Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Forestguard
Pop. 169


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1GeluHalf ManHunter Strangler54WIS 601Act XI+27 Festooned Holy Mithril Mail SolleretsClever Fellow LXVII1st of December I was Born...F-G
2EnchanterEnchanted MotorcycleMage Illusioner51STR 741Act IX+20 Impressive Cambric Diamond Mail GambesonBraingate XXXVIF-G
3MissyLow ElfTickle-Mimic51STR 827Act IX+27 Banded Custom Titanium VambracesClever Fellow XLVF-G
4ShivaHalf OrcVoodoo Princess51STR 768Act IX+32 Cambric Kevlar HauberkHydrophobia XLVF-G
5Hunter BerserkWill o' the WispHunter Strangler51STR 759Act IX+13 Impressive Festooned Plasma CuissesCone of Annoyance LXVIIIF-G
6HayabusaEnchanted MotorcycleLowling51STR 822Act IX+29 Cambric Custom Kevlar GauntletsHydrophobia XLVF-G
7therll be only oneGreater GnomeRobot Monk50STR 522Act VIII+30 Dancing Venomed LanceLockjaw XLIII... once i'm finished w/yallF-G
8Good and EvilLand SquidRuneloremaster50STR 612Act VIII+25 Custom Studded Mithril Mail SolleretsBig Sister XXXIXAin't got nothing on NeutralF-G
9ProgamerGreater GnomePuma Burgular50STR 541Act VIII+20 Festooned Studded Diamond Mail GauntletsHydrophobia XXXVIIII will find you.....F-G
10Azura StrikeDouble WookieeMu-Fu Monk50STR 446Act VIII+26 Festooned Gilded Titanium HauberkInvisible Hands XLI999kF-G

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