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Guild rankings for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guild
Pop. 43

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guild

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1mylittlepornyTalking PonyVoodoo Princess76WIS 8390Act XLVI+38 Fine Holy Plasma HelmInvisible Hands MCCCLIV*wink* *squirt*MLP: FiM
2YoungrexTalking PonyLowling75STR 15359Act XLIII+46 Impressive Fine Mithril Mail CuissesAqueous Humor MCCCXXIProgress is magic!MLP: FiM
3Cadence!Talking PonyMage Illusioner74INT 13169Act XL+50 Custom Cambric Mithril Mail HelmBig Sister DCCCLXIIIThe pony is love. Let us all watch My Little Pony!MLP: FiM
4The Great and Powerful TrixieTalking PonyMage Illusioner64CON 2510Act XXI+29 Custom Gilded Plasma GreavesBig Sister CCXXXIXThe Great and Powerful Trixie!MLP: FiM
5FhuyrTalking PonyUr-Paladin61DEX 1166Act XVI+24 Cambric Impressive Plasma SolleretsGyp CLXXXIFive Hundred begins it, Five Hundred ends it.MLP: FiM
6Vinyl ScratchTalking PonyMage Illusioner61CON 1555Act XVI+29 Custom Festooned Diamond Mail SolleretsHydrophobia CXLIICutie Mark Crusader Adventurers YAY!MLP: FiM
7Jeff CootersTalking PonyHunter Strangler59CHA 1320Act XV+23 Cambric Impressive Plasma GreavesCone of Annoyance CLXIIsoupMLP: FiM
8RosettaStoneTalking PonyRuneloremaster59STR 909Act XV+29 Banded Festooned Diamond Mail HauberkBig Sister XCVIIPerspective is everything <3~MLP: FiM
9J-PONYSkraelingHunter Strangler58CON 700Act XIV+42 Impressive Festooned PaviseAqueous Humor CXXIVhttp://J-PONY.tumblr.comMLP: FiM
10StormWolfTalking PonyBastard Lunatic58INT 944Act XIV+36 Studded Banded Titanium GauntletsClever Fellow CXXwho thge hll is torwlfMLP: FiM

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