Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Rolemancer
Pop. 11


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1RamalokeGyrognomeUr-Paladin77STR 21572Act XLVIII+57 Holy Fine AegisHastiness MCMXIVGood. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.RPG-club
2Cat3nEnchanted MotorcycleVoodoo Princess77INT 22169Act L+52 Holy Custom Magnetic FieldInnoculate MDCCCLXXXIVSekas the Universe!!!RPG-club
3GlukusLand SquidSlow Poisoner66STR 3096Act XXIII+32 Gilded Banded Plasma BrassairtsHydrophobia CCCXXXVIA lot of hands is not a lack!RPG-club
4CrazySageEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk52WIS 277Act IX+17 Festooned Cambric Plasma HauberkHydrophobia XLVIIII pledge allegiance to the state of Rock'n'RollRPG-club
5Rain DogTrans-KoboldPuma Burgular52INT 424Act IX+16 Studded Holy Plasma VambracesRabbit Punch LXXVIYou have force on your side. And i have shotgun.RPG-club
6Givi ZurabovichGreater GnomeBastard Lunatic51DEX 296Act VIII+28 Custom Banded ABS GambesonCurse Name XXXImpressive Jackette The Best a Dwarf Can GetRPG-club
7OgodPanda ManUr-Paladin47DEX 202Act VII+17 Fine Cambric Diamond Mail HauberkSpectral Miasma XXVII have a baaad feeling about this...RPG-club
8ZhopozhuiLand SquidMu-Fu Monk43INT 166Act V+17 Custom Banded Mithril Mail GauntletsInvisible Hands XXIVKillz alz hooomanz! Bul-bul-bul-bul-bul!RPG-club
9Phaere the SuccubiLow ElfBastard Lunatic42CHA 125Act V+7 Festooned Studded Plasma GambesonMulligan XIVI'm without bias, i hate all people equally.RPG-club
10Lord.AsmodeyEnchanted MotorcycleBastard Lunatic3CHA 20Act IPatched Mildewed Flannel GauntletsSlime Finger IIIHoly Shit!!!RPG-club

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