Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Cankee Yunts
Pop. 6

The Cankee Yunts

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Paul DoggywitzBattle-FinchMage Illusioner35CHA 88Act III+2 Fine Custom Diamond Mail VambracesMulligan VIIWAR! What is good for? Lots and lots of profit!TCY
2Andrew Houseof CardPanda ManLowling35STR 104Act III+2 Banded Plasma HauberkNestor's Bright Idea XIf I got Dubya elected, I MUST be a genius!TCY
3General Tommy WanksHalf ManRobot Monk35DEX 91Act III+2 Gilded Plasma GauntletsCone of Annoyance XICivil war in Iraq makes theft and rape easier!TCY
4Colin PowellGreater GnomeShiv-Knight35WIS 86Act III+13 Cambric Custom ABS VambracesSeasick XIVLoyalty or sanity? I chose loyalty. DOH!TCY
5George ElevenetWill o' the WispMage Illusioner35CHA 102Act III+13 Cambric Mithril Mail SolleretsDropsy VIBest fiction writer the CIA ever had! Slam dunk!TCY
6Gen. Michael V. HaywireLow ElfSlow Poisoner31STR 64Act III+1 Plasma HelmSeasick XGuantanamo Bay Concentration Camp Kommandant.TCY

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