Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Antitheoretical
Pop. 16


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1VanflorganvanskiPanda ManBirdrider59STR 1635Act XIV+35 Cambric Impressive Kevlar CuissesLockjaw CXBeware the ' Vanski!Antthrtcl
2Sir Smacks-A-LotDemicanadianBastard Lunatic58INT 1439Act XIII+33 Fine Banded Kevlar BrassairtsAnimate Nightstand LXXXIIISmacking until smacklessAntthrtcl
3ShookkrugLand SquidTickle-Mimic57STR 1257Act XII+25 Banded Holy Diamond Mail GreavesHydrophobia LXXIXIs bringing sexy back!!Antthrtcl
4OockookDouble WookieeBastard Lunatic56STR 1142Act XII+35 Studded Festooned ABS GreavesAqueous Humor LXXIIIOockook will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!Antthrtcl
5AntitheoryWill o' the WispMage Illusioner54INT 453Act X+34 Banded Impressive Scale Mail BrassairtsHydrophobia LXIIIGorgorath!!!Antthrtcl
6Nameless Soldier 5Double WookieeShiv-Knight54CHA 542Act X+37 Festooned Gilded Baroque ShieldRevolting Cloud LXXIIWe fight to the death!Antthrtcl
7Nameless Soldier 4Double WookieeShiv-Knight54STR 861Act X+17 Banded Holy Plasma GauntletsBig Sister LVIWe fight to the death!Antthrtcl
8Nameless Soldier 6Double WookieeShiv-Knight54DEX 627Act X+35 Impressive Cambric AegisClever Fellow LXXVWe fight to the death!Antthrtcl
9Nameless Soldier 1Double WookieeShiv-Knight54STR 915Act X+30 Fine Cambric Magnetic FieldNestor's Bright Idea LIIIWe fight to the death!Antthrtcl
10Nameless Soldier 2Double WookieeShiv-Knight54CON 683Act X+32 Impressive Gilded Chainmail BrassairtsHydrophobia LIIIWe fight to the death!Antthrtcl

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