Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Sauerbraten
Pop. 9


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1KawutzelGyrognomeTickle-Mimic60DEX 1611Act XV+38 Studded Impressive Splint Mail GambesonAqueous Humor CLI100% greenSOUR
2MannBärSchweinTrans-KoboldBirdrider60WIS 819Act XV+30 Studded Festooned Diamond Mail GauntletsClever Fellow CXXVIII eat people.SOUR
3NadnopLand SquidSlow Poisoner59INT 897Act XV+37 Custom Studded Magnetic FieldHydrophobia CXIIII'll squish y'all!SOUR
4BlewkackaDouble WookieeLowling59CON 1436Act XV+45 Studded Custom Ringmail VambracesHydrophobia CXVIIIGourhhhhhhhhhr uhrnhuhuhuhu eeurrrngk!SOUR
5shizo-kunTalking PonyRobot Monk41CON 130Act V+13 Fine Festooned Mithril Mail HelmClever Fellow XVBreaking laws; the old and new.SOUR
6Bagger 288Enchanted MotorcycleTongueblade40CHA 112Act V+19 Banded Fine Splint Mail SolleretsNonplus XIIVocation: violence and kill by de-meating.SOUR
7NatgriezSkraelingTongueblade40CHA 105Act IV+24 Steely Stabbity Bastard SwordHoly Batpole XSOUR
8Kheldar WelleBiegerHalf ManFighter/Organist37WIS 76Act IV+4 Gilded Plasma GambesonHastiness XIHalf Man, thirds god, whole norse.SOUR
9ZoogxizHalf OrcFighter/Organist2STR 21Act IMacrame GambesonSlime Finger IDunnoSOUR

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