Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Order of the Triad
Pop. 4

Order of the Triad

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Dr. OrpheusDemicanadianMage Illusioner83CHA 41404Act LXXV+58 Studded Holy Mithril Mail GauntletsHoly Batpole MMDCXXIVHit 83 April 11 2012OotT!
2ScootypuffJrDouble WookieeUr-Paladin53CON 473Act X+21 Studded Cambric Plasma GreavesCone of Paste XLVIIsuuuuuuuuuucks!OotT!
3SevxentDouble WookieeUr-Paladin48CHA 278Act VII+26 Studded Mithril Mail CuissesDropsy XXIIIWhat do you want, a medal?OotT!
4ShadwellHalf ManMage Illusioner37DEX 77Act IVBanded Fine Plasma GauntletsLockjaw XIIInon omnis moriarOotT!

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