Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Elitist DOS-Coders
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Elitist DOS-Coders

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
11BiduleBattle-FinchRuneloremaster82INT 33608Act LXX+65 Fine Festooned Ringmail VambracesHoly Batpole MMCCCXXVIIPlacate the boss 
12RobcrizDouble WookieeBastard Lunatic82WIS 46451Act LXX+56 Festooned Custom Mithril Mail GreavesGood Move MMMCMLVITo the deluxe apartment in da sky 
13Pun-PunTrans-KoboldRuneloremaster82INT 44848Act LXX+43 Fine Impressive Plasma VambracesSpectral Miasma MMMLXXXIVThe one and only self-made deity. 
14TriegshitBattle-FinchBattle-Felon82INT 28095Act LXIX+58 Gilded Holy Kevlar BrassairtsHoly Batpole MMCCLXX 
15HoostineLesser DwarfUr-Paladin82WIS 21549Act LXVII+48 Banded Studded Plasma HauberkNonplus MMXIVSpooon! 
16TrugshuzEnchanted MotorcycleVoodoo Princess80STR 32351Act LIX+50 Festooned Gilded Diamond Mail BrassairtsHoly Batpole MDCXXV 
17IncunabulaSkraelingBastard Lunatic79STR 29808Act LV+59 Studded Banded ABS BrassairtsGyp MMCCCXCVIIIPoopuser #1! 
18CrunyiedPanda ManBastard Lunatic77WIS 19234Act XLIX+56 Studded Fine Platemail GambesonClever Fellow MCDXXVPanda Man >>>>>> all other races 
19The Mighty BuzzardDouble WookieeBattle-Felon76STR 12965Act XLVI+50 Holy Festooned Titanium HelmHydrophobia MCLXXIIIViolence can fix anything, in sufficient quantity. 
20SparkfiztBattle-FinchFighter/Organist75DEX 15674Act XLIII+53 Studded Gilded Titanium GreavesHydrophobia MXXVDamn noobs ruin this game... 

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