Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Dae Han Min Guk - forever rpg fans
Pop. 5

Dae Han Min Guk - forever rpg fans

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1BugcideDung ElfMu-Fu Monk48INT 271Act VII+21 Festooned Fine Titanium SolleretsSpectral Miasma XXIIIAlwayzDHMG
2Bugcide-0Low ElfHunter Strangler48CHA 233Act VII+16 Holy Gilded Diamond Mail GauntletsAqueous Humor XLIIGame or No GameDHMG
3Bugcide-2Half HalflingMage Illusioner47DEX 194Act VII+29 Cambric Holy AegisLockjaw XXVIenjoy own lifeDHMG
4Bugcide-1Talking PonyTongueblade44CON 247Act VI+23 Impressive Fine AegisInnoculate XXVIIIHome Sweet HomeDHMG
5Bc200910Will o' the WispMage Illusioner35WIS 116Act III+6 Impressive Custom Mithril Mail VambracesHydrophobia VIIEasy come, easy goDHMG

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