Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for In Cthulhu We Trust
Pop. 37

In Cthulhu We Trust

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1XamtridLow ElfRuneloremaster81CHA 38225Act LXV+58 Gilded Studded Mithril Mail BrassairtsBraingate MDCCCXXIVFat Stacks666Cthulhu
2AeztradLow ElfHunter Strangler81INT 39016Act LXIV+45 Cambric Impressive Plasma SolleretsLockjaw MMCCCLXXXIXFat Stacks666Cthulhu
3EgziekLow ElfHunter Strangler81INT 40048Act LXIV+49 Fine Custom Diamond Mail BrassairtsNestor's Bright Idea MDCCCXXVIFat Stacks666Cthulhu
4MivvouzTrans-KoboldFighter/Organist81INT 37610Act LXIV+65 Stabbity Polished HalberdRevolting Cloud MMDCCLXXVIIIFat Stacks666Cthulhu
5PruvnonBattle-FinchHunter Strangler81WIS 38812Act LXIV+46 Gilded Festooned Plasma HauberkMulligan MMLXXXIIFat Stacks666Cthulhu
6JonathansMilkDemicanadianBirdrider81INT 39504Act LXIV+61 Serrated Stabbity BandyclefEye of the Troglodyte MDXVIIIFat Stacks666Cthulhu
7CroockgrikLand SquidVoodoo Princess81WIS 37211Act LXIV+59 Dancing Invisible HalberdSadness MMMCCXXFat Stacks666Cthulhu
8JonathanBeardballsEel ManFighter/Organist81WIS 37762Act LXIV+52 Holy Diamond Mail HelmSpectral Miasma MMDCLVFat Stacks666Cthulhu
9BranudTalking PonyTickle-Mimic81INT 35960Act LXIV+46 Banded Festooned Plasma CuissesSpectral Miasma MMDLIVFat Stacks666Cthulhu
10JonathansTitsDouble WookieeBattle-Felon81WIS 37925Act LXIV+70 Custom Banded PropugnerLockjaw MMCCCXLIFat Stacks666Cthulhu

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