Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for River Rats
Pop. 51

River Rats

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
11May15thTalking PonyVoodoo Princess83INT 51831Act LXXV+62 Cambric Banded Magnetic FieldCone of Paste MMCMII'll be implemented for sure!R-Rats
12FlabbyDouble HobbitMu-Fu Monk83DEX 53890Act LXXVI+54 Studded Custom Diamond Mail GreavesSadness MMMMDCCXLIR-Rats
13AssburgerDung ElfFighter/Organist82INT 35228Act LXVII+54 Cambric Studded Diamond Mail BrassairtsMulligan MMCCXCVR-Rats
14ServiceDeskDouble WookieeTickle-Mimic82INT 45852Act LXIX+57 Festooned Holy Kevlar HauberkClever Fellow MMDCCCLXIIITouchpaper been Pwn'dR-Rats
15AssBurger 7Will o' the WispSlow Poisoner82INT 46569Act LXX+63 Fine Custom AegisInvisible Hands MMMCCLXXR-Rats
16Assburger8Low ElfTongueblade82DEX 34521Act LXXI+66 Vorpal Polished SpontoonNestor's Bright Idea MMDIVR-Rats
17Lewis GumbinderEel ManTongueblade82DEX 46092Act LXIX+45 Holy Festooned Plasma CuissesAqueous Humor MMCMXCVIR-Rats
18AssBurger2Crested DwarfHunter Strangler82CHA 27982Act LXXI+58 Holy Mithril Mail GreavesGyp MMMDCCLXR-Rats
19AssBurger5Greater GnomeRuneloremaster82CHA 21464Act LXXI+57 Custom Gilded Mithril Mail BrassairtsClever Fellow MMMLVIR-Rats
20TouchPaperLesser DwarfLowling82DEX 44699Act LXVII+57 Gilded Holy Magnetic FieldHydrophobia MMDCXXIDIE ServiceDesk DIE DIE DIER-Rats

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