan Confused Wanderers Good What are we doing? sirlok 2
2188 Ronin The Ronin Neutral "Here honor binds me, and I wish to satisfy it." Fyrehawk 1+1
2187 MatInf Evil Lomztein 2
2184 FaP Masturbots Evil Require more porn-o-graph-y PoisonedV 3
2184 eED electED Evil We are elected - you are not! DIE! Jogondboch 3
2183 SD Bitchfuck Shanghi Destroyers Evil We have sustained bondage sex with all women Vampirus Nonchalant Sexus 2
2182 THCoBaD! The Happiness Clan of Butterscotch and Daisies! Neutral Gamed Roofed? Hell No! Game Floored is BETTER! Arkul Snarkul 3
2182 NKY Naked Kilted Yaksmen Good The Great Kilt Will Reward You Gradnok 3
2182 LoonieBin A gathering of Bastard Lunatics Neutral Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE! Lupus Shearhart 3
2181 DonkeyPunch DonkeyPunch Neutral Dude, I just knocked your mom out! SpaceBox 2
2181 WBC! Wanna Be Canadian Evil Fookin', eh? Pluto of Pluto 2
2181 A@d Nethackers Neutral Do You Want Your Possessions Identified? Quickfinger 2
2181 SinPar Sinners Paradies Evil Have fun wth your lifes. ;) Sayi 2
2169 WCG WillCaff's Guild Evil "Stop Touching Me" WillCaff 3
2168 W_T_F The Wandering Thinkers of Fundamentality Good \"If it ain\'t broke, you better break it!\" Mister Funktastical Jiggariffi 1+1
2168 Canadians The Canadians Neutral We are Canadian...and such... Joe Canadian 1+1
2168 CotPT Crows of the Past Thrones Good Screw the motto. dragoncrazyxp 1+1
2168 SMF Syun-man's Family Neutral SyunMan 3
2167 Herald Ashwinder, Herald of the Undying Gods Good Do not die the death of a solemn oath. Yalmark 2
2167 KtL Knights of the Light Good Dream your Final Fantasy ishakson 2
2167 Ugandan Ugandan Knuckles Neutral Do you know the way? katsura 2
2167 Brown The Ass Bandits Neutral If Your Gonna Ass Rape One, Ass Rape All triobot 2
2167 Space Ninjas The Almighty Space Ninjas Good May the force be with you. El Grakun 2
2167 TrKoUn Trans-Kobold Union Evil Once a trans-kobold, always a trans-kobold Lo Fang 2
2167 Helpers Death's Helpers Good Meam Sedem Non Capiendam Finbar the Unready 2
2163 SUCC Church of the SUCC Neutral Blood for the blood gods! Milk for the cornflakes! Fairietale 2
2151 PQStuck Homestuck Good >[S] Ascend. VileKaizer 1+2
2146 MWT Mighty Wrench Turners Neutral No Rust Tough Enough LCIS_CAN 2
2142 ZED Zen Enthused Deviants Good There is not what there might yet be Zoggles 3
2142 Helldrik & C Helldrik & Co, saboting and cursing Neutral neutral is the truth... chaos is the way.. Helldrik 3
2135 Foobles Foobles Evil I love Fobbies and Foobles MetallicSphere 2+1
2119 VSX Very Sexy Evil Vortex of Womanly Delights Zsionic 3
2117 WANG The Awsometastic Evil I'm Ron Burgandy? leachlife4 2
2117 HAXOR ProNoobs Evil HAX HAX only HAX BlubaXP 2
2117 ZeG Zealot's Grill Evil We're ready to serve! BoolzI 2
2111 ><> Teh Fisheh Neutral Feggits for the Future! Deletable_Man 3
2107 gt13 gt13 Neutral hails ggHost 3
2099 DURR HURR DURR Evil HURRRRRRR Jesus Christ 3
2095 DrunkWits Drunk Fuckwits Neutral Huh? What? Sober? Gimme a beer man! Xuttren 3
2071 Hell Patrol Royal Hellions of the Fifth Brigade of Dis Evil If it moves; kill it. If it doesn't; eat it GeoAbraxas 2
2071 Allied >> Allied Lords << Good Aaaalrighty then Mr. Powers 3
2066 EDWL Elitest Double Wookie Lunatics Good Whatever we fetch we keep Garithos 2
2066 {DGD} Dragonfly Game Design Evil We make games Dabion 2
2059 Xenu! The First Church of Xenu Evil Members are promised a swift death and pie. Al Sharpton 3
2057 glsu glarosuff Evil baaaaaahh waaaaaah! imrofli 3
2053 OSIRIS Osiris Evil Panthalis 2
2053 De'n'Ri Death and Rinderpest Neutral We all die eventually. Hailgun 2
2053 EVQ Ema's Vidya Quest Good We suck less! ZiggyBeams 2
2045 Crystal Crystal Neutral Gultereb 2+1
2026 DCA Demicanadian Alliance Good The Demicanadians shall rule all oof Oobag Nodrog 2
2026 FXHND FOXHOUND Evil - Ocellot9119 2
2026 Kapoks Kapoks Evil Disciples of the Apocolypse gimbola 2
2026 slutmonkeys Slutmonkeys United Good United For A Better Defense Of the Homeland El Presidente Mustafa Johnson 2
2025 Sar'Donnath House Sar'Donnath Evil We know who we are Perian 3
2009 Taekyon Taekyon Good Pray for Peace, Prepare for War Cireb 3
2009 DGMN Protectors of the Digital World Good To eternally preserve the world of digimon Angemon's wrath 1+2
2002 rOah rOah Evil Alle Macht den Mongos Schimpi 2
2002 OMWF Old Men With Fish Neutral Tell me if you see a radioshack... spoils 2
1998 Cont Contaminated Neutral Hagane 3
1996 ( |2 ) Ruroni Neutral Cyth 1+1
1995 CRAN Crackheads Anonymous Evil Plz no goat. AcidPhiRe 3
1983 KRON Mages of Dallas Good Have another Drink! Nizmo 1+1
1972 Acolites Acolites of the sanctum Good I will fight to the others live in peace Gooch 2
1962 Phat Lewt The Phat Lewt Collection Agency Evil For the glory of Mother Oobag! YehovahZ 2
1959 DBB Destroyers of the Blue Bar Evil Eliminate all Progression! TheDominatorOne 2
1959 [TAS] The Ascended Neutral Oppai James2997 1+1
1956 Oh FFS O, Fanciful Festooned Spirit Evil We do things that on the opposite side of pleasant radixius 2
1956 M-C Mordant Cadre Neutral Fly the white flag of war! Admiral Kettch 2
1952 Beer good!!! Order of beer Neutral Beer never get enough Gordithan 3
1950 Molestors The Kiddie Touchers Good We travel the world, and only touch children. DinsdaleP13 3
1946 [ ] [ ] Neutral blank never loses [ ] 1+2
1945 VLP Viva La Pineapple Neutral Free The Pineapple from the Opressors!! Colin The Great 2
1928 ABLPL Angry Black Lady in the Parking Lot Evil Ain' no body mess wit me! zero12377 2
1928 Uhm The Disconcerted Adventurers' Guild Neutral Oh. Uh.... Byzan 1+2
1925 Mongoloids Mongoloids Good I am mongoloid. talox 2+1
1916 ICBears Intensive Carebears Good Take care!!! Or we'll intensify you!!! FordFairlane 2
1914 smashthings we smash things Neutral smash! thatmikeykid 2
1906 PUCS Pacific University Computer Science Evil Crtl-Z, Crtl-Z! derNome 2
1905 12p The Twelve Prophets Evil We hit it hard, leave it wet. leachlife4 3
1905 FAB Farting ancient Bastards Evil Evil weevil is the deevil Lardking 3
1903 NMH No More Heroes Neutral If I become number one, will you do it with me? Faltru 2
1902 ChaosUnknown Chaos Unknown Evil The guild that has never existed. Lirid Borotooth 2
1901 ( . )( . ) The Lesbo Hamsters Evil -=Tuna Flavored Hamsters=- leachlife4 3
1901 CHEEESE! Loon Tickies Good For the CHEESE of BWAHAHAH leachlife4 3
1900 VOD Virtuosos of Defecation Evil Great Copros Has You! leachlife4 1+1
1899 WWFM Fuurinkazan Good Caellion 2+1
1898 Louis The Pills Clan Evil Pills Here! Grabbin Pills Grabbin Pills Fire_Havoc 1+2
1898 SMAG Super Mega Awesome Guild Evil Gnomes aint to be trusted Frys 2
1898 ConDei Consilium Dei Neutral Mess with the best, die like the rest! Leotard 3
1897 Rasts The Fat Pederasts Evil "If it's underage we'll love on it until it dies." Waxon 2
1897 Darkwind Darkwind Demonslayers of Good Good Only good demon is a banished one Orion Darkwood 1+1
1897 AscendDawn Ascending Dawn Good Rockout 2
1897 The Nerdery The Nerdery Neutral Graham Likes it in the Butt leachlife4 2
1897 Sealab Sealab 2021 Good Save it for Queen Doppelpoppolus! Captain Murphy 2
1896 (o Y o) (o Y o) is delicious! Evil mmmm Boobies v3rt1g0 2
1896 BUX Buxantovia Good All buxanto club! DougQuaid 2
1890 SOIG School of Indiscriminate Grappling Evil Anything-goes! Genma-jiisan 3
1885 The dude Lebowski Good The dude abides Acey 2
1885 SubSer Subserquevisities Neutral We come, we run and we outcome everyone Tuumi 2
1885 TSFO The Strong and Funny ones. Good A good joke always saves the day Fillibom 2
1885 3V Casata delle 3V Neutral Vino, vagina, volgarita' Vandal delle 3V 2
1885 UUUPU Unnoticed, Unknown and Unpopular People United Neutral I've always wanted to be popular :-( tricorc 2
1885 InCo Internal Consumption Neutral Eating form the inside out! leachlife4 2
1885 OcarWarriors Ocarina Warriors Neutral Live to serve, serve to grow, grow to live. Ocarina654 2
1885 ZDAY Zombie Apocalypse Evil RAWR ThatOneTeknoKid 2
1884 EmptySet {x | x > x} Good 0! Chiapr 1+1
1866 WSZ Thanend Neutral wouldntsavezion 2
1864 TAN The All and Nothing Neutral We're gonna make it Naros Invar Enzurio 3
1859 MiK Mistrzowie Koxu Neutral Kox Rox Maroldo 1+2
1855 SSIF Shamu's Surprise Intimidation Factor Neutral Don't think I won't. Bindar 3
1851 vgmux vgmux Evil what do they feedig you? smh 2
1844 TEC The Eonian Council Neutral Bhaerau 3
1842 OO Ogoranu Order Evil Ogoranu for teh win. Mitorah 3
1832 NPKnights the Secretive knights from #np who may say "ni!" Neutral To heroic conquest of Soviet audio territory! Luckz 3
1820 0P OrdinaryPowered Neutral "Tactical Retreat!" freeradikle 3
1800 FAS Fading Suns Evil Nirraven 2+1
1796 DQS Disordered Quantum System Neutral To be or not to be or to be both YinYang 2
1796 Scoutkillers Death to scouts! Good All scouts are evil, poke them with sharp sticks! Wex 2
1790 ROXBOX Roxor Boxor Evil Hahhaha, you've been pwned. Roxor? No, boxor. DecimateX 3
1790 Snagem Team Snagem Good Gotta Snag 'em all. <3 Tails (Snagem) 3
1787 DFD Die Freidenker Evil Hrebo 1+1
1785 HLG HeartLogic Neutral Hug it out Nallekari 2
1772 OMGDT Omega Dust Good Progress through unity. Graull 2+1
1766 HorNa Hortoilevat Nauriit Neutral Hachiman 2+1
1764 TND The Necro Dancers Evil Dance till you drop Zicrog 2
1762 SSuTrnkn SS und Trinken Evil Tapirman 2
1762 Shini Shinigami The Angels of Death Good To bring peace to the undead legions of Doom Citan 2
1762 Phag Protecting Honor and Glory Good It's spelled with a Ph! Lezlan 2
1762 KaosBrigade Kaos Brigade Neutral Die Bradak 2
1762 Teleh Telepathic Hate Evil "Arggh" Popcorn888 2
1761 Da Pub get your booze ere Neutral More Beer smeghead 1+1
1761 myg0t myg0t owns j00 Evil Ruining your game OverlordQ 1+1
1756 dang Jacks of all trades Evil Yeah, I guess I can do it. jackyl 3
1755 NWF New wave fighters Good Only a wet wave is a good wave! Sam5tag 3
1733 gDMg Gestapo Dead Marazm's Glucks Evil Say who is your gluck, and I'll say who's you Dead Marazm 3
1719 DYE Damn Your Eyes Good Damn your eyes! JFresh 3
1715 KOL Keepers of the Light Good Bringing Light to the Dark Places Traken 2
1715 <LoD> Lords of Dorkness Evil dork people for a dork world miep 2
1715 Kill 'Em All Kill 'Em All Evil Just Kill 'Em All!!! The Sentinel 2
1714 dIb Drunken Irish Bastards Evil Mustard does NOT mix with vodka Eternal_Eyes 1+1
1706 NISA Nothern Idaho Socialist Army Evil We're not evil, we're Socialists. A Burly Inmate 2
1703 Pimpy's Pimpy's Good We've got it? DigitalPimp 2
1703 THP The Happy People Evil Happy© - Because not being happy is treason PhantomRaider 2
1700 Arr-Bads Arrogant Bastards Good We're better than you, and we know it! Valdun 2+1
1699 Shotwick Shotwick Manor Evil I'm not Dirty, I'm misunderstood. Earl of Shotwick 3
1698 NAG Nikhil Andra's Gang Good We hate dung elves. Karst 2
1696 S.T Source Tag Neutral >:3 ( Darcia 3
1693 tBoA The Birdmen of Alcatraz Neutral Fly!!! Bahan 3
1687 ZWS Z Warriors Good Give us all of your energy! KingSnail 3
1686 tDKoB The Dark Knights of Balamb Evil Lets do it! Almasy 1+1
1681 BOTSF The Buckymonsters Of The Silver Fnord Good Come fly with me... Frater Wockymon 2
1681 QGuild The Guild of Those Named Q Neutral I love slaying nymphs! QMan 2
1673 CICC Coders in Cape Town Evil In the Shadow of the Mountain BadMojo 2
1670 Succession Succession Good No creature under god are what we are. Gemin 3
1667 UGS Uber Gamers Slovenia Good Drink a beer.. after that order 1 more slomonk 2
1667 LDev Linux Developers Evil Make this free shit as impossible to use as we can Zoltar the Determiner 2
1666 rmpl4skin rumpleforeskins Evil You suck, and thats sad!!!!! Kevlar3D 2
1664 AoT Army of Toast Good Jam and Toast! Apricotjam 2
1662 NRG Blade Master Evil favorite sin Bentuzzi 2
1660 Thelema Thelema Evil Do What Though Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law Flopsy 2
1660 AMOK ArmyOfKirk Neutral You can't spell Coral without Oral Trekker 2
1656 Wonk Wonklecrankers Good Orville 2+1
1655 omghi omghi Evil REALLY TUFF GUILD farbehind 1+2
1655 Jack Bauer! Jack Mother Fuckin' Bauer! Evil Theres no time!! mudzov 2
1655 TB;DW TB;DW Good Have at you! TrollByFire 2
1654 K.O.I. Knights of Infinity Good Khorwin 2
1653 BalOZod The Balance Neutral We are whom keeps the balance. MardukRising 3
1652 [WoG] Wrath of God Evil Quell before the fury! Kirgio 2
1651 TPMD The Paperthin Melons of Doom Evil Applying doom, one melon at the time. Fauxsire 2
1651 NAA The Neonia Army of Aliens Good UFO64 3
1651 Grimblade - Infinite Realms Neutral Grimblade 1+2
1650 CP SALES Conjoined Progress Neutral Three heads are better than two! Felnaari 2
1650 MX_GUILD Medniex World Evil Blood, blood, blood! Medniex 2
1650 -qTp- Гильдия Neutral Дану нах?! Ridin 1+1
1650 GoRa Gordonic Ramsayists Evil Die by our dripping Spoons! RaggaNiczu 2
1649 Novi Novinesq Evil The nesq type of Novi Novichok 2
1649 CGEH Cool Guys of Extreme Hunky Dory Good We Rock Knirunmund 2
1649 Evil Corp. Demons of Death Evil I like your skin. I can't wait to try it on. The Orc Fiend 2
1649 IsBad Guild of Bad...ness Neutral Why be decent, when you can be objectively awful Dusk 1+1
1649 Sexy Lunatic Lords Evil Sex or be Sexed CrazySumbitch 1+1
1649 Voinicii Familia Voinea din Craiova, Romania Good He who laughs last, thinks slowest. Dan V 2
1649 HoF House of Fire Good The Fire that shall cleanse the Evil John Warlock 2
1649 LTTBCL Lord of Things That Begin with Certain Letters Evil Don't own, pwn! It's alpabetically superior! Demorant 1+1
1649 Uber Hax!!1 Uber Haxxor1 Evil tiem to pwrlvl my l00ting abilitez Uber Hax 2
1639 SAEAHMA Society Against Evil And Hypocritical Multi-Abuse Neutral Yeah, I know all members are made by the same dude Loof42 2
1636 -CD- Creaping Darkness Evil Flank them! Viramar Ilfalas 2
1623 I c dead ppl Corpse Crusaders Evil Evil is as Evil does... Corpse 1+1
1618 T C O The Chosen Ones Neutral In the end it doesn't really matter Razdan 2+1
1616 LVE Latvian Embassy Evil To spread the borders of Mother Latvia. LatvianEmporer 3
1616 Nex32 Nex32 Neutral Don't be Monster Erial L. Krale 3
1600 Azathoth The flute players of azathoth Evil Evils choise musical group! Azathoth 2
1600 Naturlkiller Dragonslayers Neutral Kill \'em all, let god sort them out Netswitcher 1+1
1600 Wroqed Wroqed Evil We make for pretty neato overlords Wroqin 2
1594 SYBO Sinister Yellow Blood Office Good quest for glory and hoes! DemiGoliath 2+1
1586 MPFC The Comfy Chair Evil No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Necroscope7 2
1582 GB Goldbond Good It's a party in your pants... mr siems 3
1566 Sons of Kriz Bastard Sons of the Longarmed Kriztenhorders Neutral see it. talk to it. befriend it. take its money. 3
1566 Breasts Talking cleavage Good Screw the rules, I have money! De_scheve 1+1
1562 MCHU My Kat Hates U Neutral My Cat Hates You, and so do we. nNy987 1+1
1562 TeenGrlSquad Teen Girl Squad Good Arrowed! El Gato de Queso 2
1562 Contra Mundi RosenKruez Orden Evil Igne natura renovatur integra : Lorein Shadowale 2
1562 PenisX Penis Enters the Nethers, Sexy eXtreme Good Pen Is Man Lyfe Hruhf 2
1554 RSRO Royal Society of Racehorse Obituaries Neutral Never trust a dead horse mr_shush18 2
1552 fwt fashion weak team Good ^^ rezme 2
1550 Xsys TeamXsys Neutral What cant come to us, cant come at all Alrax 3
1546 OBAV The Omnivorous Bipedal Amalgam of Voracity Evil We're The Omnivorous Bipedal Amalgam of Voracity! Dahnlor 3
1536 Pie Weebl and Bob Love Pie Evil pass the pie W33B1 3
1535 H8R n1gg3rh8rs Evil If ya cant shoot em, hang em. TurboBeef 3
1532 ROD Robots of Death Evil Humans are worthless and should be eliminated. Killer Death Robot 2
1532 CookieGuild The Cookie Guild Neutral We Love Cookies! leachlife4 2
1532 VPU Voodoo Princesses United Neutral Providing your voodoo princess needs since 2005. Protlen 1+1
1532 AFK^Knights AFK Knights Good Women see my power, and want my precious fluids. AFKGUY 2
1532 GoRMU Guild of Robot Monks United Neutral we believe it for you wholesale zaphodbblx 2
1522 Guild OMC Guild Of My City! Evil Come to the dark side... we have cookies! Woland OMC 3
1514 WMS The Wall Munch Squad Good MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH Point Blank 2
1514 R807 The Rastas from Room 807 Neutral We like big booty bitches gazzawhite 1+1
1514 twoadv two advanced Evil pix0r the great 2
1509 OM Olocron's Minions Neutral We worship Olocron, a "sborone" and "cazzaro" god. d3Nd3 2
1509 Indic Indicative Good Titus_Dotel 2
1491 LGS xXLegendSXx Neutral Legends... How that? Blumy 2
1491 OmiDir The Omicron Directive Neutral Mah GAME Dash275 2
1491 Sorry Demicanadians Neutral in Canada We Trust Darcksage 2
1489 Z-F M Zan-Fi Monks Good Hey, what could a monk really do? Reahlador 2+1
1479 S+G Shados + Goatie Good :3 Shados 2
1473 TECIM The Electronic Conceptual Insanity Mandate Neutral Take their life, their kettle and their codpiece! Ruaridh 3
1467 MiP Mostro in Progress Evil Mi mostro per quel che sono Peter Poe 1+2
1462 Busey Apt 101 Neutral Fire it up! HellRaisinAzn 3
1462 Blood Elves Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's Highborn Good The hunger for magic is clouding my judgement Nickolai Kolev 2
1459 B-G Bastard Gnome Evil The evil in the Little Navalik 3
1455 Team[-3] Team[-3] Evil the answer is [-3] Frozen Nova 2
1453 beat:me Die Beatles Evil She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah ! Michse 2+1
1449 NastyBoyz NastyBoyz Evil Kill_'em' _all NastyEvil 2
1444 Wumpie Wumpus King Of Blasto Neutral Wumpus United WumpusKing 3
1440 DODz DuxOfDez Evil Kill the Hamster! KroshkaMu 2
1439 HSOHS the Hermetic Secret Order of Hermetic's Secrets Neutral adquire secrets knowledges of hermetic secrets Grunta Grunta 2
1439 Slackmasters The Slack Wranglers and the Pants of Chance Good Oooh, wakikila! WastelandDan 2
1439 CC&S CareComp Neutral We know what to do when it rains! Doucy 2
1439 Sadame Sadame Good Optimus 2
1439 SRS Shadowrunners Neutral Put your finger on it and rub it out. Telliks 2
1438 WTS Justwatchingthescreen Evil Stumpf auf'n Bildschirm gucken und abwarten K-Pone 2
1438 -=Keepers=- Keepers of the Seven Mountains Neutral "Death is nothing more than a time to sleep." Scout Trelan 2
1437 {s.P.p} Soul Paranormal People Evil Kill you self, save the planet KuBuZzz 2
1437 MERID Master Every Ratty Idiotic Dungeon Evil In OD we trust, 'cause if he can't fix, we're f... Gredra 3
1437 CS Guild Condor-searching Guild of East Asia Good For Glory and Pancakes! Sanskare 2
1437 SPandH Doomskulls of SPandH Neutral Heak and Spear RebelliousUno 2
1436 phats cool guys Evil KILLKILLKILL Slammin 1+1
1436 Eel The Eel Men from the East Evil It may taste like chicken but it's an eel Desiato 2
1435 eX Team eXtreme Evil We are eXtreme, eXtreme to the max!!!!!!!!!!! Darkon 2
1435 STRDT Stardat Mods Neutral modding computers, one 386 at a time Aejir 2
1435 =ezv= Evil Zombie Vikings Evil TurnpoinT 2
1435 peekays B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd Evil B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd Kanenfawder 2
1435 Black Tickle Cult of the Black Tickler Evil Zap-Zip-Zing! Telrath 1+2
1435 Vidyacraft Vidyacraft Neutral Sroxah 2
1434 Dizaaamm Daguarian Slanbro Manculops Neutral Eat It, Corn Husker Bondolon 1+1
1434 G'sS Gamer's Solve Good Die another life! Rulk 2
1434 Tripods The Tripods Good You can't Touch This Indian Chief 2
1429 DaBeans The Baked Beans of Great Goodness Good Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside! Beanieger 2+1
1428 Glad Gladiators Good Another one bites the dust Harryville 3
1426 [h/f] haupt funk Good j00 c4n+ m355 w1d d4+ Uberfunk 1+1
1426 MasBlas Master Blasters Evil No matter how weak or frail.. BLAST EM! CyberDoc 1+1
1426 Deutsch only The Germans Good devel 3
1426 Death Eater Death Eaters Champions Evil We will crush all oppostion!! Will986 3
1425 ~^C.G.^~ CrocoGuild Good Fearsome and Cruel as a Crocodile! Crocoman 2
1425 FemBuilderz Uber Muscular Wymen Good Always pumping iron to look more manly! Mangina 2
1425 Wisemen Free-Spirited Wisemen Good Have fun, adventure, and don't fall prey to anyone Auticalinon 2
1425 splunge NOC Room Slackers Evil What is this WORK you speak of? Tungston 2
1425 Oi! Oi!rish Bastards Neutral Oi! Oi! Oi! Landor 2
1425 ASSA I.U. Evil ....... Saem 2
1411 xCARTELx Cartel of All Hell Evil A subservient fish is one that knows his plaice Seksiness 2
1411 CyCG The Cyclops GuilD Neutral Work for the Cyclops. Always. BodomChilD 2
1410 Seat H Seat H and the Big Kids Table Neutral Adios, pantelones Speg Dooly 1+1
1402 Everquest Les Templiers Good Strength and Honor maitreleon 3
1401 VW Valhalla Warriors Neutral straight to heaven trough fighting! V-King 3
1389 AA LOC AchingAgedLocalizers Neutral Progress Always Comes Too Late Tribblesyx 3
1388 FFoS Fox Full of Squirrels Evil for the cake and cats likeafox 3
1362 Bandersnatch Church Of The Elusive Bandersnatch Evil In Dot We Trust RevVoice 2
1358 IBP Integration By Parts Neutral Why must all ducks be evil? Khrijunk 2
1358 Muroteam Muroteam Neutral Darquan 2
1358 TS. Team S.M.A.C.K.T.A.R.D. Good We\'re too 1337 for mottos!!!111one Tarin Draconis 2
1358 CyS Cyric's Slayers Good Telling illusionary tales of far away... Jered Cain 2
1354 Voyage Spit Lubed Banana Voyage Neutral Oi, Bananas McNuglets 3
1352 DgZ Digital Ground Zerp Neutral Victory Through Research Mark Reddman 2
1352 PKPKPK Humppamiehet Good No fear Ryydman 2
1351 IHML I Hate My Life Neutral Like they say in my country: Kurwa mac!!! Akrian 2+1
1350 TmprrInsnty? Guild of Temporary Insanity Evil Chercher La Vache leachlife4 2
1350 H P House Paladin Good Honor, Valor, Philanthropy Demiwemi 2
1350 NUBS R EZPK EZPK Evil EZPK 4 LYFE Shaenkraev 2
1347 Winds Wind Whisperers Neutral Let your fears slip away like a whisper in the win Valkuros 2
1335 Silver Silverhand Good Need a Hand? Take a Silverhand! Dragondust 3
1333 .im. impotent men Good we can't father children .im.mcbain 1+1
1333 ReBirth ReBirth Evil ReBorn to rule the day. KrovaX 1+1
1333 DRK CRSDR Dark Crusaders Evil FracOMac 1+1
1332 ZWK Zakon Wielkich Krasnali Neutral Bare hands are better than a sword in own heart Asan The Great Dwarf 2
1332 2DCan Double Demicanadians Evil Half Canadian and Half Canadian! jaccarmac 2
1332 ECR Evil Clerks of Retail Evil Get your own damn ink cartridge! Sejanus 2
1322 TLG The Lone Gunmen Neutral Individualists unite! Taurendil 2
1322 [PUPC] Partly Uneaten Paste Club Good Two wrongs don't make lemonade. Fellgar Wingquest 1+1
1318 mosquitoslay The demonic league of mosquito slayers Evil GERRANARRFITYARBASTICH! mike998 3
1304 [negSpace] Negative Space Neutral Dividing by zero since 2010. Arguile 2
1304 Deliverance Deliver This Carrot Neutral Anything to increase faction with the pit fiends Chokey 2
1297 We're HAPPY! Happy Metals Evil Happy MeTaL is thine law \m/ leachlife4 2
1295 GFK Guilde française de Kongregate Evil Vous allez tous mourir >_< Floirt 3
1292 F.Y.A. THE MIDDLE FINGER Neutral For U Can Know taci 3
1291 P.P.P Prominent Paladin Power Good Paladins' path to power Radaghast Kary 2+1
1291 Pole PoleCats Neutral Maliciousturnip 2+1
1287 [AA] Akimbo Assassins Evil Don't bring a pony to a motorcycle fight. Negatron 1+2
1286 KamiKiri Kurayami no Tsubasa Neutral Wings of Darkness... Are they the Wings of Death ? SkyHigh SoulSinger 2
1285 Shin-Ra Shin-Ra Weapons Research and Power Neutral Lulz Talran 3
1285 PGE Pretty Girls for Ever Good Sweets, gossips and funny pets Tahion 2+1
1285 Ooglog PeenicusWeenicus Evil We love Kong and Dong Kakacarrotcake 3
1283 GODs- Guardians of Darkness Good May the light shine bright upon the Undead! wb 3
1283 Weasels Knights of the LAN Neutral The World Loves A Bastard Jakis 3
1277 -=MDSB=- Merke Dir, Sternburg Bier ! Good Bier schmeckt zu jeder Jahreszeit. Lachgummie 3
1274 FUNK Keepers of the Groove Good In the name o the Funk, Soul 'n Holy Groove, amen! Hoodad! 3
1268 Vfd Evil Rosencrantz 2
1264 Entropy Entropy Evil Ummmm yeah Zxahn 3
1262 irbunor Good grimmoreeper 3
1262 Spookellins Spooky Skeleton Clan Evil thanks mr skeltal Dark Lord of Destruction and C 2+1
1260 TOP The Omega Project Evil DIE REBEL SCUM, DIE!!! Keru 1+1
1253 MWSC Midwest Staple Company Evil For all your staple needs Nigel Morningwood 2
1253 Key The Serenity Neutral Keep moving, keep flying. Trinsec 3
1251 SA52 Still Alive Evil This was a triumph. Skagmar 2
1250 Murder D. K. Murder.Death.Kill Evil If it moves kill it.. If it talks kill it anyways. Timmah 1+1
1250 modnar Modnar Neutral All Modnars in this guild mitchda 2
1250 H@x Mad H@x0rs Evil If it moves hit it with a golf club Loonie 2
1250 GrRe Grim Reapers Evil Death to all living things.. Linwelin 2
1249 KATO Knights Associated for Tempestive Offline Neutral In the Idle we believe. Roufas 2
1248 Brunk Brunkarna Good To brunka all day enold 2
1248 BroES Brotherhood of Endless Snake Evil Active Evil is better than Passive Good. Ad142 2
1248 LMG LikeMindedGamers Good Defunct 2
1248 The Kindred The Kindred Evil release the dogs of war! philopoemen 1+1
1248 shrUFOi Shrugging Fellowship of Ignorance Neutral Who cares? Doesn't matter! ProQGod 2
1248 .HACK .HACK //Sign Good Life Is Game TsukasaXIII 2
1247 tZ The Zerg Evil KeKeKe Zerg Rush! ^_^ leachlife4 2
1247 achaea The Society of Iron Realms Achaeans Evil Dhanistha 1+1
1247 Q112 Questlings Good Kill not but to survive Moppreck 2
1247 LUE402 LUE 402 Good Internet. Serious Business. TripleRaid 2
1247 Progbars Progressive Barrists Good We are progressively turning this game to a quest! iDeNoh 1+1
1247 LofC Legion of Chaos Evil What doesnt kill you only makes you stranger Orsiros 2
1247 -DK- [Death Knights] Evil Lets fight the Chaos! --Stals-- 1+1
1247 UsAlone MessedUpSpacebar Neutral THISHARDWARPISMESSEDUP quaskye 2
1239 PSG Progress Seekers Guild Good Must I have one?!? Seliak 2
1239 The Apt The Great Masters of The Apt Neutral Don't lose, and you'll win. Laggith 2
1239 Uh? Uh? Neutral WTF is a guild? Gojam 2
1239 South Pac The South Pacific Neutral Promise of Joshua 2
1239 Fak Fury! <Fury> Evil We care for nothing. leachlife4 2
1239 URI Your Eye Evil We'll take YOUR EYE! Dorf 2
1239 A_D Descendants of Chaos Evil Pray - or you will become Prey! CobainIsDead.IBet 2
1239 g_d Squad Grimmier Death Squad Neutral Everything Dies Grimmier378 2
1236 FOB Fellowship of the Bar Good Cast Progress into the fires of Mt. Recession! Hobnobbin 3
1227 tong Turbulenzians of North Guildshire Good Press space to win! lordspaceofbar 2
1222 -()- The Citizens of the Suddhavasa Worlds Neutral Welcome to the "Pure Abodes"! Deva 2+1
1222 Red Moon IV Ascendance of the Red Moon nearest Winterforth IV Good Eh? Whazzat? Speak up, I can't knurd you! Jiron Woade the Fierceness 3
1210 II Informal Inventors Evil invent in! Megaslon 2
1210 renova renova Good 42 Krull 2
1208 =-{TRC}-= The Rouge Clan Neutral Do. Not. Walk. Infront of us. Medico 1+1+1
1208 DWI Double Wookiee Infantry Good Doin' It Wookiee Style Since 1978 n8evil 1+2
1199 H O C Hill's Organized Crime Evil Mottos? Where we're going we don't need mottos beerboyone 2
1181 RTC The Red Talons Neutral Bow down or die! DragonKnight1187 2
1181 PQers Progress Questers Good Progress Never Ends! leachlife4 2
1181 TTS The Triumph of Steel Neutral Kill, until there is no blood left to spill. Krottos 2
1181 ROotBPK The Royal Order of the Benevolent Pantsless Knight Good Fighting evil... one pair of trousers at a time Sir Pantsalot 2
1175 Seolme Senile Old Men Evil WHAT? I couldn't hear you? Fennix22 2
1171 PantslessMky Pantsless Monkeys Good We come equipped with Big Jim Slade! Darknut 2
1171 DerpaHerp Ever Herped So Hard You Derped Neutral Have you ever herped so hard you derped? flareneko 2
1161 maddox maddox rules! Neutral We're neutral, LIKE THE SWISS! sneezweasel 3
1161 The Broken The Broken Good For we all are!!!!! Kami1991 2+1
1160 Chaos! Fairies in a Full Plate Evil KKnD MaleFairy 3
1160 Mikepika8989 Mike Windels Neutral Level up to the highest level possible Pikachu 2
1160 TCWS The Clearwater Society Neutral Come on in.... Frondrig 2
1159 pr0n pr0nz0r Good pr0n 15 t3h win pr0nlord 1+1
1158 CreepOnYou The Creep Brothers Evil whatever... [anti] 2
1158 TZ's The Zeds Evil I'd like.. Um, one plain fried brain, please. Bikkoes 2
1158 AnimeIndo Anime Lovers Indonesia Good Join and you become otaku :D Kaori 2
1155 Path The Shining Path Neutral "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger" icono 3
1151 Phone Losers Phone Losers of America Neutral Cactus? Cactus! g0d0t 2+1
1145 SexyRetards TheFlamingRetards Good The short bus is fuel effient and aerodynamic leachlife4 3
1145 Attma- Attma-Fakk Evil Niggers must DIE. AkobeS 2
1141 TL The Loners Good Follows of Truth are Often Alone greenman 2
1141 MOSH TEH HATE MAWSH! Evil Dance or hold my hat bitch! Akimbo 2
1131 Furies The Furies of Forsooth Neutral All Fear The Forsoothing Furies! Alecto 3
1128 MA Les mages anarchistes Neutral Greuh ! Bastien 1+1
1127 Scarf The Silent Order of Winter Accessories Neutral Victory through Warmth Wil 1+1
1127 :ASD: #justhungarianlols Neutral well if you got nothing to do RockerMarcee 2
1120 Shadow cree Shadow creepers Neutral We stay in the shadows Ecka 2
1118 "Bobbins." The Plain Fishers Neutral Plainly fishing YOUR fish since 2009! Spiffl 2
1118 HaTa Hand Talkers Good Talk to the hand! Zorander 2
1116 #hate The #hate Evil So it's like an elf, but different. You follow me? meschel 2+1
1116 AnS Ansilta Neutral Do what ever you want Iodem 3
1112 Minigolflord Lords of Minigolf Evil The Nalfeshnee shall know our fury. Slizbot 3
1103 CxOxI Children of Inis Good Why not? Talvinis 1+2
1102 Cuzco Cuzco Topia Neutral Money is power Aidz 2
1095 BaRe Banana Republic Evil "Frankly my dear, we don't give a cock." sebFlyte 3
1095 draynor Good Enhancing your Runescape Progress! Clooth 2
1094 L.O.L. Legion of Loonies Good Once a Loonie, *always* a Loonie! Kaleborn 2
1090 +TDL+ The Decapitating Lunatics Neutral Excuse me while I cut your head off. The_AV8R 3
1090 SO GUD IM SO GUD Evil HEY GUYZ WUTS GOIN ON IN HAER? Lady Jaina Sunstrider 2
1088 DvC Devicron Good Bones 2
1088 VJP Viking Jedi Power Evil We just rob, rape and burn. In this order. Keloth 2
1087 SPA Sad Pandas Anonymous Neutral Sue uS Yogi! 2
1086 WLT We Like Things Neutral LAWL Middie 2
1085 ^_^ Cash Money Thieves Evil Rob the rich and keep it for ourselves! Slick Rick 2
1085 To Hell We Got Hoes Evil you splooge it, you've bought it Hellarmor 2
1085 EoP Empire of Porings Evil Porings are good mmmkey MrPoring 2
1085 C/\AHbI!!!! The Pure Dangerousitive Adventuring Brotherhood Good Apasnasti! Preklu4enija! leachlife4 2
1085 -NN- Nameless Numberheadmen Evil Dog Clone Landmine. Zygote. Jigsaw. leachlife4 2
1085 D.o.B. Den Of Bats Evil For the Den! EvilBat 2
1085 ~L*S~ Lycan Spirits of the Hallow Forest Neutral Strength, lust, ritual, and essence, hallow ground Ssenra 2
1085 FinalShift FinalShift Neutral Why is my last shift so long? Fireless 2
1080 /AFK BRB Guys I Got To Eat Dinner Neutral It's mac'n'cheese night skoo 3
1078 FGFM Feynman's Guild of Fine Men Good Mighty Feynman! 2
1078 rule rules Neutral kill them all golog 1+1
1078 GOP Guild Of Power Neutral Have a good kill and goodbye Daywalker 1+1
1078 8047 (S)aint Evil You might find better but you won't pay more. Stacked 2
1078 DrunkSqrls Drunken Squirrels Good Drink and KILL!!!! Kidd Knife 2
1078 VGuard VoodooGuard Evil Battles May End But War Is Forever silverjunky 2
1078 Some guys Venturing band of devilishly handsome rogues Neutral Whatever works for ya Hawkeye_Hawkass 1+1
1078 Buttocks! Butts! Neutral Butts. Punktilious 1+1
1077 SMJ Slippery Mushroom Juicers Neutral The only thing better than jesus is sodomy! Flappysacks 3
1075 WY?! Wasters of Youth Good Why You bastards?! linuxterm 2
1075 OPWTF Operation WTF Evil Incoming fire has the right-of-way. Azarius 3
1074 Disembowelme Harrowing Disembowelment Evil Befouled Bitterness!!!11 leachlife4 3
1074 m. muchachos Evil mansonX 3
1070 PRGU Programmers United Neutral Programmers of the world UNITE Kezma of Norwolk 3
1067 PdPUTA Partido dos Parvos Utopicos Totalitarios Anarquico Good Do caos nasce a ordem Camoes 2
1067 MeSq Mecha Squid Evil We shall squid-vade the world! Trezzie 2
1067 7FOrder Lugubrious Order of the Seventh Finger Evil Don't Eat the Yellow Snow thehuw 2
1063 Zoinks MuFu Zoink Monks Evil Crunchy Frogs Must Die Arakiel 3
1052 ASSS Amazingly Secret Society of Secrecy Evil If you know about us, we must kill you. Trinitis 2
1043 BRW Big Red Wound Neutral "We Kill It - You Eat It" Rokrothreundigobottoms 2
1043 TRBLRDRBLR Turblurdurblur Good We hail from the land of Tired ZnewmaN 2
1043 stinksertins Big Stinks Evil If it stinks - its a diaper MuleyMonday 2
1027 +PizzaMen+ Well this is interesting Evil All we have left is oral sex. we talk Ra7or 2
1025 WNx Warriornation Good Visit leachlife4 1+2
1022 ~DP~ Die Pussys Evil Wir pussen euch alle! dinospartan 3
1012 DRCE Distant Realities - Catgirls Extreme Good Mew? Shemune 3
1009 Gargle Blast The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Evil "42" Emberial 2
1007 Tlicasla Tastes Like Chicken and Smells Like Ass Evil Watch out for the chapped red ring Sir Phaedrus of Buttpuckery 1+1
1007 -=DC=- Dirty Challengers Good Dirty tricks never fail! Sundilorg 2
1007 MOMS The Mighty Order of Mongoose Slayers Neutral Our lives for the glory of Clippit the paper clip! leachlife4 2
1004 lipq lostinpq Good all mine whereami 2+1
1000 join Now RAFFIES GUILD Good leachlife4 2
996 Association The Association of <censored> Good If it moves, then <censored> it! leachlife4 2
996 MAL GC MAL German Club Evil We are Germans... can we even NOT be evil? Silberkralle 4
995 NBO Naked Baby Oracle Good Baron Samedi 3
995 =B=O=G= Band Of Giants Neutral A slayers world would be nothing without fiends. SatyricTim 3
994 LdB Lac du Bois Good C'est pas vrai! Helene 3
992 AstralDemons Astral Demons Evil Killing you in your dreams CobaltFlux 4+2
987 OU Today's Humor Neutral RandomCheesecake 3
978 SkrillexRobo Saltyuniverse Evil Hilfe schreien 3
976 Brotherhood Portsmouth Abbey Good Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility Clibby 3
975 Ciomachs Ciomachs Neutral Audactor 2
975 HED Hordus Eunt Domus Good Siblings! Let us not be down-hearted. Wahngrok 2
974 Turmoilous Turmoilous Good Nothing simple is ever easy Q35 2
974 Hibs Knights of Hibernia Good If you can't beat 'em, join us! leachlife4 2
973 Samurai The Guilded Band of Wandering Samurai Warriors Good If you are strong you live if you are weak you die Rurouni Yojimbo 2
973 -TPS- Talking Pony Slayer Good Don\'t talk pony! Teepo 2
971 Hamster Team Hamster ! Evil one day we (evil hamsters) shall rule! w0lfeh 2
970 DotG Defenders of the Glades Neutral We will defend the glades - if the check clears. Lord_Knightyme 3
970 DeadPez Dead Peasants Evil If only they hadn't tried to kill us first! Eim 3
969 Bojovnici Klan Gondorskych Bojovniku Evil Vsechny vas sezeru Kalinor 3
968 Hello Sensor Guild Good If you don't know what to say, just smile friendly Sensor 3+4
965 b a Neutral g hyperboy 1+4+7
964 GTL Guild The Lily Good Kill with compassion Poppa Wheelie 2
961 Jana's Army The Order of Jana Evil We come in Pairs Playboyman 1+1
961 OTM Order Of The Mudroses Evil Please Drop The Soap JcBoo Gaming 3
956 Dist Disturbed Reloaded Evil Wir ficken Durotan hart! Fiddl 1+4
956 BDD BeerDevourers of Denmark Neutral Drink it! PHAD 4
953 O_o X_x Evil WTF? _Sky- 1+3
952 TB Lung The Black Lung Evil *cough* *cough* Hero guy2 2
948 SAG The Screen Actors Guild Neutral Break a leg! Heidtmare 2+1
947 FofP Fighters of Paradise Evil If you can't eat it, kill it! Relyt 1+3
947 Lovedams The Lovedam Battle Alliance of Justice Good Not even rolling initiative can save you now! Isamu 2
947 SUPAFLY Pimp'n Evil I AM.... THA SUPAFLY. ThaSupafly 2
946 TLOEG The league of extraodinary gentlemen Good o watch PQ and be a The league of extrodinary gent Tuxan 2
946 AleSlayers Ale Slayers Good If you see a beer, drink it! BeerSlayer 2
946 Antiheroes Low Lives Good Farting is risky business Dicktator XL 2
946 [CoB] Champions of Blood Evil Shed all the blood Gravari 2
945 itemz plz Offer Good Good CHesus 2
945 TME Too Much Effort Neutral For the sake of effort, don't exert. landsley 3
945 Pain Major Pain Good Major Pain 2
945 PDFMBS Proletariat Deep-Fried Mars Bar Society Good Frying the means of production StB 2
945 gpshopper GPShopper, INC Good Mobilizing Main Street Michael the (Java) Cursed 2
944 Munak Cult of the Hatnak Mu Good Boing, Boing, Squeeeeek! Jazzy Sama 2
944 nyx NYX in the Progress Neutral The more you know, the less you understand Nefer Nefer 2
944 LCST Lolocaust Evil DO IT TO IT 2
944 T30 The Thirty Evil We die lonely, but never alone! Ursu 8
943 Nugax Lingua Mortua Good Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes. Gaius Infinitus 2
943 Glub Grubs Glub Grubs Neutral Tesp!r! Mitala 2
943 XYZX XYZX Neutral Our lance will not be stopped Dr. September 1+1
943 EKdA El Knights de Arthias Good Vos vere vultus is sursum? Ego Ferdinandum, vere. FreddieFiasco 2
943 TTW TTwerty Good KEK TTwerty 1+1
943 Many Rejoice sexyBOB and the Pips Good Asche zu Asche und Staub zu Staub sexyBOB 2
943 MJE MadJack Entertainment Good We put the ritual sacrifice back in entertainment! San-MadJack 1+1
943 LGG Gargoyles Good Honor first Medeka 2
943 AIR AIRteam Good leachlife4 1+1
943 Dii The Order of Dii Good Pass The Keg Zero Djinn 2
943 sleepers sleepers Good to sleep z-add 2
943 LGB Light Gibbon Bringers Good We bring them 'cause they're light. Saltyk 2
941 KSK Good Play bad, lame hard! fantaCx 4
938 -=NoT=- Neocrontroppers Evil Run or Die Iron.Lord 1+2
938 Lollipop Lollipop Guild Good How many licks does it take? Subrafta 3
937 -*SF*- Striking Fury Evil Fear the shadows that lurk Mizraith 2
937 EELS Eastern Eelmen League of Spoltog Neutral Sashimi nya naranu Go fish boys Fish scratch fever Su-Shi 2
937 Sumnah Guild of the Gilded High Summoners Guild Neutral When in doubt, summon! Lord Braska 2
936 Triad The Chinese Triad Good "When in doubt, euthanize." SunGodMonkey 1+1
934 WESUX WE ALL SUCK Evil everyone sux leachlife4 6
934 <3WCC Weighted Companion Cube Neutral Ur WCC will never threaten to stab u in the back Fright01 3
934 p2p PirtumPirtam Evil It's good to be bad but it's better to be EVIL! goscin666 3+2
932 The O-Shrine Shrine of Ozindar Neutral Do you what you like and don't what you don't. Ozindar 4+1
932 NeoRO NeoRO Evil NeoPs2 2+2
929 SMEGMA The Smegmatic German Helmets Evil Let's all stand erect Long Dong Silver 3
928 WoWFans World Of Warcraft Fanatics Good WoW Rules l337dexter 2
928 APFC Alex Prescott Fan Club Evil AP is GoD poggin 2
927 Sagan Carl Sagan Evil Billions and billions... Evident Absence 3
924 Ümläüts The Inheritance Of The Mighty Umlaut Neutral We have Pizza El Backlight 3
922 [EmHk] Order of the Emerald Hellkite Neutral Emerald flames shall raze the world. Horay! Jioruji Derako 3
919 TEPID The Eek Peep Indigenous Drivel Neutral Lukewarm to the Core. Valien 5
915 CI Calamitous Intent Evil You're only sposed to blow the bloody doors off Diezehl 2
915 .:Factory:. Factory Good Unknown Factor ..... Exodus Adreat 2
907 LIGEiFACE L I G E i F A C E . D K Good Tu est une abekat blab 1+1
907 Snejkarna Snejkarna Evil Hu? Jojje 2
899 SLOR Slow Riot Neutral The only good one's a dead one! TorusHead 6
898 FiSiBiKa Die Fiesies Evil Wir sind fies! BAM! INURFACE Endtrail 4
898 AMIS Evil Pinguins est un gros coiffeur Cafard 3
894 FBNI Fly By Night Industries Evil Change! Rowrthag 1+2
893 Lsj lsj891012 Good I'm gonna kill all of Jap monkey! lsj891012 1+4
893 dark.klowns The Dark Klowns Neutral Box the Klown 2
892 SX Styx Evil Yayyayayay Blobbel 4
890 CJ Circlejerk Neutral We eat little girls Sataaa 3
890 2G4U 2Guude4Yew Neutral Clones and clones of clones?! Phazer25 3
889 ExileLV ExileLV Good Tenjou 2
888 Disreputable Disreputable Boatmen Evil Gontik 1+1
887 LCM La chandelle morte Evil No cheater we watch our bar progress! BoudahXL 2
887 -[FASZ]- Good bmarcika 2
887 BAMM Brutal Ambidextrous Mass Muderers Evil We can kill you with BOTH our hands! leachlife4 2
887 Heretic Heretical Blasphemy Good Mer De Noms Contravene 2
885 TLoOM The League of Ordinary Men Good Why excel when you can be mediocre! Lord Ingo 1+1
881 U.S.S KT United States of the Saver of Kitten Trees. Evil Omnom Everything. Riuris 4
877 -dev- Devnetik Good xendlessx 3
877 TeLE TeLE Evil TeLE - Good Vibrations asko_eho 1+1
877 Apedogs Apedogs Neutral +2 ownage Xirus 1+1
876 DiWo Diligent Workers Neutral Work all night. Shig 2
876 DCB's The Drifter Colony Bums Good "We're going to ride that?" PyroXIII 2
875 Apocalypse Knights of Apocalypse Good Kill, Crash and Destroy Dream Watcher 3+1
866 #@Home #@Home Evil #@Home, >< where its phat. Zero-Wing 2
866 H.A.R.D. H.A.R.D. Corps Good We're Always H.A.R.D. Maximicus 2
866 Periaktoid The Periodic Table of Elephants Evil Prose before hoes serasunshine 2
860 W-o-M Worshippers Of Metallica Good Rockfang 2+1
858 MoOG ^_^ Neutral Master of Orion Glabredzu 10
858 The PT's The Phylum of the Trundlefaustus Good If you can't join 'em, get bitter and go goth. Beetlewhizzit 4
854 The Faith Shining Faith Good Dona nobis pacem et salva nos a hostibus... Buzz-Buzz 3
847 G.O.C.E Guild Of Carrot Eaters Neutral Only vegetable that Orc eats, is carrot. (( ELF! ) Grull Juurezz 2
847 Type Prototype Evil Be a no life! ImPsychoTv 2
846 steakheads steakheads Good We didn't ask for your two-bit opinion. ttocs 2
846 B| Grandonyans Neutral How are you fine thank you. Denninn 2
845 Sweet! The Sweet League Good Dude, what's mine say? Sweet! Donomoto 32
844 Neutral Myolp 2
840 D.U.R.R. Divine Undercity of Retributive Reckoning Neutral We eat NPC's and poop out whiffle cuts! Tchaikovsky's Overfiend 4
838 CRAP CRAP Neutral Were all crap crazyerchris 4
834 Hell'sLords Hell'sWarlords Evil Are there battles to be fought ...we fight them ! Hell'sAvatar 2
830 AuldFriends AuldFriends Neutral Whee! Fussel 5
829 ZERGITA Sciame Zerg Evil Foreeever zerg, I wanna be foreeever zerg!!!! Pazzoberserk 1+1
828 PBg Procrastination Brigade Neutral Yeah....we were gonna get around to that...... Gabryeal 2
828 IlluminedG Illumined Gaming Good We Rule Mr_Master 2
827 Ectocheese Ectoplasmic Cheesecake Neutral <('.' <) <( '.' )> (> '.')> Ort the Dim 2+10
826 DTC Dans Ton Cul Evil ca pue ! Gaal 4
826 Helloimbob Helloimbob's best Guild Good We rule. Clemens 6
826 APT Aspiring Petty Thugs Evil One day we hope to advance to petty thuggery. Headlor 2
826 RNR Red-Neck Ronin Neutral Doing Things Nagasaki-Style Ysocroktt 2
825 Luminence Luminary Eminence Good The greatest of magnitudes is not enough. Cynosure 1+1+2
824 -={clean}=- Recyclers Good We collect cardboard golem recycling! Blackwolf Fang 2+1
824 FTN FTN Neutral FTN BlazeMan 2
824 ToG Temple of Godzilla Good Happiness is a dish best served cold. Rumgoat 2+2
824 V1 V1 Neutral What Would Jeffy Do? Jeff Hardy 3
824 gums Bad Teeth Neutral P'too! mewol 2
823 idkmybffjill Illegal Danish Neutral I do what I want LuckyNumbah7 2
823 Knep Knep Good Knep med mig, det er rart :-P Izo 3
823 cool toxic Good Watch yor back coolbulldogs 1+1
823 SOTA Siegers of the Alamo Neutral American Super Patriots Must Die!(only in spanish) Tipsy and The Magic Gyrocopter 1+1
823 MRU Monks R Us Neutral Monks Unite leachlife4 4
823 BootyBandits Big Booty Bandits Good Hamburglar 2
822 DPW Dalmas Power Evil Errrrr!!!! Argggg!!! Eag 2
822 PB Pep Boys Evil We're the car people! Dio 2
821 LNC Late-Night Coders Neutral Meh. Whatever. Go do fun stuff. Mr.Person 1+1
821 BEU Baby Eaters United Neutral "I never met a baby I didn't eat!" Y2Xiao 2
821 Wii! Wii! The Knights Who Say Wii! Neutral Playing Progress Quest wiiiiiiiiiith... a HERRING! Cameron Sanantonio 2
821 DICK Disciples In Clean Kilts Good Really? Stiph Peter 2
821 Troop 816 Union AeroSpace Corporation.. Neutral Storms, What's left is just Collateoral Damage. UAC Flynn Taggart 2
821 Keciaz Keciaz Neutral We are farmers steven7069 2
820 Triforce Triforce Guild Evil McKickass inatspong 2+1
820 SFO Shadowflame Order Evil We will cleanse the world in fire dark. leachlife4 1+1
819 we keel Keelers Neutral Keel them all Tynx 4+2
819 WLZ Würfelzucker Neutral velox 3
816 S.P.H.I.N.X. S.P.H.I.N.X. Good shudmeyer 1+2
815 GUL The Guild of Unnecessary Loquaciousness Evil Why don't they ever leave me enough room to finish The_root_of_all_evil 2
815 KHAI Mirkur Draug'Tyr Neutral Your window to the target. The Being 2
815 -WD- Wolf Den Neutral Dont fear the dark wolfofdeath 2
815 AO Ancient Ones Evil MMmmm Evil.... Maelael D'Ereshkigal 2
815 DINK Dink's Guild Neutral Just Dink It! DinkLock 2
814 WiRe Winged Rebellion Neutral Wings of Freedom Litdaze 4
813 Undying Undying Neutral If it doesn't get all over the place. It ........ Michael Fairlyne 2+2
809 AMP Association of Men who are also Pandas Neutral I evolved thumbs and all I got was this T-shirt... Schizandroid 3
806 Snow... Midnite_Snow Good Be as Cool as Snow,as mysterious as midnite... Cararex 5
806 UUO118 Atomic Summer Neutral Here comes the pain Dormira 3
804 SSl Silver Starlight Neutral Ad astra Aerio 3
804 T-Ton! T-Ton! Good T-Ton - For good or for Awesome! AntmanIV 1+2
803 PRoLioO Peoples Republic of Lumps in our Oatmeal Neutral Now with more ass-kicking lumps! Green-Elf 3
801 KiKi KiKi's Bitches Evil ... BCOOL 5
790 Rekcals Rekcals Evil dot dot dot Rekcals 3
785 Neutral We exist, that is sufficient. Vernem 4+1
782 megahertz Megahertz Army Good Geek it until it megahertz cypher-neo 2+1
780 Ven Venerate Good We kill stuff. Tapein 4
780 bama cristos The Christ Punchers Evil Punching christ for all you sinners! LoFi-Samurai 4
779 Nightwish ccc4ever Evil U\'re here for me, I\'m here for u ccc4ever 1+1
777 M.S.O.O. MONSTER SLAYERS OF OOBAG Good Let's slay all the evil monsters !!! [ZiN]JaruS_Lublin_PL 2
777 BFIST BroFist Good Brofisting at the speed of light! Beat 2
773 OotH Order of the Heron Neutral For the Heron! regmes 1+1
773 DoPQ The Drifters of Progress Quest Neutral We Drift... We Drift... Die Sinlin 2
772 MFIS Mormons For Further Intanglement In Society Evil GET THEM ALL! Frump 2
771 RP28 Robotic Pirates 28k Neutral Straight illin robot pirate style Cithon 1+1
770 ciik Guardians of the Mysterious Rabbish Good Save early, save often Crays 2
767 -AAB- Aardappelbakkers Evil Burned, but still not cooked -Anakha- 8
764 MNL Midnight Lunatics Asylum Neutral Prozac Pudding Power! Fear the three peas! TeRRoRiTe 4
764 N-D New Doom Good Fighting the forces of hell, one imp at a time... Fallox 3
763 DDKoADD DivineDarkKnightsOfApjounsDivineDivinity Neutral Apjoun 2
763 rllmuk rllmuk Good Jonster 1+3
762 DvT The Dark Voodoo Tribe Evil Heads will roll.... NinjaHamster 2
762 Existentials No Exits Neutral The Exits are closed DeathValzer 2
761 Yes sir! falSTAR Good There's falSTAR's.. And then there's everyone else leachlife4 3
759 NKSB Da Negro-Knights o' South Bronxshire Evil Don't trust whitey, join taday! Sir Jiggalot of Ill Flava 3
753 UKPGG United Kobolt Penis Gathering Guild Neutral Tizz Dr Kranz 2
753 FeTe Flegmatic Tree Evil Auri sacra fames BiD 4+3
753 LOR Legend Of Roe Neutral Don't interupt while I'm ignoring you Amrak 3
750 OvR Overrun Evil Keep juggling! Goshewan 2
749 Sab Saul Ah B Neutral None Crawling119 10
748 TOMP Tomopia Good To do what was lost, is losing what to do Tom the Great 4
742 Gobo! Goblin Mutants Team Neutral Take a sharp stick and make lot of holes! Roger 1+2
742 The Black The Black Company Neutral We stay united Krain 3
740 Squawk The Royal Order of Battle-Finches & Birdriders Esq Good Cheep cheep cheep, kill a lot, peck a little more HungryTiger 1+2+1
739 FWBT For Whom The Bell Tolls Good Dragonaljar 11
739 MM2018 Magical Mirai Good The mirai without Mirai isn't the mirai I want ! Snow Miku 4
738 get dunkd on geeettttttt dunked on!! Neutral WarButter 3
737 BabStoCorEat Baby Stomping Corpse Eaters Good Dead hookers are fun, if they're still warm. leachlife4 2
736 Good We stand united. leachlife4 2
735 IFoooaaaaamm Eye Foam Evil Cheese and gold Rhaizah 2
734 RainBlood Raining Blood Evil Raining Blood...From a Lacerated Sky Pandamaniac 3
732 MJA Mako Junkies Anonymous Neutral What's bad for you could be good for me! Mako_Junkie 9
729 Alpha/Omega The Alpha/Omega Squadron Evil Agent Clones: The Beginning of Your End The Dark Agent 3
729 AOCF Ancient Order of the Clenched Face Neutral With stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain Old Nahampkin 1+3
727 NON-E Non-existing Neutral we don\\\'t exist Hellek 1+1
724 MI Mages Island Good Magic and wisdom are key Saje 3+1
723 PINK Pink & Innocent, Not Killers Neutral We're innocent! EmmieShadow 4
722 NB Nutter Butter Neutral Look at that pony! JesterPoet 2
722 emark guild e-mark supper guild Evil pwn tvl 5
721 FGATGJS Formal Guild of All That is Good and Justly Stuff Good HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Rickish 2
720 OoL Order of Light Good In Light There Is No Darkness leachlife4 4
720 [W.M] [World.mayheM] Evil Causing Worldly Harm... WargasM 2
718 GlBs Grief lunatic basterds Neutral Amarandwolf 2
717 FATAL Fatal Dominion Evil Bathed in blood, blessed by fire. ApostleOfAtom 3
717 Didocom Ye Olde Didocom Shoppe Good Charge! (@P20 per Hour) leachlife4 3
717 The Devil Marinas Evil "Oh, and you must be the devil!' Valcrist 3
715 GUN Great Ugly Nothing Good Making fat kids fatter so little kids feel better. Nakoom 2
715 Swimunk Guild of The Swimming Monkies Good WORSHIP THE MUNKY DAMIT! HelRunner 3
715 M~S MidnightSyndicate Evil \"If you can\'t do it you can sure as hell try\" leachlife4 1+1
715 DieModerei Die Geruchsanstalt Evil May the dung rain down on you! leachlife4 2
715 Choc Bunnies One Pound Chocolate Bunny Good elerarr 2
715 LtH Ladies that Hack Good Kill evil and take their stuff. Ilyra 2
715 Thunderforce Holy Thunderforce Good heh... Rand00m 3
714 CrsdLrkrs The Cursed Lurkers Neutral Wait for it... GOTCHA! Malerock 1+1
714 <3Burger Angels-Holocaust Neutral omgwtfhax? Vinceisg0d 2
714 FOAD Fédéral Organisation Administration Département Neutral Pardon my French! Bib 2
714 Shacklefords The Dale Gribble Knights who say, "Shuh-shah!" Evil "Shuh-Shah!" Shuh-Shah! the Rusty 2
714 S5 Sensual Suffocating Swimsuit Sluts from outerSpace Evil In outer space nobody can eat ice cream Chaorick 2
714 F.A.Q Fack You! Evil Fack You! That's what FAQ means.. right?? Betastic 1+1
714 SKT Shadow Knights of Tikal Good Max Gene 2
714 [:oSR:] Ordo Straga Rosa Neutral Non Ploro, Non Crudus oneirosFade 2
714 Troop 616 Union AeroSpace Corporation. Good Evil shall fall before our might! UAC Flynn Taggart 2
714 HamsterParty Happy Hamsters Neutral we're happy Giraffer 2
711 LWS Living With Style Neutral To Live with style Godmstr 3
711 ASYLIM! Aylesbury! Save Your LIve Music! Neutral Support Live Music in Aylesbury! IT ROCKS! Saiph 11
708 BLAM Belligerent Lads And Men Neutral Not your ordinary food group! FadingLight 1+1
708 QQ NOOB Quintessential Quarters for Naggers Of Overt Barns Evil Follow the barn Wexxie 2
708 Kidoneko Neko style Kido Neutral Cats we are kitty cats and we dance dance dance!! KoNekoNeko 1+1
708 Weebs Weeaboos Evil Hikari and Megumin adri 2
708 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Neutral Evolving... Mad Scientist 2
706 Holy-H Holyhard Good Holyishard SpawnerMaxer 52
705 Dum Basses The Idiot's Guide to Runeloremastery Evil Like a dog with bricks tied to its head... Doombringer The Mighty God 6
704 Nebo Nebuchadnezzar Good ProfessorRolo 4
704 ECL East Commonlands Neutral To grind or not to grind that is the question... Fleshrend 4
699 FaUoW Followers and Underlings of Wolfspelz Good Just do it Wolfspelz 3
696 BMDW Basement Dwellers Evil None Sawtoothsquid 2
693 FFF Friends of Fisherman's Friend Good Hmmm, suck that Fisherman's Friend! Twigler the Mad Twirler 2+1
692 DAz D'Arvakh Evil When fire rains down from the sky, mankind will... xixel 4
692 =TDG= The Deadly Guild Neutral U got Pwned Noob Dipstick45 2
692 The Club Spoltog Country Club Good There's No "U" In This Club. Leeroy Jenkins 2
689 Aroo? Sprocket Wolf! Neutral Martese 3
686 DSM2004 Den Store Mester ToTusindeogFire Good DSM2003 2
686 Drags Dragon Hunters Good Mess with the best, DIE like the rest!!! Ezri 1+1
683 lamez awesomes Evil die a little every day ogreknight 5
681 TDPSotFL The Dark Power Slayer of the Forbidden Language Evil Get rich or die tryin' EKN 4
680 THBoEP The Holy Brotherhood of Elven Protectors Good Together we shall venture in forgotten realms... Snowfall 5
678 Meldersnet Meldersnet Good Meldersnet rules [QS]Excalibur 4
672 SHDW Shadowbolts Neutral The Shadowbolts Pretzhog 2
671 DiSh DieSherrif's Evil J4nniZ 2
669 L.O.L.I. Flat is Justice Evil Flat is Justice Akuma no Tsubasa 2+1
669 BOSR Bludgeoners of Small Rodents Good auroris 9
668 BARON The Baronites Neutral Promoting organized anarchy every day Lywellyn 2+1
667 ESE Eat! Sleep! Eat! Evil Eat! Sleep! Eat! Garam 4
662 MonstSlay MonsterSlayer Good Do good thing for win ! lLanctot 2
662 Uber Bad Uber Badasses Evil And now you too... are uber-badass. Shawn Reed 2
660 WCD... Warcraft Dervish Neutral Yeap, we're noobs Dancindan84 2+1
658 *Death* Deathly Marks Evil He told us to do it Konman 2+1
657 A.O.D Army Of Darkness Evil Let them hate us, provided they FEAR us! Crimson Ghost 1+2
657 Blerg! Blerg! Neutral Blerg! Thorgred 3
656 See Formal Cult Under Nasterous Tenenbaum Evil Do Not Exceed The Stated Dose Dumpston 3
656 MaBu MakingBubbles Evil a frog for every bubble arithia 3
654 NewFU Newfriends Unite Good New is always good as new. Zayo 1+35
652 D'D The Devils in Disguise Good We lay our cum upon thee Mr. Blue Sky 2+7
652 Drunk Taints Slippery Grundle Beer Drinkers Alliance Neutral early bird gets worm but second mouse gets cheese SpicySanchez 3
649 Wits Wheel In The Sky Good Free fly in the Sky Bias11 5
646 Felchus FELCHING FOR FREEDOM! Evil "Onward and outward, for ignorant bliss!" MisterTorn 3
645 VicPrik Vicious Pricks Evil Rape-Kill-Maim-Pillage-Burn. But not in that order Wolfie-IA 2
643 LoFS Legion of Feral Squirrels Neutral Cute, Furry, Cuddly, Deadly Robbie Dawson Md. 7
642 TGods Treacherous Gods Good The land is silent... Before the storm! Wintersun 4+1
641 ATHF AquaTeensHungerForce Good We Kill everybody cause we cool like dat Cabface 3
640 Sanka Lost but Not Forgotten Neutral Hero's are remembered, Legends are never forgotten Sanka 2
640 D'VINE The Divine League of Awesome Evil lolpk! Almir 3
640 Traveler The Travelers Good The World is Ours to Explore Tralien 3
639 EotP Enshroudment of the Plains Evil We will cover the world in shroud. Hirogen Yao 2
638 Apple Core PARATHEO-ANAMETAMYSTIKHOOD OF ERIS ESOTERIC Neutral Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! aghori 1+3
638 0S 0rions Soldiers Good KILLLLLLLLL 0rion 3
636 RAGE CREW The Rage Crew Evil YAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Brass_Munkee 4
634 BLD BTH Blood Bath Good THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!! ryanmdaly 1+2
633 GachiMuchi Billy Herrington's Dungeon Crew Good Ass we can! Shredder 4
633 Awsomeness! Guild of Awsomeness Evil We\'re just awesome. Nura 4
630 .:CoG:. Company of Gods Good lvl up! Xyrix 4
629 SeoB Seekers of Beer Good We like beer ieatpoptarts 4
628 PGLD PlagueLord Neutral For Glory & Beer Axideus 3
624 URB United Retards Of Bagledesh Evil EAT BABIES PISS GRAVEL AND SET CHILDREN ON FIRE United Retards Of Bangledesh 4
623 Anti-Pants Pants. Who needs 'em? Evil Remove your pants and jump for joy! Mr. Amazing 2
623 Riverbed Riverbed Technology Neutral Robocop 2
623 MapleGrove Maple Grove Knights Good SPOOOOOON!!!!!!! Papi Chulo 1+2
623 Mashers Inc. The Aboriginal Potato Mashers of Schenectady Evil The potato also mashes thee. Karkadinn 1+1
623 N-less Nameless Evil Th3D3ntist 4
622 [JEFF] The Lackidaisical Warriors of the Boosh Evil Why do now what you could do after killing a baby? Deadseraph 1+1
622 Ali G Algraves Evil Respek Pandalphon 3
622 El. Opera House Evil Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom!!! El. 4
622 #SH Space-Hulk Evil Cleanse and Burn! xixel 2
622 LPT Lust Preaching Taco Evil We preach for panties. gukarma 1+1
622 XYR X Yos Razulath Good Let's all stab things! >:D CactusMaster 3
621 Gaminghost Evil For Gamers, By Gamers! Embryodead 2
621 TSW The Spirits Within Neutral We Rule Spoltog, I think :) Kashmir 2
621 TCP The Circle of Power Good Get lost!! FreeGeG 1+1
621 Fecatorium Fecatorium Evil I'm a song from the sixties Mung 4
621 HLD Holy League of Diarrhoea Neutral Deus volt Lord Villic of Holy Lethargia 2
621 Skulltwister The Skull Twisters Evil We twist the skulls. Strawbelbadude 2
621 knikni Knights of Knighthood Good The Ultimate Knightly Knighthood AlexG 2
621 Shh.... Whisperers of the Wind Sword Good Don't speak loudly Kroupcrit 2
621 eprep Equestrian Prep Neutral ~ old hat perm 2
618 KNAP Koło Naukowe Automatyki Przemysłowej Evil We Love Automatics Alpinus 1+7
616 AoElites Army of Elites Good Mass Destruction Vendan 2
616 BZRW Bizarro World Neutral Zakattakk 4+1
616 DrunkP Drunken Pirates Evil no such thing as bad rum arrr!! Dwolf 2
616 Lol~~~ Lord of Legend Good For the Light Ann 2
616 DENOOB De'Noobs Evil The Internet is for... Kaly 2
616 RPH Rabbit Punch Neutral hehehe archem 2
616 Kill pines! Pinekillers Evil Kill da pines, save da beavers! Tapx 2
613 Teledildonic Teledildonics Neutral Pffff you know what we do Felipe A 7
608 LTD Loot The Dog Good we will nerf you! Gryvon 3
605 Wild Hunt Wild Hunt Good Rawr! Nurgh 2
605 TooB The Order of Boeg Evil "Thu must worship PQ" Boegroew 5
604 Elementia The Progressive Table of Elements Neutral At the heart of the world of Progress... Denthrinn 6
603 DoE Druids of Ehlonna Neutral For Ehlonna! For Obid-Hai! Merivyan 2+1
602 RC Coola The Bachus Fanclub Evil We hate you all. Bachus 2
600 [SJGT] The Red and Black Army Good Loyalty until Death CalBri97 8+6
598 E3 E3 Good We sit AFK for a long time Starblaster1234 10
597 TIHYGS Team I Hate You Guys Evil Pwning noobs since 2002 BumPaum 6
596 hinata inn love hina Good kimi o ai shite iru maehara shinobu 2
596 Dirtpro DirtyProgressers Good Solange bis die Sonne auf die Erde fällt DieAmoebe 4
591 TwiPeaker Twilight Peacekeepers Neutral Sure?.. Maybe.. We'll Hafta see. DarkHawkPro 2+1
587 Jujubas Melecas Good For the Horde! Lugão 2
586 ZHQ Beaming Good Here we go MoonBeam 3
585 The Sacreds The Sacred Feathers Good Rumbladi 3
584 Blow my tube Porn Elementals Neutral You no take lube! Nerfair 2
584 [131717] PQL33T Evil Grind with style. Juha686 2
583 GPMI Ghost Pirates of Monkey Island Evil Can I interest you in this fine leather jacket? Matthew Ranks 1+1
583 Ninjas Ninjas Neutral Veni, Vedi, Vici *rawr* Penz0r 1+1
582 B'gok The Massively Massive Massive of B'gok Neutral B'gok up the massive's massively massive massive. Alpaca 2
582 A H Andiamo Horrors Neutral zomgwtfbbqkittensmewmewmewlazergunspewpewpew Malik the Mad 3
582 ASUCK Awesome Super Ugly Cowboys Killers Evil Are you a cowboy dood? DF0 2
581 Gozem GozemInc. Good Software to the People! Gozem 3
577 ParaKoM Paranoid KoM Evil I'm not Paranoid! KoM 8
576 The One!!!! The Guild Of One Evil They're the PJPF......SPLINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zeustic 2
576 JEB Josh's excellent badgers Evil Badger Badger Badger Kabouter 2
576 Sabi's Boyz The boys hailing to Sabi Neutral we progress! Sabi 2
576 F T CR33D For the Cr33d Good To be and to See Zebulan 1+1
575 Roidham Roidham Good Nur no die Quest AndyN02 4
574 penispatrol Penis Patrol Evil Your ad here Kangu 1+2
569 BoLnD Brotherhood Of Light And Darkness Evil squee? asd 2
569 LegShad Legacy of the Shadow Evil Death from the Shadows... Silicon Shadow 3
569 toxica Toxic Avengers Neutral Dont taze me bro! animerunt 2
569 AnarchyFight Anarchy Fighters Neutral HardTYZ 1+1
567 FR4K The Knights of Frak Good No Cylons allowed Captain Woddee [Braden Scanlan 38
564 PTGuild Portugal Neutral Igo 2
561 -=D=- The Dukes of G! Neutral We are the best, you are the rest! Flocutus 2
560 =<__/ZC\__>= ZombieCorpse Neutral PinkSuspenders?WaterInTheBasement!?AngusWhosAngus! _TROLL_ 3
559 01 The Great Binary Guild Good there are 10 kind of people, in this guild or not bearded_jack 1+2+1
559 ---DF-- Dung Flingers Neutral Flinging dung for all! setik 3+1
557 J00 J00 Neutral W3 423 1337 J00 F02K 2
557 Innerkurva Realm of the Innerkurva Neutral Bow down or be Nerbromsad Bzzt0x15 2
557 SunRed The Sun of the Red earth Evil Kill'em all Miguel Juan 3
557 Fuster Fustercluck Evil Everything is a Fustercluck AngryParagon 2
556 Elfen Army Elfen Army Good Kill them all! Jacki 2
555 Twins Mount Twin Neutral We ownz U!!! Psst 1+1
553 Lunatics! We ARE the Lunatics! Neutral What? Yea!, ayea! PuFFiS 4
548 LoSa League of Shadows Neutral Tis' a fine day to die. Chiaroscruo 2
547 OCS The Order of the Crimson Sun Good FOR PANCAKES! Pylonius 2+1
547 -DB- Dark Black Good Meep Meep! leachlife4 4
547 C.V Comando Vermelho Evil Skim 17
546 ARSE Allied Reclusive Secret Embalmers Evil Discount Mummifications (Pay in Advance) PreacherMan 3
544 P Ninjas Presbyterian Ninjas Neutral Killing you quietly and by committee. Tweet 2
544 Coffeejunkie Coffeeshop invaders Evil It's by caffeine alone my mind is set in motion NeedMoreCoffeeMan 4
543 Team-Pred Team Predator Evil Sexy Time! MeloN 2
543 FRA Guilde des Francais Neutral Montrez que la France est meilleure que les autres Jakylla 1+2
543 CVS Cavaleiros do Visconde de Sabugosa Good Kurumim2 3
542 Crisco Alliance of Vegetable Shortening Good epic win slavik262 1+1
542 AMI Rulers of the bottom feeders Evil We are the best of the best of the worst. Yaotzin 1+2
542 the buggers The guild of anoying buggers Evil To be anoying is the key to enlightment! Himura ShinDa 1+2+1
541 KMS Runestone Kowboys Neutral Kiss My Staff Kolo Fireheart 3
541 Plan9 Plan 9 From Outer Space Evil Zurk 2
541 F.B.B. The Fellowship of the Bling Bling Good Destroy the One Bling Bling! GrizzledFat 9
541 #rape Rapist Eyes Good Get In The Van We Have Candy That Faggot Rave 2
541 Zerocoil Guild Of the loner Good Uphold the Peace Zerocoil 3
541 d-w-c double-wookie-clan Neutral why is there six pedals if there are only four dir deadlyshooter0 3
541 =s!x= Souls in Exile Good Testing Gottshaw 1+1
541 TKOO The Kings of Old Good The kings of the past becoming mere people. BbrouK1ng 2
540 Fart Fart Smellers Good mmm, stinky Breaker 2
540 Theta Kappa Fraternal Lodge of the Trans-Kobold Masons Neutral Theta Kappa: For the exclusive Trans-Kobold Butkus 2
540 CYD Cydonia Neutral Cydonia or bust! Jaelen 1+1
540 E.V.I.L Earth's Very Intentional Leverage Evil I... I mean... We shall someday rule Earth! Rogon 1+1
540 NFG Nucking Futs Guild Evil Eat shit or die! bs38830 2
540 GooN Goonies Good leachlife4 2
540 DFL Disciples of the Fish Lord Neutral Give Glory where Glory belongs! leachlife4 2
538 WO Wise one Good Kill or be killed Ultimon 2+1
537 Strongbad The Awesome One Neutral Somebody get this fricking duck away from me! Enigma Strongbadian 2+1
537 tgp20 Turbogp20 Neutral We control the land, we control everyone turbogp20 3
537 C45 The Power of Colt 45 Evil It works every time. Weeble 3
536 schlong The Large Penis Guild Neutral We have only one requirement... Phallusius 3+2
536 YMPA Young Men's Pagan Association Evil Young Men's Reformed Cultists of the Ichor God Bel-Shamharoth the Soul-Eater 2
536 GDZ Gay Dudez Neutral We're gay as hell! JPorphy 2
536 Arcane Arcane Ranger Neutral To track, to hunt, to learn, to improve. Bowpurity 2
536 SLITHER Some Losers Ideas Trampled Hideously Every Roll Neutral Success At Life -5 Sturgeon Surgeon 2
536 ::DDD ::Double Double Dots Evil Pizza ride Horses <3 Mixnot 2
534 LMO Little Mormors Evil WE R WIN! IMO FYI! Supersune 6
530 -=[TDB]=- Thunderbrew Distillery Good World of Warcraft on Der abyssische Rat Lesnar 2
529 DBF Dead Body Farmers Neutral Live by the Sword! Die by the Sword! Fredrick Ernst 4
528 OotDF Order of the Drunken Fist Good Killing beasties in true style Benjirii 3
526 =O= The Outcasts Evil Pheer our mad skills. Asmax 2
525 [BlueRage] Blue Rage Good The Rage Always Takes Over. Blue Rage 3
520 Unwanted The Legion of Oddites, Freaks, Romantics+Drunks Neutral Sitting around, killing you, that's life. mr man 26+1
515 Narky Team Narky Good For the Narky! Narky 4
512 BAHAMUT BAHAMUT Good We are goodmen! Gogle 3
511 PkmnFans Neutral erriperry 4
508 MOE'S Anibros Neutral "SEE? IT'S NOT FOR KIDS!" snorgledingus 2
507 PaladinMouse Paladins of the Holy Pointer in the Sky Good I have been chosen, by the large metal hand. TGhost 2
507 GaBo Neutral Play this Game Now! DiesAter 6
502 GAY-BRA The Brazilian Evil Guys Motheruckers of Trento Evil If you are from brazil join us and be a happy gay sininho 2+1
502 MHz searcher The searchers of the lost MHz Good To find and recover each MHz is our task! Commander-001 4
501 Ishmu Ishmu's Guild Good Ishmu 2
501 ADM Aeger Dis Macrocarpusen Evil Laus exsisto ut omnipotens dea! Sonatas 2
501 $$ steffenstinkt Good Ich gebs euch allen Uzwhud 2
501 B.A.D.A.A.S Bread Adventurers Doomed for Aweful Anti Socialnes Good If It's Not B.A.D.A.A.S It's Not Worth Doing! Lava ON 1+1
501 LunNads Lunar Naiads Good ^-^ Kawaii Tsuki 1+1
499 Maverick's Friends Utd Good United we are strong....seperated we are dead MakepeG2002 2+1
497 FHF Forehead Fighters Evil Would you like fries with that? St. Svenneth 2
494 OPP The Oobag Progressive Police Good For the new world! Shouichi 4
491 FZI FZI Guild Neutral for the l00t. Eleon Windflame 3
491 S.B. Soresutaru Biinn Neutral Setsuna iru narasa. Bernia 8
487 6776 divinitywow Good divinity guild rocks divinity 3
487 Stop. Hammer Time Good Can't touch this. Emms 2
487 Destiny Destiny Good It's not illegal if you don't get caught. phattyG3 2
484 TFAROA The Fricking Awesome Riders Of Apocalypse Evil It's good to be bad Ksard 2
484 Free Home The League of Free Humanoids Neutral A place for ourselves. No purdy faces allowed! Kaalgrak 4
483 RdA Reflets d'Acide Good Le monde de JBX Lynx Kyrios 7
483 ArkZ ArkZ Good Stand in the way of our mission, and die. Omedeus 2+1
482 HMC Half-Minded Chemists Evil Syzar 1+5
481 ThatOneGuy That One Guy Productions Neutral ...Eh? Ultimate Carl 5
479 3 Tiers Angry Christ and Three Tiers Neutral leachlife4 1+2
478 SOLIPCIST Da Poison Crew Good We shall slowly drain your life! DrTommyRocks 2
478 ERT Estonian&Russian Team Good Play for Fun Mikilo 7
475 PrimusSucks Primus of the World Neutral ...? TommyTheCat 2
475 Baal The Angel of Baal Evil Destroy the world and resurected Lucyfer Malcom 5
475 GBH Guild of Brutal Heretics Evil It's not a crime, it's just Illegal Zsall 5
474 ktap King Tony Alpha Patrol Good We live to serve our King King Tony 2 2
474 H.B.S.O.E. Harvard Business School Of Echec Neutral Sale pute ta chatte ta chatte ta chatte! Fustel 2
474 -RG- Rven G'harr Neutral All your base are belong to us Shultays 2
474 -=*CS*=- Core Synergy Good The Cloud. Measurable value for any sized business Frootraem 2
473 JKWLD Johkers Wild Evil Johkers Wild Baybee!! Johker 2
472 DBM Deathcleave Bloodslumber Murderpus Good Helping people makes you feel good :) NighTrekr 2
472 ZergS Zerg Swarm Evil We will destroy you! d3m0n1c 3
471 Peep Big Peep Neutral ~8^ Hyst 1+1
471 co to mark Neutral I like rock 'n roll markq2 3
471 DftW Death for the Weak Evil Weak people are useless, They must die Seymour 1+2+1
471 GOK GodKings Evil We pwn Fazal 8
471 FoFtC Followers of Fred the Carrot Evil Did i Do that? leachlife4 3
470 DEATHSQUAD Einsatzgruppen Evil VIVIVI 2
470 Taco Los Taco Good Make love not war El perro grande 2
470 Sanctus Ira Sanctus Ira Good The Holy Wrath in a land of futile goals. Ehran 2
470 R_forRegress Regressive Guild Neutral Whatever whenever goes up - finally must fall down Akashic 1+2
470 PCF Psycho Chicken Fuckers Evil AFRO POWER! leachlife4 2
470 ALC Amazing League of Curiousity Good Never Give In To Ambivalence Curious Gregor 2
470 SFP! Squids for a Free Pizza Good *Squids can't really write well* Pickle the Wonder Squid 2
470 Attma Legion of Attma Neutral Vi HAR slutat nian. phoz 2
470 Team H Godot's Contagious Band of Thread Slayers Neutral Would you like some raple syrup with our pwncakes? Godot 2
470 YGD Ygsild Evil Punk Mothers! Chirish 2
470 aslmknfja fullbutter Evil we kick buttums lolpoi 2
470 Iva Irken Invaders Evil Snacks!!! Nero Skie 2
470 volandpro volandpro Good volandpro karlmarx 2
469 Dirty Horde Dirty Horde Evil Like running Seti, only more productive. Teleph of Azeroth 1+1
469 SNT Sentero Neutral Ashes to Ashes Seydren 2+1
469 SHIB Sibal Evil Kill all babies Aeja 1+1
469 Selfish Selfish Philosophers Neutral There's no greater purpose than creating a legacy scattymatty 1+1
466 EMuffin Evil Muffin Evil You can keep da $10G along with da body... peace! Chaaun 2
466 PHYR PHYR Evil Eviltoast 2
466 Kpo-Cln Kupo-Clan Good Can't Touch This Lehn 2
466 BossFite The Knights of Ass Tear Neutral There is no metaphor for how fucked you are Roue Cinnamon 3
465 MolCol Molten College Evil Do not put phone on lamp because you will 噴飯 Jack Leonar 2
465 OACO Onions Are Cool Good Yea, Onions are cool... Robubie 2
463 P.E.T.K. People for the ethical treatment of Kobolds Good We fight to give innocent Kobold back their penis! Crazymofo10383 4
463 Burkey Team Burkey Evil Burkey for the Burkey throne FireCar 4
459 MP Madri Parucche Good ...Madre.... PARUCCAAA!!! Rosiello 3
457 Neutral Woogloosker 2+1
455 LAZOR Ones who simply Herp da Derp Good We are one and we are many BigHutch75 2
455 P.A.N.D.A Panda-men And Northern Djinns of Andar Good Spread peace, destroy all traces of evil. Alabraka 1+1
446 [TE] Team Evil Evil We take American medicine to be stronger! hongmao 3
441 BBB Black Bolt Brigade Neutral kthxbye Cowboybot 2
441 I-D IcEsToRmwindDale Neutral "We Cant Decide Weather To Be Good Or Evil!" Nabashin 2
441 JK Jokenian Knights Neutral Trust me, were not joking. Just comedians. Xora 2
436 AC10 Anime Crew 2010 Evil Fuck You and Die nerd 2
435 GBk Group B Good Newcastle College's computers suck! Okonk 2
435 GGooDDoG Guild of Good Dooing Do Gooders Good Seek the Sacred Gimlets and Slay the Ice Devils! Sfartnirbartolemackins 2
435 Chroma Chroma Neutral Zirconium 2
435 Hellraiser Hells angels on bike Neutral Bike, bike, bike and kill Urbanus 2
435 Evil Bogm 2
434 YellowBoyz Beautiful Yellow Children Neutral If it ain't yellow, it ain't right! YellowPanda 3
432 TDFS Team Dragonflies Good Always be a Dragon! Khrawn 2
431 SaE Selfishness and EVIL Evil We Kill Babies For Money and Fun EVERYONE JOIN US! Maltock the Slaughterer 4
429 [ET] Emerald Tiers Good It Means Nothing!!! Roonast 6
427 *0* abiss Evil *0* imb 5+3
422 Wonderland D4rkWoodz Evil Madness roams, and you be mental like me *laughs* Williow 2
422 Chimpo Vermont Highway Patrol Good Almost Made It Farva 3
421 Team Tugboat Team Tugboat Neutral PeteyX 2
420 LIRMM LIRMM Good In 0110001101001 we trust Pogerom 2
420 Tzarists The Imperial Dynasty of Russia Neutral Strength and Honor Elvenrod 3+1
418 Rodenthood The brotherhood of the Dark Guinea Pig Evil By the Dark Master, give all thy pet food or die! Rabbi-T 3
418 Die for Good Myrtar Good Fight again the Evils Myrtar 1+3
417 MSG Matt Snow Guild Good Try to Make a Guild Matt Snow 4
415 AGA Archers of the Gleaming Arrow Good One Quiver one kill DrivenForwardAgain 3+1
415 Smali Smalarinn Inc. Good cassetti 3
414 CoD? Cake or Death? Neutral Tea and cake or death? Cake please... Distinctly Benign 3+1
412 N.A.D.S. Neutral Acts Deviant of Sanity Neutral For two of a kind! Nad 3
412 K-o-C Knights of Cobbalot Evil I'll bite your legs off Clayeth 2
412 EpMARIA Et poppins MARIA, Good We're Mary Poppins, y'all! Khanageddon 2
411 SP Storuman Progressers Neutral Progress, or fall behind! Ragowit 2
410 TGi The Gilbert Irregulars Evil All for Gilberts, and Gilberts for All! BigSteve03 2
410 chilln chilln Evil asdf Karategott 3
410 TVF The Veilhart Family Good We'll kick reason to the curb! Urya 2+2
410 TGPQ Test Guild Plz Quit Good IDDQD IDKFA SilverAID 2
409 Ba-caw! The Chicken Knights of Release Evil hmmmmm Nineol 2
409 BMW Bissele Mit Was Good alles ist besser als Fiat fahren! Fail 2
409 Cpara Chaos Paradis Neutral Come to be free for the rest of your... Tyrin 2
409 HL House Lymbo Neutral What are we doing here? Selly 2
409 SECKZ Y helo thar buttseckz! Evil Y, hello thar... Buttseckz 2
409 RDC Ridiculous Evil Exterminating Porn Elementals for Justice since 57 leachlife4 2
409 <> Citrus 22 Neutral -- what. Lemon Suzerain Ren 2
409 dasagopqm Damn ass sweet ass guild of Progress Quest masters Neutral You catch it, we cook it. Shinbo 2
409 Sebfin Secret Episodic Banalities For Interesting Name Neutral To do, what one does, is not, doing anything else! Xiphias 2
408 G2BB Good to be Bad Evil Who ever said that evil was a bad thing? leachlife4 1+1
408 GANK Griefers and Noob Killers Evil No fair - I was lagging. I'm Ping 3
408 Awsomnia Awesome Awesomers of Awesomeness Neutral Capra vicinum intereo quoque. Dromgrot 1+1
407 MIB for BBB Moderately Insane Badgers Evil For Badgers, Boobs, and Beer! Schutz 4
406 tFWAfH The Fearless Warrior Assasins from Hell Evil We're The Fearless Warrior Assasins. You're not!!! Vanhel 3
406 M's Mingers Evil Feck!!... Arse!!!... Girls!!!!... Feck Off!!!!! MingDaMerciless 2+1
406 PWM Potheads With Motivation Neutral I like milk. Slapdragon 1+1
406 Ŧβ§ team battle star Good guilde a supprime GoGoL 6
405 CredFood Incrediballistic Food Good To Eat, To Fight... And the combinations Thereof! Moncrief Pedubian 2
405 LWG Lorevi Worship Guild Neutral Praise Lorevi! Lorevi 2
405 T.H.H.o.P The Half Halflings of Power Good teh 1337 tim 3
405 PBoD Pink Bunnies of Doom Evil The last to know and the first to be blamed Aleah 3
405 pANDAMAN PANDAMAN Evil woop Bazetts 2
403 KOTBO Knights of the blood oath Good Escape and survive Symbotic 4
401 wasabi wasabi gangsters Evil we are 1337 wasabi man 1+1
401 K-F K S P Guild of the Kung-Fu, Karate, Samurai People Good Qui Valet Sustinet (strength to endure) karate5662 1+1
400 DEADARISEN Cmos Death Squad Evil We kill em, you eat em. Cmos 11
400 YCP Outer Youchew Evil ROCK AND ROLL MCDONALDS RAKninja 1+3
398 whom Whom woke rn Evil whom be trying to shag a girl jangler 3
398 HardCorp The HardCorp Neutral Kill the monsters...take their stuff. Goragh 2
396 PSotA Poor Sportsmen of the Apocolypse Evil Live forever or die trying. Fyuz 1+1
390 RPR Ron Paul For President! Good Ron Paul - The only choice! AnTwan 3
389 League League of Gentlemen Evil An evil petting zoo? Roj Avon 5
388 Woofe RunelorePrincess Good Don't touch the glass. WoofLord 3
387 penis men Penis Men Good dick wangs dickman 2
387 FinSGrp Finite Simple Group Good Life is simple, and possibly nonabelian. Kargaros 2
386 PWN Squad The Epic Pwn Squad of Epic Pwnage Evil DEATH TO YOU ALL r0man 2
385 Woh Elf-up! Evil Mep! Blasphemy 1+2
385 Pig Latin Those who wish to Sleep and be merry Good Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Nyquil_Addict 3
384 LoA2 Legions of Azeroth Good ASD Aeduin 2
384 [Mr] Mr.s of good and evil... Neutral We make the truth what she was not... [Mr]Felon 2
384 don't hurtme napstabot Evil Utsuky 2
383 Dev0 Dev/Null Good There is only 10 kinds of people in this world. Whoudmib 3
383 Hob Hobbiton Good We are hobbits! Cahar04 2+2
383 PmPs Crazy Penguins like Cheesee Good Youll only find the backside of mi hand Penguin 2
381 [-TD-] The Dirtiest Neutral We's don't give no fucks. GhandiJones 4
379 IL07 InformatikLehrgang07 Good PewPew Coila 4
379 HeavenOrHell HeavenOrHell Neutral DevilOrGod GoDeaD 5
379 KoBSP Kings of Boring Stuff Probably Neutral Meh toasterj 2
379 KotEO Knights of the Eleemosynary Order Neutral Eleemosynary behaviour is well-rewarded. DrunkenOaf 4
377 CTHWK Crazy Talking Horses With Knifes Good I'm gonna stab joo! Elreon 21+1
377 EJ Elitist Jerks Neutral We're elite. You're not. Senex 1+2
376 Empire Maer'yn Empire Evil Maer'yn 3
376 <H-o-D> Hamocks of Death Good Rae 3
376 Fem The Magic Feminist Guild Good Smash the Patriarchy! Alice 2
375 bless blessCPU Good 잘먹고 잘살자 oNeToW 5
371 SuSA Super Special Awesome Neutral A WHOLE LOT OF TALK AND NOT A LOT OF ACTION. TomMcMot 2
370 WotBS Warriors of the Broken Stein Good Swabbin' poop decks since 1892. Aphrodesizach 3
370 GoGness Guild Of Guildness Good Yay! charsur 1+3
367 Neutral huanxiang 15
366 BA Bad Ass Evil I'm going to kick your ass Lutho 1+4
358 Deal Dealowack Neutral gainx 2
357 Cadre Cadre Evil Zerg Much? Merr 1+3
357 Chamois The Almighty Fellowship of the Chamois Good To uphold the righteous power of the chamois. norp 3
357 BSG75 Battlestar Galactica Good We will find Earth, someday. starbuck99 2
357 TLEB The League of Extraordinary Badgers Neutral Our Badgers are better then your badgers Joludan 3
357 p_h_o_s Phasors On Stun Evil Two the gun, more the fun! Liikaa 2+2
357 SFs Seiko Films Good If it's from Seiko, it must be good! Yogi Bare 3
357 [MaSo] Mariage Sorcière Evil All witches, gather. Bernkastel 3
356 Unrefined Unrefined Neutral We are Unrefined Parimer 2
356 Munchies Doom Munchers Neutral Lets Masticate. Obsidian Teeth 2
355 NMATR Numb Macroers of the Akht Tomm Realm Evil We bring the fun to macroing, we also serve drinks MasterMacro 2
355 .GR Gentle Revolution Good Inconvinience for the Ruling Class! hpr 2
355 Craziness Maligned Engineers Evil World domination Rocket Science 2
355 MMC Meuble Manga café Evil This is Sparta !!! aethna 2
353 EBU El bastardos unidos Evil Fuck em all bastardo 1+2
352 The Lauts Umlaut Heaven Neutral We know the power of the 'Laut. Lillipud 1+1
352 NP Ninja Pirates Neutral Stealth with Scurvey! Arrr! Ashonee 2
352 REISUP Reign Supreme Good If it moves then we reign supreme over it! Noahetrex 2
352 GatoPi Gatos piratas Neutral Do what u want cause a pirat is free, u r a pirat Francio 2
352 TDSWA The Dark Shadow Warrior Assasins Neutral Darkness dominates all. LordShadowknight 1+1
350 Breakdancing Oh Knats Good Your mom Eieken Rahndeka 2+1
347 FCM Fetus Cutter n' His Mates Neutral "Cut the fetus with tongue."--Trans-Kobold proverb Fetus Cutter 3
345 PanSan Panda Sanctuary Neutral Be Safe. Be Free. Hoda 3
344 RGMW Evil "the goggles do nothing" NEd 2
342 Seek Those that Seek Good Seek and you shall find. Lore 74
342 Lib Liberators Good For liberty and progress! Otao 3+1
340 Baszoda Baszoda Evil Perges van ezerrel a g*cibe! leachlife4 1+4
337 EvR Emperor Ravenos Evil Invicti Malum Victoria (Invite Demonic Victory) Demoniak 4
337 &#9829; The Misinformeds Neutral Sorry you were so misinformed. GenericZombie 1+1
336 Deth Mordhouse Evil We will make everything metal! Reili 2
334 Wingua Winter Guardians Neutral We fight for no one but the ice that powers us. Cyro 2
334 SSJ SSJ Good -=[SSJ]Wing.Zero=- 1+1
334 FLP Federated Legion of Pwnzorz Good We pwnz joo. Roc 6+1
334 FdLdP Good Liberating the world one bowl at a time Fidgety 2
334 VENT PA Ventrilo Evil WANGALICIOUS! SniperGuy 2
332 GGG Guilding Guilders From Guildville Evil Just Guild It Dinklebutt 4+2
332 F.U.C.K. Feather Using Cat Killers Evil Kill the pussy! Kill all the pussy! Faux Samurai 3+1
331 MoM Masters and Morons Evil To kill and get killed tottebias 2+2
331 Damanegi Onion_knight Good Find a Hikari no buki !!! Hikary 4
329 Grim Grim Evil Heavy Murders - The Godly Work of Art Asm0deY 2
329 ss^hl sheep s^hlayers Evil anilingus!!1 panyk 2
329 gumbie noobish Neutral Beefboy 3
329 Spinal None More Black Evil This one goes to 11. Roj Avon 2
328 Obsidyn House Obsidyn Neutral Sluffers not welcome..Visit Sho Obsidyn 4
328 [WMD] Weapon of Mass Destruction Evil Nuclear Domination [WMD]Cipher 3
325 W.M.D. Wisps of Much Doom Evil Fear the wisps, fleshbags! Harvey the Wonder Wisp 2
325 BraiWun Brainless Wunderkinds Neutral Thinking is no good. Hekatombe 2
322 TITS The InToxicated Sinners Evil nobody fucks like me LifeSound 2+1
322 Dir Fork Dirigible Fork Good To do stuff by doing other stuff. Yeah. flatluigi 1+1
322 Bacon Bacon Neutral Citron 2
322 B.A.Y.A.G. Brave And Young Apocalyptic Guild Neutral The mind is willing but the body is lazy. Barurot 4+2
321 Yod House Yodshouck Neutral Yodshouck 2+2
321 S.A Shamballa Alchemist Neutral Shamballa Alchemist Haunting days 4
320 HoU House of Usher Evil The only good halfling is one boiled in stew. forsaken1111 4
319 CAIK We Enjoy Some Delicious Chocolate Cake Good Who doesn't enjoy chocolate cake? The Big Hutch 2
319 Lodoss Record_of_Lodoss_War Neutral ... dciswo 2
318 Aeronauts The Aeronautics Club Good For Science! Groopshaet 2
318 S.L Scientistic Lunatics Good Giggle and kill! Calius 2
317 MHQ Miriams HQ Good Don't touch my breats. ZauberPlume 3
315 MaoMi Mage of Might Neutral leachlife4 2+1
314 Hobbit The Hobbit Home Good All Hobbits are Welcome! Fatsheep 2+1
314 [-SoD-] Soldiers of Darkness Evil We crush, we kill, we live in darkness... 1+1
314 e-core Warriors of Esteem and Core Good Acarajegue 1+4
312 DoMoet Drinkers of Moet Good Keep it in a fancy cabinet (like Marie Antoinette) Maurin 2+1
311 ToS Temple of Salvation Good Truth, Honor, and Justice Laella 3
311 You Wankers Your All Wankers Evil Everyone is a goddamn wanker fortyfire102 2
311 iNoob iNoob Evil Noob 1+2
310 EDK Eye dunno know Neutral Rape the horses, and steal the women. Wiggles 2+2
310 Hybrid Optix Hybrid{Optix} Evil Mantras are for the weak! SINESTA 2
310 GoG Googlyeyes Evil If it ain't Googly, it ain't Googly Googlyeyes 3
310 Good,Valiant Good The Camel Is Green Lord of the Equinox 3
310 TAKONA The Apocalypse knights Good Fear us! Ingemar 2
310 Sol Legion Sol Legion Good World Domination Gaulois 3
309 FmBp Fast Mouse Button Pushers Neutral You Know How It Be - FmBp! .NuKKaH 2
309 SAFOR Saudi Arabia Force Evil A mouth that praises and a hand that kills. Malaak 2
309 BSBB Boyscouts of Bluebottom Good Watch your behinds! Bluebottom 2
309 RKs Royals Knights Good We preserve the order of the digital world! Dukemon 2
309 F-F Forever Faithful Good Coraly 2
309 SLL Shadow Legacy Legions Evil Kill now, Die later shadow legacy 1+1
309 Urgalurg The DInasaurs Evil A friend is the enemy of your enemy Rileius 2
308 iono iono Good iono leachlife4 1+2
306 GA Gyrognome Alliance Good We shall purge evil from the skies of Spoltog Palegloom the Gyrognome 2
306 WHTD The White Hand Evil We have only to remove those who oppose us. SarumanTheWise 1+1
303 TDlicous Trendelicious's merry band of trendelights Neutral Its not just delicious, its TRENDelicious!!! Trendelicious 2
302 ELTTHBG Everyone Loves Tiddles the He-Bitch Guild Neutral We Love Tiddles! Tiddles 3
299 Kill'um Killuminati Neutral Wraithe,Daemon Ex, and Auron's guild killuminati 1+1
299 SoE Signs of Empire Neutral CJuan 2
299 Abo Abomination Evil Yima 2
298 SD Seven dwarfs Evil Hump a leg .Prosit. 3+1
297 SlKn Sleepless Knights Good Come to where the cheese is free! Kandhar 4
297 Mighty Guild The Mighty Super Tripple Dragon Mega Guild!!!!!! Good Oh what a guild! Ivano 3
297 YAUGH AHNULD Evil OM NOM NOM Elsevier 4
296 OHWLC Ye Holy Praisers of the Carp Neutral The Carp, he is all.You are but naught. xanatosz 2
296 ICZ I Cazzoni Neutral se dovessi morire dite a mia moglie... ciao. Sbrillo 2+1+1
295 D22 D22&Friends Evil Don't believe the Hype! WolfRevo 3
294 GUMBO gumbo watch Neutral is that you father? STELIOS 99 5
293 decepticon ^DeCepTiCoN^ Evil Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies ^StArSCrEaM^ 2
293 PRed Petal Red Neutral With fail all seems silly! [-]er0in 3
293 ABE Abe Lincoln Evil Punk tried to kill the Metal. robownz7 2+3
292 BP50 Belich Plus 50 Evil As modern historians now know, belich + 50 = truth T_T 2
292 PurpPeep Purple People Eaters!!!! Evil Join the best, Fuck the Rest Andrieos 2
291 KtN -KtN- Evil plouc -KtN-Pob5000 1+3
291 TEJEDA Tejeda Survivors Neutral "I beat Turnbo at level 6, LOL" IkasuG 2
290 SAM Sexy Ass Mofos Evil The best things in life are done in bed. Xenos 2
290 LegEnt LegionOfEntropy Neutral Burn then pillage, Best loot is flame resistant. Dragonlord7012 2
290 NPD T3hPhYs1cSpWnZ0rs Evil THE PHYICS KILL YOU!!! Syddiccu 2
290 GoKM Guardians of Khaz Modan Good For Ironforge! AlexW1389 10
289 TenSec Tenebrae Secreta Neutral Umbra occulta secreta Tenebra 3
287 SCP1166 SCP1166 Good am a white labraTory rat. specimen R-82611. Tofu 3
287 Meat Meat Shields Neutral Standing between you and the enemy... Squiken 2
286 M-H Mathe Homies Neutral Taschenrechner sind was für Muttis Klabusterbeere 2
286 Fischsuppe The horribly awesomeness of Fischsuppe! Good Fischsuppe will survive! sosha 2
284 VUM Vocal Unmechanized Mechanics Neutral VUM VUM VUM ZEOUF ZEOUF ZEOUF leachlife4 3
283 UDL Undead Lords Evil Souls for Myrkul Stinky Corpse 2
283 Syphilis Syphilis Evil Haunting your mother's knickers since 11-07-2010. Gimpchump 3
280 KEP KE Pirates Evil Raiders Of The Night! Ezrain 4
279 SMGuild SlayerMage Guild Good Power Overwhelming. -Slewis leachlife4 2
277 SteelFire Steel of Flame Good POWER is belief RedKing 2
276 424-2564 Death Weapon Meister Academy Neutral See our phone number? Dalum 2
276 MR4 Muffins R 4 Sharing Neutral Be cool, buy me a muffin today... Muffins 8
276 -SK- The Shadow Knights Good If in doubt, Hunt it down and Kill it! Meridias 4
275 [UP] Ur-Paladins Good We are Lawful Good, not Lawful Stupid. Lynx Kyrios 2
272 FPG Fancy Pants Guild Good If they're not Fancy, don't wear 'em. Fruityboots 1+1
272 IWAA The Improbably Well-Armed Asylum Neutral We're insane and have lots of big guns! Xaqon Sehvekah 4
271 TAUPA The Almighty, Unstoppable Penguin Armada Good Welcome to HELL.. err.. Nebraska. Same difference Daveo, the Legendary Guy 2
271 fear. Beer drinkin' Bastards Evil Just give me the beer - and no one will get hurt! the_mort 3
271 VoM Voice of Madness Good Aliquando et insanire iucundum est Rhyan 2
271 Haters Haters Evil Hating all cmd 2
271 VIS VIS Evil VIS dass der Tod euch scheidet. Ellesar 3
271 KSMF King Size Motherfuckers Evil Hail and Kill! ectolink 1+1
270 Amphmoon Amphigory Moonface Good Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokiyo! Amphigory 1+1
270 sitting the no gooders Good lets sit here Jackass_of_no_trade 3
269 TJC The j0ey5o1 Confessional Good ph34r 0Ur Pr0gR355! j0ey5o1 2
269 yahar cheesey Evil mmmmmmmm we love cheese stavross 2
269 FaitH Guardians of Faith Good Reza 2
269 Tehwin 1337 r0x0rz1ng b4s71ch3s Evil STFU n00b! Rethorn 2
269 vRICIOUS vRiCIOUS Evil There is no place without pain. vR_Exxo 2
269 MoT The Ministry of Truth Neutral War is Peace Tricky 2
269 [MA] Mostlyanything Fearless band of whatevers Good News that must matter Etrium 2
269 0 Zero Order Neutral 0 is the complicated complex Reincarnation 2
269 Performous House of Freedom Good & Kasamy 2
269 C-CMCG Coca-Cola Master Collectors Group Neutral "sound of cola pouring into official cola glass" Guitar mechanic 2
268 ZbS ZOMBIES Evil Zombie is... Slonara 3
267 The One The One Good There can be only One hegewizard 2+1
267 Knight Knights of the Order Good Every good Knight needs an order Yashira 2+1
267 Arkham Arkham Inc. Evil For Timecube! StarkRavingMad 2+1
266 Far Mont et o Good Galadween 1+1
266 =)v(= The Majin Citadel Evil The valiant never taste death but once gromit840 2
266 spongefuck Spongebob's Underwater bordello Neutral Better in than out Spongebob 2
265 4C Serbian soldiers of fortune Neutral There is no spoon! Kerwal 3
264 DHF Drunken Homemade Fuck Evil Watta H e L L is a rofl kombat 2
264 tOoLM The Order of Legendary Meats Neutral Hey, ya gonna eat that? Jax Snax 2
262 Shadi Jagshamesh My Nane is Shadi Good WAH WAH WHEE WAH Peppermint42hat 4
261 CZE Czech Players Neutral Hrrr na ně ;o) EasyVamp 1+1
259 RoboRejects Robot Chicken Rejects Evil Go team Shnuckleberries!! Mr-Ed 4
257 TGOPTTMSP The Guild Of People Trying To Make Some Progress Neutral We're trying to make some progress. Atroan 4
254 KOCK Knights of Courageous Knightlyness Good FUCK YOU Killer_Muffinz 2
253 PvM Przymierze Mrozu Good Raziel musi odejsc!!! PM to zlo. Be pr0. Tantal Hafm 4
253 DISW Double-Inverted Spouting Walrus Neutral Jimmy cracks corn... and we DO care! Scrapyard Ape 4
253 GATO Global Alliance And Treaty Organization Good We come from cybernations. Smashing 2
251 Good Only food matters Ergeron 3
251 Dank Beans Evil Rippy Dippy Doo Da Day thomas_bd 3
249 Msk Buhaem Good Nu 4to, buhaem? NikitoZzZ 2
249 You2Game You2Game Good Surrounding 3
249 Twist Twisted Family Evil Recycle your animals oomcron 2
248 TDP The Dark Priests Evil We are the Dark Priests, we will rule your world.. Helious 5
244 HEF Happy (Evil) Flowers Evil I'm a happy flower! Krinven 2
244 M. I. Mongoose Infidels Neutral Surrender, or don't! Edmond 2
244 Ford's Land Ford : The king of king! The greatest one! Neutral Get down on your knees.Bow down to the King! Ford 6
242 [DyF] Decide Your Fate Good We have decided your fate..... T ViRuS 3
242 Wings Winged Terror Good We will crap all over your new shiny armor Duskwind 2
240 ToasterTanks The Great Toaster Tanks Neutral fjear |Laz| 1+1
240 DWing Dark Wing Neutral RFrain 2
239 GLJAll-Stars Golden Latin Jazz All-stars Neutral Mambo! Johnny Geo 4
237 U.B.E.R. U.B.E.R. Neutral Ultimate Badass Enraged Radicals - Nuff Said... EV1L T3CH 3
237 YME Executing Your Mom Neutral Selling your kids. Inscaped 5
236 Nethack Nethack Neutral NETHACK FOREVER!!! Arkanoid 2+1
234 Drgs The Droogs Good Right! Right! Right! Hatch 2
234 RoFT Rakashi of Fate Neutral Its Teh Fate Akujin 2
234 Cami Camisade Good Always wear your banner and squadtag Nockm 2
233 OKS Oppan Korean Style Good Naega jeil jal naga! Highblood 2+1
232 Pustules The Pustulent Punks of Putrid Pastures Evil A-Punk-A-Punk-A-Punk-A-Punk JollyGnome 3
232 TGOATNIOG The guild of anything that's not in other guilds. Good Beware of the robotic monkey slaves. This is my public name 2
232 L I G E i F A C E . D K Good hgab Jacob @ 2
229 JusT TheGoodGuy Evil TO RULE THE EARTH FinalFantasy-7 2
229 JGDD Jay Gatsbys Dirty Dozen Good If its Jay Gatsby and Dirty, theres a Dozen The Great Gatsby 7
229 Silvereyed Awaken Beings Good Kill all yoma! Noctu2ne 4
226 Whatsnap Rengou Good 2 in the pink 1 in the stink puyo 3
226 OitY Ore in the Yogurt Evil i love granulated sugar totepen 2
221 H O S Holy Old Smurf Good Respect the old man! Smurfzor 2
221 F13 Friday the 13th Evil Lad os drikke nogle bajere....! Konan Lurbakke 2
220 MUP The Muppets Evil This the solution? ViatTemp 3
220 DH-PT destenyhero-pt Good weedy 3
219 =AvL= Clan Avalanche Neutral Feel the Cold Mobius 2
219 Krypton Heroes of Krypton Good For Justice! philipooi666 1+1
219 Dark Ones Dark Ones Evil Dark One 2
217 SG1 Sex Gods Neutral Any orgasm is a good orgasm. Skylance 2
217 OMGWTFBBQ OMGWTFBBQ Neutral mmmmm BBQ leachlife4 2
216 That's Right Dark Star Good Show 'em my motto!!!!11' Omak 3
215 \m/ TMW \m/ True Metal Warriors Evil Like thunder from the sky - sworn to fight and die leachlife4 2+4
215 PS0101 Public Stupidity Neutral Johnny Smythe 4
214 RiB Rainbow Brigade Good Double rainbow all the way! Admiral Hoochiepants 2
213 C of the S Cult of the Spork Evil All hail the Spork! It is our Master! Spork of the Ages 3+1
212 Hoid Humanoids Neutral If it moves, we will love on it until it is dead.. Robo-Sapiens 3+1
212 BWD The Backstabbin' Wookies of DOOM Evil We will kill you in your sleep. On Christmas Eve. Snuie 2
211 Death!!!! BloodLines Evil We must destroy all who defile us! Abel3 2
211 B.F.M Big Furry Mammals Neutral ROAR! CardboardFox 2
210 valhalla vahalla Neutral sigmar alastor 5
209 IQ = 0 IQ Forever Neutral We may be fools, but we are smart fools!!! Gossip40k 2
209 Rzgan Thur The Most Esteemed and Incomprehensible Rzgan Thur Neutral Chran Han Bak Tun Shinali 2
209 Hexstral Hexstral Team Evil LoLoLoLoLoLoL =D Oloty 2
208 2112 Rush Good "We are the Priests of the temple of Syrinx!!" Wran Stratner 2
207 UT Undertakers Evil Undertakers guild ! M00X 2
206 technoccult technoccult Neutral putting the "hype" back in hyperspace aeQea 2
206 KofA Knights of the Apocalypse Evil The_Lone_Reaper 2
206 SoK Team SoK Neutral KOREAN Racing Team SoK Nocontrol 2
205 the hoo harbingers of order Neutral for the world revolution! idprism 1+3
204 ~FotB~ Fellowship of the Bling Evil One bling to rule them all! Sdiabm 4
204 QUR quaesitores Evil mors tua vita mea genoma 2
204 .:aNa:. Agg Ninja Assassins Neutral We Kill Pirates BulldoggPb 2
204 ELM Equilibrium Neutral Keep the Balance Othello 2
204 TPFOCC The People's Front of Cthulhu Cultists Evil Cthulhu Is coming! Get your ropes ironed! Sheglaruth 2
204 TradersGuild Guild of Free Traders Neutral "Fools can make rules, but fools follow the rules" fangzero 2
203 BofDrag Bandits of Dragonheartlanddom Evil Please insert more money and try again. Etalyx 2
203 ATA Nimda Evil Fuck! Eat! Drink! Sleep! Play PQ! ATA 7
201 IgorChurch The Church Of The Benevolent And Allseeing Igor Good Esse est percipi Erdferkel 1+3
201 SV Surprise Visitors Good Theres never enough to go round. Massorn Fandangle 4
200 EFIL The Evil Something of Evilness Evil "Do be evil" Skarabaeus Zarboing the Great 4
199 L.C.D.M. La Compagnia Del Mandello Good Alza il gomito.... MA VA A CAGARE!!!! leachlife4 1+1
198 FLC Flight Club Neutral We don't care what you do. 1500gnr 2
196 GWDRP Guild of Wrong Doing for Right Purpouses Good Just dont do it MrBooyaka 3
196 dEp Demon posse Evil Death Ghost 8
195 Rel Serindi Relison Neutral No good deed remains unpunnished Starsend 4+1
194 Good Why? Because we can! Zero Signal 2+1
192 <SAW> Swedish Arctic Wolves Neutral This is our motto damnit! Cim 2
192 STCK Stickers Neutral Talk loud and carry a big stick. Harpuia 2
191 Mohawkin' Rosy Fingered Mohawks Evil "Are you 'Crested'? Join the growing Mohawk army! EvilFungi 4
190 NTANKS The Noise Tanks Neutral Trance Forever Maziasz 3
190 Silverwind Knights of the Silver Dragon Good To Ride the Starborn leachlife4 1+2
190 ---->Rt<---- Ritualists Only Evil No Fawking Hostiles Allowed grrrrrrrenth 3
188 HHH Hastur Hastur Hastur Neutral What could go wrong? Lokijki 3+1
187 Dead bunnies The deathbunnies from other there Evil You call us cute or fluffy you'll be dead to Dias126 3
187 CAKE! The Legion of Cake Neutral I just love cake. LostSoul120 2
186 ACB Absolutly Crazy Basterds Evil we may be crazy but well kill you in your sleep leachlife4 2
184 DRD Dragon Riders of Doom Evil Up in the dark sky you see an evil figure........ Sir Perceval 1+2
183 BloNarc Blotag of Ze Narcophomena Neutral Der Sputminkzik comrade 2
182 OAF Omnipresent Authority Figure Neutral "Once upon a time, always upon a time" Frickcrap 4
181 IMoMD II Incredible Masters of Mega Drive II Evil 16 bit Voodooman 2
181 [KM] Kreuz Midgards Good [KM]Lovwyr 4
181 014 The Greater Alliance of Nuetral Otaku of 014 Neutral Shopsmof! Kallos 2
180 [666] Satans minions Evil OSAMA IS OUR SPIRITUAL LEADER!!! Havox 2
180 urf Urban Rebel Farmers Good I don't like my ferret... He's like a Ninja. Riskbreaker 3
179 <-rFm-> Real Fucking Mudders Evil Doh!!! I died!!!! Poniebouy 1+4
179 GH1 Greenhorns Neutral Hail to the tube! brew 2
178 KoTD Knights of the dragons Evil kill all ilithanos 2+1
177 QJC Evil Shit happens... quecojones 1+1
177 N.Y.M.P.H. Nine Young Magically Powerful Heroines Good dannward 2
177 cats we r cats irl Evil irl Echoo 2
177 InBetwixt The Mercenary's Union Neutral For the fair treatment of mercs! Sugar Cookie 2
177 Memez Memelords Neutral Memin' and Dremin' Redwing95 1+1
177 ShoAba Ship of Abandon Neutral Take what you can, give nothing back! Captain Pleb 1+1
176 I & I .,x(- Rockers Intl. -)x,. Good Higher Level til' we Bun' out de Devil Captain 7 1+1
176 R&RG Rock & Roll Guild Good i got blisters on me fingers! Ozric 3+8
175 FSG Fat Sweaty Guys Evil To be fat and sweaty and have lot of fun Doron 2
175 TB Thabiz Neutral guild of similarly named characters sirbiz 2
175 0_o SchnickSchnack Evil Traxxx 3
175 dadaa Yu-sion Good live your dreams dont dream your life Yu 2
175 A NS Clan Shadow-Corps Evil "From Within the Shadows We Attack" leachlife4 2
174 WICCA The Clan of W.I.C.C.A. Neutral (WICCA) We're In Compleate Chaos Again! Jamkn Dekno 1+1
174 The-SP The space pigs Evil Ruiiiik Elrad 4
173 YMG Your Mom's Guild Neutral All Hail Cthulhu Akacia 2
172 GoSorr Guardians of Sorrow Neutral Biting the hand that feeds sorrow. Rienes 5
172 Rebellious Rebellious Neutral Critical Thinking. Feric 6
171 N Nuts Inside Good We're Nutters the Ghost who Limps 1+1
167 Para Paranoia Neutral Live for the moment Zipry 3
166 111 Vault111 Evil This is 111! PudgeWiggle 2
164 RIAPAIR RIAPAIR Is A Palindrome And Is Recursive Neutral Share the madness! o_O gehtdichnixan 2
163 BIALO Biola Internet Acolytes Lower Odd Good Drop them Nikes off Yo' Ass! Wangi 3
163 Kupo The Copyright Infringing Moogles Good What am i doing here. I am not good with computer Montblanc 4
162 Hi you all! Sosuke Neutral Be the Stronger Sosuke93 2+1
160 Shitbusters Shitbusters Good Not on my watch Deimosthenes 1+3
159 -=*CAB*=- Chaos army of Bahamut Evil to make chaos in all RPG Strife 2+1
159 Hawesome Guild Hawesome Evil We Har Hawesome drokly 4
158 BHC Black Hawk Cult Evil Stab em it beats talkin milambershima 3
158 Da Weasles BigWeasles Evil Die Quietly please BigWeasle 2
158 FEW Federation of Evil Weirdos Evil The few, the proud... The dirty rotten freaks Flatularia 2
158 Cheeze Cheeze Evil Winner gets a cheese Rumpstek 2
157 [Futile] Futile Resisters Good Our guild is immortal FlayerSlayer 4
157 Doodz Most Persephonious Knights of Mottled Shadow Crest Good To swerve and protract Decko 2
156 DaBest The Best Guild Neutral Our guild is the best guild! Whipllash 1+2
155 UdeC Universidad de Concepción Neutral Por el desarrollo libre del espiritu Wadster 2
155 CDG o_0 Chicks Dig Geeks o_0 Good Whatever. Trump 2
155 wineos The Philosophical Order of Wine Snobs Neutral En vino, veritas (In wine, there is truth) Garyon the Glib 1+1
154 S&M Squid Assassins Evil Lets burn stuff!!!!!! Calamariman 2
154 Swill Beer Swilling Rubes Neutral Don't Get Eliminated! Dipsomaniac 2
154 Hyper Hyperactive >> Good LOLOLOL AHAHAAH ROFLMAO OMG THATS SO FUNNY LOL!!!! leachlife4 2
154 yahoo ringo Good lanymiro 2
154 [ENS7] Einfach nur so Neutral Have fun!!! SaatHahn 2
154 GodWraith Wraith of God. Evil You have sinned. kytsune 2
154 TheCrew TheAznCrew Neutral Ikke! TheAznCrosS 2
153 [Botnet] Zombie Apocalypse Botnet Edition 2.0 Good Enjoy Your Botnet! Devoured By The Mindless Horde origin777 4+6
152 Ethereal Ethereal Neutral ... Tvaan 2
152 PPPP Pretty Pink Prancing Ponies Good I feel pretty. Oh so pretty .. Anker Steadfast 2
152 [SK] Sombre Knights Evil Heavy as a really heavy thing Sombre 5
152 RFB Raiders From Beyond Evil What? Chalis 2
152 S.S. SoulSociety Neutral Ichirin no Hana FantasyFreak 2
152 GoMMM Guild of Misunderstood Maniacal Madmen Evil It's just a big misunderstanding. bhsu69 1+1
152 Thiodrainion Thiodrainion, The Eternal Guardians Good Thiodexal 2
151 Maids Lotus Land Neutral Everything that has a beginning, has an end. huanxiang 7
150 COSI Clarkson Open Source Institute Neutral Black Hole, I barely know 'er! FugitivePlatypus 3
146 NUDE Unfoog Evil The amulet possessed us xororand 3
146 square to be voted upon Neutral jiv 1+1
146 BBH Blood Brotherhood Good Jesteś kozak? No to stój! Barthezz666 2
145 phenix phenix empire Good for phenix heads fall saranik 2
145 >RED< Redempti0n Good Hey ! Guilde Fr Eleri0n 2
144 Angelz ArchAngel Good Defend Our Honor ZXLegionXZ 2
144 CNL~ Conath Ned Lorm Good Vampires dont eat humans ~ Eykha 2
143 [CA] Cerebral Assassin's Evil Watch Your Back When Darkness Falls Garlaanx 2
142 MedShit Mediocre Shit Good The socially inept at their finest. TheDragon 2
142 A.N.A.L. Almighty n00b Alliance & Lunatics Evil Here to kill, and to give children seizures! Rei Nagasorri 3
142 NoTRoNS Ninja's of The Realm of Ninja Stuff Evil I like to slicey slicey with mah katana! xPhoenixeeeee 2
141 XTU extreme underground Evil Your friend in the fridge Mole 1+1
138 Bad Puppers The International Society Of Rude Doggos Neutral Bad Pupper 1+2
137 [BKA] BlogKade Evil Megageil ist halb gewonnen! Zinki 3
136 DHARMA DHARMA Initiative Evil Namaste Nivik 2
136 Emnt Einfach mal nix tun! Neutral Lass den mal machen! Zordi 1+3
135 LoEvil Legion of Evilness Evil Jastor 2
135 H.o.P Heroes of Progress Good We fight to save Progress! Hugna 3
134 TCW The Chicken Warriors Neutral We fight to save the chickens of the world! shinzou 1+1
134 Electroshock Electroshock, Therapy? No it's how we cook!! Neutral We likes them burnt leachlife4 2
134 Kikko Kikko-Men Neutral What's not to love? leachlife4 1+1
134 5e 5 Elements Neutral Do I have to?!? Leck 2
134 Sup? SuperBad Good You got the fake id right? McLovin 2
134 EFK Estiah-FK Evil why cant join Magnifier 2
132 LabMonk Lab Monkeys Evil We poop because we care... Recoil 2
132 SoTrog Slayers of TROGDOR Good Pwning Dagrons everywhere. Lucitine 3
132 OotGC Order of the Great Cthulhu Evil Xeezgha 2
132 LYC Lyceum Good be it sunday? monkeey311 2
130 RBC-T Riverbank Titans Good Found People - Find People skulz13 2
129 Bish Bishers Evil BISH GETS ALL THE BITCHES Byaku 2
129 JatysHouse Jaty's House of Blues Evil It's gotta be fed. leachlife4 4+2
128 Elenyali Elenyali Good No smelly dwarves! Fatwise 2
126 EMSF Enchanted Motorcycle Stir Fry Evil Motorcycles can't make stir fry. Shadowhand 2
125 Intarweb The Internet Neutral Responsible for destroying your childhood Judgement Cai aka JustForLols 2
125 Poolparty Drunken Poolparty Evil (drunken)(poolparty) NeiMerci 2
124 W.A.A.B.O.B. We are a bunch of bastards Evil No motto, Just kill shit edders 2
124 Bloodf Bloodfists Neutral Time To Get REKT Sarcouth 2
123 E0P Elite of Players Good Pro French Team ! KaxGamer 1+1
123 New The Newbies Neutral Kill or be Killed demonchyld 1+3
123 CoTK Crusaders Of The Kingdom Good Merdink 2
122 For-Est The For-Est Good Let us eat cake! Oh no for it is Sally Struthers! Thargor 1+2
122 Cambrics Cambric Parasols Neutral All your progress are belong to us bee.squared 2
121 Cool Club Cool Club Neutral Don't you wish you were in Cool Club Xcellon 2+2
121 WFO WFO Neutral Wide Freakin Open!!! rpf41978 2
120 FMP FullMetalPantians Neutral May our pants never rust! Zardoz 2
120 FlyPen Flying Penguins Good Hey! If pigs can fly, then we can too! Space Penguin 3
120 Dark Codex Dark Codex Neutral TheSabotender 3
120 ATGOAT All The Good Ones Are Taken Evil Seriously, There Are No Good Names Left! Goblinkatie 2
119 MonoApoc Monotonous Apocalypse Evil We'll destroy you again and again and again and ag Exarch 3
119 Garage GG'S Good JET SET RADIO Konola 1+1
118 rP ssergorP Evil ssergorp esrever evah ew tub ssergorp sah enoyrevE Thalos 3
118 BoL Blades of Light Good Evil Extermination!! Belrand 3
118 HsF Hunter's Faction Good We Hunt the Evil! tanjoel 2+1
118 P&#9760; Punishment Neutral Take him away-he hath earned his death . Feric 5
117 PINCER The Pincer Movement Neutral Dial it in Oiseaux 2
117 NCR1R New California Republic 1st Recon Neutral The last thing you never see. Lord Lunarian 1+1
117 DC Domus Caliburn Good Caelian 1+1
117 SKA The Skanking Guild Of The Mighty Ska Power Good C'mon all you cats out there, lets skank it up! SkaCat 2
117 Evil army! Killerfox Evil Killing,killing and even more killing. KillerFox 2
117 AHFTW! Ancient Heroes Evil Jeeeeeep! Baijjo 2
117 GrOM Grumpy Old Men Evil Get off our lawn! Suicidal 2
116 sham bandits sham bandits Neutral kind of the real deal. a little bit. brwiz 3
115 HEH HEH Stabby! Evil heh heh heh... lahonda_99 2
115 MBF Master Brigade Force Good Fighting slug faced creatines to the death Jester Of Tribold 2
115 DWA Dwarfs Good Kill the elves Dego 2
111 SExp Strength Experiment Evil ZNJ high, W low Tiralmo 4
110 [SH] Souls Hunters Evil leachlife4 2
110 DSU Dataspelsutveckling Evil Shit happens. Troovyaeck 2
109 RLM-PQ Guild of Runeloremastery - PQ Chapter Good Never let the Runelore die. Vecos 3+2
109 Evil Darkness is the abyss of eternity! 3
108 Heartless The Heartless Evil To take people souls, and engulf them in darkness. dn4cer 4
108 Fuck u China Taiwan Good Fuck u China StanleyLin 2
108 ABRAHADABRA ABRAHADABRA Evil Русские не сдаются! Frater ALThNVR 2
108 Suicide Suicide Group Evil Kill'em all and Suicide! Faruna 5
107 New Angells Neutral Oxfider 5
106 tjckorea The Jinjo Crew Good #theofficialjinjocrew JaehaUncle 3+1
104 wispy Wisp clan Evil Wispy dicked for life Civilized Willy 1+1
104 KoM Kings of Metal Neutral Shut up Gog 2
104 z0r! z0r!r441z! Evil tis og puha leachlife4 2
104 BvA Brüder von Azeroth Good Roolord 2
104 KNUTZ!! My knutz seem hairy Evil if it ain't hairy chopit staggz 2
103 DoMs Defenders of Mediocrity Neutral Pummelling all opposition into dullness flashman 2
103 Avalanche Avalanche Evil Kill 'em. Kill 'em all! ross 3+1
103 Black Legion An Army of The Damned Evil You will suffer... leachlife4 2+1
103 MMOwned MMOwned Knights of Good Evil Sed 1+1
103 OJcheese Oranges with Cheese Neutral Why would you eat that? Jamina1 1+1
102 TW Tenacious Wanderers Neutral Working our way into complete mediocracy bafmodad 2
102 Bomb Lobbers Lollybomb's Bombardiers Neutral When we come in, you go out with a bang. Silly Guy Delta 2
102 CCC Crazy Crazy Canucks Good On my Word, Attack! Canuck 2
102 El Negro El Negro Guildo Evil leachlife4 2
102 Silent Hill SILENT HILL Neutral Heather, you're the BEST! LenduR 2
102 soq Sphinx of Quartz Evil obladi Ernest 2
101 Collegehumor Collegehumor Good Grinding your academic efforts to a halt Satanklawz 2
101 DemiCan Canadian Demicanadians Good Take off, eh? Kiroh1 2
101 DaBr Dark_Brothers Good Feel daylight inside. nighttigra 2
101 DasAnfall DasAnfall Evil Get dunked, shitty. DAxMeatwad 2
100 ganja smoke da shit... Neutral we make u high spur 2
100 Mikoto Good Tomorrow is an another Day Mikoto 2
99 RB Ranger Brigade Good Sarwen 2+1
99 ! HC ! Hellfire Club Evil Smoke Meth Hail Satan 666 paddyod11 2
96 TF2 Team Fortress 2 Neutral TF2, now in legal idling form! Ocatamai 2
96 ZGS Spritis Evil SAUFEN, SAUFEN, SAUFEN Sorriso 2
95 MORBID The Morbidity Club Neutral Have you kissed your local coroner today? Lady Buffy 2+2
95 Beryl Pirates of Beryl Neutral For Booty, For Beryl, and the great beyond! Berule 2
95 XH Xendex Hoshis Evil Inspiring People brew 2
95 OX Gravy Train Neutral Drown the world in gravy motherfuckers Memer 3
95 FSLE The Friendly Society for Leprechaun Extinguishment Good This pot o'gold belongs in a museum ! Flabber the Ghast 1+3
95 CQ CANTQUIT Evil diediedie Harg 2
93 DTP &#394;ebauchery &#430;ea &#420;arty Neutral Freyr Njord 2
92 -SBF- Confederation of Strong Bad Fans Neutral What's so fun about fun-size candy bars? Ali J 3
92 grge Green Geckos Good "We Are Green" Gecks 3+1
91 we kick ass Xaia Evil dont fuck what you cant suck The Flaming Xaratak 2
91 MGB Muppets Gone Bad Evil A hand up a butt deserves a foot in the ass Elmo Likes to KILL!!!! 2
91 Returners Rekam's Returners Good Forget fetching the plank, return the loot. Rekam 2
90 Grr Rypak Neutral Kazdy Rypak dela Grr SFCM 1+1
90 ATS Alternative to Sanity Good The name says it all. Mordak_Winterbeard 3
90 eLit3 -eLit3- Evil l33t? leachlife4 3
89 -Rebel -Rebel Neutral Perfect Neutral Rebellion. Yes? NO! No? YES! *Hic* Cheif Brewmaster 2
89 TLOS The League of Shadows Evil Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a city to destroy Trofius 4+5
89 to drink Drunken Bastards Good I drink therefore I am dufur 2
89 H&H Heaven & Hell Good C'est la fin... Eriatan 2
89 RECK Clan Reckoning Good For glory! Sotalo 2
89 999 The Ninth Plane of Focus Evil Send in number 2! Bob the Carpenter 6
89 IE Inadequate Endowment Good We aren't so good! rfelgate 2
89 Runner Apocalypse Runner Evil Time to Die Kornholioh 2
89 FairyTail FairyTail Good I like pie Ryoku 2
88 Bzzz Bzzzzzzzzz Evil Err... bzz! Exilez 1+1
88 Matrix Matrix Conversion Good Defending the emus of today and tomorrow Ultimanium 2
87 Pathetic... Brandimortis Evil You are alive? Not any more... Brandimorte 3
87 xGCx Guillotine Cross Neutral Because we have a life. Chambers 2
87 T.O.K. The Ornery Kittens Good We will lick ourselves and ignore you once again! InLiquidWonder 2+1
87 TDFC Tony Danza Fan Club Good Who's the boss now, bitches? allenychung 2
87 Krsk Krasnoyarsk Evil Destroy the World Molen 2
87 Flibustiers Flibustiers Neutral Du bist klein bobogagabobo 5+1
86 IRG I are the greetest! Good Addicted to Progress Crack! ForNoRaisin 2
85 NITH NITHbusters Evil A bit is a terrible thing to waste Blistog 2
85 Souple Pepere Evil Skarnwortex 5
84 MKG Mooseknuckles Evil If the flaps ain't flappin', it's not worth tappin Puppy Hakase 3
83 BSRaiders Bedford Street Raiders Evil Double Pistol Time! Bumblebee of Happiness 1+1
81 TheRoom The Room Good You're tearing me apart, Lisa! Spennet 2
81 -B.C.- The Band of Champions Good Scattered champions, unite for good! leachlife4 1+2
81 Neox Non Existant Origins X Good Moving foward towards better life. Starfall 2
80 BeFK Bum F**Krew Good BFK 4 Life leachlife4 3
80 RsR RsRing Good Guilde des RsRing Kenjutsu 2+1+1
80 PSA Pyrus Silvestris Neutral For the good of the pears! Apollinaris 5
79 Black night Black Souls Evil My body is but a vessal Malachi The One Eye 2+1
79 G-W Ghost-Walkers Good Woot!! Carthage 4
78 Affen Affenheim in the skies with diamonds Neutral Gouldblum 2
78 happymika happymika Good let it be happymika 2+1
78 Hippo Hippo Neutral Showsjuastbegan DarthJJ777 1+2
77 Democorp Demosthene Cie Good Life is a leaf Demosthene 2
77 sk_ Skwatt Kore Evil een joint in de morgen, is een dag zonder zorgen! Xaero91 3+1
77 EVISCERATE Eviscerat0rs Neutral Aye aye, douchebag Xalfor 2
77 >>NI<< Neutral Illusionists Neutral There is no Good or Evil. Nazraek 2
76 Temple Temple of Shadows Neutral A line in the shadow that darkness will not cross leachlife4 2
76 TM17 The Monsters Evil Don't rosik be happy!! The Monster 17 7
75 N-A Neo-Atlanteans Neutral "For the greater glory of the Empire!" Bricridmus 3
74 restricted Fairy Tail Neutral Feel your freedom Makarov 4
73 BETO Betocorp Good beto rulez robertordf 5
73 Kanji Magi The United Kanji Magi of Kamigawa Good Make all you see into a Kanji. Toshi 1+1
72 22nd Choice Twenty-Second Choice Neutral When the first twenty-one aren't good enough. NapalmMan22 2
71 BlBlD Black Blood of Düsseldorf Good Black Blood running through the veins of Düseldor ShivY 3
71 JD Justin Neutral Live now, Die later DeLLaR 1+1
71 blawblawblaw only skillz no equip Evil only uberpimps with apm > 297 Schlardie 3
70 Walri The Walri Good Blubber and Tusks make better powerlevelers Chumley the Happy Walrus 3
70 SWM Scarlet Mansion Good wwwwwwwwわろす Flandre Scarlet 4
69 B.A.D 666 The Awesome Killers Of Doom And Destruction Evil Do Drugs!!!!! dansken 2
69 Flintframe Flintframe Good 3 dudes, 2 cities, 1 business Moppo 2
69 PFaith Protectors of Faith Good protecting the good. whacking the bad. Duh. leachlife4 3
68 snuff schnuffels Neutral We are the schnuff! Resistence is futile! brickwall 3
67 RdCy The Red Cowboys Neutral We are the Red Cowboys. Gustavo 6
67 Dibridulum Dibridulum, Serbian PQ guild Good ...uhm... motto? Matrol Amolinesh 1+1
67 OOA Order of Anglesey Good Climas 1+1
67 CTCA CalmTerror Clone Army Good Strength through force of numbers! CalmTerror 13
67 Ntm Nightmare Evil "This is your worst nightmare!" Kroush 2
67 Evil Ponies Horses of Satan Evil "Life is interesting, if you make mistakes...." FasTer AsTa 3
67 KMC Knights of his Mournful Countenance Good Sterlic 2
66 SwBordom The Swords of Bordom Neutral Unhand me at once and hand me another drink! Flunk 1+1
66 PJ Protectorate of Justice Good Vita Brevis! Altairx1 2
66 TDM The Dark Ministry Evil Darkness will prevail Omghax 1+1
66 flesh&mind flesh&mind Good protection - our credo Alek_NGI 5
65 P4F Play 4 Fun Evil P4F Pav7692 2
63 ^ek^ The EKs Evil Power to the EKs!!! meeeeep 1+1
63 GOPal Guild of Paladins Good Becuase, surprisingly, one hasn't been made yet Konork 1+1
62 A'sFC Andra's fan club Good Te iubesc andra :) Nimeni 2
62 HWN Holy Warriors of Neutrality Neutral Don't attack us, we're neutral! Grael 3
62 Nocturn Nocturn Neutral Anything to pass the time until Warhammer. Notchicken 2
62 F.A.R.T Freedom Against Radical Tyrants Good You can't control us F.A.R.Ters BlueJedi 2
62 pbr Pink Bunny Rabbit Neutral We're Pink. And We're rabbits. Raq 2
62 CQDN Cavaleiros Que Dizem Ni Good Ni Eric The Red 3
62 xKupo Kupowa Neutral Kupo Ytrezar 3
61 W-o-Phyrox The Warriors of Phyrox Neutral For Phyrox! Arcuna 3
61 KOTRS Knights of the Round Square Good Square pegs, hammering ourselves into round holes. SirGreatNose 1+3
60 only swe ppl AbsolutSweden Good eeqweqwe moon-metal 3
60 huh? darc karnival Neutral juggallo fo' life karnivalofkarnage 1+1
60 Yggy's Roots Secret Order of The Plane Of Yggdrasil's Roots Neutral For Strawberries. ElectricWarr 2
60 Winter Winter Madness Good Korangar 2
60 Squancho El Squancho Dancho Evil Squad. Gecko 2
59 BnT Blood and Thunder! Evil Can you guess where that saying is from? Mechafish 1+1
59 EffT Effective Team Good Are we still an effective team? Matt Kae 2
59 I.R.S. Internal Revenue Service Evil Your money is our money. Cough up! LordValance 2
59 LOTF Legion of the Forgotten Good leachlife4 2
59 FOAF Feather of a Fenix Neutral Burning Brightly. ?????? 3
59 LOTL Live Off The Land Good Survive or be my dinner Lobious 2
58 FM Fluffmeisters! Neutral To Fluff or not to Fuff! that is the question... Fluffy 2+2
57 MidHour Midnight Hour Good Kill until the midnight hour, then drink Bob Pitt 2
57 Steeenkeee Stink Ninjas Neutral If it smells bad, it's one of ours. BogOfEternalStenchFiend 2
57 AvGa Avant Garde Neutral Zeus 4
57 B-L Broken Legs Evil If you can't break them, they're not legs! Markussy 2
55 Killaz United Foundation of Awful Killers Evil You can fertilize your lawn with old motor oil. Rafiq 5
55 [TFG] TacForceGuild Good If you can't beat them..kill them Wienrich 5
55 =TTT= TomTomTom Good bäääääääääääääh Squall90 2
54 SamuP Samurai Philosophers Neutral Feel the blade of truth leachlife4 3
54 voft Vestiges of Thralldom Good Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas mmk 2
54 topvocal topvocal Good we are the one nook 2
53 DSX Designated Slayers Neutral Kill, Kill some more, Kill until you kill em all Demonic Soul 3+1
53 GPE German-Polish Evil Evil R4MMS73IN 6
53 Sinned Sinned against the Horde Neutral Stick to what you know, what you dont can kill you Romtiw 3
52 Anarchia The Anarchist Guild of the B'cau Good Life, Death, Pure Trivialities Indibidiguidibil 2
52 Standard The Standard Neutral We aim to be the average. Status Quo 2
51 ParaSchizo Paranoid Schizophrenics Evil Do the voices in my head confuse you?? Zarkas 2
51 RSC-0 Robot Squid Clan Evil To Kill with Metal Tentacles bobsacks 1+1
51 dw-night Dope war in the night Good Let's have a dope war in the night Lacutis 3
51 TBHOTKKK The Black Hand of the Kookamunga Krakah Klan Neutral We are not affiliated with the KKK. Johnnymac 3
51 Unnatural Mythical Klan of the Unnatural Good If you're going through hell, keep going. Rolphynho 5
51 punx not dea pnd Neutral хой! pnd 2
51 FNAF Five Nights at Freddy's Evil Kill the nightguard laurent987 1+1
50 T-Y-R Tyrage Neutral What the f**k is a motto? Tyrage 2
50 ahth aarhustech Good lordchemosh 4
50 SSSR Sun Set Squad Robots Good Does not compute leachlife4 3
50 US UnlikedSellout Evil you shall be shot! drokly 2
49 WTF??? Talking ponies FTW Neutral WTF am I playing?? Gurplex 3
49 JJ's Jollys Jumper Evil We will jump you all Tyrralir 3
47 MEIN Mein Kraft Evil Ultimate victory CortalUX 2
47 LON Lone Derangers Guilde Evil As we strive to progress we derange Nazh 2
47 568 DBZ/GT Neutral Kill, kill all, kill good, kill evil, just kill. SupernaturalGuy9 1+1
47 -TGF- The Guerilla Force Evil OneWingedAngel 2
47 EA Enigmatic Angels Good Everything stems from progression. leachlife4 2
45 BBRF The Bub-Bob-RoboFish Faction Good It's not that I'm lazy-it's that i just don't care RoboBobble 2
45 HellMaRORx HellMaRORx Evil Fight for Tomorrow leachlife4 2
45 Cruciatus Splintered Blood Diamonds of Cruciatus Neutral Spiralling onwards, onwards towards serenity! Adamus 3
44 MonkeySplat Ninja Monkey Death Squad Evil No spoils are too smelly to eat. Bruendor 2
44 SSE@RIT Society of Software Engineers Neutral SSE St1ny 1+1
43 GO! EXSOUL Good Hi Welcome to EXSOUL please~ Prophecy 2
43 <TAG> Tuesday Action Group Neutral Fighting against our day-ist oppressors! Hooman 2
43 WPMarduk The Mauraders of Winter Park Neutral Making progress with every action... or inaction.. ObsidianPC 2
43 SpinFate Fate Spinners Army of Darkness Evil All die in the end. We write that ending Lord Brugus of the 19th Argyle 3
42 W.D.I. Warriors from the Dark Iceworld Evil Freeze asshole Iceman4Bln 2
42 Junk Bawlz Neutral 42 Swag... Sinkay 2
41 DoKo Evil Informatik ist mehr als Macht frankenstein91 1+1
41 MRR Mars' Raiders Evil Just kill shit bitches!!!!! Sieg Mars 5
41 DD2 Double Dragon II Evil This time they've gone too far!!! Cansler 2
40 TRH Trondheim Evil Trondheim as Capitol Kreegah 2
40 KoC Keepers OF Chaos Evil If it bleeds, we can kill it. KoC_Plague 12+10
40 HACs Halfling Ankle Chewers Good Want to see eye to eye? Cut 'em in half. Argatis 2
40 NSTTL There's No Such Thing as a Time Lord Good "IT'S ME!!" "I Can See That..." Tincan100 2
40 PQTG PQTogether Good Have fun w/ pq all day lol SharpWing 3
40 Ink Inkstone Neutral Cinnabar 3
39 CoolerDoMal Cooler do Mal Neutral Cooler Do Mal r0x rlz supreme over all! Aarakocra 2
39 trollsex mom, I'll be a good son just after killing illidan Evil mom, I'll be a good son just after killing illidan Sung 3
38 BDz Blue Dingzorz Good CHEEEEEEESE!!! Alanon 2
37 Day Trippers Shades Who Try to Stab The Sun Unremarkably Evil A drop of sunlight just hit your toe brother. morgansdrought 1+1
37 MgRt Morgenrot Good Morris 1+1
36 /WOTA\ Way of the Automaton Neutral The path of the robot monk is strong indeed. Stippy 2
36 poofling Intinerant Fecal Defenestrators Neutral I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe C_Boo 6
36 B2Boys Born to Burn Evil zurritas a domicilio lote 5
36 Rullers Rullers Good We will rule the world one day! Nakmort 4
36 PTK Petelenka Evil We're selling chicks. Super Alpaca 7
35 WM3 Free The Three Good Free the west memphis three omfg toast 3
35 EMdBA El Meson del Brazo Amigo Neutral Por las barbas de Cattilina!! Khelgin 2
35 UrbSol Urban Soldiers Neutral dongs dongs dongs Norrock 2
35 S0V Scars of Valor Evil Oh where oh where has my SOE gone? Neoen 2
35 GXWR Galaxy Warriors Neutral What goes around, Comes around... Airstrike999 2+2
35 PinKillers Pink Killers Good Ooooh Pretty colors Lysander@Delphi 2
34 R.O.B Reapers of Blood Evil Kill everything in sight... Fade 2
34 KSM Knights of St. Manure Evil Viva faeces! leachlife4 1+1
34 Neutralists The Neutralists Neutral A true balance between good and evil. Greyhead 2
34 aaaaahhhhhhh tamaireia Evil die deathroot353 2
34 PGK Gildia Skarbonki Królestwa Medialnie Cyfrowego Evil Aby do przodu Xkswtzer 3
34 Kebekwa La Guilde des Kebekwa Good Adel n'est pas grand, mais il est vaillant Retourable 3
33 Impeach Bush Select Committee to Investigate High Crimes etc. Neutral Imperial Dodos Need Not Apply Tofu Magoo 3
32 Big Unit The Immense Coalition of Mayhem Neutral What are you hiding under there? Big Bob Badonk-a-donk 2+1
32 DAH The Worst Guild in the World Neutral God we're fucked. ThreeHams 21
32 SEWG Slver Ego's Wing Good Welcome NaruseRin 3
31 Ekkythump The Ancient Art Of Ekkythump Good Black Puddings Rule Ekkythump 2
31 The End Fantasy Evolution Good Fighto Cadet 2
31 ~CGU~ Crimson Gunner Unit Evil BOOM! HEADSHOT! J E S U S 2
30 tmoh the masters of hell Evil destroy alex240 5
30 FHD The False Harbingers of Doom Evil Et in Arcadia ego... Xenoc 2
30 FR Fraggle Rock Good Save Gobo ! leachlife4 1+1
30 YITI Yes Its Ten Inches Neutral Wheee pjpajamas 2
29 ahahahaha glooblebumhamsters Evil freeze dry my crotch spurgepants 2
28 F_F FlamingFist Good CHEESE!!! _Dexterity_ 1+2
28 CM5 Champ Man/Orc/Elf/Gnome/Hobbit 5 Neutral It's a Beautiful Game Penguin_Lad 1+1
28 The 9 The Nine Unknown Men Neutral Tekeli-li! leachlife4 2
28 imageboard 2ch Evil Guy Fawkes 1+1
28 Endurance Endurance Good Do what you must Alex Dalzoto 2
27 F.H.P. Squad Friendly Hiker Procreation Squad Good Make spread, and spread love! Dwarterfly 2
27 DarkSouls DarkSouls Evil Me va a comer to er nabo joanpla7 6
27 Scarnites Scarlet Knights Neutral May we live and die by the blade Sytis 2
27 Golden Golden Griffins Good leachlife4 2
27 Elephants Evil Elephants pride Neutral Kill them all!.. oops... RETREAT!!! Evil Elephant 3
26 Vixx Vixx's Guild Neutral Guess whos guild THIS is. Vixx 2
26 - DoS - Defenders of Steel Neutral Felly 2
26 buckcake I LOVE SQUID and CREAMY CAKE! Neutral mmmm... buckcake! and squid! PaleGhost 2
26 NEN No Epsilon Needed, or Dave's since he is the sun. Evil With you strong arm upwards! Octavius404 2
26 Croustillant Semi-Croustillants Good Tavernier, la p'tite soeur ! Turbigot 2
25 <TSH> The Silver Horn Good hunting for honor Sydera 2
25 MakeShift MakeShift Guild Good We make it up as we go! Rick86 4
25 Nigh Eldi Knights of Elder Neutral Peace is War Virelai 1+2
25 Leet Gamer Leet Gamer Evil Fuxxing with your tubes since '98...or was it '97? LgEnder 2
25 Cores Cores Good Cores 3
24 SQU Squirls Unite Good Squirls Unite ZippyTs 2
24 Na02 Amoeba's Among God's Evil Avoid The Masses, Don't Get Eaten! ShockAnAwe 10
23 CARL Carlbrookians Neutral "Meh..." T Hodge 2
23 Jubie's Bike Jubilex's Bicycle Evil I'll have the bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon western. LuftWaffles 2
23 Last Days Last Days Evil Fear us Wargen 2
23 SeSu Sedan Suckerz Evil SeSu rockt dich! Mortiiiis 2
23 The coolness The coolness guildness Good coolness is as coolness does Jiglive 2
23 gura guraklkj Good hi there l15 13
22 HTB Neutral Vive Fallout ! Nimeni 2
22 Hellumber Hell LumberJacks Evil Homo homines lupus est Stan 3
22 FGF Free Gladium Fondation Neutral Olafnyr 6
21 SlUn Slavic Unity Neutral Slavs unite! Dardakal 1+1
21 VTInc Vorpal Toothpicks Inc Neutral Centuries of beheading through dentistry misc-shock 5
21 845ER Eight For A Fiver Evil Our guild member count... it's OVER 9000! Simsl 2
21 hentaiii Anime Tits United Evil fap fap fap Hawxx 2+3
21 BnY Bunnies Good if i had an indian'd be kickin' ass zell 4+1
21 KS Evil Alles plattmachen. Renatus 1+2
21 Tegra OneRedTeg Neutral Now you see me, now you see.....Nothing! IBPimp2U 2
21 Lakers The OSU Lakers Good Too lazy to make an Alma Mater. leachlife4 3+5
21 KONO Konoha Good Never go back on my word thats my way of ninja Sabertoothx 4
20 .:O:B:L:. Order of Black Logic Neutral Perdurabo Silence 13
20 [IB] Insane Beasts Evil No remorse. Raging-Poodle 2
20 IO ignition-one Evil What is this work stuff games for life Sy the strange 2
20 sdsd Small dudes Neutral do it for the little guys Loucus 4
20 .:TFS:. The Final Stand Good leachlife4 2
20 MD Manifest Destiny Neutral uuuhhh.. I dunno Hazz 2
20 Chucktastic The Chuck Wagon Neutral Do no Evil..... Maybe Kythosian 2
20 ISIS! Islamic State Evil Allahu Akbar! Vlad The Big Cocked 2
20 voxinn TheFamilies Neutral voxinn 4+2
19 <DOOM> Demonic Order Of Mercenaries Good All hail corny clan names! Remus the Slayer 2
19 SD~ Stranger Danger Neutral Lufi 2
19 PID PoringIdlers Neutral Porings are love Furanky 3
19 GLA NS-GLA/SOTA/LORDS Good Defeating baddies since Year Zero Fred Radical 4
19 StV Steel Vipers Good Kerinsky 2
19 SGA Star Gate Allience Good Stargate owns Mallarith 4
18 Orlovi Evil Guzamiro 3
18 PLAYER PLAYER Like Another Year East of the Rainbow Neutral Thou shall steal from the poor and give to thyself Cherub Optimus 6
18 Better guild A guild better than yours Evil We're just plain better. rapingmonkeytesticleburg 4
18 TRagn Team Ragnarok Good Protect the Weak, fight for the sake of the Future Hadai 2
18 Cooljesus Crusades of Heaven's Door Evil We baptize with vodka. King Beeleth 2
17 3g1g 3 guys 1 goblin Evil Goblin loot is best Zorgnar 4
17 [H] [H]orde Good ave Horde toymen 4
17 Lies Web of Lies Evil It's a trap! Rizik 2
17 OTBD Order of The Black Dragon Evil Know our blade will find you Brallin 3
17 Ly Lycanthropy Neutral The animal in us awakes shac1234 2
16 who knows "z" for the world Good the world is not enough zuzezimzulze 2
16 ::O.:.B:L:: Order-of-Black Logic Neutral Perdurabo OneMore 12
16 IoBD Isle of Bad Dreams Evil We are the sick, the suffering, those in control. Nightmare 1+1
16 WoP World of ProgressCraft Good WoW We're cool! leachlife4 1+1
16 WSABI PQ Wassabi Evil Quietus 1+1
16 TPFFF Touhou Party Good Touhou Party Farty Suwako 4
15 Undead Stuff Wayward Necromancers Evil deidara7710 2
15 SassyDaggers Sassy Daggers Neutral Literal Daggers, Metaphorical Sass Volgeirea 3
15 SoftD Shadows of the Divine Neutral Gatorade Weslamicky 2
15 teste12 testee Good hfgfd powerss456 2+1
15 SoP Scions of Paradigm Evil Only the weak-mined need comforts of religion. Avangard 2
15 Bulldogs Shadow-Runners Good We are the bulldogs, Bulldogs of BATLEY ! DJ-JESTER 3
15 CofA TheComradesOfAwesomeness Evil Let's Do This Like Buddhists! Awesomeness 2
15 GIT The Guild of Inappropriate Titles Good Not stupid... just 'different' Trendarth 2
15 H K T faszom Hungarian KkPkkFkk Team Evil Evil is good. Julius Heide 2
15 TST The Shadow Team Evil The shadow team shall conquer Sora Kingdom 1+1
15 ssof ssof Neutral ssof rules chezballs 3
15 [GOPS] Gopnicks Evil Gop-stop, u nas poshadi ne prosi Woland 4
15 NasiAyam Hamzah's Nasi Ayam House Neutral The best chicken rice Novindus 3
14 ABOPon A Bunch O People... or not Good Yea.. we can do it! leachlife4 5
14 PRG Pheonix Royal Guard Neutral lolz, pheonix Krystnallt 2
14 ABCDE Anti-evil Brutally Catchy Disaster Elites Good Uhm, thou shalt not steal! Or sin! firestorm95 2
14 NSCC NSCC IT Evil Suicidal_SNiper 3
14 SPP Society for the Progression of Poop Evil Set Poop Free!!!! groertel 3
13 Forbans Les Forbans Good Thoin 2
13 D.H. Dark Hand Neutral Burgular's of Spoltog Unite Ander 3
12 GofB Guild of Bandits Evil kill, steal, fuck The One 2
12 KilStuf KilStuf Good stuff... kill... dead... again Veshmir 5
12 Harri The noblemen and -women guild of Harrisus Good really? leachlife4 2
12 HABA Hemaulo buudinja Evil Slice N Dice Hemaulo 2
12 ExE+a ExEmmerker + Anhang Evil Bier trinken solange es schaum hat. Entropie321 3
12 H8U Til the end of time Evil Hate everyone equally. moooo 2
12 XOQR Guild Guards Evil XOQR Guard2000 3
12 SNTNL Sentinel Evil The other white meat Orcentex 4
12 MBS The Midnight Bowl Society Neutral Submitted for the approval... BinarySudoku 5
12 X_d Evil Big dick bob Bigus Dickus 2
11 mshrm Mushroom Evil No badgers, thank you. deusparadoxi 2
11 PWS&M Pizza Wings Sandwiches and More Good Hot & Fast Delivery Bokwus 4
11 pierdy Popierdolki Neutral Nunc Est Mortis Micku 2+2
11 erroredMySQL errored mySQL entry Neutral Stryderunknown 1+1+1
11 DemOrg Demented Organists Good Sometimes insanity is preferable to facing reality Dementis 2
11 SBLBF The Society of Bastard Lunatic Battle-Finches Evil *random gibberish* Aderyn 1+2
10 Shirreyders Shirreyders Good We seek truth and ultimate knowledge! Serkal 2
10 D+D Dark Disciples Neutral Where friends come together and feel like a family soulkain 1+2
10 Pandasp Palace_Of_The_Panda Evil We want pandas DarkHaru 2
10 schlechtums schlechtums Good schlechtums 9
10 maas biolabs maas biolabs Neutral DNA Friendship war21x3b 2
10 PartyPrivada Party Privada Good Party Privada Gastroblaster 4
10 PoiGui Poisoner's Guild Good Seeking all poisoners, slow or otherwise. DrDolphinrider 3
9 Butt Buttrumpet Neutral Kill yourself Sharoneedles 2
9 whatever2 WarriorGuild Evil forthehorde naamio 2
9 inc innocuously named conglomeration Evil We're harmless because we say we are Kaethes 3
9 SLWY Sleeping Wyvern Good Falling Asleep Volgeirea 2
9 f O f Fickle of Foxes Good Derp Ahbyss 2
9 DankMemes DankMemes Good You be dank, you be meming Potatoes 2
9 D.D.I. The Damn Dirty Irish Neutral Lifes a garden. Dig it. HoHoSanta 2
9 SOT Society Of Thieves Neutral Take what you can when you can! PorkNBeans 1+2+1
9 DJG DarkJoesGuild Evil Better than a Kick In The Fuzzy Warbles DarkJoe 3
9 Chas' au Jas La Guilde des Chasseurs du Jaseroque Neutral Vide 4
9 Buffy&Mates TheScoobyGang Neutral leachlife4 2
9 IWIWIWIW I wish i was i wish i was Good nothing to see here Lonate 4
9 KMTN Krakemutten Evil Ryk til side i trussen, så er plads i kussen Spade 4
9 WoWJoshSucks WoW and People Named Josh Suck Evil Where there's a Josh, there's a Noob Manduke 3
8 Blaze FireStarters Neutral Let's start some FIRE!!!!! FireStorm 1+1
8 Hells HellBlazers Good Its game time!!!!!!! HellBlazer I 2
8 P05DA1asdasd P05DA1 Evil WE ARE TEH DATAM0NS Rygare 2
8 MoDSquad Merchants of Death Neutral Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! sometimesdee 2
8 FratBroHirHo The Frateral Brotherhood of Hirsute Hominids Good Hairy is as Hairy does. Ziggy the Wonder Chimp 2+1
8 BAG Bobs Avengers Evil No Bob shall go unavenged Pebergehund 2+2
8 Rat Mad rodents Neutral Cheese Jahibby 1+2
8 Torchwood Torchwood Neutral If it's alien, it's ours zephyrwolf 1+1
8 MGH Misguided Heroes Neutral Magic is for Pussies. Doogie Howler 2
8 Hyoutei Hyoutei Gakuen Neutral Be awed by our prowess! Oshitari 3
8 KPB Kobold Penis Burglars Neutral Burgling pumas & penises since 1969. stubbyjoe87 2+1
7 ResCom Residential Computing Service and Support Good What's your Penn State User ID? MrMango 2
7 0chan 0chan Neutral We don't care Dogsadvice 2+3
7 CSA Antani Good Come Fosse Antani! El Panda! 2
7 ToxG TOXIN Guild Neutral First playing ТОКСИН 3
7 imconfus lolque Evil what is this I don't even Raijan 4
7 AcqInc Acquisitions Incorporated Evil Live and die by the dice. Kai Hill 2
7 World Domina Kneel and love! Neutral Praise our Lady Bitch of Moaning Tittieslap! Kaboo Tza 2
7 zguild zguild Neutral zhel 6
7 TEK The Eternal Kingdom Good No one lives for ever. Qbic 2
7 <HASH> Heroic Alliance of Stoned Heroes Neutral Ummm... whatever, dude. Coffin Smokemorr 2
7 r0X r0XX0rX Evil nefz 2
7 FLO Fog Light of Oobag Good We live to keep the good order of Oobag Ballister 2
7 Docd Docdoertee Neutral Docdoertee 3
7 sf4 suxtron force 4 Neutral dizamn Dentron 2
7 Assault Assault Evil zudzanndjinn 2
7 SDW Sleaze, Drink and Warrrah Neutral To Groow the blundering God of Mayhem leachlife4 3
7 FMA State Alchemists Neutral leachlife4 2
7 Ozface The Oz People Evil Oz? Oz oz oz oz! leachlife4 4
7 OAP Order and Progress Good Order and Progress [BRAZIL 4EVER] ShadownXP 2
7 Munch Munchkin Express Neutral All aboard!! Nuttbucket 2
7 GibGob Gibbelty Gobbelty Good We no gib! Gibblety Gobblety 3
6 Right Gents The Right Honorable Gentlemen Neutral Why be wrong when you can be Right? Edison Talley 4
6 -V- The Vault Good Anzerion 5
6 KTP kthxplz Good itm plz? k thx rabb 4+1
6 h h Good Toni da puke stinks! Satujumppa 3+1
6 Tiles The Infinitly Looping Exploding Spankmonkeys Evil KILL KILL HAPPY KILL KILL Captain Fwiffo 2
6 scarbies Performers Guild of Scarborough Faire Good Pay us, or we'll stay and mate with your women. Garyon the Glib 1+1
6 FCMonkey The House of Flying, Crouching Monkeys Neutral To the Kill Barn! leachlife4 1+1
6 nfrms Nintendo Good We are cool and stuff. leachlife4 3+3
6 F.o.H. Fortress of Honor Good Our honor is your disgrace. Alonsus 3
6 TMC The moshing crew Good Beer, sex, more beer!!! Trantor 1+3
6 S R Soul Raver Good Because parties are always better in the afterlife Fyriole 2
6 void * exit Good we shall find the exit, one way or another! Grubem 4
6 atotmbotf Malazan Empire Good beherrschen elpaysanmobmember125 2+1
6 GEEG Guild of Extremely Extraordinary Gentlemen Neutral We're not evil, but we're not good. Azalea 2
6 YTQuest The YouTube Questers Neutral For Questing, For YouTube! The_YoutubeQuester 1+1
5 SoScr Sons of Socrates Neutral The unexamined life is not worth living sinewave 2+1
5 Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam Good Repairing the World, One Day at a Time Azumel 2
5 BYBN! Neutrality! Neutral Balance yourself - be neutral! Mnementh 1+2
5 Mando Mandalore Neutral Ba'jur, beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a kiffren 3
5 d20 The Cult of d20 Evil May the will of the dice guide us! Whaleduck 2
5 swan Sporks we are not Neutral why do you care how we are, we don't Fryweed 2
5 Owls Owl world Neutral Hoot hoot XD Axlaex 2
5 Jap Jupiter Good earth chan sux lol MaxTheMighty 4
5 FC Fungal Colossus Evil Eat Fungus mAt0 1+1
5 Expodrine Angels of Deception Evil All will fall beneath the Angels of Deception Norin 2+1
5 hlm hlm Good hlm 2
5 jmA Allah Evil jallag mit allah jallah 2
5 Nigger Paradise Evil NIGGER KICK! NIGGER PUNCH! RAAAAH! Power-Craft 2
5 ORCK Orc Cookies Evil Eburting beddur wid cookiz leachlife4 2+1
5 Cube Cubeboy's Guild Neutral Totally insane. Cubeboy 2
5 PMoD Pineapple Militiamen of Death Evil Death by pineapples? You know who to call! Idshok 4
5 USDINEJ UR SO DED IM NOT EVEN JK Good Really. GregChant 2
5 Shutup Shut Up! Son of Shut Up George! Neutral Because real-life sucks MrZack 2
5 OMEN Cruor Filious Good A Tout Le Monde Zetsumei 2
5 Christianity Christianity Good Holier Than Thou Jesus of Nazareth 2
4 Alpha&Omega Alpha and Omega Good Protect the ones you love Rynaria 2
4 SG Spanish Guild Neutral parroco 1+2
4 Blah Noob Saibot Good Thou shall not feel Beethoven 1+1
4 jocko Jocko's Guild Good Good is neat, evil...........................isn't Jocko 3
4 XC Hentai Religion Evil Praise our Lord Tenta-Rape!! Kairyu 3+1
4 Welfs Clan of the Welf(tm) Neutral Ow. Rhodin 3
4 G-Knights Gotham Knights Neutral I am the night! Katslover 3
4 PR? Panda Retards. . .? Evil Duhr. . . ErTerD?/!///?//?one! [Core] 1+1
4 DaDragnPrinz Baby DragoN Good Never give up. DjDragoN 1+2
4 501 IDSG 501st Imperial Drop Ship Group Good Charlie don't Surf! leachlife4 3
4 -=KH=- Keadhunters Evil We're gonna win! leachlife4 2
4 yATB Yet Another Tech Blog Good outokainen 3
4 cotm Chaos of the Tickle-Mimics Evil Live fast, tickle free Riken 3
4 tFOG The Future of Online Gaming Good Captain Underpants Pizza Party! Gervon Sesnar 2+1
4 AVAM Aut vincere aut mori Evil Victory or death! Cerebus 3
4 >LoP< Lords of Pwnage Evil pwn in PQ blue5 2
4 Mash Potatoes Good Mash mash mash Phisioni 2
4 wazoo waaaas Evil waaaa run waaa 2
4 WWall Wonderwall Neutral Stefan Yohansson 3
4 KnArt Knights of Artemis Neutral To be gallant is to be honorable. FutileSine 2
4 {G} Geologica Good Anything for the Stones Samu 2
4 <><>Dayz<><> Better Dayz Good Coming Together To Make The World A Better Place! Midnightra 3
3 D'hara D'Haran Empire Good No mercy to the enemies of life! confetti 2
3 w-hat? W-Hat Good hey what's poppin Loksr 2
3 Tint Thooom's Intellectuals Neutral Can't fuck it or eat it? Piss on it and carry on. Thooom 2
3 SAS-team SAS-team Good SAS-team rulezzz mazafaka! SidRomV 1+1
3 GrBuHu Grid Bug Hunters Evil *splat* GereBear 2
3 ANOG Anonymous Guild Neutral Cant Find my ass (ITS BEHIND A PROXY) Anonymus 2
3 EoI Essence of Incoherency Neutral Because babble is best. Leafish 2
3 HYM Hy-men Neutral Tear and Share Lardman 2
3 RGG Really Good Guild Good We are Really Good Renny379 2
3 world paint The world painters Good we painted the world spaceggs 2
3 Lubieplacki Polkomtelki Neutral Aru 2
3 NotGiygas World Domination Neutral We have 8 boxes of money. Thompson Crane 2
3 dumass Dumb Basturds Evil NO, were good... really! shitgrin 2
3 fucker laksfar Evil luder laksfar 2
3 SoS Spellbinders of Swordsmith Neutral We make our spells to create our swords. Xarkan 1+1
3 Uist Natty Men Evil Welly boots go well with woolly hats Natty 2
3 TEPM The Elite Pig Mafia Neutral Porkers For Life leachlife4 2+1
3 DDD Dudes in Dumpy Diapers Neutral We've got DIAPERS! leachlife4 1+1
3 .SiN .sin Good leachlife4 2
3 RCG Rat Catcher's Evil Catch the rats brobpraev 3
3 S.W.E Made In Sweden Good EmilA 1+1
3 Middlemen The Guild of Middlemen Neutral Meh Nanpa 2
3 Sansonians Sansonians Evil What is a motto??? SAnson 2
3 DPTWS Directors of Predestination for The World State Neutral There can be only one... World State! The Golden Armadillo 2
3 BlackHats the Black Hats Evil there is no motto like our motto. cinderblock 2
3 Nibor Evils Nibor Evils only Evil If you aren't a Good Nibor GET OUT!!!!!! Nibor 3
2 BOF-H Bastard Operators From Hell Evil We have the src... hehehe EntZor 2
2 PALE! Ci co pala... i wiedza jak pachnie haszysz! Neutral PALE BO LUBIE! Haszysz 1+1
2 HKn HoreKanon Neutral Ebbex 2
2 R-F Red Faction Evil if its not Red Faction, you know its a fake madman360 2
2 Mages The Mistics Magicians Neutral The Magic will win. Juan 2
2 king kinglionskull Good hi welcome kevin hofer 1+1
2 -nB- Thorazine Dreams Evil Improve yourself and kill the weak. thorazine 2
2 SRPGdTUB Shadow Run Power Gamer der TU-Berlin Neutral fire and forget Snoofer 2
2 Har Sahib's Harem Neutral If you shoot at mimes, you should use a silencer. TrixieRose 2
2 KRKR KaRaKuRa RaNgErS Good Zang will dominate all Zang 2
2 Rogianz Rogain's Heroes Neutral Jeremynr 2
2 S.H.I.T.E. Spotlog's Highly Intelligent Team Elitists Neutral We eat, we sleep, we crap. Jowell 2
2 P.O.O.P Pemptus' Overly Orderly Pessimists Neutral We are all going to die. Jowell 2
2 InFlames Hells Fire Evil We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me blazefade 2
2 SMY So Money Evil F*** B****** get money Sqawlter 2
2 PW_PLU Parallel World Neutral &#25282;&#20928;&#22825;&#31354; EricWang 2
2 UEA United Equestrian Army Neutral For Celestia and all of Equestria! Shepard301 1+1
2 darkfuji darkfujis guild Good darkfuji 2
2 BMakerz Boobs Makerz Good Fuck it... I lied. What you gonna do? Aimon Superdck 2
2 Liquid Roost Drip Crypt Evil "Covering the Earth with Mold from the Inside Out" Folgers Mussolini 2
2 SQBU Squid Bois Unite Neutral blbublbublubulbublb Kingfoot 2

3796 Trivialities

The Neverending Battle

Good: 309367473 (36%) Neutral: 273066402 (32%) Evil: 274521179 (32%)

Concerning Guilds

Only players in particular realms may join a guild (just hit Ctrl-G from within the game). More about guilds...

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