Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for ProgressQuest@Posse
Pop. 13


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1BarbeRousseHalf OrcSlow Poisoner77INT 20589Act XLIX+53 Festooned Fine ABS GauntletsGyp MDCCCXLIPCT
2krozzGreater GnomeVoodoo Princess62INT 1605Act XVIII+39 Studded Banded Mithril Mail SolleretsGyp CCLXXIIISeE nO eViLPCT
3LarissaPanda ManMu-Fu Monk57WIS 1081Act XIII+23 Cambric Custom Plasma SolleretsSlime Finger CLIII really need a girl to fuck me. I'M HORNY!!!PCT
4TranshedDemicanadianInner Mason54STR 873Act X+31 Banded Holy Platemail HelmBraingate XLCarpe Diem!PCT
5DramfriemHalf ManRuneloremaster52STR 363Act IX+34 Holy Fine Tower ShieldBig Sister XLIIPCT
6WillyFeLand SquidHunter Strangler52CHA 539Act IX+35 Gilded Custom Baroque ShieldBig Sister XLVIIIWe are young!PCT
7Larissa The ConqurerHalf ManMu-Fu Monk51DEX 466Act IX+35 Custom Banded Baroque ShieldRevolting Cloud LIIo3oPCT
8IranicusDouble WookieeFighter/Organist49CON 296Act VII+37 Festooned Cambric Kite ShieldSpectral Miasma XXIXYou Can Make Me Bleed, But I Will Make You Pleed!!PCT
9WertanisLesser DwarfUr-Paladin39DEX 108Act IV+5 Gilded Cambric Plasma BrassairtsGood Move XVIIAndeeeeriaPCT
10Borommakot_15Battle-FinchRobot Monk37STR 94Act IV+24 Festooned Studded Tower ShieldClever Fellow XIIIReal skill comes without effort.PCT

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