Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Fucking Stupid Company
Pop. 14

Fucking Stupid Company

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1BadgerPanda ManShiv-Knight68DEX 5494Act XXVII+35 Gilded Studded Plasma SolleretsRevolting Cloud CDLXXXIThis game is too hard for me.FSC v2.0
2GrepBattle-FinchShiv-Knight68CHA 5709Act XXVI+50 Venomed Vicious CulverinAqueous Humor CDXXXIIAs long as I beat evilassmanFSC v2.0
3JiebwhixDouble WookieeBastard Lunatic62STR 1977Act XVII+27 Holy Plasma BrassairtsSpectral Miasma CLXXFriends don't let friends GREP drunk!FSC v2.0
4EddieSimeon95Double WookieeBastard Lunatic61WIS 2026Act XVII+26 Fine Cambric Plasma GambesonMagnetic Orb CLXXVIIIThis game is too much of a commitment for meFSC v2.0
5PraxcripDouble WookieeBastard Lunatic61INT 905Act XVI+32 Impressive Custom Mithril Mail HelmLockjaw CXLVIbrb... i have to go through the large...FSC v2.0
6UpdogEnchanted MotorcycleMu-Fu Monk61WIS 1031Act XVI+29 Festooned Custom Diamond Mail SolleretsLockjaw CXLVIIFSC v2.0
7eVilAssmanDung ElfInner Mason58WIS 1089Act XIII+22 Banded Festooned Plasma HelmBig Sister CIIi'll cut youFSC v2.0
8SuperimposeEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk47WIS 242Act VII+29 Custom Festooned AegisMulligan XXIIFSC v2.0
9diZzLeGyrognomeHunter Strangler42INT 180Act V+18 Cambric Fine Titanium VambracesNestor's Bright Idea XIII'cause its the middle of f'ing summer!FSC v2.0
10Grep is a suck ass cheaterGreater GnomePuma Burgular39WIS 100Act IV+20 Impressive Cambric Scale Mail HauberkRabbit Punch XXIVAlt + Shift + G (last Grep FTW)FSC v2.0

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