Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Greater Abernacky of The Realm of POS
Pop. 9

The Greater Abernacky of The Realm of POS

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1KremWill o' the WispShiv-Knight62CON 2153Act XVIII+31 Cambric Plasma HelmRabbit Punch CCXLVIIWho lives in those lights in the distance?TDPOS
2SoaprmanEel ManSlow Poisoner61INT 859Act XVI+35 Banded Festooned Mithril Mail GreavesHydrophobia CXLRIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!TDPOS
3Pumpkin!Battle-FinchRobot Monk61CHA 1359Act XVI+43 Gilded Studded Chainmail CuissesInnoculate CLXXXINostolgia Hounds!TDPOS
4BearroristPanda ManHunter Strangler58WIS 830Act XIV+42 Vicious Polished PoleaxGyp CXXXIIGay does not exist anymore.TDPOS
5PeronaHalf ManVoodoo Princess40INT 87Act IV+7 Fine Custom Diamond Mail GambesonClever Fellow XVIHave fun, and be safe with it!TDPOS
6Plasma SnakePanda ManMu-Fu Monk40WIS 158Act V+16 Festooned Fine ABS SolleretsDropsy XIIIJust when you think its safe BAM! You're pregnant.TDPOS
7Yoshi348Land SquidMage Illusioner34INT 71Act III+9 Holy Gilded Magnetic FieldVitreous Humor VPikachu is watching you.TDPOS
8Isao KronosDouble WookieeRobot Monk11WIS 27Act I+2 Leathers VambracesSlime Finger VIMomma had a chicken, momma had a cow.TDPOS
9eerieLand SquidUr-Paladin1CON 15Act ISharp StickTDPOS

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