Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Guild of Shadow Fist
Pop. 11

The Guild of Shadow Fist

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Hal-9000Battle-FinchShiv-Knight71CHA 4859Act XXXII+36 Cambric Fine Plasma GreavesRevolting Cloud DCCXXIIIJust what do you think your doing, Dave?ShadowFist
2Quester McDeathmachineWill o' the WispBirdrider71CHA 7698Act XXXI+46 Custom Cambric Mithril Mail BrassairtsRevolting Cloud DCLIVWhispy yet, i ride birds as well...ShadowFist
3Shadow FistEnchanted MotorcycleTickle-Mimic71DEX 6604Act XXXI+42 Banded Cambric Diamond Mail HauberkTumor (Benign) CDVsuccumb to the power of the DVORAK!ShadowFist
4Realy Chewy BakaDouble WookieeMu-Fu Monk70DEX 8425Act XXXI+62 Pronged CrankbowSpectral Miasma DLXXXIDouble your Chewy, Double your BAKA Doublemint GumShadowFist
5OugshoockBattle-FinchBastard Lunatic66CHA 2774Act XXIV+38 Custom Diamond Mail VambracesLockjaw CCCXXFrom Hell's heart, I stab at theeShadowFist
6Lews TherinnPanda ManRuneloremaster66INT 3849Act XXIII+43 Holy Cambric Kevlar HelmBraingate CCXVOut of my head you!ShadowFist
7Richard!DemicanadianBastard Lunatic66WIS 2740Act XXIII+33 Custom Plasma HauberkBig Sister CCLXXVFor pony...ShadowFist
8The Eel in the HatEel ManTongueblade64STR 3648Act XIX+44 Holy Impressive Ringmail VambracesLockjaw CXCIXOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Eel FishShadowFist
9imma cool dude ehDemicanadianBastard Lunatic63DEX 2307Act XIX+45 Cambric ABS GreavesMulligan CLXXXIXhey, i dont speed!ShadowFist
10Da WorkhorseTalking PonyTongueblade58DEX 855Act XIV+36 Studded Cambric Mithril Mail BrassairtsMagnetic Orb CXXXIVWork, Work, Work, All i do is work...ShadowFist

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