Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Chivalrous Unified Notorious Templars
Pop. 11

Chivalrous Unified Notorious Templars

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1LavaGnaskerenDouble HobbitVoodoo Princess67CON 2120Act XXV+36 Banded Fine Diamond Mail BrassairtsNestor's Bright Idea CCXCIXRasmus er en speedbad!CUNT
2JSR.KCINOWAILand SquidVoodoo Princess57INT 1343Act XIII+26 Fine Banded Diamond Mail CuissesLockjaw XCVIHva så Ola :DCUNT
3MangochutneyDemicanadianInner Mason53DEX 374Act IX+26 Studded Diamond Mail SolleretsCone of Annoyance LXXXVictor er en kæmpeCUNT
4ChubbyGreater GnomeSlow Poisoner47CON 220Act VII+26 Custom Banded Platemail GambesonSadness XXXIXCUNT
5nogxEel ManTickle-Mimic32CON 80Act III+9 Fine Banded Platemail VambracesBig Sister VIIFor Rødsten!CUNT
6TrimfropLow ElfMu-Fu Monk32WIS 63Act III+10 Custom Magnetic FieldCone of Paste VIICUNT
7Farma-ITEnchanted MotorcycleRuneloremaster10WIS 34Act I+2 Festooned FenderDropsy IICUNT
8JSR.NOOBCAKELand SquidVoodoo Princess6INT 19Act IHoley Chamois GambesonGood Move VCUNT
9KornkylerenDung ElfTickle-Mimic5CHA 23Act I+1 Burlap HelmRevolting Cloud IIICUNT
10NackjixLand SquidVoodoo Princess5CHA 20Act I-1 Round ShieldSadness IICUNT

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