Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for #PALGNchat
Pop. 8


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Cake-eaterLand SquidRobot Monk68STR 3165Act XXVI+43 Holy Festooned Kevlar GreavesHydrophobia CCCLXXXIIILet's hug it out bitch.PALGN
2THE PASTAFANARIANPanda ManTickle-Mimic68INT 5636Act XXVI+33 Custom Gilded Plasma SolleretsHydrophobia CCCLXXVTouched by his noodly appendage.PALGN
3GiantSpaceAntsEel ManVoodoo Princess67CHA 4564Act XXV+47 Cambric Studded Kevlar HelmCone of Paste CCCXXXIICalm the beef minPALGN
4LemonJuiceEnchanted MotorcycleShiv-Knight65CON 3659Act XXII+26 Impressive Holy Plasma HauberkMulligan CCLXXIVI am one of the Jesii.PALGN
5FriemgrogWill o' the WispBastard Lunatic65CON 1835Act XXI+29 Banded Festooned Plasma BrassairtsLockjaw CCXLIVNipples are quite sillyPALGN
6LemonTreeSkraelingShiv-Knight62CON 2275Act XVII+27 Impressive Holy Diamond Mail HauberkSeasick CCXXVI am one of the JesiiPALGN
7CorruptDropbearEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk56WIS 659Act XI+29 Custom Festooned Mithril Mail VambracesAqueous Humor XCThe End.PALGN
8SweetHoneyTalking PonyRobot Monk44WIS 179Act VI+21 Studded Custom Titanium VambracesRevolting Cloud XXVIIPALGN

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