Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Legion of the Bouncy Castle
Pop. 13

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1MatthewSladeGyrognomeBastard Lunatic74STR 13993Act XXXIX+51 Festooned Banded Kevlar GauntletsCone of Annoyance MCIXI shall poes you allThe Legion
2NarthusDouble WookieeUr-Paladin51INT 315Act VIII+23 Custom Fine Mithril Mail HelmSpectral Miasma LVIIThe monkey did itThe Legion
3GruxvookDouble WookieeRuneloremaster49WIS 337Act VII+19 Cambric Custom Diamond Mail SolleretsInvisible Hands XXXICan I get a HOPPAAA?!The Legion
4HitmanvHalf ManMu-Fu Monk46DEX 298Act VI+13 Gilded Plasma CuissesClever Fellow XXIXHouT BaY AhoY!!!!The Legion
5ZiedlukLow ElfBattle-Felon39STR 108Act IV+12 Studded Impressive Mithril Mail GreavesNestor's Bright Idea XII is ciphered ur mind.The Legion
6team8Talking PonyTickle-Mimic30WIS 70Act III+6 Holy Titanium GreavesNestor's Bright Idea VIII have an invalid X509 CertificateThe Legion
7RingrapDouble WookieeBirdrider29DEX 58Act III+5 Festooned Banded Kevlar HauberkBraingate VHout Bay Ahoy!!!The Legion
8windows_partitionPanda ManBastard Lunatic24CON 58Act II+1 Cambric Custom Kevlar VambracesCone of Annoyance VIIThe Legion
9PregyiedDemicanadianRobot Monk23STR 40Act IICustom Gilded ABS CuissesRabbit Punch VIIIThe Legion
10River PatrolGyrognomeTongueblade14STR 37Act II+1 AegisHastiness VI will stop you!The Legion

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