Realm of Knoram
Pop. 1236

Hall of Infamy

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M)
11ssssDung ElfTongueblade182036STR 80182Act DXXXI+175622 Impressive Fine Plasma HelmCone of Annoyance MMMMMMMMCCCLallo
12BRAK IS TRULY THE MANDisgruntled HickCannibal130141STR 61308HellCMLXV+130105 Fine Banded Plasma HauberkAll Your Base!!! MMMMDXITold ya im the man
13Boris BadenufRussianEvil Villain31337INT 40000Act Now!+5000 Explosive Bomb of BombingPlot XXXVIIMoose und squirrel?!?!?!?!
14adeahilDisgruntled HickStalker18783CON 16940PeeCXXXVIII+18741 Dark Cobra Grouchy Goatse GreavesMagnetic Pee DCCLXVIIpee in the jug tastes delicious
15cp-åkeWill o' the WispPuma Burgular16643STR 11279Act MLXXV+16622 Studded Festooned ABS GreavesAqueous Humor DCLIIok
16PimpaviCannabalistic JigglypuffHellraiser14108DEX 14346PeeDCCIX+14087 Shiny Barney Dino! HauberkSteal Pee DCCLVIIi eat cheese
17Johnny-Boy GnomeLifegrindRobot Monk13129DEX 10180Act DCCLI+13104 Studded Fine Mithril Mail GauntletsGood Move DCCLXXXIIThere is no spoon
18XTest04Half-Crested WookieeBattle-Felon12040INT 12940Day DCCCX+12003 Pluste Fure Memory GambesonNothing DXXII
19primus the MongerwhoreLifegrindVoodoo Princess7679CON 7822Act MMXXXIV+7647 Holy Festooned Diamond Mail BrassairtsHastiness CDLII
20Powergamer 5000LifegrindBastard Lunatic6710STR 6392Act DCXLVI+6219 Banded Holy ABS CuissesInnoculate CCCVSklar! Blhe!
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