Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Glorious Bastards
Pop. 12

Glorious Bastards

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Abandon the SpoilerHalf ManBastard Lunatic61STR 1011Act XVII+49 Festooned Cambric Leathers BrassairtsTumor (Benign) CXXXIIII am the Spoiler of Worlds!GloBas
2AtumHalf ManRuneloremaster55STR 1140Act XI+30 Banded Festooned Mithril Mail GambesonHoly Batpole LVGloBas
3TianlongHalf ManMu-Fu Monk55STR 1219Act XI+42 Venomed Steely BliboNonplus XLIXGloBas
4ShenlongHalf ManMu-Fu Monk55STR 1212Act XI+35 Impressive Cambric Chainmail VambracesLockjaw LXXXIIGloBas
5AdjibHalf ManHunter Strangler53STR 799Act X+27 Custom Festooned Mithril Mail BrassairtsSpectral Miasma LXIGloBas
6AmosisHalf ManHunter Strangler53STR 778Act IX+32 Fine Studded Splint Mail SolleretsHoly Batpole XLVIGloBas
7FatimaLow ElfHunter Strangler52STR 483Act IX+34 Impressive Studded AegisCone of Annoyance LXVIIGloBas
8TizqarHalf OrcHunter Strangler51STR 631Act VIII+25 Fine Holy ABS HelmInvisible Hands LXIVGloBas
9MekhetHalf ManHunter Strangler50STR 453Act VIII+19 Custom Gilded Diamond Mail GauntletsHoly Batpole XXXIVGloBas
10AlulimHalf ManTongueblade44STR 171Act VI+19 Fine Cambric Mithril Mail GauntletsMulligan XVGloBas

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