Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for g12-Squad Guild
Pop. 50

g12-Squad Guild

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1FlyEel ManBattle-Felon89WIS 64338Act CIX+53 Custom Festooned Plasma GauntletsAnimate Nightstand MMMMDCCVIIIDark Progress Master (89 - 2 levels in 2 years....g12-Squad
2LoWeLyPanda ManUr-Paladin82WIS 42682Act LXVIII+52 Fine Cambric Diamond Mail CuissesGood Move MMMDCLIIIg12-Squad Guildg12-Squad
3UndeedPanda ManHunter Strangler79CON 19113Act LIV+58 Gilded Kevlar GambesonInnoculate MMCCXLVIHunting bearg12-Squad
4HMYZPanda ManUr-Paladin72DEX 6559Act XXXV+35 Gilded Impressive Plasma BrassairtsInvisible Hands DCCCXIVLvling up!g12-Squad
5NarusegawaPanda ManHunter Strangler69STR 3947Act XXVII+29 Impressive Holy Plasma CuissesSlime Finger DCXLIX... and justice for allg12-Squad
6BonusHalf HalflingUr-Paladin63DEX 2523Act XIX+48 Fine Impressive PropugnerBig Sister CLXVIIIBonusidzeg12-Squad
7TanisLow ElfMage Illusioner62WIS 1757Act XVII+24 Custom Holy Plasma GauntletsHydrophobia CLXVIIIYou wanna see some magic???g12-Squad
8KenpachiGyrognomeInner Mason61CON 1614Act XVI+42 Impressive Festooned Ringmail HelmTumor (Benign) CXXIIBankaig12-Squad
9Double FlyDouble HobbitSlow Poisoner54DEX 733Act X+30 Cambric Festooned Titanium VambracesClever Fellow LXVIIg12-Squad
10Double RikgrigDouble HobbitMu-Fu Monk53STR 635Act X+30 Impressive Gilded Platemail HelmHoly Batpole XLIXg12-Squad

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