Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for DICE Slicers
Pop. 18

DICE Slicers

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Zaphod_BeeblebroxCrested DwarfMu-Fu Monk86WIS 55897Act LXXX+57 Fine Diamond Mail CuissesBraingate MMDCLIIIIf something is hard... It's not woth doing!DICE Slicers
2YamaharickEnchanted MotorcycleBastard Lunatic85STR 57492Act LXXX+56 Cambric Custom Diamond Mail BrassairtsHoly Batpole MMMXXXIIWhen all else fails, play deadDICE Slicers
3SlartibartDemicanadianSlow Poisoner84CHA 52772Act LXXIX+67 Impressive Studded Baroque ShieldTumor (Benign) MMDCCCIIIpoke pokeDICE Slicers
4Prostetnic Vogon JeltzEel ManPuma Burgular82CHA 45196Act LXVIII+57 Gilded Holy Titanium GambesonTumor (Benign) MCMXCIIGroop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromesDICE Slicers
5MalathorDouble WookieeTickle-Mimic73INT 8683Act XXXVII+48 Holy Custom Kevlar GauntletsBig Sister DCCXIII r pokes with sharp sticksDICE Slicers
6WeinBaumEel ManBastard Lunatic71STR 5806Act XXXI+46 Custom Studded Mithril Mail GambesonAqueous Humor DCXXXIIStrike him roughly Centurion, and throw him to theDICE Slicers
7WrinkledTronHalf OrcMage Illusioner71STR 4984Act XXXI+40 Banded Festooned Diamond Mail SolleretsMulligan CDLXXXIIIThe wrinklier the better!DICE Slicers
8LaedwhouckHalf ManTickle-Mimic69CON 3850Act XXVIII+34 Banded Custom Plasma HelmClever Fellow CDXCVISlåss för frihetenDICE Slicers
9SaRoLand SquidFighter/Organist62INT 2542Act XVIII+32 Impressive Diamond Mail HauberkInnoculate CCIIITrying is the first step towards failure...DICE Slicers
10NavelluddDung ElfSlow Poisoner62STR 2271Act XVII+27 Festooned Studded Plasma SolleretsClever Fellow CLXIWhy is the rum always gone?DICE Slicers

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