Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Pop. 16

League of Ordinary Gentlemen

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1RooplackPanda ManShiv-Knight81STR 20257Act LXII+58 Gilded Festooned ABS GambesonInvisible Hands MMDCXVIIICheeeeeeeese!!!!!!!!LoOG
2AFKBattle-FinchShiv-Knight80CON 36089Act LX+60 Gilded Banded Platemail HauberkHydrophobia MMLXXIIBeing at your keyboard is a crutch for bad playersLoOG
3TuesdayBattle-FinchFighter/Organist70DEX 7010Act XXX+55 Banded Custom Ringmail HelmMulligan CDLXWonderful!LoOG
4NofatchicksGreater GnomeMu-Fu Monk68STR 5202Act XXVII+44 Holy Mithril Mail VambracesLockjaw CDXXVINi!LoOG
5LaserspewpewpewPanda ManRuneloremaster58STR 985Act XIV+33 Fine Custom Kevlar GambesonGood Move CXXXIXFor great justice!LoOG
6Le murTalking PonyFighter/Organist58DEX 1408Act XIII+33 Banded Gilded Mithril Mail HauberkAqueous Humor CXII move for no man.LoOG
7MokprebEnchanted MotorcycleBirdrider57WIS 1194Act XIII+36 Banded Cambric Kevlar SolleretsRevolting Cloud LXXXIXTo the 10th percentile!LoOG
8Vlad the WeakGyrognomeLowling55WIS 946Act XI+22 Banded Plasma SolleretsAqueous Humor LXXIVWeakness is a virtue!LoOG
9XoodenHalf OrcHunter Strangler49STR 386Act VII+15 Custom Impressive Diamond Mail SolleretsCone of Paste XXVIIGive a dog a hug!LoOG
10LomxanTrans-KoboldMage Illusioner47INT 317Act VII+18 Impressive Festooned Mithril Mail VambracesRevolting Cloud XXIVIn the name of god my father I'll FLY!LoOG

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