Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Champions of Zlippers
Pop. 9

Champions of Zlippers

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Hogfather IISkraelingShiv-Knight87STR 54600Act LXXV+56 Impressive Cambric Diamond Mail GauntletsTumor (Benign) MMDLXXMight makes Right!Zlippers
2TwoflowerLesser DwarfTickle-Mimic85STR 55916Act LXXVII+48 Holy Festooned Plasma HauberkNonplus MMDLXXIIIGreat balls on fireZlippers
3SnefistadDouble WookieeMu-Fu Monk70STR 8189Act XXX+39 Impressive Studded Diamond Mail GreavesSadness DCCXLReligion is like opium for the masses.Zlippers
4GimletDouble WookieeTickle-Mimic67STR 5489Act XXIV+44 Festooned Fine Platemail CuissesCone of Paste CCLXXXIIIZlippers
5RincewindHalf ManRuneloremaster67WIS 2499Act XXIV+31 Custom Gilded Plasma GambesonMulligan CCLXXXIIZlippers
6Mister TeatimeHalf HalflingRobot Monk67DEX 5242Act XXIV+56 Gilded Banded ScutumBig Sister CCLXXZlippers
7XivxogTalking PonyRobot Monk37CON 123Act IV+15 Festooned Magnetic FieldClever Fellow IX/hugZlippers
8GreeboDung ElfBastard Lunatic27WIS 47Act IIIRusty Plasma BrassairtsSpectral Miasma IXZlippers
9HogfatherSkraelingBattle-Felon3STR 20Act I+1 Lace GauntletsHastiness IZlippers

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